The Sims 2 Recommended Mods List

Sims 2 Recommended Mods List

This is my ultimate Sims 2 recommended mods list.

Although I link to some of the mods I use on my Gameplay Rules Page, I thought it might be nice to have a “master list” of all the mods I use in my game. I’m always adding to the list as I find new mods and removing the ones that don’t work out for me, so check back frequently for updates.

LAST UPDATE: 11/28/2023 – Added a few new mods and updated all links. Newly added or updated mods are in bold italic

Anti-Corruption Mods

These are mods that will help prevent corruption in your ‘hoods. I consider these non-negotiable. Download these first!

  • Mootilda’s Hood Checker – This is a tool and not really a mod, but it’s necessary to check your hoods for corruption. Read all documentation on the download page.
  • No Corrupt Death – Suppresses the corrupt death memory.
  • No Unlink on Delete – Game no longer partially destroys sim file on deletion of tombstone. May resolve potential random tombstone losses when moving tombstones to community lots resulting from shredded character files produced by unlinkage.
  • Select Your Cemetery – Sims dying on apartment lots are no longer sent to a random cemetery. You can now choose the cemetery to send them to. Sometimes the game sends these graves to lots that don’t exist, which can cause problems. This mod alleviates that issue. 

Essential Mods

These are the mods I consider to be essential to my gameplay and I could not play without them.

  • Autonomous Casual Romance (ACR) – Allows your Sims to autonomously woohoo, try for baby, make booty calls, and perform a whole host of romantic interactions. Gives your Sims more freedom to make their own romantic decisions and creates a lot of drama and fun in your neighborhood. Highly recommended!
  • Anti-Redundancy – Eliminates spawning of unnecessary redundant NPCs.
  • Bat Box (FFS Lot Debugger) – This has a lot of similar features to the Sim Blender, but also has a lot of helpful debug options. In my early Let’s Play episodes, I used it to give my Sims college degrees. I also use it to “Roll the Pacifier” or reset Sim genetics to prevent clone babies. You can download a prettier version as a vase here.
  • Gussy Up (Updated) – This mod allows you to buy, change, and plan outfits from a pie menu in-game. Allows you to change townie clothing and change appearance of any Sim directly by clicking on them.
  • Inge’s Age Group Tweak – I use this to change the number of days for each life stage. Requires messing around in Sim PE, but it’s not too difficult. Click here to see my tutorial on using this hack to create your own custom lifespans.
  • Monique’s Hacked Computer – I use this mod to manage bank accounts for my Sims, get jobs, study skills, shop online, and a lot more!
  • No Townie Regen – Prevents random townies from being spawned. I remove it if I want more townies.
  • No Sim Loaded – Removes the “Sim Loaded” token and others every time you load a lot, preventing lag, and also prevents and fixes the Super Duper Hug Bug. 
  • Sim Blender – The ultimate Sim management “God” mod. You’ll see me use this a lot in my Let’s Plays.
  • Sim Manipulator – Similar to InSimenator and the Sim Blender but has a few different options. I use it for the ability to instantly change clothes to a different outfit or plan outfits by clicking on a Sim, and to make non-playable Sims easily selectable, but it has MANY more options.
  • Sims2RPC – Custom Sims 2 Launcher that includes some quality of life changes, customization, more modern in-game graphics, a real fix for Firstborn Syndrome, and more!

Baby & Toddler Mods

These are mods that affect the baby and toddler life stages.

  • Baby Bottle Replacement – Replaces the green baby bottles with clear bottles filled with milk.
  • Crib Get Out – Allows your toddlers to get out of the crib by themselves.
  • Accessible Toddler High Chairs – This global mod allows sims to access any high chair from left and right sides and also access diagonally placed highchairs. Custom chairs work as well.
  • Freetime Cribs Animated – Enables the animations on the two cribs that came with Free Time. Finally your Sims wont stick their arms through the railings anymore!

Build & Buy Mode Mods

These are mods that impact build mode and buy mode.

  • Maxis Modular Stairs Passage Fix – This mod enables Sims to pass directly through under all Maxis modular stairs, just like base game Holy Smoke stairs. You need this mod if you follow my tutorial on using modular stairs with the Ultimate Collection (or if you use open underneath modular stairs at all).
  • Object Rotator – These object rotators will allow you to place objects with steps of 5 degree. Rotated objects are still normally usable.
  • OMSPs – One more slot please. Allows you to place more decorative objects in more places. Also useful for posing Sims for screenshots.
  • Rug Texture Fix – Fixes the wonky textures that happen to rugs when placed off-grid.
  • Stair Wall Fix – Fixes the way the wall under the stairs appears and makes it look better.
  • Television Placement Mod – Adds the adjustable height feature to TVs so they can be moved up and down on the walls just like paintings.
  • Walk-Through Blocks – Allows Sims to walk around and through objects. Useful for creating small lots.

Business Mods

These are mods that impact playable businesses from the Open for Business Expansion Pack.

  • Business Mod – Fixes a lot of issues with Open for Business. Recommended if you intend on playing Sim-owned businesses in your neighborhoods.
  • Customer Limit Adjuster – This is an object that looks like an alarm you can hang on the wall. It allows you to limit the number of customers at a time on Sim-owned businesses. Very helpful if you only have a single person running a business. Uploaded to my SFS, since site is down. File is not zipped. 
  • No Lame Hires – Non-townie sims with jobs >= L6 or who are already working in a user business are no longer considered eligible hires and will not clog the hiring pool, nor be available with the “hire” option unless they quit. Sims will never want to hire anyone who already has a job.
  • Townie Budget Mod – Townies can no longer buy items they can’t afford at businesses, eat at restaurants if they have no money, etc. Does wonders for realism. No more endless money for townies.
  • Simlogical OFB Mods – I personally use the Automatic Open Sign, but others on this page include the automatic cash register and automatic stocking sign.

Computer Mods

These mods affect the in-game computers your Sims use. Apparently, I use enough of these to give them their own section.

Death & Accident Mods

These mods affect death and accidents in the game.

  • Deadly Satellites – Increases the chance of satellite death.
  • Death by Childbirth – Adds a 10% chance of dying in childbirth. 
  • Faster Disease Processing – Disease recovery will no longer slow to a crawl if multiple sims are sick.
  • Frequent Disease Processing – Disease severity will be updated every cycle rather than every six cycles.
  • More Dangerous Fire – Fire spreads faster and destroys quicker. Two flavors to choose from. I use more dangerous (not EVEN more dangerous).
  • Realistic Sickness – USE WITH CAUTION. This mod makes sickness more deadly. You must really take care of your Sims or they might actually die.

Education Mods

Mods that affect education, university, school, homework, etc.

  • Auto Do Homework – Calls all children and teens on the lot to do their homework at 7:00 PM. They will quit if fun gets too low, so no risk of everyone having straight A’s.
  • Desk Locator AKA Put Your Homework Away Properly – Place the desk locator on a desk or table and have your Sim claim the desk via the menu on the object. They will put their homework on their own desk.
  • Edukashun Iz Gud – Limits promotions for uneducated Sims. They can only be promoted to  a certain career level based on how much education they have.
  • Faster Homework – Finish homework in 15 minutes instead of an hour.
  • Later Classes – Moves all morning university classes later in the day so no class starts before noon. Complements the Semester Changes mod.
  • No Dormie Regen – Prevents random dormies from being spawned. I remove it if I want dormies to spawn.
  • No Memory Uneducated & No Want Satisfy Uneducated – Prevents Sims from getting a negative memory for not going to college and prevents them from crying about it. 
  • No SS Respawn – Eliminates respawning of Secret Society members. If there are not enough SS members, when the game attempts to generate one, it will, instead of generating a new NPC, induct a YA townie instead, and use him.
  • Partial Homework Credit – This mod gives kids credit for partially completed homework.
  • Random Dormies – Residents of dormitories are picked randomly (originally, lowest-numbered Sims were chosen) from the pool of unplayable students who don’t have keys to rooms on occupied lots.
  • School Mods – This mod fixes problems with the way a sim determines which friend to bring home from school, makes it so that private school students leave school earlier than usual, and makes it so that your household needs to pay 100 simoleons per each child/teen studying in private school.
  • Semester Changes – Makes University 8 days instead of 24.
  • Uni Career Lifetime Wants – Adds the missing lifetime wants for University careers back into the game.
  • Uni Aging and YA Move Out of College – Part of the Young Adults can enjoy maternity mods. Allows Sims of any age to live in the University subhoods, and allows Sims to stay at college after graduation and continue aging.

Finance Mods

These are mods that address finance, money, or the economy in some way.

  • Halved Apartment Rent – Cuts rent costs for apartments in half. 
  • Loan Jar – Allows your Sims to take out loans and you can set the interest rate.
  • Lower Wages – Reduces salaries for Uni, Seasons, and Free Times jobs to match the base game jobs.
  • Monique’s Child Support – Sims not living on the lot with their children must pay child support. If you don’t have the Ultimate Collection or Apartment Life, you can find older versions of this mod here.
  • More Realistic Payment for Maxis Careers – All salaries have been cut in half, which is much more realistic imo.
  • No 20k Handout – Direct Download – Must Have AL or the Ultimate Collection for this version to work.
  • No Inheritance after Elder Dies – Sims will no longer receive free money when an elder friend or relative dies.
  • Partial Financial Advice – Sims offering financial advice on the computer will be paid for the partial hour if the command is canceled.
  • Professional Blogger – Sims who have maxed out enthusiasm in a hobby will earn money during the time they blog (also listed in Hobby section).
  • Salary Bonus – Rewards Sims for long service, in addition to pay increases from being promoted. Sims who remain at their current career level (pay grade) will receive pay rises as their days worked at that level increase.
  • Social Welfare – Allows poor, unemployed Sims to apply for welfare.

Fix Mods

These are mods that fix problems with the game or just things I personally find annoying. They aren’t required, but they make gameplay more fun (in my opinion).

  • Cyjon’s Sims 2 Mods N Stuff – I have almost ALL the fix mods from Cyjon. It was getting to be too much to list them all here. I recommend perusing his selection and downloading the ones that appeal to you. NOTE: Most of his mods require his Smarter EP Check so make sure you download this first before you go on a download spree on his site.
  • Baby to Toddler Aging Fix – Fixes the issue of Sims holding babies and not aging them up at 6:00 PM. 
  • Dress Me Correctly – Sims will put on the correct clothing when changing depending on time of day and their schedule.
  • Eat More, Talk Less While Dining – This hack will completely bypass the conversation if the sims is in desperation for energy, hunger, fun or bladder, or is in a bad mood. Sims with maxed social will talk less.
  • Exercise Bike Fix – With this mod, sims stop using the Exerto Super Exercise Bike when they’re in bad mood, hungry, sleepy, feel uncomfortable or need to go to the toilet, as if they were using other skill objects. Originally sims don’t care about their needs at all while using the bike and they can die for that reason.
  • Extended Family Treated as Family – Allows the game to recognize second cousins, first cousins once removed, great grandparents, great grandchildren, and great aunts and uncles as family members. No more dating distant relatives!
  • Fire Mod – Fixes a lot of issues with how Sims interact with fire. Sims who study fire safety will now behave as intended by attempting to put out fires.
  • No Baby Harassment – Sims will no longer constantly harass babies a million times an hour for no reason.
  • No Death Type Loss when Moving Tombstones – Fixes a bug that causes Sims to lose their death type when you move the tombstone to a community lot. Ghosts will now be the correct color based on their death type after moving.
  • No Sim Loaded – Removes useless “sim loaded” tokens and other garbage that slows down your game and causes lag.
  • Random Calls Fix – Fixes problems related to the random phone calls your Sims receive.
  • Shadow Fix – Fixes the black boxes that appear under Sims in some games and restores correct shadows.
  • Simply Leftovers – Allows you to store leftovers as single plates so Sims don’t have to take out the group-sized plate every time they want leftovers.
  • Smart Beds – Forces the bed ownership system in the game to actually work. Sims will autonomously use the bed they have the most ownership of.
  • Smarter Lights – The purpose of this mod is to automatically turn the light on and off, depending of the type of the lot, the time of the day, and what the sims are doing.
  • Smarter Parent Choice for College Cinematics – Makes the game choose who drops your Sim off at college based on relationship with the parent.
  • Social Worker Hack – Apartment Life version. This hack makes the Social Worker behave more reasonably. If you don’t have AL, you’ll have to search for the version you need.
  • Want Related Mods – Fixes a bunch of the awful wants by removing or reducing their occurrence. Includes buy gadgets, buy instruments, sports party, resurrection, etc. 
  • Woohoo Count Fix – Fixes a problem with woohoo count. If a Sim has woohooed with the same sim multiple times in different types of woohoo, the game will now consider that as having woohooed with only one sim.
  • Woohoo LTW Fix – Stops the woohoo LTW from disappearing after being achieved.
  • Young Enough for Pregnancy Fix – Fixes the problem with adults nearing elders being seen as too old for pregnancy when they really aren’t.

