Sims 3 NRaas Story Progression Settings for Maximum Chaos

Sims 3 NRaas Story Progression Settings

In yesterday’s post, I shared my mod settings for most of the NRaas mods – except Story Progression. This mod needs it’s own post. I’ve made a lot of changes and created several different castes to manage my worlds.

If this all seems overwhelming to you and you just want to play like I do, you can download and import my settings into your own game. Download link and instructions are at the bottom of this page (or click the link in the table of contents below).


Update Note: The second season of my Sims 3 Pleasantview LP on Youtube just wasn’t as chaotic and dramatic as the first. This is because I changed a lot of the story progression settings, and to be honest, I missed the chaos! So, I’ve done a major overhaul to my settings for season 3. If you DON’T want the craziness, you can still download my old settings below. 

Table of Contents

General Options

To change settings, click on City Hall or an in-game computer and navigate to NRaas > Story Progression > General Options:

  • Adjust Speed = Fast
  • Options: Careers > Auto Find Job = False
  • Options: Careers > Auto Tones for Active =True
  • Options: Careers > Force Change Work Clothes = True
  • Options: Careers > Manage Bosses = False
  • Options: Careers > Manage Coworkers = False
  • Options: Careers > Options: Retirement > Assign Self Employed Retirement = False
  • Options: Careers > Options: School > Summer Off = Elementary, High School
  • Options: Flirt > Chance of Bisexual Sim = 10
  • Options: Flirt > Chance of Gay Sim = 20
  • Options: Flirt > Cooldown Between Partners = 4
  • Options: Flirt > Speed = 300
  • Options: Friendships > Options: Celebrity > Disallow Disgrace by Type = Child Out of Marriage, Divorce
  • Options: Friendships > Options: Celebrity > Show First Level Gain Story = True
  • Options: Households > Mange Homeless = False
  • Options: Lots > Clean Up Duplicate Library Books = True
  • Options: Money > Handle Inactive Deeds > False
  • Options: Money > Options: Debt and Taxes > Bank Loan Rate = 3
  • Options: Money > Options: Debt and Taxes > Bank Loan Rate: High Risk = 10
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Child Support Payment = 50
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Elder Support Payment = 0
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Jail-Time Court Costs = 100
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Minimum Debt to Be Poor Household = 500
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Show All Child Support Stories > False
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Social Security per Elder = 30
  • Options: Money > Options: Fees and Support > Welfare per Child = 20
  • Options: Money > Options: Purchasing > Cars and Motorbikes Minimum Funds = 1000000
  • Options: Money > Options: Purchasing > Cars and Motorbikes Minimum Price = 1000000
  • Options: Money > Options: Purchasing > Inactive Purchase Deeds = 100000000
  • Options: Money > Options: Purchasing > Purchase Rental Lot Minimum = 100000000
  • Options: Money > Options: Sales > Sell Duplicate Residential Books = True
  • Options: Money > Rich Threshold = 100000
  • Options: Personalities > Options Town Mooch = Large Mooch Maximum = 2500
  • Options: Personalities > Options Town Mooch = Large Mooch Minimum = 100
  • Options: Personalities > Options Town Mooch = Small Mooch Maximum = 50
  • Options: Pregnancy > Blend Mutation Chance = 10
  • Options: Pregnancy > Inherit Grandparent Blend Chance = 25
  • Options: Pregnancy > Meet All Family at Birth = 25
  • Options: Pregnancy > Paternity Leave = False
  • Options: Romance > Rename Children on Marriage = False
  • Options: Sims > Options: Traits/Lifetime Want > Disallow Inactive Lifetime Want:
    • Reach Maximum Influence with All Social Groups
    • Zombie Master
  • Options: Skills > Allow Party Instrument = True
  • Options: Skills > Busker Time Limit = 5
  • Options: Skills > Celebrity per Skill Level = 1
  • Options: Skills > Prompt to Name Great Nectar = False
  • Options: Skills > Push Only Professional Writers = True
  • Options: Stories > Disallow Stories > Careers: InactiveHomework*
  • Options: Stories > Show Whole Household = True

*I disable this story because it results in constant pop-ups about how kids are doing their homework at the library. I find it annoying and unnecessary.

