How to Make Your Sims 2 Homes More Realistic (with CC)

Sims 2 Realistic Homes

Do your Sims live in a poorly insulated box with no air circulation, no heat source in the winter, lights that magically turn on and off, and utilities that aren’t metered? Well, they don’t have to! Use custom content to add little touches of realism to your Sims 2 homes. Heating & Cooling System Long … Read more

Ultimate Sims 2 Default Replacement Guide: Change Your World

Caliente Sisters New Style

In this post, I’ll show you how to use default replacements in The Sims 2 to update your graphics, change the way your Sims look, and basically refresh your entire game. I’ve received a lot of questions about using defaults on Youtube and various social media. Since I just made a change in my style, … Read more