Hobby Mods

These mods affect the in-game hobby system and hobby enthusiasm.

  • Enthusiasm Overhaul – The mods improves the hobby enthusiasm system, better matching hobbies to interests, makes the One True hobby more important than others, decay is dependent on interests, stops annoying hobby messages and more. Also includes a mod that prevents sims gaining cuisine enthusiasm for every meal they eat. 
  • Fewer Hobby Wants – Reduces the number of hobby wants by stopping certain wants from being triggered.
  • Professional Blogger – Sims who have maxed out enthusiasm in a hobby will earn money during the time they blog (also listed in Finance section).

Job Mods

These mods impact jobs and careers in the game.

  • Job Options Mod Set – Allows all Sims to choose between part- and full-time jobs, asks you before a Sim gets promoted, allows Sims to have jobs in the University ‘hoods, and unlocks work-related wants and fears for young adults.
  • Job Seeking Notice Board – A notice board you can put on community lots that allows your Sims to get a job in any career track. This can also be done with Monique’s hacked computer, but I prefer the realism of having an unemployment office.
  • Job Stopinator – When placed in your Sim’s inventory, they cannot be promoted to a higher level in their career.
  • Level Numbers Added to Job Titles – Adds the job level next to the job title in menu screens. Very handy for quickly seeing what level your Sim is at in their career.
  • No Carpools for Mothers – This mod will prevent the carpool from showing up for all female sims that have their own baby or toddler living in the lot. You can still have them walk to work if you want.
  • Work & Bring Home Friend Dialogue – A dialog box (Yes/No) will pop up that will ask you if it’s okay to bring a friend home from work.
  • Young Adult Job Panel Revealer – This is a hacked object that allows you to temporarily open student’s job panel that is normally replaced by major/classes panel. Recommended for use with the Job Options Mod Set listed above.

Memory Mods

These mods impact Sim memories.

  • Engagement Memory Fix – Fixes a very annoying bug that causes some Sims to have a negative memory of getting engaged when it should be positive. (If you get a negative memory before finding this mod, you can change it back to positive in Sim PE.)
  • Memory Based Diary Writing – Sims will think about the most recent memories and the people involved in those when writing in their diary.
  • Memory Manipulator – The Memory Manipulator allows you to edit the memories of the currently selected sim. No more messing around in SimPE. Now you can edit memories directly through an in-game menu.
  • Memory Mod – fixes quite a few problems with certain memories and memory-related interactions in the Sims 2.
  • Met New Great Grandchild Memory – This mod gives the memory of meeting a new great grandchild.

Miscellaneous Mods

These are mods that aren’t really essential, but they add new features and depth to gameplay.

  • Astronomy Mod – Allows Sims to find more stars and planets with the telescope, get random amounts of money from finds instead of always $500, and makes the chance of finds based on the Sim’s logic skill.
  • Become an Author Without a Computer – This mod allows you to write a novel without using a computer using a notepad. Great for your historic hoods, or generally poor authors who can’t yet afford to buy a computer.
  • Community Time Project – Enables the passing of time on community lots to be spent on the home lot. When a Sim leaves a community lot at 5:00 PM, it will be 5:00 PM when they get back home, but you’ll still be able to play the family left behind in the meantime.
  • Community Lot Parties – Allows Sims to throw parties on community lots. I use this for weddings, but you can throw any type of party in the game on the community lot of your choice.
  • Day Setter – Used to set the day of the week when Sims move to a new lot. I use it to keep Sims ages in sync with the rest of the ‘hood.
  • Default Book Covers & Novel Icons – Replaces the book covers and icons for choosing plots when writing novels. New graphics taken from The Sims 4.
  • Elders Sleep Through the Night – self-explanatory.
  • For Sale Sign – Automatically keeps kitchen and bathroom built-ins, all light fixtures, and gives you proper value when moving from a lot. Based on the stay things shrub.
  • Local Walkbys – Sim residential walkbys now will only be people who actually live in your ‘hood or sub-‘hood.
  • Monique’s Individual Aging – Allows you to turn aging on/off for individual Sims from the pie menu.
  • No Plumbobs – Removes plumbobs from the Neighborhood Screen and Sims. This version removes Plumbobs from Sims only. Links to mediafire downloads.
  • No Smiling in CAS – Sims no longer constantly smile while you’re trying to edit them in CAS.
  • Macrotastics – Adds options to automate tedious and repetitive gameplay, including motive-maintenance, businesses, socializing, and skilling.
  • Mood Mod – This mod makes it so that the Aspiration meter directly influences the sim’s mood. 
  • Outdoor Lights All Night – Outdoor lights will stay on until 7 am rather than 2 am.
  • Random Radio Station – Sims will now turn on the radio to a random station instead of always Salsa.
  • Seasons and Weather Controller – I use this mod to change the length of the seasons, but also has other season and weather-related uses.
  • Sleepwear by Personality – Changes the logic for sims choosing what to wear when going to bed autonomously.
  • Telescope Mod – Sims looking through the telescope during the day will peep at random neighbors instead of the lowest numbered in the ‘hood.
  • Visitor Controller – Control which Sims are allowed to visit certain lots. Ban Sim from lots based on gender, aspiration, career, gender preference, and many other characteristics. Also allows you to ban Crumplebottom, Unsavory Charlatan and other annoying NPCs.
  • Want Disablers – Prevents Sims from getting wants for college scholarships, pet jobs, and/or go on vacation. 
  • Watch TV from All Chairs – Allows your Sims to watch TV from chairs facing any direction at least 10 squares back from the TV – even if they’re facing sideways or at 45-degree angles.

Name Mods

  • Baby Last Name Chooser – Allows you to choose the baby’s last name upon birth. Useful for babies born out of wedlock.
  • Last Name Copier – Allows you to copy last names between Sims. Good for changing the last name of your children to the father’s last name when unmarried couples procreate.
  • Marriage Last Name Chooser – Allows you to choose the last name of two Sims getting married.
  • Jordi’s Names – This file changes the default list of names for newly spawned townies and NPCs. It is mainly based on US Census data.

Neighborhood Mods

These are mods and custom content I use to make my neighborhoods look beautiful with today’s graphics. I’ve also made a video tutorial showing how to use and install these mods in your own hoods.

  • The Great Sky of Totalitarianism – Beautiful animated skies for your hoods and lots. You’ll need the sky box mesh, sky fix, full archive of lot skies, and full archive of hood skies (all available in this link) to make your skies look like mine in game.
  • Realistic Sun and Moon – I use the normal Sun and Real Moon for my hood skies. You can also download the invisible versions if you don’t like the sun, moon, and/or stars showing.
  • Seasons-ready Skylines – Gorgeous skylines that work beautifully with the above animated skies. I use Green Hills for Pleasantview but they are all gorgeous.
  • Curious B’s Neighborhood Terrain and Road Replacements – Greener grass and better looking dirt/desert terrains, and nicer roads that work with the terrains. If this link isn’t working, you can also get the replacements on Sim File Share here.
  • Criquette’s Linden Trees as Default Replacements – Less blurry, more beautiful trees for your hoods. UPDATE: I am no longer using the Linden Trees as my default replacements. I now use these by Honeywell. Either ones are nice, but I prefer Honeywell’s as they are a bit more Maxis Match and lower poly.
  • Voeille’s Texture Replacements – Less blurry textures for beaches, cliffs, and snow. UPDATE: The links from the tutorial video on Voeille’s Tumblr no longer work. She has also uploaded them on MTS. Get them here.
  • Gunmod’s Camera Mod – Necessary to view your skies and skylines. Allows you to view the far edges of your hood and have a top-down view, plus many more camera angles.

Pet Mods

These mods are related to Pets and animals in the game.

  • Baby Pet Creator – Create puppies and kittens for your Sims to adopt. 
  • Caged Pet Fix – Fixed random bird death bug and other annoyances and bugs related to the birds and womrats.
  • No Pet Obsession – Sims will now get wants related to pets only if they are in their family or if they are friends with the animal, and wants are also dependent on a sim’s interest in animals.
  • No Stray Respawn – Stray animals no longer respawn. Existing animals unaffected. Animals that exist in play may become strays, but no new random ones will generate.
  • Patterns for Puppies and Kittens – This mod unlocks patterns for your puppies and kittens. Now you can see what they’re going to look like before they age up.
  • Pets in University – Allows Sims to have pets in the University ‘hoods.

Pose Mods

These are mods I use to pose my Sims for screenshots, portraits, and for making thumbnails for my Youtube videos.

  • Freezer Clock – Allows you to freeze time when necessary. Be careful with this because it does not freeze pregnancy timers.
  • Fourth Wall Options – I use this for the “look at me now” command which makes Sims look directly at the camera.
  • Jaydee’s Pose Boxes – The only pose boxes I really use are the ones from Jaydee, and of these I mostly use the Loading Screen poses. It has all the poses from the household loading screens.
  • MixedUp’s Screenshot Background – This is a giant rug that creates a solid color background for screenshots. It makes isolating Sims so easy!
  • No Red Pause Lines – Removes the red lines around the screen when the game is paused.
  • Thought & Talk Bubble Controller – Allows  you to choose a specific talk or thought bubble to appear above a Sim’s head. Great for storytelling and screenshots.

Pregnancy & Adoption Mods

These are the pregnancy and adoption-related mods I use in my ‘hoods.

  • 18 Hour Pregnancy – Sims will give birth 18 hours from conception instead of in 3 days.
  • Adopt Teen Gender Preference – Allows you to adopt teens and choose the gender and skin tone of the adopted baby, toddler, child, or teen.
  • Alternate Pregnancy Controller Lite – Adds the chance of miscarriage to each pregnancy. 
  • Baby Wants Fix – This hack removes the distinction between having or adopting a child as far as wants are concerned. Any sim with a want to adopt that has a baby born will have the adopt want satisfied and vice versa.
  • Maternity Outfit Fix for Young Adults – Necessary if you use the YA Maternity mod listed below.
  • Pregnancy Relationship Change – For when a sim’s pregnancy first shows and those around her realize she’s pregnant. Allows a Sim to figure out a baby is not “his” if he has high enough logic skill points.
  • Quiet Pregnancy – No longer get the pregnancy chimes after try for baby. Pregnancies will be a surprise!
  • Same Day Adoption – The social worker will bring your child on the same day you call the adoption agency.
  • Young Adults Can Enjoy Maternity – This is a suite of mods that allows your Young Adults to get pregnant and have babies in University, plus a host of other functions.

Romance & Relationship Mods

These are mods related to romance and relationships in the game.

  • Adult-Teen Attraction – Allows adults and teens to have romantic attraction. Recommended for use with ACR (see below).
  • Auto Breakup & Engagements – Sims will autonomously break up and propose engagement depending on a variety of factors. 
  • Random Proposal/Marriage Rejection – Sims have a chance of rejecting a proposal or marriage. 
  • Find a Mate Crystal Ball – Summon the power of the Gypsy’s crystal ball, without having to deal with the old bat. Much better than the gypsy matchmaker and free!
  • First Kiss Enabled – This mod enables first kiss to be used any time you wish as long as the relationship score is high enough. See the “first kiss” cutscene with any two Sims.
  • Just Be Friends Social – Teens and up can ask romantic interests to “just be friends,” and then all crush/love flags between them get cleared.
  • More Realistic Relationship Decay – Self-explanatory; relationship decay is now more realistic.
  • New Turn-Ons – This mod adds four new turn ons/offs to the game. In addition, it fixes quite a few problems with the attraction/chemistry system.
  • No Bi Gender Preference Decrease – Sims stay bisexual instead of turning straight depending on which sex they interact with. 
  • Secondary Aspiration Attraction – Adjusts the attraction score between two Sims by taking into account their secondary aspirations. 
  • Wedding Mat by Chris Hatch – I use this mod in my community lot weddings. Allows Sims to get married on the mat instead of with a wedding arch (useful if you want to use a podium like I do). Also, there are any female sims on the lot that are either a sister or child to one of the happy couple then they will be invited to be a bridesmaid.

Skill Mods

Mods that impact skill building in the game.

