The Sims 4 Pleasantview Save File ~ Complete with Townies & NPCs

Sims 4 Pleasantview Save File

My favorite Sims neighborhood of all time is Pleasantview in The Sims 2. There’s no better drama in the entire series…

Don Lothario’s love triangle, missing Bella Goth abducted by aliens, gold-digging Dina going after Mortimer’s money, Brandi Broke pregnant and widowed, Daniel Pleasant cheating on his wife with the maid. So many amazing stories to tell! 

Since I’ve come back to revisit The Sims 4 after a long break, I really wanted to recreate this drama. So I have! In this post, I’m sharing my personal recreation of Pleasantview in The Sims 4 – as close as I could get to the original (within the limits of the game).

UPDATED: February 1, 2024 Added grocery delivery NPCs and cashier/vendor) NPCs to save file.


I originally wanted to make this save base-game only with a small amount of custom content. But that is just not possible due to the Science, Medical, and Political careers being released in expansion packs. For that reason, you’ll need the following packs for the save to work as intended:

  • Get to Work
  • City Living

If you don’t have these packs, you can still play the save. BUT, Don Lothario, Cassandra Goth, Mortimer Goth, and Mary-Sue Pleasant will not have careers. The retail lots (Grocery Store and Clothing Store) will also not show up in your game.

NOTE: You will also need the few custom content items listed at the bottom of the post, no matter which packs you have. 

World Changes

I created this save in a blank save. The two base-game worlds, Newcrest, Magnolia Promenade, and San Myshuno are completely empty. No other Sims exist except the Pleasantview playable Sims, NPCs, and townies when you start the save. However, if you have other expansion packs that add new worlds and Sims, you must go to “Manage Worlds” and delete those Sims if you don’t want them in your Pleasantview.

All lots have been bulldozed except in San Myshuno. I left them there in case you want to use them. I renamed San Myshuno to “Sim City.” I may eventually recreate some of the Downtown lots here, but I’m not sure. I don’t like this world and never use it in my own gameplay, but I left it there for you to do as you like. 

Oasis Springs has been renamed “Strangetown.” I do eventually plan to recreate Strangetown too. Right now, there are no lots in the world.

Newcrest has been renamed “Bluewater Village.” I have created some of the lots from Bluewater Village (and the Sims), but they are not included with this save file yet. I may eventually release them as a separate save and a combined with Pleasantview save. I will also upload the lots and Sims to the gallery.

I intend for this save file to be expandable as I recreate more neighborhoods from The Sims 2 over time. 

District Names

I have also changed the names of the “Districts” to match Pleasantview. So you’ll no longer have Crawdad Quarter, Foundry Cove, etc. Instead, I renamed them to the Pleasantview districts. BUT, this does require a small mod to work. 

Click here to download the mod. Place it in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. You can remove the mod if you want to play a new save with the Willow Creek descriptions restored. Place it back in when you’re playing Pleasantview. 

NOTE: This mod is not technically required to play the save file. The district names and descriptions will just remain as they are in Willow Creek if you don’t install it.

Playable Families

There are eight playable families in my Sims 4 Pleasantview – all the originals plus the two bin families (Burbs and Oldies). 

All outfits are set for every Sim. But if you have the Seasons expansion, you’ll probably want to update their cold-weather outfits. The base game is limited in that category.

Broke Family

Brandi was left to raise two boys alone following her husband’s suspicious pool ladder accident. With Dustin acting out, can Brandi teach young Beau to make the right choices in life?  

Dustin does not have a part-time job in the Criminal Career in this save, since that’s not possible in The Sims 4. Feel free to give him the part-time job of your choice. Also, Skip Broke is deceased and his gravestone is in the backyard of the trailer. If you don’t want his ghost on your lot, release him to the Netherworld.

Burb Family

John, Jennifer and young Lucy have decided to trade the fast-paced city life for some fresh air, and hope to make a nice home here in Pleasantview.

In The Sims 2, the Burbs were a Bin Family. In this save, they are moved into a furnished house (225 Main Street).

Caliente Family

Was it just coincidence that the Caliente sisters arrived on the eve of Bella’s disappearance? And is their interest in Mortimer physical… or fiscal?

Dreamer Family

Darren is pursuing his dream of being an artist, while his son Dirk hits the books. And Darren may have found his muse, but will his creativity be enough to win Cassandra’s affection?

Darleen’s grave is in the backyard, just like in The Sims 2. She’ll most likely pop out to haunt you soon!

Goth Family

Cassandra is ready to start a family of her own, but can she tame the town Casanova? And can Mortimer bounce back after the disappearance of his wife Bella?

I built the lot as close to the original Goth Manor as possible. The cemetery is in the back, but the Goth ancestors are not buried there. I did not create them and kill them because it’s not that important to me. But if you want them (including the ghosts) in your game, they shouldn’t be hard to create and kill off. Bella Goth was created and “removed” from the game.

Mortimer Goth is retired from the Scientist career and will receive a pension.

Lothario Family

Who is Don Lothario? Is his engagement to Cassandra Goth genuine? And what about the rumor that her mother, Bella, was last seen scaling the deck of his condo?

