The Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge Rules

Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge Rules

The objective of this challenge it to make it to the 10th generation – while keeping everything random! This rule set is a work in progress. I’m currently streaming my legacy challenge on Twitch and will update the rules as we play through. Feel free to leave comments with questions and/or suggestions.

Recommended Mods

  • SNB Bills – Better handling of bills and requires deposits to turn on utilities.
  • Lower Salaries – 50% lower salaries for all expansions except EL and SE.
  • Lower Salaries for Eco Lifestyle and Snowy Escape – 50% lower salaries for Civil Designer and Salaryperson careers. 
  • Shorter University Degrees – I use the four-credit version. This makes it possible for my Sims to work and take two classes a week, graduating in just two weeks.
  • MC Command Center – For story-progression (giving your spares a life when they move out and keeping the neighborhood moving), and for easily taking your Sims into CAS. See or download the settings I use below.

You can also check out my Sims 4 Recommended Mods List to see all the mods I use in my game. 

Creating a Founder

First, create your founder Sim. But remember – everything is random.

  1. When you open CAS, the gender of your founder is the gender of whatever random Sim populates.
  2. Press the “Randomize Sim” button once to get your base Sim.
  3. Remove all clothing, hair, and accessories from the Sim so they are bald and wearing nothing but underwear.
  4. Randomize skin color by pressing the randomize button once in the skin color selection tab.
  5. Randomize hair style and color by pressing the randomize button one time on the hair selection tab.
  6. Randomize every facial feature – head shape, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, jaw, and ears.
  7. Add or remove makeup and accessories as you see fit, since there is no randomize button for these categories.
  8. Randomize every article of clothing for ALL outfits (optional). You may change the color swatches and add or remove accessories. But you must keep whatever the Sim is wearing after pressing the randomize button once on each article of clothing.
  9. Randomize aspiration. I go to and roll for the aspiration. Exclude the location aspirations since they will be very difficult to achieve if you live in a different world. 
  10. Randomize traits by clicking the randomize button once.
  11. Randomize walk style (count the number you have available and roll a number to choose).

Part of the challenge is working with the random rolls you get. Always press the randomize button only once and challenge yourself to make it work. If you just can’t bring yourself to do random outfits, skip that part and dress your Sims however you like, randomizing the facial features and personality only. 

Now your completely random founder Sim is ready to start their new life!

Moving In

  1. Count the number of residential worlds you have in your game (excluding Magnolia Promenade, San Myshuno, and Britechester). Go to and roll a number to choose your starting world.
  2. Move your Sim onto the biggest lot in the world, bulldozing it first if it’s not empty. Most worlds have at least a 50×50 lot, and some have a 64×64 lot you can use.

NOTE: You may have to move your Sim temporarily into a small empty lot while you bulldoze a larger lot for them.

  1. Count the number of lot traits you have available. Roll random numbers to choose your three lot traits. You must keep these until your next generation heir ages to a young adult. Re-roll lot traits each time the next heir becomes a young adult.
  2. Set the household money to $1,800 by using the money cheat. (Turn on testing cheats, then type “money 1800” without the quotes in the cheat console. Press enter to set the money.)
  3. Buy a bed and anything else you can afford. Welcome home!

NOTE: If you use the SNB Bills mod to manage your Sim’s bills (and I highly recommend you do), you’ll have to pay to get your utilities turned on using your initial $1,800. In the beginning, the most important utilities are water and cell phone. You can save up for everything else.

Earning Money

Now that your Sim is on their own, they’ll need money. Your Sim may take a regular job or begin an alternative means of earning a living.

Roll a number between 1 and 51 to choose. Reroll if you get a career from an expansion pack you don’t have. 

  1. Actor/Actress
  2. Detective
  3. Doctor
  4. Scientist
  5. Astronaut
  6. Athlete
  7. Business
  8. Chef
  9. Civil Designer
  10. Conservationist
  11. Criminal
  12. Critic
  13. Culinary
  14. Education
  15. Entertainer
  16. Gardener
  17. Host
  18. Law
  19. Military
  20. Painter
  21. Politician
  22. Salaryperson
  23. Secret Agent
  24. Social Media
  25. Style Influencer
  26. Tech Guru
  27. Writer
  28. Freelance Programmer
  29. Freelance Artist
  30. Freelance Writer
  31. Freelance Fabricator
  32. Freelance Fashion Photographer
  33. Babysitter (part-time)
  34. Barista (part-time)
  35. Diver (part-time)
  36. Fast Food Employee (part-time)
  37. Fisherman (part-time)
  38. Lifeguard (part-time)
  39. Manual Laborer (part-time)
  40. Retail Employee (part-time)
  41. Collector (self-employed) – Collect rocks, stones, gems, and collectibles to sell.
  42. Fisher (self-employed) – Catch fish and collect frogs to sell.
  43. Botanist (self-employed) – Grow plants to sell. May also harvest wild plants for cultivation and/or money.
  44. Artist (self-employed) – Sell paintings.
  45. Author (self-employed) – Publish books for income.
  46. Comedian (self-employed) – Write and perform comedy routines for money.
  47. Carpenter (self-employed) – Sell items made with the woodworking table.
  48. Musician (self-employed) – Earn tips and license songs.
  49. Programmer (self-employed) – Make plugins and apps, hack.
  50. Baker (self-employed) – Sell baked goods for money. 
  51. Odd Jobs – Sims may only earn many from taking Odd Jobs (IP required).