Town Options

To change settings, click on City Hall or an in-game computer and navigate to NRaas > Story Progression > Town Options:

  • Career: Allow Carpool = False
  • Career: Disallow > Acrobat, Magician, Singer
  • Death: Push Chance = 15
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = False
  • Household: Allow Move: Solo = True
  • Money: Allow Inventory Management = False
  • Money: Allow Purchase Deeds = False
  • Money: Child Support Base Chance = 90
  • Money: Property Tax Rate = 1
  • Notify on Move = True
  • Pregnancy: Rename Newborn = True
  • Pregnancy: Newborn Last Name = Father
  • Romance: Marriage Name = Male
  • Romance: Marriage Name: Same-Sex = Older
  • Skill: Disallow > Acrobat Career, Magician Career, Singer Career

Story Progression Castes

To change settings, click on City Hall or an in-game computer and navigate to NRaas > Story Progression > Caste Options:

Rotations Caste

I create a new caste called “Rotations” and I manually add all the families I am playing rotationally into this Caste. Here are the settings I use:

  • Caste: Inherited = True
  • Caste Priority = 10
  • Career: Allow Find Job = False
  • Death: Push Chance = 0
  • Household: Allow Move: As Family = False
  • Money: Allow Inventory Management = False
  • Money: Allow Purchase Deeds = False
  • Romance: Marriage Name = Husband
  • Romance: Marriage Name: Same Sex = Older

To manually add a household to the Caste, click on any Sim in the household or their Map Tag in Map View and navigate to NRaas > Story Progression > Household Options > Caste: Manual. Then choose the caste you want to add them to. I recommend adding ALL families to the caste before you start playing.

Class Castes

All credit for this idea goes to Sarah Sims. I loved it so much that I incorporated it into my own game (same with the following celebrity castes). I’ve adjusted them to suit my play style and I am very happy with the results.

For income tax, I’m taxing my Sims at different rates based on wealth. I created 4 new castes called “Poor,” “Middle Class,” “Upper Class” and “Rich.” 

Poor Class Caste

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste: Net Worth Maximum = 29999
  • Money: Income Tax Rate = 1

Middle Class Caste

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste: Net Worth Minimum = 30000
  • Caste: Net Worth Maximum = 59999
  • Money: Income Tax Rate = 2

Upper Class Caste

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste: Net Worth Minimum = 60000
  • Caste: Net Worth Maximum = 99999
  • Money: Income Tax Rate = 4

Rich Caste

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste: Net Worth Minimum = 100000
  • Money: Income Tax Rate = 6

Please note these settings work best when also using the Minimum Wage mod. Sims will find it VERY hard to get rich, which is how I like it.

Celebrity Castes

Replaces the in-game celebrity system. Sims no longer become celebrities because they made a good bowl of Mac and Cheese. They have to actually do something that will make them a celebrity such as becoming a famous Singer, Writer, or Filmmaker.

I created 7 new Castes – one for each type of celebrity as follows:

Celebrity: Band

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Band
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Band 7, Band 8, Band 9, Band 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Celebrity: Culinary

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Culinary
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Culinary 8, Culinary 9, Culinary 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Celebrity: Film

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Film
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Film 6, Film 7, Film 8, Film 9, Film 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Celebrity: Music

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Music
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Music 8, Music 9, Music 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Celebrity: Political

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Political
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Political 7, Political 8, Political 9, Political 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Celebrity: Singer

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Singer
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Singer 7, Singer 8, Singer 9, Singer 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Celebrity: Writer

  • Caste: Automatic = True
  • Caste Filter: Career = Writer
  • Caste Filter: Career Level = Writer 8, Writer 9, Writer 10
  • Friendship: Allow Celebrity = True

Other Caste Options

These are just random other Caste options that I’ve tweaked in Story Progression.

  • Caste Options > Homeless > Career: Disallow = Acrobat, Magician, Singer
  • Caste Options > Homeless > Skill: Disallow = Acrobat Career, Magician Career, Singer Career
  • Caste Options > Not Active Family > Pregnancy: Allow Adoption = False
  • Caste Options > Teenagers > Pregnancy: Allow Participation = True

Import My Settings

So you like what you see and you want it in your game without having to manually change each and every setting? Well, now you can! I’ve made my settings available for download.