  • Comm Skilling – Apartment Life version. Controlled sims, NPCs, and townies may gain skills while visiting community lots. Enthusiasm may now be gained on community lots and while visiting. Fixes Physiology Borkedness in AL. Rep may now be gained both on and off community lots.
  • Creativity Gained from Diary and Blogging – As the title says, Sims will gain creativity skill from writing in their diaries and blogging on the computer.
  • Jump Rope Fitness – Sims will gain fitness from jumping rope.
  • WH Crafting Skills – Crafting stations now give hobby enthusiasm and build skills. The pottery wheel, for example, now gives creativity skill. Ignore all the tuning stuff and scroll to the very bottom of the page to download. 

Supernatural Mods

These are mods that affect the supernatural life states.

  • Creature Fixes – Fixes a lot of issues with supernaturals.
  • Hereditary Supernaturalism – When babies grow into toddlers they can inherit vampirism and plantsimism from their parents. When toddlers grow into children they can inherit lycanthropy, and when they grow into teens they can inherit witchism.
  • Higher Odds of Abduction – Increases the overall odds of being abducted by aliens when stargazing.
  • Sim Transformer – Making an alien-zombie-vampire-werewolf-plantsim-witch hybrid has never been this easy. This magical picture can transform (and cure) your sim to any of the creatures.
  • Werewolf Personality – Rather than continuously changing personality forever, giving all werewolves the same personality, this changes personality only through the first 20 transformations.  Werewolves will experience no more than +5 to playful, active and outgoing and no more than -5 to neat and nice. This gives a final personality that is related to their pre-wolf state.

Townie & NPC Mods

These are mods that specifically deal with townies (non-playable Sims) and NPCs (maids, gardeners, etc.) that don’t fit into other categories.

  • Butler Fix – Stops the butler from repeatedly jump bugging and throwing a “Error: Trying to access array element via iterator that does not exist.”
  • Call NPCs – Allows you to call NPCs on the phone (such as Kaylynn Langerak).
  • Gypsy Matchmaker Fix – You can now interact with the Gypsy Matchmaker on community lots instead of just dismissing her.
  • NPC Aging – NPC Sims on the active lot will age up one day at 6:00 PM, but only if they are ON the active lot. Does not impact playables.  
  • No Greeting NPCs – Stops the Matchmaker and Garden Club Lady from showing up when you move a Sim into a new lot.
  • No Humble – The NPC “Rod Humble” no longer shows up and gives your Sims a free computer when you first load a household.
  • Non-Townie Outfits – Prevents certain outfits and hairstyles from being selected for townies and newly-aged sims.
  • Multiple Pollination Technician Mod – Adds four pollination technicians with nice genetics to replace the one (hideous PT) per neighborhood.
  • Seletable NPC – Allows you to choose which maid, gardener, nanny, etc. to hire from the ones available in  your ‘hood.
  • Townie Apartment Residents – Apartment neighbors and roommates will be chosen from the townie pool rather than social groups.
  • Townie Body Diversity – Any spawned townies have a chance of being either fat or fit. Every Sim is no longer thin.
  • Townie Move-In No Memory Loss – Townies will keep all their memories when moving into a playable household.

UI Mods

These are mods that affect the Sims 2 user interface.

  • AL UI Font Fix – Fixes tiny text and other UI bugs that happened with AL and MGS. (Not needed if you use Clean UI.)
  • Clean UI – Modern and completely overhauled user interface for The Sims 2.
  • Improved Family Tree UI – Increases size and spacing of the family tree UI. 
  • More CAS Items for Widescreens – As seen in my livestreams. Adds more rows to the CAS menus so you can see more items at once. Choose the file based on your monitor resolution. (Not needed if you use Clean UI.)
  • Widescreen Buy Plan Outfits – Doubles the clothing selection area for buy outfit, plan outfits, try on outfit, and select employee uniform. (Not needed if you use Clean UI.)
  • Widescreen CAS Camera Fix – Prevents the Sim’s face and body from being blocked by the UI in CAS. Read instructions carefully. This is a text file that goes in your camera folder.

Retired Mods

These are mods I no longer use, but may have mentioned in previous Let’s Play videos. I am leaving them here in case anyone comes looking for them.

  • Adopt in Poverty – Takes away the requirement to have $3,000 to adopt. I no longer use this mod because I like to make things more challenging for my Sims.
  • College Tuition and Student Loans – I made college free for all my Sims, so I didn’t need a tuition mod any longer. I never could quite get this one to work correctly, but I understand that it’s’ been updated.
  • Don’t Walk Away While Cooking – Sims will no longer walk away from the stove and burn the house down.
  • Pregnancy Span 8 Hours – Makes Sim pregnancies last only a single day. I took this out because my Sims were procreating too fast.
  • Risky Woohoo – Normal woohoo has a 20% chance of resulting in pregnancy. I no longer use this mod since ACR handles risky woohoo in my game. This is a great mod if you don’t use ACR.
  • Taxi Charges Money – Sims are charged to take a taxi to community lots.
  • Vehicles Cost Money to Drive – Charges your Sim money to take their own car to a community lot.

Custom Content

I have gigs and gigs of custom content, so there’s no way I can post it all here. However, I will post a few essentials that I couldn’t live without.

Also, see this page for many of my favorite CC creators/sites. I play with a Maxis-Match style, so all my links are for MM CC.

My Old Defaults:

My Current Defaults:

  • Lilith’s Honey Honey Skinblend – lovely skin set that I use in my most current Sims 2 videos and streams. Get the matching supernatural skins here
  • Poppet’s Plain & Simple Eyes – My current eye defaults. They look very nice with the honey honey skin.
  • Default Makeup Replacement – Replaces the fugly basegame and OFB makeup.
  • Default Replacements – I have replaced most of the hideous Maxis Clothing using replacements from here. You can browse through multiple selections for each clothing item and choose the replacement you want. Highly recommended site.

I am currently using Mikexx2’s “New Hair System” hairs as defaults in my game. You can find download links to these in my Default Replacement Guide (scroll to the chart at the bottom).

Custom Lots

I don’t use a lot of custom lots because I like to use the Maxis lots in the premade ‘hoods and lots I build myself. But there is one lot I like to use in Pleasantview that is no longer available on the original site. 

  • Slappy’s Flop House – The creator’s site ( is down, so I am providing this for download. I use this apartment lot for my poor Sims to live in while they’re saving up for something better. Very cheap rooms – around $120 per week with a shared living space and kitchen with cafeteria worker. You will need Shiny Time NPC Everywhere Patch for the cook to show up and work properly.

The Sims 2 Tools

These are external tools I use outside of the game itself. Sim PE is essential to my gampeplay. All others are optional, but I find them quite handy.

  • SIM PE – This is a tool that I could not play without. It’s necessary for using Inge’s Age Hack and for changing Sim household namesextracting portraitsediting memoriessharing simsfixing first born syndrome, etc. You can do a lot more with it, but I mostly use it for simple edits.
  • Any Game Starter – The AnyGameStarter allows to create a temporary test-game including or excluding any Expansion Pack, Stuff Pack and Add-on Packs (among the ones that you own, of course). Good for building lots to share, playing challenges outside your main game, creating themed games (medieval, etc). If you have the disc game, you’ll need to use this version.
  • Collection Creator – Easily create collection files for downloaded custom content. Scroll down and it’s the last download on the page.
  • Flashnote – An awesome tool for keeping notes about your Sims and hood as you play.
  • Greenshot – This is the tool I use for taking Screenshots in Sims 2. It’s completely free and easy to  use.
  • Sim Randomizer – Stand-alone program that creates random Sims (single or families) including all traits, appearance, personality, etc. You can choose the settings you want. Useful for challenges.
  • Sims2Pack Clean Installer – Sims2Pack Clean Installer is a tool for Sims 2™ and all people who download a lot of custom content.  Categorize, catalog, and remove content, as well as preview files before installing.
  • Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheets – These are the templates I use for tracking my Sims in large hoods. Regular and extended versions available.
  • Secondary Aspiration Calculator – A calculator to select your Sim’s secondary aspiration based on interests. 

329 thoughts on “The Sims 2 Recommended Mods List”

  1. Hey, Cindy, it has been so good to see you stream again! I heard that you were adding some new mods to your playthroughs and mod folders, do you think you might be updating the modlist any time soon? Thank you for this whole blog, it has been a wonder to revive my love for this game.

  2. Hi Cindy! Do you have the mod you use in TOT challenge for breastfeeding listed any where? I would love to use it in my gameplay! Thanks

  3. Hi Cindy, just wanted to tell you I really appreciate this mods list and also your whole website, it’s so helpful and makes my sims games 1000x better! Love your videos and streams as well!! Thank you for all you do <3

  4. Hi Cindy, How do you enable Teen pregnancy, because ACR doesn’t do that, and InTeen is very annoying. Could you help me on enabling teen pregnancy without inteen?

  5. Hello Cindy,

    2 Quick questions. I’ve never used mods before, but your blog is very interesting, and I want to incorporate them. I wanted to use your ACR Mod, do I need to download any other mods for it to work? In game do I select the action like normal?

  6. Hi! I’m downloading all of these mods to start my own Pleasant View Rotational play but… I can’t download the ‘Local Walkbys’ mod on the Miscellaneous section. Can you please upload the mod somewhere?

  7. hiiiiii!!! i love your website , your you tube channel thanks to you I’m back playing sims2! i install Romance & Relationship Mods. i saw your you tube: How to Setup & Use ACR (Autonomous Casual Romance) Mod in The Sims 2..followed your set up. now I’m playing in university campus (i sent sister and brother) the sister got pregnant by her lover i use the pregnancy scanner to see. but its been couple days and nothing happens no baby bump, her needs do go down but that’s it and when i check pregnancy status it keeps saying 0 hours. i did install the maternity clothes and she doesn’t change. does it not work on university campus? do i have to age her up ? move to other lot? im lost. thank you!!

  8. Hello! I have been recently watching your Youtube lets plays of the sims 2! Its great! you have given me a lot of ideas to make my gameplay even better! but I need some help! I am currently trying to download the welfare lot into my game and I cannot for the life of me figure it out… I was hoping you could help? i cant even get it to download anymore on to my computer…it just disappears and does nothing when I go to download the file..

  9. Hello Cindy, I downloaded some mods that are on this list, and now my game doesn’t seem to load families in. It gets stuck on the family loading screen for a ridiculous amount of time and I do not know what’s wrong. I have so much custom content that I really do not want to have to go through the hassle of trying to figure out which one is causing the problem, I deleted mostly everything that wasn’t a .package file, I deleted the cache files, but it still does this.

    Do you have any know-how that can help me please? This is tempting me to go back to my [modded] Sims 4 if I can’t fix it. I was having so much fun playing 2 again but now it seems that I broke it.

    • Hi! My only advice would be to sort your mods folder by date and remove all the ones you recently added. Then, you might need to add them one at a time to find out which ones conflict. Unfortunately, there’s really no easier way! I always try to test mods a few at a time so it’s easier to catch problems. Good luck!

  10. Hello Cindy,

    I have an idea, can you upload your “Mods” file with all the mods and default replacements?
    Or at least the default replacements that you have since it takes a lot of time to download the default replacements for each item.
    I really like the default replacements that you have and that would be a time-saver, to just download it from here, and put it right into the game files.
    The same goes for mods, if there you could upload the whole “Mods” folder here, it would be a time-saver to just download it and put it in our folder.
    I hope this doesn’t make you feel offended or invaded, and if it did I’m sorry.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Unfortunately many creators have policies forbidding reuploading. It also takes a lot of work to put this together, so I doubt Cindy would want to anger anyone or share hours of work for free.

  11. Hey Cindy! I am very interesting in mod which gives you a opportunity to choose a baby from the adoption pool like in the mod where you can choose a maid for example. Does it exist?

  12. Hi Cindy,
    I was wondering if I needed The Ultimate Collection for Monique’s Hacked computer to work. I only have the super collection, so I can’t download certain mods :'(

    • No, you don’t. But you might have to download the older version from Mod the Sims. The newer version that I linked to is updated for Apartment Life.

  13. Hi Cindy! I was looking at the education section of your Sims 2 mod’s list and I noticed that the mod “Uni Career Lifetime Wants” says it is not compatible with the ultimate collection. I just wanted to let you know as I am pretty sure you have the ultimate collection? Have a great day!

  14. Squinge – More Employees For Hire Mod
    This mod makes all available Sims not employed in a shop show up in the hire sims dialog see screenshot. I always didn’t like how you get a small batch of hires and they usually don’t fit what you’re looking for, so you have to wait a day to view more.