NOTE: If your Sim rolls an aspiration tied to a specific career, you may give them that career instead of rolling a random one. Aspirations that require certain career levels include:

  • Master Actor/Actress – Acting Career
  • Public Enemy – Criminal Career
  • Master Chef – Culinary Career
  • Master Mixologist – Culinary Career
  • Computer Whiz – Tech Guru Career
  • Eco Innovator – Civil Designer Career
  • Joke Star – Entertainer Career

Play Your Legacy

Now it’s time to play! Your primary objective in every generation is to produce the heir to the next generation (by whatever means necessary). You can use any method you like for choosing an heir – first born, oldest male or female child, etc. I’ve started to randomize the heir for extra randomness. 

When children are born (including the heir), you must randomize their traits (required) and clothing (optional) – just as you did for the founder Sim – for every life stage. Leave their facial features and body as they are.

General Rules

  • Your family must stay on the same lot for the entire challenge.
  • Each generation’s heir will take over the family home, and any spares (brothers and sisters of the heir) must be moved out on their own upon aging up to Young Adults. Kick them out and let story progression take over (if you use MC Command Center), or move them into a lot of your choosing (but do not play them).
  • Your Sim does not have to complete their lifetime aspiration if you don’t want them to or if it doesn’t happen naturally. This is just a guide for your Sim’s life – same as their career, whims, etc. The only real objective is to produce an heir and build up the legacy home/lot as much as you can.

Career Rules

  • If your Sim rolls a self-employed career and cannot afford the equipment (such as a musical instrument or computer), you may harvest and sell collectibles until you have enough for the equipment only.
  • Only Sims with the Renaissance Sim aspiration may change careers as needed to complete their aspiration goals. Each time they change careers, roll from the list above (traditional careers only) to choose their next one.
  • When your Sim marries, their partner may keep the job they had upon moving in. If they were unemployed, roll from the career list above to choose a career for them.
  • If your Sim has a traditional career, once they get to the point where they must choose a specific career branch, flip a coin or roll a number to determine which one to choose.
  • Once your heir ages to a young adult, roll from the list to choose a career for them. They may start working right away, or they can attend University first. You can also roll careers for any spares before you move them out, but it’s not required.
  • You may roll again for a career if any of your heirs roll the same career as a previous heir.
  • Teens may get jobs if you like, but randomize the part-time jobs to choose. You may roll again for an adult job once they become young adults, or you can choose to keep their part-time job.

Family Rules

  • Your founder and heirs may marry anyone they choose – townies, playables, or NPCs. Once married, they must move the partner onto the legacy lot. You may also move in a single romantic partner without getting married if you choose. No roommates or friends may move in!
  • Your founder or heir may remain single and raise the next generation’s heir alone if you choose. But this will make things harder without the extra income. 
  • Alien abduction babies are fine and can count as an heir.
  • Adoptions are fine and you can use adopted children as heirs if you like.
  • Each time your Sims age to the next life stage, re-randomize their hair styles and clothing. 
  • Spares have 24 hours after aging to young adult before you must move them out. Use this time to cement any romantic relationship you have in mind and find them a job (optional). Move them into their own household “not currently in world” with zero simoleons to “kick them out.” If you want your spares to have a life after kicking them out, I recommend using MC Command Center for story progression.

Money Rules

  • If you get the call that a family member passed away and left you a vast fortune, you cannot accept it.
  • When your founder and/or heirs get married, the spouse must move onto the legacy lot with them. You may keep any money they bring in. If they are being split from an existing household, the spouse may bring 10% of that household’s money to the legacy household.
  • If your Sims are given gifts by other Sims, you may keep them or store them in the household inventory. You cannot sell them for simoleons. 
  • The career you roll is the only way your Sims can earn money. They may not sell paintings, collectibles, plants, fish, etc. to earn money unless they roll that as their career.

Expansion Pack Rules

  • SEASONS – If you have the Seasons expansion, roll a number between 1 and 4 to choose a starting season.
  • PETS – Your Sims may have pets if they can afford them.
  • UNIVERSITY – Your founder and/or your heirs may attend University if you like, but they must remain living at home on the legacy lot. I recommend using a shorter University mod (4 days works best with the challenge). For more randomness, you can roll to determine if your Sim goes to college or not. 
  • TINY LIVING – You may use the Tiny Living lot type when your legacy home is small to get the extra benefits. 