Alt Download Link: Mediafire

If you want my old settings BEFORE I changed things for more drama/chaos, you can download them here: SFS / Mediafire

How to Import Settings

  1. After downloading the file above, place it into your Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 > Library folder.
  2. Open your game and click on the City Hall in your world. Navigate to NRaas > Overwatch > Immediate > Import Settings. Click the check mark.
  3. Choose “All” at the very top of the list. Click the check mark again.
  4. You should see the option for Pleasant Sims settings with a date beside it. Select this and click the check mark again. Your game will take a minute to install the settings.

You don’t need to do anything else EXCEPT add the families you’re playing to the “ROTATIONS” Caste manually. All other Castes will be automatically assigned.


Also, if you aren’t familiar with NRaas mods and the changes they will make to your game, maybe try this out in a test world before applying it to one you care about.

Please feel free to leave any questions below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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52 thoughts on “Sims 3 NRaas Story Progression Settings for Maximum Chaos”

  1. Hey Pleasant sim
    I hope you are well?
    My game refuses to open or play if I have NRAAS Error trap mod.
    Do you know what could be the problem? How can I fix this?

    I would love to hear from you.

    • No, I’ve never heard of this. Sorry. Are you sure you have the correct version for your patch level? If so, you might want to ask for help at the NRaas forums. The folks there are quite knowledgeable about how these mods work. Good luck!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    So i import ur Nraas setting to my game, and now romantic interaction is not shown between Angela and Dustin, do u know how can i fix it? i read ur class caste so i move Angela and Dustin together and still not interactions!

    • Hi there! None of my settings will remove the romantic interactions. Are they in the same age group? Because if one is a teenager and one is a young adult, they won’t be able to flirt with my settings.

      • Hi again,
        Yes i aged up Dustin to YA and still nothing show up, i checked if there is a link between Woohoo and SP and there is not! so i don’t know 🙁 do i need to add Dustin and Angela to the same age caste?

        • Age castes should be automatic once they age up, but it’s possible something went wrong. Check their Castes and make sure they are both in Young Adult.
          It may also help to just restart the game. It’s possible it might take it a minute for the class and age castes to apply. I had this happen to one of my couples who wouldn’t show in the correct class until I restarted and played for a minute or two.

          You may also want to check their gender preferences – as one of them may have rolled as gay.

          If that’s not the issue, I would try this:

          Go to NRaas > SP > Caste Options > Young Adults > Romance:Allow Partner Caste > make sure Young Adults, Adults (and teens if you want) are selected.

          Then also do SP > Caste Options > Young Adults > Flirt:Allow Caste and make sure the correct age castes are selected.

  3. Hi there!

    Thank you for posting this, it’s really helpful and I’m absolutely loving playing sims 2 in sims 3, greatest idea 🙂 you guys have done an amazing job!

    I just have a quick question, how do you get the notifications for upcoming birthdays and pregnancies for the town? I get notified after they’ve grown up or given birth, and it’s a little annoying because I’d like to be a part of it.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Ally! As far as I know, there aren’t any notifications for upcoming birthdays/births for inactive families. I keep a spreadsheet of all my Sims and at the beginning of each play session, I go in and check all their ages and pregnancy progress manually. I write it all down and play the Sims who are aging up next or giving birth first, then move on to the next. That’s how I plan which order to play my families each time. I don’t bother with toddler age-ups and usually check in on my toddlers later. Hope that helps!

  4. When adding the families to the Rotations Caste. Should I click on one sim in the household. And add them in one by one. Or will the whole household be added to the rotations caste. If I add only one sim of the houshold?

      • Can I still play with story progession on. If I download your Story Progession settings? Or do I have to play it rotationally like the sims 2?

        • These settings are for playing all families in rotation with story progression ON. You still need to add all the families you are playing to the rotations caste for it to work as intended. This is NOT Sims-2 style. This is how I play in my Let’s Play series on Youtube. Hope that helps!

  5. I did your age settings in the options file. And it worked. But the elders have 236 days left instead of 60. I don’t know if it is supossed to be that way. Or that something is wrong?