    This is *compatible* with the No Lame Hires,8325.0.html

  15. I have a new lifetime want mod for you by the great J M Pescado. Get the latest NL+ one.

    Description: Makes LTW, especially for careers, appropriate to the sim: A sim who has absolutely no interest in Crime is not suddenly going to want to become a Criminal. All career LTWs now have certain prerequisite interest and/or personality levels that must be met, or that career will never appear for the sim. The results should be fairly intuitive(Athletes like sports, Mayors like politics, Chefs like food, etc.). Careers are also not hard-locked to aspiration, and so Family sims should have greater variety in LTWs now: A sim’s career want can cross aspirational boundaries if he has a relative who is at the top of the career track to emulate as a family tradition (I.E., all members of the Grunt family of appropriate interest may decide they’d like to join the military, regardless of aspiration). Because elders cannot normally take regular careers, once a sim is an elder, he will no longer roll career wants (other than his present career, if not maxed). A CAS elder will thus not be stuck with an impossible want. Similarly, “crazy” wants like “Marry off a million children”, “Have a million grandchildren”, “Graduate a million children from college”, all carry sanity checks as well: An elder (female) will not be able to roll new children LTWs unless she already *HAS* the required number of children (since it would be impossible to get more!). Elder males can still have more children and are not limited in this way. However, a sanity check is also added for aging neighborhoods: If your neighborhood is already overpopulated, some of these will no longer appear because satisfying them would render your game unplayable and/or destroy your neighborhood files in a Big Fiery Ball That Is Visible From Space.

    Details: (exclamation point means NOT, AND is and, == is equal to)
    Okay, here’s the definitive prerequisites of all the LTWs. Sims must meet the prerequisites at the time you roll for the LTW:

    General LTWs: No Repeats
    Golden Anniversary: Asp==Family AND !Elder AND !Zombie AND !Robot AND !Vampire
    Graduate Children: !Robot AND ( Asp==Family OR ( Asp==Knowledge AND NKids >= 3 ) ) AND ( !ElderFemale OR NKids >= 3 )
    Grandchildren: !Robot AND Asp==Family AND TotalNeighborhoodLinkedPopulation = 6 OR ( TotalNeighborhoodLinkedPopulation = 800
    Pet Friends: Asp==Popularity AND Animals >= 800
    Pet Careers: Asp==Fortune AND Animals >= 800

    Career LTWs: CareerSpecific() AND !MaxedInThisCareer AND !Elder
    Celebrity Chef: Asp(Family|Popularity|Romance|Pleasure) AND Food > 700
    Party Guest: Asp(Romance|Pleasure) AND Playful >= 300 AND Outgoing >= 300 AND Entertainment >= 400 AND Fashion >= 400
    Cult Leader: Asp(Popularity|Knowledge) AND Paranormal >= 700
    Ecological Guru : Asp(Knowledge) AND Environment >= 700
    Entertainment*: Asp(Popularity|Fortune) AND Outgoing >= 300 Entertainment >= 700 AND Culture >= 400
    General: Asp(Popularity) AND Nice = 300
    Mad Scientist: Asp(Knowledge) AND Paranormal >= 400 AND SciFi >= 400
    Hall of Famer: Asp(Romance|Fortune|Popularity) AND Active > 500 AND Outgoing >= 300 AND Sports >= 700
    Chief of Staff: Asp(Family|Fortune|Knowledge) AND Nice > 100 AND Health >= 700
    Icon: Asp(Popularity|Pleasure|Romance) AND Outgoing >= 300 Entertainment >= 700 AND Culture >= 400
    Mayor: Asp(Family|Popularity) AND Outgoing >= 500 AND Politics >= 700
    Superhero: Asp(Family|Popularity) AND Nice >= 100 AND Crime >= 500 AND No Liked Criminal Family
    Criminal: Asp(Fortune|Knowledge) AND Nice = 700 AND No Liked Police Family
    Tycoon: Asp(Fortune) AND Money >= 700 AND Work >= 400
    Visionary: Asp(Romance|Popularity) AND Culture >= 500
    Adventurer: Asp(Fortune|Knowledge) AND Outgoing >= 500 AND Travel >= 700
    Edumacation: Asp(Family|Knowledge) AND School >= 700
    GameDev*: Asp(Knowledge|Fortune) AND Playful >= 500 AND Entertainment >= 500
    Gamer: Asp(Knowledge|Pleasure) AND Playful >= 500 AND Entertainment >= 500
    Journalism: Asp(Popularity|Knowledge) AND Outgoing >= 200
    Lawyer: Asp(Fortune|Popularity) AND Politics >= 400 AND Money >= 400 AND Crime >= 400 AND Work >= 400
    Music: Asp(Romance|Popularity|Pleasure) AND Playful >= 500 AND Outgoing >= 500 AND Culture >= 400 AND Entertainment >= 700
    *: requires LS career conversions to appear

  16. Hello Cindy,

    thank you for your list of recommended mods. I get overwhelmed easily when there are too many options, so this narrows it down to something manageable. 🙂

    I have a question: For some mods, it says that they need to load first/last etc. From what I understand, changing the mod’s name’s initial to z makes it load last. However, some say that you mustn’t change a mod’s name. So I am confused and a bit cautious. Is it okay to change a mod’s name for loading purposes, e.g. “MidgeTheTree_AltPregControllerLite” to “zz_MidgeTheTree_AltPregControllerLite” or not? Or does the folder or sub-folder’s name suffice? Or did I misunderstand everything completely and you have to do sth entirely else?

    • Hi! In the Sims 2, folders are read in alphabetical order. And within each folder, all the files are ALSO read in alphabetical order. I have never had any issue renaming individual mods to load last. As far as I know, changing the file name does not alter the mod in any way. The worst that can happen is it won’t work and you’ll have to redownload or re-name it. Hope that helps!

  17. hi cindy,

    apologises if you’ve gotten this question before. i noticed in your gameplay, you were able to limit specific ages of sims going to certain lots. for example, making “the arcade” or “the junkyard” for teens only

    what are you using to achieve this?

    thanks a lot, i find your stuff super fun to watch 🙂

  18. Hi Cindy! Thank you for all of your hard work and amazing Sims 2 content! It’s amazing that there is still so much love for this game all these years later. 🙂

    I have a quick question. I noticed the Uni Career Lifetime Wants mod you have linked isn’t compatible with Mansion & Garden or the Ultimate Collection. Are you still using this mod or a different, UC compatible version?

    Thank you again!

  19. Hi Cindy! I’m debating whether or not to install Clean UI and was just wondering if you currently use it and what your thoughts are on it. Thank you!

    Also, just watched your tutorial vid on the neighborhood mods, so helpful! Thanks for putting that up!

    • It’s nice, but I’m not currently using it because I get nostalgic for the old menu. But if you want a change and you like the way it looks, it’s a very good mod!

  20. Hello PleasantSims and my fellow Simmers! I need your help! So I’m getting a new computer soon, and I don’t want to start with my Sims 2 game all over again (I’ve gotten pretty far with gameplay). Now I already made a backup of everything and transferred all the game data to an external so that I can just continue playing. My question concerns the Sims2Pack Clean Installer. I used it to install mostly lots and some custom content. Is there any way I can transfer the lots I installed with the Clean Installer to an external hard drive and then to the new computer? Or will I have to re-install all my lots? If I do, what will happen to the lots I used in the game?

    If anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful! And Cindy, I’m so very glad you started with the Let’s Plays again. I missed them!

    • If you copy your entire Sims 2 folder from Documents > Electronic Arts, it will include all your installed lots, CC, saved games, everything. Just copy over the entire folder to your new computer’s Documents > Electronic Arts. You may have to make an Electronic Arts folder first, but the game will still recognize it. This is what I do when I upgrade my computer and it works great. No need to backup everything separately. Hope that helps!

    • Yes, you need three files – Controller, Controller A, and Controller B. (I think that’s what you mean, but let me know if I misunderstood.)

      • Yes, that is what I meant to thank you, the file you sent didn’t have instructions so I followed the original for MTS and it was chosen 1 so I was confused.

    • Exactly what it sounds like. I use this for when I have two teen Sims in a relationship and one of them ages up before the other one, but I still want them to keep their romance.

  21. Hello!

    Have looked into the mods listed but wonder if you could help with advice. I’m having issues running sims 4 so going back to 2 for now, i would like to do a baby challenge save on sims 2 and i’m looking for something to help with relationships. In the sims 4 you can download a mod called ‘Simda’ and its a chatroom you can access that builds up the romance to then woohoo for baby. Do you know of a similar way i can do this in the sims 2 at all?


    • Well, you could use ACR (autonomous casual romance) to have no-strings attached woohoo. That’s what I would do. Just get your two Sims together and go through the Casual menu to choose Woohoo (click on Sim and choose Casual > Woohoo). As long as they know each other a little, it should work! I always look for Sims that have at least two bolts of chemistry to make things easier too.

  22. Hey cindy! i have a question about the camera mod. i have seen in some of your videos (specifically the strangetown playthrough) that your camera is a lot more flexible than mine, and what i mean by that is, for example, in the neighborhood view, you can go a lot more down etc… and i am using the camera mod you suggested in here. i was just wondering if you’re using a different mod now? thank you!

    • Hi Cindy! I don’t know where else to ask you this, could you share the apartment you have for Bobby Broke? I really like the idea of it and I don’t know how to build something similar, thank you!

  23. Cyjon’s Outdoor Lights All Night page says it doesn’t work with Smarter Lights, but will the indoor light times in Smarter Lights still work if Outdoor Lights All Night is installed? I really like both, but I’m not opposed to choosing one or the other if I have to.

  24. Hi Cindy I need the college diploma mod for the sims can’t go to college like Cassandra Goth I want to give her a college diploma.

  25. Hey Cindy!
    I have a question, regarding the Taxi Charges Money and Vehicles Cost Money mods.
    Is there any particular reason you retired them? Do they cause conflict with any other mods you use, or do they not work properly? Or was it just a personal preference to stop charging sims for rides?
    I really like the idea of it, and I’ve started using a lot of your recommended mods so i was wondering if it’s safe to put them in my game or if it will cause any conflicts or problems with any of the other mods in your list.
    Thank you so much for your devotion and dedication to this game and to the sims 2 community!
    Hope to hear from you soon, when you have the time <3

    • They conflict with the Salary Bonus Scheme Mod by Pick N Mix mods. I like this mod better, so I took out the taxi/vehicle mods. 🙂

  26. Hi Cindy, thanks for this awesome list! I was wondering about the mod (I assume) you use that reduces the amount fortune Sims get when they have the Smart Investing aspiration benefit. In your streams, I’ve seen the amounts they get seem much smaller than what I see in my game and I’d like the same. But I don’t see a mod that does this in your list and I can’t find it on Google! Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Hi! I don’t use a mod for this. The amount gained or lost is based on a variable percentage of the family funds. Since my Sims are usually broke, they get less money! Sims with more cash get more (or lose more) through investment.

      • Oooh I did not know this! But it makes sense now that you say it. I had some pretty well off Sims who were making absurd amounts of money from it, and then it glitched and awarded them money a few times in one day! So it made me think/hope there was some way to reduce that. Thanks for the reply!

  27. Hi Cindy!

    Thank you so much for all of the resources and content you provide – I have found it so helpful and inspiring for my game!

    I was wondering which mods you use for your Equal Genetics as I have heard you mention in your videos but I can’t find this mod, I am getting a LOT of brown eyed brunette babies in my hood! Haha!
    Thanks so Much,
    Ro x

  28. HI Cindy, In a couple of your older streams I’ve heard you talk about something called Neighborhood Age Correct, to make sure all your sims are on your aging system correctly. Is this a full fledged mod, or something you do manually?

  29. Hey Cindy! Do you use any mod that makes the time pass while sims are on community lots? This is the one thing that annoys me in Sims 2. Sorry if it is on the list, I might have missed it.

    Your blog and your videos have inspired me to go back to Sims 2 and create my first custom neighborhood! Thanks!!

  30. Cindy, help me please. Make a tutorial how to fix the Neighbor error for data access. My sim is just a toddler, I don’t wanna loose my sims. I tried everything but anything worked.
    Sorry for the inconvenience but I just wanna somebody to help me.

