Sims 2 Custom Sim: Download Debra

By request, I have made custom Sim Debra Oldie available for download. Debra is the adopted daughter of Coral and Herb Oldie and younger sister of Mary-Sue Pleasant in my Pleasantview Let’s Play series. She was a randomly generated Sim (from the adoption agency), and she turned out to be so pretty. Now you can … Read more

Sims 2 Custom Sim: Download Anthony


Are you looking for the ugliest Sim ever created? Then you’ve come to the right place! Meet Anthony – the poor creature we made in my second Sims 2 Livestream. Believe me. No single picture can do him justice. I know you’ve been dying to play him in your own ‘hoods, so here he is … Read more

The Sims 2 Poverty Challenge

The Poverty Lot - All in One Shack

Here are the rules for The Sims 2 Poverty Challenge played in my livestreams. The original rules can be found here. These rules are similar, but with my own personal spin on things. Feel free to use them for your own challenges! Challenge Objective:┬áSurvive and thrive as best you can with next to nothing. The … Read more

Sims 2 Linden Park Community Lot Download

Sims 2 Linden Park Download

In my first live stream, we started creating a brand new neighborhood – Linden Valley. Linden Park is the first community lot created for the new ‘hood (with the help of my viewers). This is a medium-sized lot (3×3) and makes a nice, rustic addition to starting ‘hoods or anywhere you need a small, not-too-fancy … Read more