The Sims 4 Pleasant Sims Save ~ 25 Years After Sims 2

Sims 2 Pleasantview 25 Years Later - Pleasant Sims Sims 4 Save File

The Sims 4 timeline makes no sense. I dislike the “alternate” timeline, and I wanted the game to follow the timeline of the other games. So, I fixed it. 

In my new save file, The Sims 4 takes place 25 years after The Sims 2. Don Lothario and Cassandra Goth have married, divorced, and had children. Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant had another son, but that couldn’t save their marriage. They’re now divorced and living apart, while Daniel is married to an aging Kaylynn Langerak. And that’s just the beginning!

This save file comes with 12 households and 34 Sims. If you were a fan of my original Pleasantview Let’s Play on Youtube, this is a continuation of that story (10 years before my Let’s Play ended). But even if you’ve never seen my videos, many Sims will be recognizable and the family lines should be easy to follow. 

CLICK HERE to skip directly to the download, or continue reading for more details. I’ve included my video walkthrough below if you prefer to watch instead of read. 


This save file is 100% base game compatible – no expansion packs are required to play. 

Because the base game does not include some careers – like political and medical – some of the Sims have moved to other careers. Don now works in the Athletic career and Mary-Sue in Business, for example. Other than these small changes, I tried to keep everything else as accurate as I could. 

I also have a version for expansion packs if you have them (see downloads below).

New Stories

My save file is heavy on generational/family play. But even if that doesn’t suit your play style, you can still enjoy playing one of my premade families. Or, make your own Sim and place them down in the middle of the drama.

Pleasantview to Willow Creek

All the households currently live in Willow Creek. Oasis Springs and Newcrest are completely empty. This is done on purpose. I plan to make an update in the future with the Strangetown Sims living in Oasis Springs 25 years later. In the meantime, you can always move some of the families to the other worlds if you like. 

Sims 4 Willow Creek 25 Years After Pleasantview

Why do the Pleasantview Sims all live in Willow Creek? Here’s the new story:

After a terrible flood left the coastal town of Pleasantview completely underwater, the residents had to find a new home. The bayous and rolling plantation land of Willow Creek was a perfect place to start over. With financial help from Sim City, the families rebuilt. Now they’re thriving 25 years later. But a new environment didn’t erase the drama between the households. Will the Sims of Willow Creek go back to their old ways or change for the better?

Lothario Family

Sims 4 Lothario Family

Don left the medical field to follow his dreams of becoming a personal trainer. After Cassandra divorced him for cheating with Nina Caliente, he moved out and took his only son – Primo Lothario – with him. Will Primo follow in his father’s footsteps or become a better man?

Goth-Lothario Family

Sims 4 Goth Lothario Family

Cassandra’s struggling with the loss of her marriage and trying to make it on her own with two daughters. Free-spirit Eva wants to make a living with her art – but on her own terms. While Rosa wants to be as strong as her dad. Can Cassandra handle the stress while trying to find her own place in the world?

Caliente Family

Sims 4 Caliente Family

Nina Caliente raised Gia alone, keeping the secret of her daughter’s paternity under under lock and key. Now that Gia’s growing up, will she find out that “Uncle Don” is more than just an uncle? And will she forgive her mother for withholding the truth?

Goth Family

Sims 4 Goth Family

After Mortimer Goth passed away, his widow Dina used the life insurance payout to purchase a mansion of her own. But she soon found it too empty, and invited her son and his husband to move in. Can Fabien forge his own path without his mother’s interference? And is Kevin’s new job their ticket out?

Goth Family #2

Sims 4 Goth Family 2

With the Goth family fortune in his hands, will Alexander be a good steward? He married his high school sweetheart Lucy Burb, and they soon had a child of their own. Now, Alex is determined to make his late father proud while Lucy proves she can have it all – a big happy family and a career as a writer.

Burb Family

Sims 4 Burb Family

John and Jennifer Burb have remained faithful to each other for the last 25 years, raising four children. Soon, their youngest daughters – twins Odessa and Quinn – will be young adults out on their own. Will empty nest syndrome spur a change in their lives and their marriage?

Pleasant Family

Sims 4 Pleasant Family

Daniel left his ex-wife Mary-Sue for a younger woman – his maid Kaylynn Langerak. Now that they’re married, will Daniel’s eye continue to wander or will he remain faithful this time? And can Kaylynn have the baby she’s always dreamed of before it’s too late?