  31. Hi Cindy

    Thanks for this website and all you do. Love your video’s. I have the camera mod but I don’t have a middle mouse button/wheel to hold down to tilt the camera. Do you know if any key on the keyboard does this while moving the mouse? Thanks 🙂

  32. Hi Cindy, I have troubles installing SimPE. I read that you need the net framework 2.0 in order to install it, I checked it on my laptop and it is installed (I have a windows 10 laptop). However, after downloading the file of SimPE and clicking on it (unzipping), the map just opens (and contains many items) and I don’t know what to do. I looked for the .exe file which should normally start the installation process I think but it did not do anything. I only have basic knowledge about computers so I might just forget something really stupid ;). I just can’t figure it out and really want to use it to adjust the life stages of my sims.

  33. Hi Cindy!
    I have downloaded a lot of custom content from your mods list and it makes the game so much more fun.
    But one of these mods has corrupted my sims pregnancies. When they try to give birth they get stuck in a never-ending circle of giving birth to nonexistent babies. The babies icons appear but the babies are nowhere to find and I’m also incapable of naming them. I was wondering if you might have had the same troubles and maybe you know which mod is guilty of doing this. You are the queen of Sims 2 after all. <3 Thank you for all of your lovely content. I hope you are doing well.

  34. Hi Cindy!
    I recently started playing with ACR and was wondering how you can turn off pregnancy notifications, as I also got silent pregnancy and it just ruins the surprise. Is it possible? I tried looking at the adjuster and didn’t find such an option, neither could I find much about it online.

    • Hi Dani! ACR does not give pregnancy notifications. That must be coming from some other mod. Are you using story progression? That’s the only mod I know of that would notify you of a pregnancy.

    • I’ve actually had that problem with ACR too, what you do is click on the adjuster and disable the option ‘TFB dialog’.

  35. Hey, so I’ve downloaded some default replacements which I’ve used for some time now, but the clothing and hair that I’ve downloaded to replace them won’t show up in the image of the hair and clothing when selecting them. This means that I won’t be able to tell which hair or piece of clothing I am using until I click on it and see it. I’m asking because I’ve noticed that you don’t have the same issue, and was wondering if maybe you knew the solution. Thanks in advance for responding!

    • Hi! Go to Documents > EA Games > The Sims2 and delete the contents of the thumbnails folder. Also, delete the groups.cache and accessory.cache files from your Sims 2 folder. Then when you load the game all thumbnails should be reset.

      You can also regenerate individual thumbnails by Ctrl+Right Clicking on them.

  36. Hi Cindy!
    Thank you for this list and your wonderful videos. I’ve subscribed to all three YouTube channels! 🙂 Really want to try out the ACR mod but the link doesn’t seem to be working..? As if has abandoned it. Do you know any other link I could try?

    • Hi! Simbology was taken down unfortunately, but the link above under Essential Mods links to my Mediafire where I have uploaded the mod!

  37. Hi Cindy, thank you so much for this comprehensive list! I’ve now downloaded pretty much all of these mods and I can’t wait to play my game more like how you play yours 🙂
    Just curious if you know if No Townie Regen needs to load last and/or has any known conflicts? I’ve now been playing for a while since downloading it, and random Townies are still being generated everywhere… Thanks!

    • No, it shouldn’t! If you still see random townies they could be social group townies or from sub-hoods you’ve added. If you add subhoods, you’ll need to use empty templates for those too if you don’t want the townies (that includes shopping, downtown, and universities).

      If the problem is social group townies, you can use this mod to stop them from generating:

      If you’re using apartments and you move a Sim into them without townies, the game will generate townies (even with no townie regen). This mod is supposed to stop that, but it didn’t work for me:

      If none of that works, you can do what I did in Knutely – I just use Visitor controller to ban them from every lot and pretend they don’t exist.

      Also, you can check in Sim PE to see where they are coming from and even delete them if you feel comfortable with it. Here’s a guide:

  38. Hi Cindy!

    I first want to say that I really enjoy watching your content on Youtube. Thanks to you, I see the many possibilities the sims 2 has. Until now (I already play sims 2 since I was 10 years old, now 23 years old) I only played without mods and cc. But after watching your tutorial, it seemed not to be too difficult to install it so I want to give it a try. I have been playing the sims 2 now for 4 years on my laptop, but never checked on corruption with the HoodChekcer (which I just recently discovered existed via your video). Do you think it is still worth it to keep playing in my neighborhood I have been playing for 4 years if I start to check for corruption from now on? At one hand, it would be hard for me to say goodbye to my sims. On the other hand, I don’t want to keep playing in something that can crash soon. From what I can remember, I never did these major things that could cause your game to break (removing families from the library, removing gravestones, making NPCs playable…). The only thing I might have done is maybe place a house in the library in which sims had lived in.

    Thank you already!
    PS sorry if I made mistakes in the writing, you have a Belgian fan here 😉

  39. Hi Cindy! Just wanted to let you know that the ACR files you’ve linked don’t seem to be working (at least they didn’t in my game). If that’s also the case for other players, I would suggest providing the link from Bulbizarre’s comment here:

    Other than that, I’ve been loving the mods you’ve listed here! Thank you so much for the recommendations—they really help keep the game alive and enjoyable. Hope you’re happy and well 😀

  40. Hey Cindy, I hope you’re well! I have a quick question, when you install the Alternate Pregnancy Controller Lite mod by Midgethetree, which item do I have to get in buy mode to edit the miscarriage percentages? I have no idea and I’m going crazy about it! thank you so much in advance.

    • Hi! There is no item you can buy for this mod. If you want to reduce the chance, you will need to open the package file in Sim PE and edit it there. 🙂

  41. Hello Cindy,
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating this fantastic mods list that has really helped me to get back into Sims 2. I just have a small problem with a default skin I have downloaded, which has caused the censor to disappear, leaving me with nude sims. Is there any way to fix this?
    Thanks again

    • A skin should not be able to do that alone. I would check and see if it included a separate mod to remove the censor. Then you can just take that mod out.

  42. Hi Cindy,

    I noticed in some of your videos that when you mouse over lots it says their file locations. Do you know what mod this is, its something I’d love for my own game.


    • It’s a cheat. I always have it enabled in my user startup file. But you can type in boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true/false. Set to true to display the file location when you hover over the lot.

  43. Hey Cindy! I love and admire you so much!! You have inspired me to follow my dreams <3 I was watching your streams on twitch and I saw that sometimes your sims will reject an engagement. I have scoured the internet looking for such a mod and I can't seem to find it. If it isn't too much of a hassle could you pretty please point me in the right direction.

  44. Hello Cindy! I’ve noticed in your streams of sims 2 that your time is synced when leaving and returning to the home lot. You recommend MATY’s community time mod, but it isn’t as great when you’re playing a single sim. For example, I have a single sim that leaves to go to a community lot or go downtown for about 10 hours. They return home, but since they are the only sim I have to sit and wait 10 hours for them to come back. In your streams, it seems like the time on the home lot just syncs up with the time you left the community lot without having to sit and wait. Are you using a different mod to sync the times?

    • Sorry, I meant Chris Hatch’s Version of the mod. Also, I’ve noticed this on the playback of your random legacy challenge. Perhaps the waiting is edited out?

    • Hi! In the Random Legacy Challenge, I am using the Story Progression Mod by LazyDuchess. It syncs time immediately since the rest of the neighborhood is going at the same time. I do not use SP when I’m playing rotationally – like the premade ‘hoods or my custom ‘hoods. I only use it for challenges where I’m playing a single family and never plan to switch to another household. Hope that helps!

      • Hi! What mods do you use with the SP mod so the game doesn’t get corrupted and/or crashes? I recently played with the SP mod for like 7hrs straight and once some sims started dying my game crashed. It was a new install and I only had the Clean UI + widescreen CAS + new lines for Clean UI, no aditional mods.
        Love your content!

  45. Hi Cindy.
    First of all, I want you to know that you are incredible and for me your page is a better reference even than Wikipedia. Please never go away.
    And I’d also like to ask you …
    In the neighborhood screens, I see that you put the cursor on any domestic unit and it appears below the path of your computer where that file is saved. Is it some kind of mod or an option that is activated in SimPE? I wish I could have it too.
    Huge hugs and kisses!

    • It is a cheat. I have it activated in my user startup file so it is always active, but you can also just type it into the cheat console. boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true

      • Thank you very much for answer me. I put it on right now! I really admire you, as another PCOS user, you are brave and cool. Don’t ever change. And I love your real hair!!

  46. Hello Cindy! Thank you so much for this guide. It will be my first time installing mods to my TS2 game, and I was wondering if there is a “load order” for mods like in some other games? Or can I just download them like normal keep them with Clean Installer and keep them in sub-folders like in TS3?
    Btw: In my previous TS2 playthroughs, I used to download cc with the Installer Monkey. Is there a reason why you don’t prefer using it?

  47. Hi Cindy, I absolutely love watching your Sims 2 streams. I’m looking for some mods that used to be on here but aren’t anymore. Is there anyplace that I might be able to find them?

  48. Hi Cindy! I recently started to watch your videos and I’m in love. I’m using your guide to spice up my sims 2. Please help me with how to use sims 2 clean installer on normal package files.

  49. Hi Cindy,

    The link for Monique’s Hacked Computer isn’t working as in it won’t download when I click on it, nor is the downloadable cars links for the decorative parking spaces. Do you happen to know of any alternate links? I brand new to modding the sims 2. Been modding the sims 4 for years since it is unplayable with out them lol. Thank you for your help!

  50. Hi Cindy!
    First I just want to say I absolutely LOVE your Sims 2 videos! Especially the Let’s Plays (I know you stopped making those now, but they made me get back into playing the Sims 2). This may be a stupid question, but can I still use CC if I have a downloaded version of UC? I tried playing the game a few times now, but it either crashes or given me a game override error if I install any mods. Any advice? And also, if I manage to buy the UC disks, will they install properly on my computer (Windows 10)?

  51. Hi Cindy!
    I have a problem with a hacked computer (my sim is getting errors when I hover cursor over her) so I can’t use this mod anymore, sadly. Therefore, I can’t use bank account system to keep sims’ money in their pockets, especially when they move out from uni and take uncontrollable amount of money with them : (
    I watched every single one of your sims2 streams on youtube and found a mod you were using that would help out: when your sims were moving out of college, there was a popup about “transfering simoleons to funds”.
    I don’t know how to Google this mod, it’s not listed here, no one asked about it on yt… Is this mod still around somewhere? Do you still use it? I would love to get it, because I hate my sims getting random money amounts just because they move out on their own.
    Thank you so much for your awesome content and your help!

    • Hey, I had the same problem with the hacked computer – deleting all the files with the name “Global Sims Controller” did the trick. Now the computer is working fine and my sims are no longer resetting. Try it, it might help. 🙂

  52. Hi Cindy,
    I have recently been watching your Sims 2 videos, especially your mods videos. While watching i noticed your camera is different to the original Sims 2 camera, is there a mod you are using for this? If so can you please tell me what it is? I have been looking for it for a while now.

  53. Hi Cindy! I’m having problems with Monique’s PC Hack, I can’t select jobs through it, and on any other computer. In lInk to download the mod there are several options and I didn’t understand which one I should install on my TS2. I have the Ultimate Collection, can you tell me? (Virtual) Hugs from Brazil!

  54. Hi Cindy
    I hope you are doing well?
    I really need your help PLEASE. My game kept on crashing so I did a deep clean deleted everything and then reinstalled the game and now busy with your amazing list of mods. However, simbology’s website is not working for some reason and now I can not find ACR. Do you perhaps have a different link thank this one:
    I am using your spreadsheets as well as all the calculators but I can not set us my neighborhood without ACR.
    Thank you for your time. I really do appreciate it.

  55. Hello,

    When I try to install the mods I get an error message saying, “This app does not have a file associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Setting page.”

    Super confused. I’m not a computer person and it took me forever to figure out how to install the sims 2 itself and now this. I’m sad. lol.

  56. Hi Cindy,
    I noticed in your first Edgewood video that Nora didn’t come back home until the time she would have when she left the Clothing Store (if that makes any sense) so the timing is more realistic.
    I assume you use a mod for that but can’t see it on this list?
    Please could you let us know how you do it?

    Thank you!

  57. Hi Cindy! It’s Ellie again, I have a question. I have the sims 2 on a disc along with some packs and I think I’m running into corruption issues. Ex: weird squiggly lines come up while my sim is on a computer. I only have 1 cc item which is the FFS lot debugger. Do I need to uninstall my game and packs and download the patches? I don’t have my game patched and I think that might be my issue. Thank you for your help!