MC Command Center Settings

I use MCCC for story progression so my spares will have lives of their own when I kick them out. It’s always fun to see who the siblings will marry and get to know their children. I set notifications for active friends of the legacy household only – so you’ll know when your relatives have major life events (as long as someone in the household is still friends with them).

These are the MC Command Center settings I use for my Random Legacy Challenges. If you are missing any of these options, you likely do not have the required expansion or game packs. Download these settings for your game below. 

MCCC Settings

  • Auto Save
    • Use Auto Save > Enabled
  • Relationship Settings
    • Breakup Settings 
      • Couple Relationship Change Percent > 10 
      • Spouse Relationship Change Percent > 10
      • Breakup Move-out Sim > Move Out Random Sim
      • Move Children with Breakup > 50
  • Notification/Console/Menu Settings
    • Notification Settings
      • Aging/Death Notifications
        • Show Age-Up Notifications > Active Friends Only
        • Show Death Notifications > Active Friends Only
      • MC Population Notifications
        • Show Moving Notifications > Active Friends Only
      • MC Pregnancy Notifications
        • Show Birth Notifications > Active Friends Only
        • Show Birth Notification Details > Enabled
        • Show Pregnancy Notifications > Active Friends Only
        • Show Marriage Notifications > Active Friends Only
        • Show Relationship Change > Active Friends Only
    • Console Command Settings
      • Enable Full Edit CAS > Enabled
      • Testing Cheats > Enabled
      • Build Buy Settings
        • BuyDebug Enabled > Enabled
        • Move Objects Enabled > Enabled
  • Money Settings
    • Pay Child Support > All
  • Gameplay Settings
    • Pause on Zone > Enabled
    • Sims Die on Lot > Disabled


  • Offspring
    • Use Parent Physical Attributes > Enabled
    • Parent Values Variance Percent > 5

MC Cleaner

  • Item Cleaner
    • Sync Glasses > Enabled
  • Neighborhood Cleaner
    • Sync Household Names > Enabled

MC Dresser

  • Ages to Run on Age-Up > Teen, YA, Adult, Elder
  • Makeup Settings
    • Run Makeup Check > Enabled
    • Makeup Ages > Teen, YA, Adult, Elder
  • Facial Hair Settings
    • Facial Hair Ages > Teen, YA, Adult, Elder
    • Facial Hair Percents
      • Teen Percent > 10
      • Young Adult Percent > 20
      • Adult Percent > 30
      • Elder Percent > 10
  • Replace Situation Outfits
    • Date Situations > Party
    • Romantic, Humor, Spice Festival Situations > Party
    • City Walkby Situations > Everyday
    • Rain Walkby Situations > Everyday
  • Situation Use Standard > Enabled

MC Occult

  • Aliens
    • Abduction Settings
      • Abduction Start Time > 20
      • Allow NPC Abductions > Enabled
    • Abduction Pregnancy Settings
      • Abduction Pregnancy Genders > Female, Male
      • Pollinator Gender > Female, Male
  • Vampires
    • Risky Vampirism
      • Only with Creation > Disabled
      • Feeding Percentages
        • Ask for Permission to Drink > 25
        • Compel for a Small Drink > 30
        • Compel for a Deep Drink > 40
        • Drink Uncontrollably > 50
      • Vampire Creation Notification > Enabled

MC Population

  • Moving Settings
    • Move Single Sims > Enabled
    • Allow Stray Move-In > Enabled
  • Enable or Disable Bar Nights
    • I disable bear, ghost, and knight.
  • Other Settings
    • Randomize Visiting Sims > Enabled

MC Pregnancy

  • Pregnant Sim Selection
    • Valid Pregnancy Ages > YA, Adult
  • Partner Sim Selection
    • Valid Partner Ages > YA, Adult
    • Same Sex Percentage > 0
    • Use Same Age Group > Enabled
    • Limit by Relationship > Significant Others
  • Other Pregnancy
    • Auto Marry Percentage > 33
    • Use Traits for Pregnancy > Enabled
  • Adoption Settings
    • Opposite Sex Adoption Percent > 100
  • Marriage Sim Selection
    • Valid Marriage Ages > YA, Adult
  • Spouse Sim Selection
    • Valid Spouse Ages > YA, Adult
    • Use Same Age Group > Enabled
  • Other Marriage
    • Use Traits for Marriage > Enabled

MC Woohoo

  • Other Settings
    • Autonomous Try for Baby > Enabled

Download my MCCC Settings

UPDATE 01/13/21 – Disabled Debug mode for B/B, and fixed adoption percentages (same sex 100 and opposite sex 0).

