Here are the answers to all of your most frequently asked questions!

Q: What are your Computer Specs?

A: I have an Omen gaming computer purchased in early 2018. This particular model is no longer available, but specs are as follows:

Q: What software do you use to record, stream, and edit?

A: I use OBS studio for recording and streaming. I use Camtasia for editing.

Q: What mic and camera do you use?

A: I use a Blue Snowball Microphone that I like better than the more expensive brands I’ve tried. I currently use the Logitech C920 webcam. It’s a great affordable, starter cam!

Q: Where are you from? Is that a southern accent?

A: Yep. I was born in the Southern United States and lived there for the first 30 years of my life. I moved to the Midwest about six years ago. My accent isn’t as strong as it once was, but you can still hear my southern twang. You can read more about me here.

Q: Why don’t you play The Sims 4?

A: I tried, but the game is lacking so much. The Sims are dead shells of what they were in The Sims 2, and they all feel the same. The game doesn’t lend itself well to storytelling, which is why I play The Sims.

My play style is wants-based, and in TS4, the “whims” are generic and useless. I don’t like to force my Sims to perform actions, but that is necessary in TS4 to make any story progress at all. The Sims don’t choose their own lives. They just stand around waiting on you to force your will upon them. That’s not enjoyable to me.

In TS2, I’m able to tell complex stories and follow my Sims through the generations. And the best part is, all my Sims have a unique personality and their own wants, hopes, dreams, and fears. In TS4, I just can’t care about the Sims because they have no personality, no dreams, and no wants that are unique to them. 

I once hoped that the game could become something I would enjoy, but after experimenting with it for years, I have lost that hope. The game is a dollhouse and not a life simulator. It’s too bad, but I will not be playing TS4 on my channel at this time.

Q: Where do you get your custom content?

A: I play with a Maxis Match style and my CC comes from a variety of sources. See this post for a list of my favorite sites and creators. Additionally, you can follow me on Pinterest, where I try to catalog most of my CC finds. You are welcome to ask me where I got something, and if I remember I’ll tell you. 

Q. What default replacements do you use for skin and eyes?

A. I use Phaenoh’s Correlated Skins which include body hair for males and baby hair. Go to the comments section to get the baby hairs. I use Bruno’s Behind These Eyes Maxified for eyes. 

Q. Where do you get the Maxis Match hair you use in your Let’s Plays?

A. Again, these come from a variety of sources. But primarily I use hair from Fanseelamb and various creators on Mod the Sims. You can see a list of specific creators I like on my Custom Content list

Q. Will you give me your entire CC folder? I want everything you have!

A. No. Sorry, but my CC folder has taken years of work – collecting and organizing. It is specific to my game and I will not make it available for download.

There are a couple other reasons why I won’t do this. First, many creators do not allow the distribution of their content except through their own websites. Second, there may be mod conflicts and I don’t want to be responsible for anything happening to your game. 

As I stated above, I will gladly point you towards any CC you’re looking for. But you’ll have to do the work of downloading and organizing it yourself. 

Q. How can I support your work?

A. Reading my blog posts and watching my videos on YouTube helps me tremendously. Watching, liking, and commenting tells YouTube that my work is worth showing, which means they’ll recommend it to more people. This is the best way you can support me! 

I have previously used both Patreon and Youtube Channel Memberships, but these are currently closed down as I don’t have time to produce extra content for supporters. Maybe some day in the future, this will be possible again. 

In the meantime, you can always give me a one-time donation through Streamlabs.

Still have a question that you need answered? Send an email to suggestions@pleasantsims.com and maybe I’ll make your question into a new tutorial!

6 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. I can not join your Discord because I use an iMac and Safari tells me it can’t open the discord URL because OS X doesn’t recognize Internet Addresses starting with “discord”, otherwise I do like your youtube videos {I am a subcriber btw} and I like your website…I recommended your Web site on the Sims 2 Facebook Group, known as =The Sims 2=, that I belong too. If you could give me a way to join your discord with a normal URL that would be great. Also I am sorry about the passing away of your Mom, I hope that you are better in the future. Glad that you are doing as well as you are doing and do try to not crash and burn again…at least for a while. Take Care ok?

    • Hi Dennis! I did a little searching and it looks like this is a common problem with Discord and Safari. You may have to download the Discord App first before it will recognize the URL. Unfortunately, those Discord links are the only way I can invite you. I hope you can get it worked out!

  2. Hello, Cindy! I was wondering which CC skin you use. I checked your Pinterest board for your skins but couldn’t figure it out. Maybe I’m just blind.

    Good day!

  3. Hello, again!
    Thank you for your help with the skin. It was much appreciated!

    Unfortunately, now I can’t tell which default eyes you use and I wanted to verify. Are they Bruno’s Behind These Eyes Maxified? Or one of the other ones?

    Thank you again and I look forward to your response. (And future videos!)

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