  58. Love your channel and blog! Currently going through a marathon Sims 2 setup ha. I noticed you have a few anti-corruption mods. But, I was doing some googling and noticed a bigger list here with more fixes too. Do you recommend adding so many of these? I think my computer can handle it…

    Also I love the Clean UI, but at 1440p it’s pretty small. Should I just lower resolution or is there a way to scale the UI and make it bigger? I know Clean UI did some bigger fonts in places but like the catalog and sim bin for example are tiny at this resolution. Thanks!

  59. Hey, I was just using one of the mods you recommend for The Sims 2, Cyjon’s EdukashunIzGud, and I often stumble upon an issue with the mod that manifests every time I create a new Sim; the game thinks that my adult Sims, who I have created in CAS, don’t have the right grades to get the job that I chose from the newspaper/notice board. I’m asking you because I don’t think Cyjon’s site takes questions, which is an unfortunate circumstance for me. A fix that I’ve used is to go in to SimPe and change their high school grade to something above C, but I was just wondering if you’ve encountered this exact same thing, and, if so, what was your fix? I understand if you don’t understand or know how to fix it permanently, but I would appreciate a less time-consuming fix. Thanks in advance for responding!

    • Hi! This is the way the mod is designed. Adult sims created in CAS are assumed to be average high school graduates so will be limited to level 5. If you use the batbox to give these sims college degrees, then they will get the level 10 limit just like other graduates. If I create a Sim that I think should have a career above level five, I give them a college degree using the batbox. Changing their high school grades will not change their ceiling (a grade of A, B, or C results in the same level five limit). The only thing that will change it is giving them a college degree.
      If your Sims are not able to get certain jobs, it’s not this mod causing the problem. This mod allows Sims to work in ANY career up to level 5 without a degree. You may have another mod conflicting with this one if your Sims cannot take certain jobs from the noticeboard.

      • Oh, sorry, my sims aren’t limited to just level 5 in any career track, the issue is with getting a job in the first place. I’ll try to summarize what happens when I want my Sim to have a job: my Sim, when first created enters the house as normal, and, as it does everyday, a newspaper is delivered with job opportunities on it. My Sim looks for a job, a box appears with the careers for that day, but when my Sim tries to take a job, a box appears that says something similar to “Doesn’t your Sim need better grades?” This happens even though my Sim is an adult that I created in CAS. But I think you are right, it might not have something to do with this mod but another mod that, when operated in conjunction with this mod, causes this issue. I’ll make sure to scroll through my mod list to see if I have any mods that could be related to this.

    • Hi! It doesn’t keep the ages in sync by itself. It just allows you to change days. I use it when I move a Sim to a new house or move a family out. Because when you move a Sim to a new lot it is always Monday at 8:00 AM. But if you moved them out and it was actually Wednesday, you can use the day setter to change the day to Wednesday. Hope that helps!

  60. I’ve been watching the vlogs for a few months and I just love your approach and personality. For some reason, the name “Slappy’s Flophouse” makes me laugh more than I should.

  61. hi Cindy I was wondering if it is safe deleting urns and graves (for example all the graves of Goth family) with the No Unlinkage On Urnstone Delete mod. I hate ghosts! xD

    • Hi! I would never recommend deleting urns or graves in the Sims 2 even with the mod. If you don’t like ghosts, the best thing to do is send the graves to a cemetery lot somewhere in your ‘hood.

  62. Hi Cindy, I am facing a problem and hope you can help. I have your recommended mod for part time and full time job for teens and limit promotion for uneducated sims. Now the problem I am facing is that if a teen take a part time job then after getting promotion, the teen reach to level 2 of full time career rather tha part time. Please help me if you can give any suggestions in it.

  63. Nopke has a lifespan mod which mirrors the changes you create via SimPE. I thought I’d link it here as it’s probably an easier alternative for those who aren’t accustomed to modding/SimPE.

    I’m getting back into playing TS2 after years away – this list has been infinitely helpful as I’m trying to focus more on mods/gameplay improvement and default replacements, rather than excessive CC like the “old days.” So thank you! – 1yearAs1dayLifespan

  64. Hi Cindy,
    Just wanted to ask a quick question about the sim blender, in your current play through of pleasantview the teleport menu seems to be organized very clearly between the households. However, in my game, all the sims are in randomly named households, for example, ricky cormier is under the cormier household but so are alot of other townies. Is there any way that I can get it as organized as you have it?

    • Hi Alex. The reason mine is organized differently is because I’m using meetme2theriver’s clean Pleasantview template. She placed all townies in the same household. If you’re playing the vanilla game, the townies are placed in several different households like you described. I don’t know of any way to change this. You might ask on the MTS forums if anyone knows. Sorry!

  65. IGNORE last comment. I just asked you about the batbox vase a little while ago because of the link not working. It looks like its a issue, so never mind! You can just ignore that comment. THank you again!

  66. Hi, Cindy! Thank you for this detailed list. Unfortunately, it looks like the bat box vase link doesn’t work. It brings to the correct page, but when you click the download link from that page it gives an error. Do you know if it is located anywhere else?

  67. Hi! Love your website as well as your videos!

    Was wondering about the size of your download folder? Recently I reinstalled TS2 and I already have 10 gigs HAHA. Wondering about yours?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Taylor! I have around 8Gb of CC right now. It’s all compressed and well organized. I used to have about 12Gb before I did a clean out a few months ago. 🙂

  68. Thank you so much! I know many have said it before, but really you deserve it!
    You really helped me make my game even better, I was wondering as I watched your Egdewood vids I’ve noticed the employee time clock, could you please tell me where I can find a recent link? Since simwardrobe is no longer. Thanks!

  69. Hi, I noticed on your stream that you had a season setter?

    I was just wondering, where you got it? Because it would be very useful!



    • Hi Charlotte! It’s listed above under Misc Mods. It’s called the Seasons and Weather Controller. Link is for Sim File Share. It’s not available anywhere else that I know of. I think the old site is defunct.

  70. Hey Cindy! I’ve been using this post to mod my Sims 2 Game that I just reset wanting a fresh Start. I’ve just clicked on the SimBlender link and remembered that Simbology has shut down. Could you please replace links for the SimBlender and anything else from Simbology so that others can access it?
    Thanks, Luke.

  71. Is Smarter Beds better than sleepinyourownbed? I have a lot of conflicts and while some seem like complete lies (the descriptions don’t have anything similar) or ignorable, those two aren’t. I want to make sure I have the best jobs, and you seem to know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    You seem to know what the fuck you’re talking about. Just wanted to write that again incase you read a “don’t” in there because of the swearing.

    • Sorry, I’ve never used sleepinyourbed. I use SmartBeds and occasionally have to reset bed ownership on custom beds if my Sim refuses to sleep. That’s the only problem I ever have with it, but I still think it’s worth it.

  72. Hello!

    I just watched your Edgewood stream featuring Katherine/Catherine Best and you mentioned that you used a mod to be able to control your pets. I looked at your Pet Mods section and didn’t see a mod that does this listed. If possible, could you let me know where you got it?

    • Hi! It’s not a mod, but a cheat that I use. It’s always activated in my game in my userstartup cheat file. Hold down CTRL, SHIFT, and C and enter Boolprop ControlPets [On/Off] to gain control of pets.

      • Thank you so much for the reply.

        I have never bred pets in my game, either, but watching you wrangle those cats into the doghouse to try for kittens has inspired me to try! LOL

        Happy Simming!

  73. Hello, Cindy!
    Your videos got me back into sims 2 after so long and I’ve been combing through your mod lists to find mods I want to play with! I noticed someone already mentioned and you said you were updating the links, but since simbology has shut down, it’s harder to find the version of ACR that you mention in your videos. There is an upload for ACR but it’s for version 1.10.10 and not for version 2 you mentioned in your video about sims 2 mods. I felt like this was specifically important to mention since this is a pretty big mod in your gameplay.

    I did find a link to this mod in the archive on Sims File Share of all the big simbology mods! I don’t know if I can link it due to the anti-spam system, but if you click the simbology link, it will open the sim file share page, then you click twojeffs (since I had to dig to find the username since the mod itself isn’t up anymore) and then ACR and 2.0 , you can get version two there. If you want the specific link and it’s allowed in comments, I can post it if you want, but it’s pretty easy to find if you know what you’re looking for.

    • Thanks! Yes, I plan to update my links very soon. But I am uploading the mods to my own storage so I can find them more easily and it doesn’t hurt to have multiple archives for files like these! Thank you for the tip in the meantime!

  74. I love your let’s plays. They are the only ones I watch. This page is a godsend to me as well. So many wonderful resources. I have one suggestion:

    This is a better link for Evie’s Equal Genetics. It was updated 2020 so it’s much newer than the link you posted.

    I also have a question about your link to Community Time. I heard people had some problems with it they didn’t have with Crammy’s original mod. Is this the same as the Chris Hatch mod? I’ve heard people suggest it and I’m wondering if that may be better than the Crammy and this one you posted. Have you had weird glitches with this one? I haven’t had anything go wrong with Crammy’s. I just remove it when I go on vacation.

    • Thank you!!
      I use the updated Chris Hatch version of Community Time. I like it better because it works with University. The only issue I have is that it screws up pregnancy length if you send a pregnant Sim to a community lot. So, I just don’t send pregnant Sims to community lots and I don’t have any issues. 🙂

  75. I am also using “romantic standarts” mod now and it makes things much more intresting.

    Sims don’t fall in love with one flirt. They do but it takes time. Don Lothario had sex with a lot of women but he only loves couple of them in my games. And it makes sence.

    Sims don’t agree to cheat on their partners unless they actually find active sim attractive. Poor Malcolm is constantly rejected sex by his own wife, Nina. Because she cheats on him and doesn’t find him that attractive. I find so realistic. She marries for money and now she always has “headaches” because she has no true desire for her husband.

    Sexual orientation actually matters with this mod. Straight sim will always reject a gay sim, even with 100/100 friendship.

    And it does have autonomy options.

  76. Hi))
    Have you checked out “name the father” mod?
    It basically allows pregnant sim to asdign father to the baby while not changing its genetics.

    I used it for Landgraabs))) Poor Malcolm thinks the baby is his, he has the memory and the baby is in his family tree.

  77. Hi Cindy! Thank you for all the amazing mod suggestions. My game is amazing now! I wanted to let you know that some of the links no longer worked due to Simbology shutting down. One I noticed today was the “Want Related Mods” link.
    Thank you for all you do!

  78. Hey, Pleasantsims, I just don’t know what to do with the lag issue on sims 2 UC, and they say that removing securom just takes the lag of the game. Do you can make a tutorial to how take the lag of the sims 2 UC for those who have a copy by origin? Because you have cd right, you have tell us in one video, but don’t have cd, I have a copy. In 2018 they gave me a copy but sims 2 uc are lagging soo much…I don’t know what to do…but well have a nice weekend.

  79. any chance of updating the simbology links now that SFS is back up? having a hard time finding stuff because it is sorted by creator.

  80. Hi Cindy, I’ve played TS2 forever but only recently, thanks to your videos, have encorporated some mods and some of your gameplay rules into my own gameplay! Thank you so much for inspiring a refreshing new outlook on the game!
    Now here’s my question, after some doubt I decided to get the no20k handout mod and I figured it would be good to get Slappy’s Flop House to accommodate my future poor sims! However, upon trying to download it, I get error code 500 (internal server error). Is there something wrong on my side or is it in the link?

      • Yup, I got it downloaded! Thanks. Unlike my mods however, I can’t find it anywhere! Am I supposed to do anything with it before putting it in my downloads folder?

        • Lots are installed differently than CC and mods. You don’t put it in your downloads folder. Instead, extract the package file to your desktop and double click it. Wait a minute or two and an installer will appear asking you if you want to install the lot. Say yes and then you’ll get confirmation that it installed. Now you should find the lot in your lots and houses bin. Hope that helps!

  81. Hi Cindy! I love your gameplay rules and I decided to download some of your recommended mods to spice up things in my game. I´m really new to mods, I used to play vanilla game since 2005 and I don´t know how to deal with some problems. I installed ACR, YA pregnancy, CJ semester changes and Teen WooHoo and something weird started happening in my game. When i click on the sim, I miss all options except “Adjust…” that comes with ACR and my uni sims won´t go to class autonomously. I can´t even make them go to class since there are no options if i click on them. Looks like something is conflicting, but HDCU didn´t work for me. I ran a HoodChecker and it also didn´t work, maybe because I´m playing custom neighborhood. Could you please give me some advice how to deal with this? Thank you!