You can download my settings if you don’t want to change them all manually.

WARNING: This will change the settings in ALL your saves – the ones you’ve already been playing AND new saves you create. If you already have settings you want to keep for a different save file, make a copy of them somewhere safe before you put my settings in.

To enable these settings, download the file below and place it directly into your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder (or whatever folder you keep your MCCC files inside). It MUST be in the same folder as your other MCCC files. When installed, it should look like this: 

MCCC Settings Download

Download my settings file below. Alternate download link provided if you have issues with Mega. 


Alternate Download Link: Mediafire

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  1. did you put the word “RANDOM” in big friendly letters over the picture of the sim in order to trick us into believing that that could actually be a random sim? because, yeah right… XD

    this looks like fun, I’m going to try it, haven’t done a legacy in ages, thanks!

    • Well, I mean…that Sim is totally and completely random. So no tricks! Lol. You’ll get more attractive Sims randomly if you have more presets downloaded. 🙂
      Hope you have fun with the challenge!

      • I see, well… my Sim has a face only a mother can love and since I made him I’ll do my best 😉 he already got someone pregnant, but I don’t think she particularly wanted a child or a relationship, so I’m going to leave her alone to live her life and just take the baby in when it’s born, hope it at least takes the giant ears into the next generation because for some reason I think those are really cute.

        I guess completing the random aspiration is part of the challenge, huh? ugh… ’cause that means my sims has to get a pet and I really don’t want to do that… well, I guess it doesn’t need to be part of the household forever, it may or may not totally randomly get into an “accident”…

  2. lol i’ve been obsessed with watching your streams so i decided to give this a try. tell me why my sim rolled part time babysitter as her job 😩 i’m going to be on the struggle bus for a while haha thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Awesome challenge! I made my sim I randomized the can get pregnant, can impregnate, neither and my sim got neither. I randomized how many children to adopt and got 2. My try for this challenge is so interesting from the get go. My sim ended up with a custom trait that prevents her from getting romance with anyone and also she has other traits that make her angry or sad most of the time, so she can only flirt sarcastically or gloomy compliment. She is also autonomously mean to everyone but animals. Every date I have taken her to, she has ended calling their mother a llama and she has so many enemies maxed out now, the only way for her forward is adoption and by herself.

  4. Hi Cindy, will you be uploading your mc command center file to your website? Keep up the good work, I watch you on YouTube and occasionally a Twitch Stream.

  5. Hey Cindy! Thanks for sharing your rules. My heir rolled for a Civil Designer career. I noticed that the hourly pay is not reduced(i use the lower salaries mode that you linked). I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find a similar mode that includes Eco Living careers. Do you have the same problem??

  6. Hey Cindy! Love this challenge, after watching you play for a while I finally started my own. My founder got green hair > . < I was looking at your MCC settings though, and I was wondering if you mean to have Opposite Sex Adoption Chance to be 100 and Same Sex Adoption Chance to be 0? I would think it the other way around, but maybe I just don't know how this mod work. Keep up the great work. You make my day with your content : )

  7. Hey Cindy, I love this challenge and I starting it! But I thought I let you know you CAN randomize makeup, with the dice at the bottom of the screen and the little arrow, and check off everything else but makeup.

  8. Hey Cindy!! I’m playing this now and having a lot of fun but I feel cheaty because of some… recent events 🤑 My sim married a sim with a decent amount of money and inherited a lot of furniture. Should I be allowed to keep/sell the furniture as I please since they aren’t gifts? And the stuff in his personal inventory? Also, what do you think of money from the Dust Bunnies in the Bust the Dust pack? I just stomp them away now XD

    • I would keep the money and furniture since the spouse brought it when they married in, but it’s up to you! I have no idea about the kits, but that sounds cheaty to me!

  9. Hi cindy, I’d like to give this a go but have a couple of questions! My founder rolled the gardener career, but as it’s not self employed gardening, he can’t sell the plants he harvests right? Also he married a librarian that was on her own and had 20000 but I took 10% of it, because I wasn’t sure about taking all 20000? Finally his wife rolled the part time fisherman job, but again I’m assuming she can’t sell the fish she catches because it’s not the self employed fishing is that right? Last question, my sims have just had harvest fest and so have three gnomes and heaps of seed packets. Can they sell them or do they have to keep them? Their inventories are pretty full already with plants, fish and seed packets!

    • Hi! That’s right. If they’re not self-employed, they can’t sell the produce and fish. I would not sell the seed packets because I feel cheaty about it, but that’s up to you!

  10. I love this challenge! I’m going to start it TODAY! No, I’m not impatient. LOL

    I love playing randomly so this challenge is right up my alley.

    Thanks for making such a great challenge 😉



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