Why Youtubers Put Their Faces on Video Thumbnails

Face on Youtube Thumbnail

I have seen this complaint so often, that I felt compelled to address it. In fact, I recently ran across a forum post where people were commenting on how “annoying” it is that I and other Youtubers put our faces on thumbnails. Well, let me break it down for you.  We don’t put our faces … Read more

Sims 2 Premade Sims Secondary Aspirations

Aspirations Sims 2 Premade Sims

Since publishing the Sims 2 secondary aspiration calculator, I’ve had a few requests for a list of the secondary aspirations for The Sims 2 premades (specifically Pleasanview). I know a list like this could be helpful if you use my secondary aspiration system and you don’t want to calculate for every single Sim manually. I … Read more