  82. Hey Cindy!
    Thank you so much for your list of mods! Its super helpful! I just wanted to point out that the link for SimPE is no longer working, I just wanted to let you know! I want to download but I will wait for your response since when i googled it, it was kinda confusing lol. Thanks!

  83. Hi!! I just have a question, what mod did you use for the babies to be clothed when they are born? i.e. a girl has pink clothes and a boy has blue?

  84. Thank you so much for this list! I started watching your Sims 2 videos on YouTube several months ago and you inspired me to download my favorite Sims game again. I’m currently doing a Pleasantview playthrough based on your wants-based gameplay and I’m having so much fun! I never really played the game like that when it first came out. Keep up the amazing work! You have inspired my creativity again 🙂

    • Hi Claire! No, you do not need to edit anything. Just place the files in your downloads folder as they are. The text document that’s included is just an explanation of how the genetics work. These files have already been edited to make the genetics equal.

  85. Hi Cindy, I need a help. I have installed some of your recommended mods including Edukashun Iz Gud, more realistist paymemt, taxi charges, car chages, community lot time etc.

    Actually, I am having two problems, first thing, last 3 are not working, commuting lot not passed and taxi is still free. Second, when my sims return from home, they don’t bring any money. No notification also come that the sim has brought this much money. What could be the issue for this.

    Can you please help. Rest all mods working fine.

    • I had a similar issue and had to remove the taxis and cars cost money mods. They seems to conflict with community lot time. I’d try removing that one first and see if you still have the problem.
      Thanks for reminding me! I need to update the post with a warning that these may conflict. If you really want both of them, make sure you’re loading community lot time LAST. Put some zzzzz’s in front of the file name so it loads very last in your downloads folder. This may fix the problem too.

      • I tried added zzzz but it didn’t work. They both are conflicting with each other. Either I can keep commutity timing mod, or taxi and car cost money. Both are not waorking together.

  86. Hi!

    Tried installing a the moreawesomethanyou mod to stop townies and the object rotate mod but they just crash the game. I’m putting them into the downloads folder with the rest of my CC that works fine when I delete the mods. Is there another way to do it that wont crash my game?

    • Hi Becky. Those mods alone will not crash your game. They are well-known, stable mods. First, I’d try deleting your cache files. If that doesn’t work, you most likely have a mod conflict. You can use the Hack Conflict Detection Utility to check for mod conflicts. Google it. If you have Ultimate Collection, it takes some fiddling.

  87. Hi Cindy! Been watching your videos for a while now and I really enjoy your content! I have also applied most of you gameplay rules into my own game 🙂
    So, I’m trying do download the Slappy’s Flop House but when I go to the page I get at 404 message. I also tried the creators website but it seemes like it’s still down. Didn’t have any luck googling the mod either haha. Do you know if theres anywhere else I can get the lot?


    • Hi Julia! Not quite sure what you mean. Your Sims are already “in” Sim PE. Do you mean exporting them or editing them?

      • I meant adding Sims to a neighborhood using Sim PE (most of the clean templates you linked me to had the Maxis-made townies and service NPCs removed, so I’m trying to put them back in using Sim PE. I seemed to be having problems at first, but I think I’ve figured it out now, even if it’s somewhat tedious).
        Incidentally, what do the Sim: Score files do?

  88. (Oh wait, you can’t reply to that.) Under the Unofficial AL patch, what do the, comm-skilling/zip, and downloads do?

      • Ah. Thanks.

        Also, you might want to update or make another link to Sim PE, since when I clicked on the link, I was brought to a page that said, “This site is not secure.
        This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.”

    • Yes, absolutely! It’s very useful for keeping your ‘hood free of corruption. When I’m playing TS2, I run it every couple of days.

      • In-game days or real-life days?

        Are there any mods you recommend installing before running it? (I ran it for the first time today and got a long list of errors it found on the pre-made neighborhoods, despite me having barely played the game and the only other mod I currently have being one that changes the appearance of the milk bottle.)

        • Real life days.

          And no, you don’t need any other mods. The premade neighborhoods will always give errors if you’re playing with the original ‘hoods. I recommend using meetme2theriver’s clean templates for the premade ‘hoods. You can find them here:

          And you still may run into errors. If you have Night Life installed, there will always be errors with the Tricou family. Just click on “Remove” to fix the ones that can be fixed. Hope that helps!

          • Thanks for linking me to that. With those templates, HoodChecker doesn’t list any errors (except for some Incorrect Subject Instances in the memories of Dina, Darren, and Dirk).

          • Under the Unofficial AL patch, what do the, comm-skilling/zip, and downloads do?

  89. Hi Cindy,
    I recently downloaded a bunch of mods from your list.
    The only problem is my sims now reset when I hover over them or even other sims. I can interact with other people living on the lot, but neighbours just trigger the reset. Was wondering if you knew what to do,

  90. Hi Cindy! I discovered your channel last week and today I started watching your reboot of Pleasantview and I felt like playing TS2 again, so I installed it and fixed all the graphics problems thanks to your great tutorial. However, I wanted to also get the anti corruption mods that you listed here, but I only have the base game (don’t really feel like installing University and Open for Business which are the only expansions I own). Do you know if these mods work for the base game, too? I couldn’t find this information on the download pages :/
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jimmy! I’m sorry, I don’t know if they will work with Basegame or not. You can always install them and try them out in a test neighborhood to see if you have any issues.

  91. Hi Cindy,
    I hope you’re still floating around — just a quick question on if you’ve had any issues with the community time project. I’ve had this downloaded but not installed because I’m too chicken to ruin my game (I do have a backup but still chicken). Can this be uninstalled? I’m guessing you can’t just delete it.
    Do you have problems with this mod if you walk to lot?
    Thank you!
    PS. I love your YouTube channel. I like to zone out to it when I just want to chill.

    • Hi Megan! From what I understand it’s not a good idea to uninstall the mod since it creates tokens for your Sims. It works for me whether I walk to lots or take a taxi/car. The only time I’ve had a problem with it is when I had a conflicting mod. If you’re unsure, just make a backup of your current game, install it and try it out in a test ‘hood. If you don’t like it, remove it from your mods folder and restore your backup. No harm done! 🙂

  92. hi Cindy, question: i have the collection and i wanted to install the quiet pregnancy mod, but i dont know wich one to grab, do i download the PETS version?
    thank you for this helpful list 🙂

      • hello again, ummm i was playing using quiet pregnancy and inmmediatly after the woohoo the game notifies me “congratulations your sim is pregnant” i was so sad because it ruined my mood xD
        would you happen to know how to get rid of that? i can’t find the option in-game, and can’t find mods either.
        maybe is because i play with ACR?
        thank you gain in advance

        • No, this is not a function of ACR that I’m aware of. I have never had this happen, so I don’t think it’s from a mod I use. You may have to test your mods out a few at a time in a test hood to see what’s causing it. Sorry I couldn’t help!

  93. Hi, again! I downloaded a few of the mods on the list, but for some reason, the mods that act as items aren’t showing up, such as the Sim Blender, Batbox, and Sim Manipulator for example. I put them in the right folder (Documents > EA Games > Sims 2 > Downloads) But when I go into my game and even make sure I have Custom Content enabled, I can’t find them anywhere in the Buy Mode Catalog. In fact, I also can’t find my OMSPs and Pose Boxes either. Please help?

    • Hi Kendra! If you have custom content enabled, these items will show up in the buy catalog under Misc > Misc. The pose boxes are under hobbies > knowledge, and the OMSPs are most likely in your collections folder. If they aren’t in the proper locations, make sure you have the most recent versions downloaded.

      • Thank you! I figured out how to do it not long after I sent the comment. But now I have another problem. My game keeps crashing when I go into Build/Buy mode. I ran my Downloads folder through the Clean Installer in order to see if maybe I had some duplicates or conflictions. I took out the duplicates that I did find, but certain mods are still highlighted red, such as the CJ mods. I’m not sure why as they shouldn’t be conflicting with anything and I don’t have duplicates of them. If there is any reason why this would be happening and what I could do to fix this, please let me know. It only crashes when I go into Buy/Build mod and I’m assuming it might be a mod that I have.

  94. Hey, Cindy!

    The Seasons and Weather Controller mod download page seems to be down. Do you have any other link to that mod?

    Thanks in advance.

  95. With regards to Monique’s Individual Aging Mod, the one you list here is different to the one listed in the no aging cheats and mods post for Ultimate collection I assume the one listed here should be used instead?

    • The one listed here should be the same as the other post. Thanks for catching that! The Uni version is for use on university lots – but the one you want is ah_MQ _Individual_Aging_Clock_v1.2.rar.
      Edit: I’ve updated the post with the correct information.

      • No worries wasn’t sure which one to grab so stopped modding when I got to that point can now finish modding :)!, So did the uni version stop the semester clock (Fresh, So. etc) or was it for use with mods that let you stay after graduation/only worked on uni lots? guessing they conflict with each other as to why they aren’t both listed.

  96. helloooo,

    i recently reset my game and re-downloaded your mod collection (which btw is a life saver, honestly tysm!) and because i’m using your aging system, i’m a bit confused on how to make the salary bonus mod work well for me, because it’s based on the default aging system & because your system’s adult life-span is higher & teen’s lower, it makes it slightly too easy/unfair for my sims to gain their salary bonus. this probably makes absolutely no sense (there’s a bit of information about it on the pre-installation maths section of the guide on their website), but have you modified any of the default adult & teen daily bonuses to make it fitting for your aging system or no?

    thank you!!

    • Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I don’t make any changes to the salary bonus mod. I personally don’t think it makes things too easy. My Sims typically get around 1-2 Simoleons extra per day of work, which I’m okay with.

  97. Hello, Cindy, I an fan of your videos and I had a passion for your beautiful curtains that you had in Debra’s bedroom. Do you remember?
    Can you post me the link to download these curtains?

  98. Hey Cindy,
    I love your channel keep up the good work. I really admire your game-play. Quick question though – I’m trying to get the pregnancy relationship mod through the sim file share link you provided, but the download opens in simPE and I’m not sure what to do from there. I haven’t done anything sophisticated with simPE thus far. Please help!
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Corina! When you download the package file, don’t open it. Find where it downloaded to on your computer – usually the downloads folder in My Documents. Then cut and paste (or drag and drop) the package file into your Sims 2 downloads folder. That’s all you need to do. 🙂

  99. Hi Cindy. I find your tutorials very helpful. I was looking at your list of Tools above and was interested in the Collection Creator. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to download, install and use it. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would find this useful.

    • Hi! The download links are at the very bottom of the first post. Underneath the pictures there are four files listed. One is a .jpg and the other three are .zip files. They have a little green paperclip symbol next to them, meaning they are attachments to the post. Click on the .zip files one by one to download all the computers. I hope that helps!

  100. Hi Cindy!

    Love your videos and they’ve inspired me to reinstall my Sims 2 game. I’m trying to download the SimsPE but the link doesn’t appear do be working. Any suggestions?

  101. Hi, thank you for sharing! I love it!
    I have a question for Equalgenetics mode. Does it only apply for hair and eyes? How about a skin color? I mostly make my sims with custom skin content, and I don’t like that custom skin tones are always dominant over Maxis basic skin when having a baby.
    Any idea for this issue? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Luna! The equal genetics mod I linked to here is only for hair and eyes. As far as I know, there is no mod that changes the way custom skin tones work. Sorry! That’s one of the reasons I only used geneticized skins and not custom.

  102. You can’t explain WHAT inteen conflicts with? What mods does it not work with? Are there no alternatives with similar features? You go on and on with all this information and act like you’re some kind of expert in everything, but you give vague bits of information.

    • I don’t use Inteen so no, I can’t. You’ll have to read the documentation and do your own research if you want to use this mod. That’s why I put a warning here. I am not an Inteen expert nor have I ever claimed to be.

      Also, this is a recommended mods list not an Inteen tutorial, so not sure what you were expecting…

    • Wow.. I was just looking for some information in the comments and I can’t believe how rude you were being to Cindy. I really hope that you’re just a bratty 13 year old, because if you’re an ADULT and speak to people who are trying to help people this way… Sheesh. Then there’s little hope for you.

    • Hi there! I don’t think there is a mod that can do this. I have heard that you can teleport Sims over and ask them to join group and this will allow you to have more than 8. I’ve never tried it though, so I can’t be 100% sure if it works. But might be worth a try!