Oldie Family

The Oldies are simply one of the nicest families around. Their years together through good and bad have made them into the wonderful parents, and grandparents, they are today.

The Oldie Family has adopted the Pleasantview townie child Brittany Parker, who lives with them. This is my preferred way to play the Oldies (I partner Brittany up with Beau Broke). But if you don’t like this storyline for them, you can always delete Brittany or make her back into a townie. Also, since the Oldies were a bin family, I have furnished their home with basic furnishings.

Also, Herb has retired from the business career and will receive a pension. 

Pleasant Family

On the surface, Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant seem to have the perfect life, but is their love a flimsy façade? And can Angela and Lilith make the right choices when it comes to love?

There is no swing in the base game, so I’ve placed monkey bars in the backyard of the Pleasant home where the swing should be. There is also no diving board attached to the pool.

Townies & NPCs

I have also faithfully recreated (and included) all the Pleasantview townies and many of the NPCs in my Sims 4 Pleasantview. I did NOT create the ancestors or deceased Sims at this time (except Skip Broke and Darleen Dreamer). Bella Goth was created, but she is dead in this save.

I did not create the NPC exterminators, drivers, newspaper delivery, or headmasters. These roles do not exist in The Sims 4. The created NPCs have their specific roles assigned to them. So when you play, Kaylynn and Lucy will be maids, etc. 

I did create the bartenders, but since Pleasantview doesn’t have a bar to begin, they are included as townies only. You can use the NPC Control mod to assign them roles to any bar you choose – or simply leave them as townies. The bartenders are:

  • Cassidy Pederson
  • Juan McCullough
  • Gary Hiatt

Likewise, I created the grocery delivery people but they are only townies in this save. If you have Cottage Living, you can use NPC Control (or a similar mod) to assign them as the grocery deliverers. The delivery people are:

  • Marylena Hamilton
  • Mitch Wolosenko
  • Stephan Gothier

I created the Burglars from the original Pleasantview to fill the “Criminal” role. All other roles that exist in Sims 4 but not in Sims 2 will be filled by townies or the game will create random Sims to fill them.

NOTE: If you don’t want random Sims in your world, I recommend downloading the NPC Control mod, which appears to be working for me at the time of this writing. It has an option to stop the creation of randoms to fill roles. You can also assign your choice of townies to any role.

Also, all NPCS and Townies have had their money randomized, so they aren’t all walking around with $20k. 

Included Lots

I created all the inhabited homes from the original Pleasantview, plus as many empty ones as I reasonably could. Keep in mind that the Willow Creek map is much smaller than Pleasantview and Sims 4 does not allow the addition of new lots (boo!). 

I included the two empty trailers, an empty condo, two of the middle class homes from Sim Lane, and the large mansion from Wright Way (not the Mediterranean one). I also left three empty lots so you can add additional homes, apartments, or community lots.

As for community lots, all the original Pleasantview lots are included – the clothing store, grocery store, community pool, and large park.

I would highly recommend downloading Srsly Sims Cooking Overhaul Mod to help with grocery gameplay. It includes plenty of CC to make a functioning grocery store (displays, grocery coolers, etc.) As it stands, the grocery store is pretty sparse. I left all the shelves empty so you can do what you want with it. 

Download the Save File

Click the button below to download the save file. This is version 1.1. It’s been updated to include the grocery delivery NPCs and cashier/vendor NPCs as of February 1, 2024.

I may release additional versions in the future. I’m planning an addition of Bluewater Village, Strangetown, Veronaville, and possibly creating the ancestors in future releases. 


Alternate Download Links: Mediafire | Mega

How to Install 

Here are instructions on how to install the save file. I recommend backing up your “Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves” folder before proceeding.

  1. Download the file and place in your “Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves” folder.
  2. If it says you already have a file with that name, change the slot number. (Example: change to Just make sure you don’t have that slot number in your saves already. 
  3. Open your game and enter the save. It’s named Pleasantview_PS. Don Lothario will be the preview household.
  4. Once you’ve opened the save, make sure you “save as” and create a new file for your own gameplay. This way you can use the save again without having to redownload.

Have fun! And please let me know what your Pleasantview Sims get up to!

Custom Content

You don’t technically need any of the following custom content. But if you don’t use it, some items may not appear as intended in the game. I tried my best to use only minimal CC, but some things just couldn’t be done without it (in my opinion). If you don’t download the CC below, you will need to replace these items in the game with items of your choice.

Tracking Spreadsheet

I’ve also created a tracking spreadsheet for this save file for my personal use, but I thought I would share if anyone else wants to use it. This will mostly be of interest to rotational players who like to micro-manage. Here’s how to use it:

  • Click here to open the Sims 4 Pleasantview tracking spreadsheet in Google Docs. 
  • Click File > Make a Copy if you want to save a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive.
  • Click File > Download As if you want to download a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer.

If you want more information on how I use this spreadsheet in my own gameplay, see my article on How I Play The Sims 4 Rotationally. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Pleasantview Save File ~ Complete with Townies & NPCs”

  1. Hi Cindy,

    I cannot tell you how much fun I’ve had playing with this save file. Having Pleasantview in Sims 4 (with mods of course) has made Sims 4 much more fun to play. It’s been fun and chaotic playthrough.

