Sims 2 Strangetown Trailer Park (No CC)

Sims 2 Strangetown Trailer Park

In my recent Sims 2 Strangetown Saturday stream on Twitch, we built a little trailer park so our less fortunate Sims would have affordable housing in the neighborhood. The Nowhere Motel was getting crowded for our small, poor families!

Upon request, I am making the trailer park lot available for download. This is the CC-free version.

Features & Amenities

The trailer park is an “apartment” lot. It includes the following features and amenities:

  • Two trailers with 3 bedrooms/2 baths
  • Two trailers with 2 bedrooms/1 bath
  • Small office (This is where I place the hacked computer so my Sims can get money out of their accounts if necessary. Hacked computer not included.)
  • Small parking area with broken down car
  • Small  children’s play area with carousel and swing
  • Small outdoor picnic area with grill and tables

It’s the perfect place for your poor Strangetown Sims to live if they can’t afford to buy a home, but need more room than the flophouse offers. 

Rent Cost – $1,140 – $1,410

I highly recommend using the Halved Apartment Rent mod, which reduces the rent to $570 – $705. I think the apartment rents in the game are WAY too high – especially for these cheap trailers. With this mod, they’re more reasonable for your poorer Sims. 


I have the Ultimate Collection and I used items from (probably) all the expansion and stuff packs. You will AT LEAST need Mansion & Garden Stuff for this lot to function properly.

For the best experience you’ll need the UC or ALL expansion and stuff packs. 

The lot was re-built in a clean Any Game Starter environment, and no Custom Content is required or included. 


Although no mods or CC are required, I would still recommend the following:

And if you want your apartments to look like the ones I created in my Strangetown Stream, see my post on realistic custom content (includes hot water heaters, utility boxes, light switches, etc.)

Download Lot

Click the button below to download. If you have trouble with the download, there are alternate links below the button. 


Alternate Download Links: SFS | Mediafire

To install, unzip the package to your desktop. Then right-click on the package file and choose “Open With > “Sims2Pack Clean Installer.” If you don’t have or choose not to use the clean pack installer, you can simply double-click on the package file and wait for the Sims 2 installer to appear.

If you need more help, I’ve made a video tutorial on How to Install Lots on Youtube. 

16 thoughts on “Sims 2 Strangetown Trailer Park (No CC)”

  1. This is so much better than the trailers in-game: good size, structure, and design. I can actually fit a small family in them!


  2. I love this! Though I noticed when I extracted this with CleanInstaller that there is SimBlender included in the lot, should it be there?

  3. I love this so much and I loved watching you build this on stream. Is there any chance that you could also post the CC version with the links, bc I would absolutely love that version and I already have most of the CC for it.

  4. This looks great! I don’t play on desert neighbourhoods nearly enough so it’ll be great to have some more stuff purpose built for it. Glad you’re back making and releasing Sims 2 content in 2024! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the download, love sims 2 trailer parks. FYI my download contained “Blender” which I promptly deleted with sims2 clean installer before installing.

  6. Love it Cindy! Thank you for sharing it with us! Is there any way you could share the Strangetown apartments you had the Grunt’s living in before?

  7. Hi Cindy,
    I’ve tried to download this via MEGA & SFS but Windows Defender tells me it contains a virus: “Trojan:Script/Sabsik.FL.A!ml”. Not sure if this has happened for anyone else so far or if it’s just windows being silly for me.

    • Hi, that is just Windows being windows. Lol! The file only contains a zip file with the Sims 2 package inside. It is safe to download!


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