  103. I’ve just found your site and am stoked to try the scads of downloads! I’ve been a Sims 2 purist (now Ultimate) since it came out, and I’m always looking for new and fun ways to tell stories and bend the engine to my will. Keep it up! ♥

  104. Hi cindy…I need help 🙁 been trying for two days to fix it myself and can’t. I downloaded all the mods from your list and installed them. Everything was fine. But now have installed the same downliads folder into my game on another computer and now I cannot use any career cheats. I can’t look for job on hacked computer(sim just like resets and jumps to standing position) same (reset) action occurs if I try to select careers through sim manipulator or sim blender. As everything works fine on my other system, I cannot figure out what is wrong. I can only look for job through the newspaper. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. ❤❤

  105. Thank you so much for this guide! I’m just getting back into TS2 after almost a decade and while some stuff is exactly the same, a lot is very different. This looks incredibly useful and once I get past the default installing stage (it takes SO long), I’m definitely going to use this to help me prune out the older mods that have been replaced by newer, better ones. Again, thank you so much.

  106. Hi Cindy,

    Your list is comprehensive and very helpful. However , do you know if there’s a mod that is more clear about romantic relationship changes. For example , my sims and his wife had a horrible breakup and they went for being married to enemies to acquaintances. They should be ex-wife/husband (Like in the sims 3). Or when a relationship ends there should be an option for ex-gf/fiance/fling etc..

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Yoli! Unfortunately, in The Sims 2 these relationship flags don’t exist. As far as I know there’s no way to create them. But if I ever hear of anything, I’ll definitely post it here.

  107. Hello Cindy!
    I have an issue with computer… When i say to my sim to find a job on PC he will sit and he won´t find a job he juts flys away … he is like he just resets or something… Sorry for grammar mistakes i´m from czech republic… i hope you understand what i there some fix for this? i can´t find anything, thank you for your help 🙁

    • Hi Natalie! I haven’t heard of this specifically but it sounds like have a mod conflict. First, make sure you’re using the correct version of Monique’s computer. If you have the Ultimate Collection, you need the Apartment Life version. If you don’t have Apartment Life, you’ll need one of the older versions. Next, you may have to take out all your mods or use the 50/50 method to find out what’s conflicting. Here’s a guide on finding problem custom content: Good luck!

  108. Hello, it’s me, Ana Raquel Freitas Silva. That girl who tells to thumbs up your series. I just install your mods in my game. But in financial mods, the taxi charges and vehicle charges with the comunity time project working together, doesn’t work for my sims. I was playing in Cassandra’s house and I buy a car, the most expensive, because they are rich, soo I click on Don to get in the car but he just resets himself alone, like some error or something like that… Help me please…
    PS: I read the description of the taxi charges by dick hurt and says to put comunity time project first…and I did it. I just don’t know what to do…

    • Hi Ana! In order to make the community time project load first, you need to rename the taxi charges mod to make it load last. Just put a couple ZZZs in front of the name because mods load alphabetically. Here is some more information on load order: That should fix your problem.

  109. Hey Cindy! In your video, I noticed that you had some sort of mod with your sim’s taxi’s (like the one in the video on Nervous Subject). Could you link me to it?

    • Hi Abby! That mod is called “Taxi Charges Money.” It’s in the list above under Finance Mods. Unless you’re talking about the community lot time mod – in which case that’s also listed above under “Community Time Project.” Not sure which one you want, but all the mods I use are here. Enjoy!

  110. Thank you so much!
    I’ve been playing The Sims for years but never really used mods so this list is so useful, especially for random stuff that annoyed me like talking too much while eating, sims leaving while cooking, children putting their homework on the floor and sims sleeping on beds that aren’t theirs.

  111. Hi, Cindy! I know you’re on a hiatus and won’t be filming TS2 stuff for quite some time, but I figured I’d recommend a mod anyway in case you play in your own time, or for anyone else reading this page. Midge the Tree on tumblr (midgethetree) made a mod that lets you choose which parent a baby should take the surname of! It works exactly like the marriage last name chooser, so no more futzing about in simPE with that.

    • Link is good! Looks like the website is down. Hopefully it’s just temporary. If it’s not back up soon, I’ll put the files here to download.

  112. Hi Cindy! I downloaded the Social Welfare mod and it seemed to work fine util I noticed my sims receiving their welfare money multiple times a day. I was unable to find any information on this issue online so I was wondering if you had ever experienced this before? I know, I’m complaining about my sims having too much money but I still would prefer my game to be realistic 🙂

    P.S. Love your YouTube videos!

    • Hi Maria!
      I have never heard of this, but it sounds like a mod conflict to me. I would download the Hack Conflict Detection Utility and see if it finds any conflicts. If that doesn’t work, you might have to try the 50/50 method to check your other mods. Do you use Inteen? I find that it seems to conflict with a lot of mods like this.
      Here’s a link to the HCDU:
      You might also try making the welfare mod load last by adding a “z” to the beginning of the filename (or folder name if you have it in a subfolder). Sometimes that will do it!
      I hope you get it figured out!

  113. Hej:) i have a question about the child support mod:) i dont know why but it dont work…or it works in certain days only?:)

    • Hi there! This is how the mod is designed. It doesn’t pay child support every day. Here’s the schedule:

      Support Amount (default):
      – Pregnant $200 (until not giving birth) x 3 = $600 approx. (no support if you’re playing Supporter’s house)
      – Baby $200 (Mon,Wed,Fri and Sun) x 4 = $800/week
      – Toddler $200 (Tue,Thu and Sat) x 3 = $600/week
      – Child $200 (Wed and Fri) x 2 = $400/week
      – Teen $200 (Thu) x 1 = $200/week

      I hope that helps!

  114. Hi Cindy! I was wondering if you were going to make the apartments that you made in Strangetown available for download.

  115. Hello Cindy! I have just discovered your page today. I am so glad to see the Sims 2 community is still active! I have not been very involved in the community and have played independently on and off for many many years. I have never tried mods before, but this list makes it so much easier to get started!

    I do have one question that you may have addressed in your streams; how do you get the game to run properly on your Windows 10 pc? I am currently using an older (and outdated) Windows 7 pc and playing off the disks. I have invested a lot of time and money, so I don’t want to switch to digital downloads unless I have to.

    Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing your pins, tweets, and streams!

    • Hi there! Here is everything I know about playing The Sims 2 on Windows 10:
      You’ll need to apply the 4GB patch (allows the game to recognize more memory) and to use graphics rules maker (for modern widescreen monitors). Unfortunately, the digital version of The Sims 2 is no longer available through Origin, so you’re stuck with the discs anyway. But the steps are pretty much the same for either one. It’s all explained in the post linked above. Good luck and please let me know if you need any help! 🙂

  116. Hello Cindy! I just wanted to suggest a mod. It’s a lighting mod, which adds a dawn and a dusk and now I can’t live without it. The instructions say to put the file to C/program files/ea games/the sims2/ts data/res/lights but with the UC I had to put it into C/program files/ea games/the sims2 ultimate collection/double deluxe/base/ts data/res/lights to get it to work. I promise you I fell in love with this mod.

    • Hi Hendrik! I was using the updated lighting mod by Spooky Muffin but it wasn’t working correctly for me. I think maybe I placed it in the wrong folder, so thanks so much for that tip! I will look into it!

  117. What’s the name of the mod/cheat that satisfies object wants for poor Fortune sims? You used them in one of your episodes when Dirk & Lilith were living in the flophouse….

  118. Hi Cindy!! I’m really glad that you’re back!! Could you also make a list of your updates of mod whenever you have updates? I downloaded almost all of them months ago and It’s kinda hard to figure out what has been updated. Thanks!!

    • Hi Nathan! Yes, I will absolutely do this! That’s a great idea and I’ll add an update section the next time I add something.

      If it helps you now, the most recent additions are:

      • The Community Time Project
      • Brighter Computer Screens & Default Replacement Computer Screens
      • Level Numbers Added to Job Titles
      • Patterns for Puppies & Kittens
      • No Red Pause Lines

      Thank you for the wonderful suggestion!

  119. Hi Cindy! I love your YouTube videos! You are probably the only youtuber (Other than SheGamerxo) that I know to play The Sims 2, and I love it since I grew up with Sims 2. I cannot wait for the University parts of round 5!

    Keep up the best work!

    – Miles (A black master splinter)

    • Thanks Miles! I’m so glad you like the videos! I can’t wait to get back to University too! It’s going to be awesome watching all the Sims from the first generation growing up and becoming adults. 🙂

  120. Hi Cindy!

    I absolutely love your game plays and the sims 2! I have the ultimate collection but it is kind of glitchy, especially in build mode. The screen flickers but it goes away quickly. I was wondering if you had any of those problems and if so how you fixed them?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Chelsea!

      If you’re having graphical issues with the Sims 2, it’s usually one of two things (or both). You probably need to install the 4GB patch to make sure your computer is using all 4GB of memory (if you’re on a 64-bit system). Second, you might need to use the graphics rules maker to ensure your game is recognizing your graphics card.

      I recently wrote a tutorial on the 4GB patch:
      And you can visit this site for instructions on the graphics rules maker:

      I hope this helps! 🙂

    • I have no idea how old this thread is, but I hope you ended up getting the issue resolved – if not, though, I just found a solution! I had this exact same problem, and the Graphics Rules Maker/4GB patch never solved it. I found this fix on reddit: . Basically, turn your graphics to max, and move your edge smoothing bar to “more” (I think it’s automatically at less), and problem solved! Not sure if this matters, but I play with the disc version of the game.

      By the way, thank you Cindy for the amazing resources & work you put into your website! I just discovered your Let’s Play’s (I’m very late to the party lol) and have been watching them constantly. Your content has been so, SO helpful for me coming back to the Sims 2!

  121. I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked this a million and one times, so I’m really really sorry. But how did you get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection? I have all the Sims 2 Expansion packs and stuff packs, but I recently got a new computer with Windows 10 and now they won’t run properly. I looked online for the Ultimate Collection and I can’t find anywhere to buy it. I’ve heard the only way to get it is to reach out to EA with proof that you own the game. Sorry again if you’ve been asked this before!

    • Hi Chelsea! Yes, it’s true. There’s no other way to get the Ultimate Collection except through EA on Origin. One of my subscribers was able to get it as recently as a few weeks ago, so it can be done. You do need proof of owning at least the base game. My advice is to go onto Ebay and buy a cheap used copy of the game. I see one there now for $9.50. Then you can call Origin/EA customer service and tell them you own the CD version and you want to add the game on Origin. They should ask you for the CD key found somewhere on the manual or on a piece of paper that came with the CD version. Make sure the game you buy has a CD key with it before you buy! Good luck!

      • Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to give it a try. I already own all the physical copies of the game and I still have the codes and all that. So, fingers crossed! Thanks so much for replying! And thanks for having such an amazing YouTube channel! I’m a new subscriber and I’ve just been binging all of your videos, haha.

        Have a good day and thanks again!!!

    • Hi Claude! Yes, I have seen Liana’s stuff. While her clothing is very good, it doesn’t fit the style of my game. I like to use Maxis-Match instead of the more realistic style she creates. Thank you for mentioning it, though. I’m always looking for new custom content creators. 🙂

  122. Hi, I absolutely love your Sims 2 videos and I love all the mods posted on this page! I know you have a TON of custom content hairs, clothes, etc. Basically just create a sim stuff, so obvioulsy way too much to list but I’m wondering what sites you get your CAS custom content from? Do you have any CC site suggestions for Sim hair. makeup, clothes, etc.
    Thank you!
    Ellie 🙂

    • Hi Ellie! I’m so glad the mods list is helpful. I have listed my favorite CC sites on the sidebar. Besides Mod the Sims, some of my favorite sites are Sims & Stuff, Deedee Sims, Veranka’s TS2 Downloads, Simcat81, Sims2Play, and Fanseelamb’s Tumblr (see sidebar for links). I hope this helps! 🙂

  123. Hi, I have a question concerning the Edukashun Iz Gud mod. If for example a sim with no college degree, who graduated from school with a C or higher is in a career track with level 5, can this sim still get a promotion with a chance card as usual? No problem if you don’t know it. I’m just really torn between installing this mod or not. Btw, your blog is awesome.

    • Hi! I think they can still get promoted through chance cards. I’m not 100% sure and I really haven’t paid much attention to this in my game, but I believe the mod only applies to the normal promotions through work performance and not the chance cards. If you didn’t want them to get promoted above level 5, you can always use the Job Stopinator or Ignore Chance Cards. I hope that helps! And thank you!

  124. Dear Pleasant Sims,

    I am absolutely in love with your Gameplay and your content you share with us/me. Thank you & keep playing.


    kali from Berlin


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