    In my playthrough the most major events are that Don has married Cassandra, but accidentally got Dina pregnant the night before his wedding. Mortimer, who married Dina, found out the baby wasn’t his and realised it look exactly like Don, and of course told Cassandra. But by this point, Cassandra was pregnant with triplets, and Don convinced her to stay with him for the kids sakes, and her own, because raising three babies as a single mother would be too much for her. Mortimer divorced Dina meanwhile, and she went to live with Nina again, while Mortimer started a relationship with Brandi a while later.

    The Pleasants of course were just as crazy. Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating and they broke up, and Daniel went and moved in with Kaylynn Langerak, who was pregnant with twins by Daniel. Lilith, who still doesn’t get along with her family, keeps visiting her grandparents and their adopted daughter instead, which is actually very cute to see, but Lilith doesn’t seem to be into Dirk anymore, and neither is Dirk with her. Dirk seems to be into Angela, and Lilith has now got a crush on Dustin, which sucks, Because Dustin and Angela are so in love, so now I don’t know what will happen there. It’s all gone nuts xD

    So I really just wanted to thank you so much for sharing this world with us. Like I said, this has been the most fun I’ve had with Sims 4 in ages. I hope you’re enjoying it too, and can’t wait to see more Sims 4 episodes from you one day 😀

  2. Oh my goodness, I’ve had such fun playing with this, the drama is real! Don left Cassandra at the altar, but not before accidentally getting her pregnant 😮
    Then when I played the Pleasant household, Mary Sue was so incensed by Daniel’s cheating that she had a heart attack and died 🙁
    Not what I was expecting but so excited to see what happens nows!
    Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Every time i try to copy the google doc to mine it says “sorry, unable to open the file at this time.” 🙁 Idk if im doing something wrong.

  4. it’s been awhile, cindy! good to see you. i’ve been binging your videos the last 6 months (when i first heard of you)… good to see new content from you. keep shining!

  5. Hi Cindy!
    I figured I would follow your lead and set up my Sims 4 just like you; so I did! So far, I have had fun with the silliness that ensued! Don is winning with the women and has 3 girlfriends. However, the relationships he had before I put in the mod for a LTW do not seem to count towards his ’20’. I made him a club for woohooing with Kaylynn and was just playing Cass. She got a pop up asking if she wanted to join the ‘wooHoo’ Club! Ha, ha! Also, Nina and Dina look pregnant! They both woo hooed with Don, so maybe? One issue is that because I stopped Sims from spawning no one is manning the booths at the city fairs. I tried to get random Sims (like Father Christmas) to be a ‘vendor’ or mixologist with the NPCC mod, but nothing happened. I would like to fix that, but am OK if I don’t. Thanks for the ‘Cindy way’ of playing. It does add life to the game.
    Mil Mary

  6. Hey Cindy! I really loved this save, but I don’t have the Get To Work EP and the Grocery and Clothing stores don’t appear in my game. Could you upload these lots to the gallery please?

    Love your contend, xoxo

    • Hi! Unfortunately, if you don’t have Get to Work, the lots will not show up because they are retail lots. 🙁 Sorry! I can try to make a generic lot version for the gallery, but it will be pretty empty without the shelves, registers, mannequins, etc.

  7. Hi Cindy, I just want to say that when you start playing this, Don will always roll for a want to ‘be in a dirty environment’ because he is a slob. This want is bugged and unsolvable even in the Hopes and Fears Mod. I fixed this by editing the whimset file in the mod so that slob sims will never roll for this want again. If you want to do the same but don’t know how, I will gladly help you out. :))

      • It’s actually not that complicated. First up, open Sims 4 studio. Click on ‘My projects’ and then go to Mods \ MissyHissy_TheHopes&FearsMod \ Base Game and open the whimset package. Find ‘whimset_HasTraitSlob’ and click on it. Then, you need to delete:


        Click ‘save’ and that’s it! I hope you understand. (English is not my first language). Looking forward to your streams!

      • I don’t know why my comment only shows the number, but the actual thing that you need to delete is from line number 9 to line number 11.

  8. I love what you did here! It opens a road down memory lane! I never understood why Sims team is so slobby with the heritage the game has. Sims 2 was the base for all the lore and storytelling. And isn’t beaten at that point.

  9. I’ve been working on my own recreation several times but it always got frustrating quickly for me xD Just as the Sims 4 is I guess. I don’t have many EPs for S4 so I can’t download your version, but I would love to have a video-series of you playing this save!

    • Thank you! I will be playing it on Twitch starting this weekend (if my internet is fixed by then)! And then the playbacks will be archived on my Streaming Channel as well (Pleasant Streams). Hope you can tune in!

  10. This is so cool! Sims 4 doesn’t work on my laptop anymore, just sims 3, but I would so download this in a minute. Sims 2 is my favorite of all time. Would you ever consider playing a little bit of your sims 4 save for a video so we could see it? Only if you had time or wanted to. Thank you for sharing with us.


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