Pleasant Family #2

Sims 4 Pleasant Family 2

Mary-Sue worked her way up the career ladder to become Vice President. But at what cost? Her marriage to Daniel crumbled when she caught him cheating with the maid. She raised her son Ivan to a young man on her own. Can she ever forgive her ex-husband? And can Ivan find peace with his father too?

Broke Family

Sims 4 Broke Family

Dustin Broke married his first love, Angela Pleasant, and they have two beautiful children together. But will his criminal ways destroy the family? And can Angela ever make amends with her twin sister Lilith? 

Broke Family #2

Sims 4 Broke Family 2

Beau’s family tries hard to support his musical career, but how long can they tolerate his endless practicing? Debra is a stay-at-home mom and they don’t have much money, but they love each other and that’s all that matters. 

Dreamer Family

Sims 4 Dreamer Family

The late Darren Dreamer became a famous artist and made a lot of money for his family before he passed away. Brandi used the money wisely to purchase a home and care for her sons, Bobby and David. Can Brandi accept that her boys are growing up and will soon be on their own?

Pleasant-Dreamer Household

Sims 4 Pleasant Dreamer Family

Dirk Dreamer and Lilith Pleasant live together with their daughter, Helen. But Lilith isn’t defined by marriage and motherhood. She has her music to think about after all. And Dirk’s ambitious, but he’s always trying something new. How will her parent’s unconventional lifestyle affect Helen as she grows up?

World/Save Notes

  • I did not rebuild the world. I used the existing Maxis builds, but all houses have been remodeled/redecorated for the current tenants. I completely remodeled the floorplan of some of the homes, while others were just redecorated – depending on the family’s needs. 
  • Oasis Springs is completely empty with no Sims living there. I have plans for it in an updated save in the future. 
  • At the moment you load my save file, there are NO random townies in the world. The game will generate some as you play, as well as NPCs.
  • All Sims have existing relationships – some good and some bad – with other Sims. Family trees are preserved even when Sims live apart.
  • Some households have career rewards in their household inventory. 
  • If you play rotationally, I recommend turning aging off or on only for your current household. Many of the Sims will age up within their first week of being played with a normal lifespan. So, turn off aging when you aren’t playing a family if you don’t want to miss birthdays. (No Sims are pregnant in this save so you will not miss any births.)
  • Everyone is pretty much related by this point. You might want to marry in Sims from other expansions and/or townies. 


There are four different downloads – one for base game only and three additional for expansion packs. 

  • Base Game Only / Mediafire
    • This save file requires only The Sims 4 Base Game.
  • GTW (Ep 01) / Mediafire
    • This save file requires the Get to Work expansion. Don (Doctor), Gia (Doctor), and Cassandra’s (Scientist) careers are changed to active careers. 
  • GTW (Ep 01) + GT (EP 02) / Mediafire
    • This save file requires the Get to Work AND Get Together expansions. Includes all changes above, plus clubs for kids, teens, and singles.
  • GTW (Ep 01) + GT (EP 02) + CL (EP 03) / Mediafire
    • This save file requires the Get to Work, Get Together, AND City Living expansions. Includes all changes above, plus Mary-Sue’s career is changed to Politician.

All expansion pack worlds added to the save files are completely empty. The buildings are there, but no Sims. If you want the San Myshuno or Windenburg Sims in your game, download the Base Game version of my save file. They will be there when you load your game if you have the expansion packs. However, you’ll have to cheat Don, Gia, Cassandra, and Mary-Sue’s careers if you want them to change.


UPDATE 11/06 – Nina and Dina’s ages did not match. This has been fixed in all save files. If you downloaded before the fix and it bothers you, use UI Cheats Extension to fix it yourself.  I added +2 days to Nina’s age and -7 to Dina’s age, so they both have 13 days until Elder.

UPDATE 11/06 – Don and Dina did not have a relationship with each other. I have fixed this in all save files. If you downloaded before the fix, you can use relationship cheats to set their relationships yourself. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console and then enter the following cheats (one at a time): 

  • modifyrelationship Dina Goth Don Lothario 50 LTR_Friendship_Main
  • modifyrelationship Dina Goth Don Lothario 20 LTR_Romance_Main

How to Install Save Files

  1. Download the save file you need from the links above.
  2. Place the file in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves folder. 
  3. If it says you already have a file with the same name, change the slot number to something else.
  4. Open the game and choose β€œLoad Game.”
  5. The save will show up as “Sims 2 – 25 Years Later.”
  6. Load the save and have fun!