    • Hi Taheisha! With elders, it will always display their total age in days – not how many days they have left. I think this is because the number of days they can live varies. So if it shows 236 days, that means it’s working correctly! 🙂

  6. For some reason story progression notifications wont show up for me after importing this. All I get is the Dresser notifications. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Hi theo! You should be getting all notifications with my settings. To make sure they’re turned on, click on City Hall or an in-game computer and go to NRaas > SP > General Options > All Stories. Make sure they are all turned on here. That’s where I would start!

  7. Hi Cindy big fan of your pleasantview series, just tried to install all of this myself, all of It seems to work fine until I got in game and I cannot find the NRAAS when clicking on city hall or computer – it is in the library file, checked that and I have done it right, not sure what else the issue could be?

  8. Hi, Cindy!
    First of all, I am hooked up on your Sims 3 Pleasantview gameplay. I really enjoyed it!
    I have a question regarding the some of the options in the story progression are not present like the summer off. Is there a reason behind that?

  9. Hi Cindy! I was wondering if this Rotation Caste is the same as the one from your ‘How I Play TS3 Rotationally’ Rotations Caste? Because they have different settings, eg: the caste priority here is set to 10 while on the other post it’s set to 5. Should I make two separate castes or should I merge them? Or maybe one is the ‘updated’ caste version?
    Thanks, I’ve been loving your Sims 3 series by the way! ♥

    • Hi Lu! If you want to play The Sims 3 with Sims 2 style aging, you should use the caste from “How I play rotationally.” The caste in this post is for playing with Story Progression On where all the Sims age at the same time. Hope that helps!

  10. Hello Cindy, I just downloaded and stated playing the Story Progression and I must say I am a little overwhelmed by all the setting. Simply put, I just do not understand what most of them mean. For example: 1) Options: Careers > Auto Tones for Active =True, 2) Friendship: Allow Celebrity = False, 3) Disallow Autonomy By Role. This are just a few and there are hundreds that I have no idea what they mean. I have been searching online for days to find a list of definitions and explanations but have found nothing including on youtube. Do you know where I could find such a site that would have a tutorial on learning about these values before I just make a giant mess of my game? Also can we set options for individual sims such as make a particular sim gay or straight? Thank You Cindy, for taking the time to make these downloads to help everyone.

  11. Bonjour, I’m French, I translate from google. I would like to have the same style as Sims 2, that my Sims do not grow old alone, which does not receive automatic careers, no children or marriage etc., but I do not know how to set the mod Story.

  12. Hi Cindy – I love your original Pleasentview series and now I’m getting into your TS3 version – also amazing!

    I have your version of NRaas and all of the relevent mods installed, but I am stumped when it comes to the “You don’t need to do anything else EXCEPT add the families you’re playing to the “ROTATIONS” Caste manually. All other Castes will be automatically assigned.” part? I have tried clicking on a member of a household I have not played yet, but want to (E.G: Dina Caliente), clicked NRaas – story progression – caste options, then it is here I am stumped. I tried clicking “add to new caste” and typing in ROTATIONS but it simply creates another ROTATIONS caste, rather than adding to the existing. I have tried asking for help in your Discord but I don’t think I have explained myself very well. Any help would be massively appreciated!

    Sending love from the UK! 🙂

    • Hi Natalie,
      To manually add a caste to a sim:
      Click on the sim directly (or go to Map View and click on the sims’ Map Tag).
      Select: NRaas > Story Progression > Sim Options > Caste: Manual.
      Click the checkmark.
      In the list of Castes that appears, select the one you want and click the checkmark.

  13. Hi Cindy –

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

    I finally got a computer where I can run SP in Sims 3, but I’d never dug into the settings or extra modules. I had it installed, but at the settings I was running, it was still pretty normal Sims 3. Nice to know who was getting together, having babies, being promoted, but otherwise – meh.

    Now?? These settings in the beautiful Pleasantview you and Caleb made has me popping popcorn because I’ve got a full-on soap opera on my hands! 😂 Nina died within the first week, after being electrocuted by the stereo she stole from Mortimer. Dina and Mortimer broke up before she had his baby, and now he can’t even see his son from how much they hate each other. And Lilith beat the crap out of Cassandra, because that’s what thugs do to nerds. 😂

    It’s like I bought a whole new game, lol. So thank you, for your streams, helping us get an “in” into how SP works, and showing us a whole new level of crazy.

