I Fixed The Sims 4 University Stories – Save File Download

Sims 4 University Fixed Save File

Angela and Lilith Pleasant live in Britechester. Remember, The Sims 4 is in an alternate timeline. That means none of the ages make sense in relation to the other Sims. You can blame EAxis for that. This save is not fixing the timeline, just the stories and the Sims themselves.

In addition to “fixing” Angela and Lilith, I also added their parents, Daniel and Mary-Sue to the game. 

CLICK HERE TO SKIP DIRECTLY TO THE DOWNLOADS. Or keep reading below for details on the changes I made. I’ve also included my Youtube video below in case you want to see me explain the changes instead of reading. 

Sims 4 University Story Fixes

The Pleasants are quite rich thanks to Daniel’s lucrative Athletic career and Mary-Sue’s business savvy. The couple bought their girls a house to live in on campus. They also purchased and moved into the Oakenstead lot in Willow Creek to be closer to their daughters while they’re in school.

The family has worked on many of their issues and although they still have a long way to go, things are getting better. Mary-Sue and Daniel have reconciled after Daniel was caught cheating when they lived in Pleasantview, and the girls are no longer enemies. They aren’t quite friends either, but they’re working on it.

The girls have just moved to college and don’t know anyone on campus yet. In the Get Famous version, they have ties to the Broke and Dreamer families (see more below). Here are the specific changes I made in this save file:

Angela & Lilith’s Household

  • Reduced funds to $883 from $20k.
  • Completely made over Angela’s room/top floor. Why was everything so expensive!? They’re college students!
  • Added desks and made other minor changes to the house.

Angela Pleasant

  • Changed aspiration to Party Animal (Popularity) from Painter Extraordinaire.
  • Removed Neat trait. Angela is not neat, with only 3 neat points in Sims 2.
  • Added Athletic trait. Angela had 9 active points in Sims 2.
  • Added fitness skill level 2.
  • Removed painting skill.
  • Gave a minor makeover (changed some clothing).
  • Changed major to Culinary Arts.

Lilith Pleasant

  • Changed aspiration to Musical Genius (Creativity) from Public Enemy.
  • Removed Kleptomaniac trait.
  • Added Music Lover trait.
  • Lilith now has a guitar skill level 5. (She has a guitar in her room for god’s sake.)
  • Reduced Lilith’s painting skill to level 2.
  • Added violin skill level 2.
  • Removed mischief skill.
  • Gave a minor makeover (changed some clothing, removed awful eyebrow piercing).
  • Changed major to Fine Arts.

Daniel & Mary-Sue Pleasant

  • Moved to Willow Creek into the Oakenstead lot.
  • Daniel is an elder, but Mary-Sue is still an adult with just enough time left to have another baby.
  • Added some relationships with the original Pleasantview Sims.

Save Versions

I created four different save files for various expansion packs. View my Fixed Basegame post to see what changes I’ve made to the basegame and GTW. View my Fixed Get Famous post to see what changes I made to Get Famous.

Basegame + University Version

  • Includes all my Basegame fixes.
  • Includes all the University fixes listed above.

University + Get to Work Version

  • Includes all my Basegame Fixes.
  • Includes all the University fixes listed above.
  • Mortimer Goth works in the Scientist Career.
  • Geoffrey Landgraab works in the Doctor Career.
  • Don Lothario works in the Doctor Career.

University + Get Famous Version

  • Includes all my Basegame fixes.
  • Includes all the University fixes listed above.
  • Angela is dating Dustin Dreamer, although he is older and not in college with her.
  • Lilith is dating Dirk Dreamer, although he is older and not in college with her.
  • The sisters are acquainted with the Dreamer and Broke families.
  • Daniel is still enemies with Dustin Broke.

University + Get to Work + Get Famous Version

  • Includes all my Basegame fixes.
  • Includes all my Get to Work fixes.
  • Includes all my Get Famous fixes.
  • Includes all the University fixes listed above.


Here are the downloads. Choose the one for the expansion packs you have.

How to Install Save Files

  1. Download the save file you need from the links above.
  2. Unzip and place the file in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves folder. 
  3. If it says you already have a file with the same name, change the slot number to something else.
  4. Open the game and choose “Load Game.”
  5. The save will show up as Sims 4 Fixed (EXP), depending on which one you downloaded.
  6. Load the save and have fun!

Please note: If you want Kaylynn Langerak as part of your story, I’ve created her and you can download her on the gallery. My ID is pleasantsims. I’m sure there are other recreations out there too. I didn’t add her to this save because I’m trying to preserve the EAxis timeline/story. I’ve also uploaded all the families from my fixed saved files to the gallery if you want to add them to a current save.

I tried my best to make sure everything was correct in each save file. BUT, I am one person and I had to create all these separately – which is a VERY tedious task. If I missed anything, please leave a comment and let me know. I’ll do my best to fix it ASAP!

18 thoughts on “I Fixed The Sims 4 University Stories – Save File Download”

  1. Hey! Love your content. And this save file is a life-saver honestly. I am downloading it to start my new rotational gameplay. Thank you so much.

  2. HI, i downloaded the save file but it is actually came unzipped already and it wont show up in my game i dont know what happened

    • Hi! All the downloads come zipped. You can right-click the file and choose “Open With” then choose your program such as 7-zip or Winrar. The file should be named Slot_00000515.save. If it is named “Sims4Fixed_BG_Uni_V2” or something like that it is still zipped. If you’re still having trouble, I would try downloading from the alternate download link and see if that helps.

  3. i just downloaded this save and decided to play angela and lilith. i had angela invite dustin over but she cannot interact with him bc he is a celebrity despite the relationship you set for them. ive tried going through mccc to find a fix, but i must not be looking in the right places. do you have an idea of how to fix this?
    – i am sure it is going to happen with lilith and dirk as well, unfortunately

  4. I have all the EPs, stuff packs and etc… I want to play with all the families and with the girls in university… is this the latest pack I should download? Because I’ve seen you have another one with City Living included and I’m not sure what’s different in that one.

    Also, My game is in portuguese, this save will probably be in engllish only, right? And how could I translate it?

  5. Hi Cindy!!

    Thank you for your work on these saves. It’s nice to know there are people in the community still interested in the gameplay aspect and not just builds.

    Quick question – I’m new to save files, if there is a future game pack that comes out that you decide to do a save file for, will I have to start all over again? Or are you able to add on to the current save file

    • There’s no way to merge save files, so if another was released you’d have to start over. But, I most likely won’t release more after this one. 🙂

      • so, i fixed it, was because mods, scripts, what i did was disable script modes, loaded your save, save it again, the open it again with script mods options on and voila, working properly 🙂

  6. Hello!, this is what i wanted, i never played the other sims before so i dont know the stories that much but i wanted a more realistic and lore friendly save i tried but failed but this one is the one i needed so, i have all the eps and i want all of the families, which i download? nice job!

  7. I’m loving all those updates, I only tried the base game one and it made the game so much more enjoyable to me. I’m dying to try these new families but don’t have any of the EPs, is there any chance we’ll get a base game save with the Dreamers, Pleasants and Brooke families included?


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