As always, I have triple-checked this world for issues, but it’s still possible I missed something. Please let me know if you find anything that needs fixing. 

23 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Pleasant Sims Save ~ 25 Years After Sims 2”

  1. This is glorious! I watched the Youtube Video and annoyed my husband gushing over the lore (which he knows nothing about). This is really some great work! Any plans to do the other worlds as well? Strangetown could be really fun!!
    Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hi Cindy! I know you post this a few months ago, but this gave me some simspiration to make my own save of my curretly pleasantview in TS4. I create the families separately, and I need to ask, how did you manage all the family trees? Did you use some mod (Like the mcc)? For sure, is very fun create all my favorite sims in the sims 4, but I really wanna add all the drama too lol.

  3. I saw this via your YouTube channel first, you’ve done some amazing work! You can tell the time you’ve put in, it’s absolutely amazing. Thank you! =] I’m going to download and play it now. I really like that you’ve put in the little stories, I really miss those. I also like that it’s more realistic with the flings, enemies, etc.

    Thankoooo!!! <3

  4. For some reason, when I load up the save, nothing is actually changed. :[ I don’t know if the Sims are all in the bin and I have to place them or what’s up, but it shows the households as played even though nothing has changed about most of them. I’m trying to use GTW + GT + CL. I’m really disappointed, I really like this update…the same is happening on the Uni + GF + GTW version elsewhere.

    • Hi! I just downloaded and installed the save file again to make sure, and everything is working fine. What do you mean by nothing has changed? The only Sims who exist in this world are the ones I created, so you shouldn’t see any other families or Sims. Just the ones listed in this post.

  5. This is what The Sims 4 needs. A good story line. Something I miss from The Sims 2 and 3 to some extent.

  6. Hi, I just saw this and I love how you created the stories! I recently redownloaded Sims 2 but haven’t got around to playing it… Now that I see this, I feel so inspired to live out my sims’ lives! Thanks for sharing and keep creating great content like this πŸ™‚

  7. As someone who took all the Sims 2 sims from the main 6 neighborhoods and recreated everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) Sims 3 and 4 just to see how they would interact, I’ve never thought of doing future versions for them. Now I kind of want to xDD But I’m still downloading this file.

  8. This save file is amazing!!! As a diehard sims2 fan, who used to rotationally play through generations, it’s added some much needed and meaningful relationships/stories to the town… alongside the MC Command mod for autonomous story progression <3

    Just wanted to update you on what I've done with the lovely Alexander Goth/Burb family, as I made a few changes there! I hope you approve!

    After the death of beloved Mortimer, Alex rejected anything scientific and supernatural and instead pursued the management career, filing generic reports in his evenings after work. But when Casper finds his Dad's old chemistry set in a cupboard he's drawn into the world of scientific advancement, spending his evenings stargazing up on the Goth mansion roof. And as for wife Lucy, is she hiding secrets of her own? Alongside her rising fame as a freelance author, is that a cauldron hiding in the attic? Will Alex ever understand the dreams and choices of his family or will these secrets drive their perfect family apart?

    Of course Lucy, being the domestic goddess she is, is only pursuing practical magic and the study of potions, to help maintain her perfect family home 🏑

    Hope you like what I've done with the family and keep up simming and producing amazing content!! πŸ™‚

  9. Looks great! I will definitely be downloading. When you say the other worlds are empty, do you have the Sims stored in the bin under β€œβ€˜not currently in world” or do you delete them completely?

  10. Hi, I love this save game, but I have a question, I’m watching your original pleasant view save in the sims 2 and what happened to Sam Burb, he isn’t in the sims 4 version and there’s no mention of him (he just turned into a toddler where I’m watching so i apologize if he died or something and I haven’t gotten there yet)

  11. For some reason every time I load the game up to play pleasantview it shows as if willow creek and oasis springs don’t even exist, any ideas on how to fix this?

  12. i love your sims 4 save file for pleasant view 25 years later great idea big fan of you and you work and your you tube channel i have a question is it possible you could do this for sims 3 like when you did the pleasant view save file but this time make it like you did with sims 4 25 years later


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