    PS. Just wanted to give you some info too on what happens when we import your settings directly into a vanilla game. Because it imports all of your settings, there’s duplicates of default castes like “Homeless”, “Non Active Family”, “Active Family”, etc. I didn’t want to delete duplicates, because I wasn’t sure which was original to my SP install and which came from your game. I also don’t know if SP has a problem with that – it could be fine. But I figured I’d mention it.

    There’s also a weird thing that happens with the disabled Showtime careers. I don’t have Showtime, but the settings act like I do. Meaning, it will say that 3 careers are disabled, but since I don’t have Showtime, the careers aren’t on my list when I go in to try to fix that. I don’t know why SP wouldn’t just ignore the disabled careers if they aren’t in the game, but it doesn’t.

    I ended up just doing the settings you provided manually, since we don’t have the same configurations. But I wanted to let you know.

  14. Hi, Cindy!
    Do these settings require any storyprogression modules? I would like to play sims 3 pleasantview in your playstyle, but it´s my first time downloading mods. Also do these mods cause lag? And do you recommend errortrap ( I already downloaded overwatch )

    • Hi! Yes, I use all the story progression modules. The mods do not cause lag – in fact they help prevent it. Yes, I recommend error trap and also Overwatch to prevent lag. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi Cindy! After install Nraas Story Progression, when two people marry the two couple join their two last name, instead of one of them adopt the last name of the other. For example, when Cassandra Goth propose marriage to Don Lothario, they become Cassandra Goth-Lothario and Don Goth-Lothario. There’s something for fix it?
    And other thing I did a pregnant woman eat five apples and had a baby girl and other pregant woman ate five watermelons had a baby boy; this had never happened in my game, since when the first time when I played two pregnant women who ate three apples has baby girls, until I red a comment that said that should be five and since this always a pregnant woman who ate five apples had a baby boy and a pregnant woman who ate five watermelons had a baby girl. Maybe I have a mod which is damaging my game?

    • The settings for choosing last name is in the Town Options above under “Marriage Name.” I have no ideas about apples and watermelons, sorry! But I found this online:
      “Before a Sim is visibly pregnant, you should have them eat one of two fruit in order to have the baby be a boy or girl. If you want to have a boy, eat apples. For having a girl baby, eat watermelons. Head to the supermarket and buy the chosen fruit. Buy about ten, that should do the trick. Have your pregnant Sim eat all 10 of them (click the little arrow on the apple icon to queue up individual apples). This is the only way to choose between boy or girl, as there are no console cheats to affect pregnancy.”

  16. Hi Cindy! I have you to thank for getting me back into the sims 2. Now I’m trying the sims 3 for the first time 🙂

    I have a question about importing your settings. For some reason whenever I import your settings into the game, my sims won’t go to school and it says ‘school is not in session’. I’ve tried changing the school settings and nothing changes. I was wondering if you know what I’m doing wrong?

    Thank you

    • Hi Tia! Is it summer time? In my settings, children and teens don’t go to school during the summer, and you’ll get this message.

  17. Hi Cindy! I don’t know if I did something wrong, I’m new to installing mods. Some options of StoryProgression don’t show up for me. I installed every module of StoryProgression, and I have put files in the Packages folder. Do you know what could cause that?

  18. Hi Cindy. I imported your settings into my game, and now a ton of male sims are getting pregnant. I was wondering if you knew how to fix that.

  19. Hi, Cindy! I have been playing the Sims 3 since it came out. The day it was released, I went to Best Buy and bought it the minute the store opened! LOL For a long time I played the game without mods, but once I discovered them, I never could go back! I was looking for some diversity and chaos in my Sims’ worlds because vanilla gets boring after a while. I downloaded all the Nraas mods that you suggested so that I could import your settings to my game. WOW! This is awesome! I am having a complete blast and I have you to thank! I am so glad that I found your YouTube channel and your blog. It’s made a world of difference (pun intended) in my Sims’ worlds! Hooray!


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