Active Sims 1 Sites for Custom Content in 2021

Sims 1 Active Sites

Are you one of the many Simmers still playing The Sims 1 in 2021?

Me too!

I decided to make this list of active Sims 1 sites as a resource for those of us who still love the old games. And by active, I mean sites that are still online and have items available for download. I found very few that are still actively publishing Sims 1 content.

NOTE: I have checked all the sites below to ensure the downloads are working. I probably will not check again until next year, so it’s possible some may not work depending on when you’re visiting.

Currently Active Sims 1 Sites

These sites are online and have items available for download as of August 2021.

  • 7 Deadly Sims – A bunch of really cool objects like TVs, furniture, decor, etc. I often get a PHP error when I load the site, but it still works fine for me and I’m able to download everything. Just scroll down past the error and use the site as normal.
  • Aaron’s Sims Page – Some cool hacked objects including a bush toilet, plus some build items and a few skins.
  • Abercrombie and Sim – Some nostalgic early 2000’s fashion. This site is preserved just as it was in 2003.
  • Age of Aquarius – Not much here, but worth a look for the flower decor.
  • All Skins – Lovely clothing and skins for males and females, all ages (in English and/or Russian).
  • Andrasta’s World – Beautiful objects including plants, build mode, historical, fantasy, and some dark stuff.
  • Around The Sims – One of the best Sims 1 CC sites out there. Sandy still makes CC, but she’s since moved on to the newer games. Her whole archive of Sims 1 stuff is still up for download, though. Includes objects, skins, and build stuff.
  • Awesome Expression – Hacked objects, custom animations, skins, build mode, and more.
  • BastDawn Fantasy Sims – Fantasy skins for Sims and pets – including Fairies! This is an actual Angelfire site still going strong from the early 2000’s – a blast from the past!
  • Blackbird’s Lullaby – Large collection of some very nice heads and skins.
  • BNJ / La Vie en Rose – Heads, skins, build mode, objects, pets, garden stuff, and more!
  • Boogleberry’s Sims – This is another time capsule. Includes journal entries from 2001, but also some very cute skins and heads.
  • Boudoir Blanc – Incredible furniture and objects. These are truly beautiful and show what could be done with those old graphics. Includes farm and garden objects – there’s even a chicken coop! Plus, some Victorian, Asian, Wild West, and other historically-themed stuff!
  • Brownie Girl Sims – Some very cute furniture and decor items.
  • BZ Sims Attic – Another very old site, but still has a lot of cute heads and skins available to download.
  • C&C Enterprises – A lot of very cool hacked objects, pet objects, and stuff for kids.
  • Choco Joujours Sims – Some lovely heads and skins for males and females.
  • Da Killa’s Corner – NOT SAFE FOR WORK. ADULT THEMES. This site is home to such wonders as the trash rug, three J’s and a baggie, and an animated bong. Enjoy!
  • Dramatica’s Sims Downloads – Tons of objects, skins, heads, build stuff all on a modern, easy-to-navigate website.
  • Electro Sims Project – Not a lot here, but the clothing that exists is lovely. Some alternative styles here, too.
  • Eph’s Den of Many Sims – Elves, fairies, merfolk, demons, angels, and more fantasy heads/skins can be found here. Also includes some objects and build mode stuff.
  • Ferndale Sims – Lovely garden objects, fences, ground cover, beautiful plants and trees, decor, and more. I highly recommend this one! All on a modern, easy-to-navigate website too!
  • Flamboyant – Anime, J-Rock, J-Pop, K-Pop, and K-Rock skins and heads. These are very well done.
  • Fractured Sims – Not much here, but the skins and heads are lovely.
  • Georgia Sugarplum’s Walls – A very old site, but has some cute and useful wallpapers.
  • Gnohmon’s Sims 1 Goodies – Lots of really cool and hacked objects including stuff for pets, servos, furniture, build mode, hobbies, magic, superstar, motives. So many things to try!
  • Headstrong Sims – A bunch of female heads in all hair colors.
  • Ikbod’s – Furniture sets, skins, walls, roofs, houses. Lots of cute stuff here.
  • Ines’ Sims Bakery – Custom foods for your Sims! Lots of cool foods including wedding cake, growable produce, bakery items, canning station, and more!
  • Ingrid Studio – Lots of beautiful objects including modern and rustic-themed, toys, Ikea, and holiday stuff. Nice, modern website too.
  • Jacob’s Archive – Not much here, but definitely worth a look. Includes some rare and lost hacks, mods, and objects. There’s even a Sims 1 Windows Theme and wallpapers!
  • Jendea Simitecture – Build objects and sets, walls and floors, buy objects, lots and even whole neighborhoods! Really nice stuff.
  • Juniper Sun – Huge archive of beautiful build mode stuff, windows, doors, wallpapers, deco, lots, and more!
  • Madoria’s World – Lovely furniture and objects for The Sims 1. New stuff added as recently as 2020.
  • Magnolia Sims – Historical skins, alien skins, heads, objects, and build mode. Very well made stuff here and a nice looking website, too!
  • Marina’s Sims – Medieval build set, other build mode stuff, objects, floors, walls, houses.
  • Milky Sims – Lots of stuff here including skins, meshes, walls and floors, objects, and houses. But my favorite are the vacation and community lots.
  • Minority Creation – Objects, walls, floors, houses, and some lovely skins.
  • Mintha’s Garden – A lot of cute, themed furniture sets for all rooms.
  • Misty’s Sim Decor – Some gothic stuff, themed sets, random decor objects, and houses.
  • Mmarie’s Sims Files – Very nice objects and recolors, plus some medieval stuff.
  • Moni’s Sims – This site has a ton of lovely objects, walls, floors, houses, roofs, and skins. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Moon Sims – Some really cute objects, walls and floors (I love the kid’s wallpaper), and houses.
  • Natalia’s Sim Shop – Very nice skins, some objects, walls, floors, roofs, and houses.
  • NecroBones – Zombie, skeleton, and mad scientist Sims.
  • Negative Sims – Hacked items and objects including mood machines, phone plugins, party objects, hot tubs, and more.
  • Nocturnal Market – Amazing grunge sets, city stuff, gothic furniture, and other unique dark-themed stuff. Highly recommend if you play an alternative game.
  • Nyx’s Stuff – Beautiful decor and objects, build mode stuff, heads from popular TV shows, walls and floors, and more. Everything is very well-done.
  • Odd Sim – Lots of really cool and useful hacked objects, including the infamous “Security Guard,” plus objects and some skins, too.
  • Olena’s Clutter Factory – Absolutely beautiful collection of objects and furniture for Sims 1. Some uploaded as recently as 2017.
  • Orange Clover Sims – Some really female and male skins. Not a lot here, but still worth a look.
  • Pandora Sims – NOT SAFE FOR WORK – ADULT THEMES. This site is home to the Sims 1 nude patch, but also has some cool downloadable spells and magic items.
  • Parsimonious – One of the oldest and most well-known sites in The Sims community. Includes lots of lovely furniture sets, skins, heads, walls and floors.
  • Persimmon Grove – Beautiful cottage and country-style furniture and objects, landscaped lots, plants and garden stuff, winery and orchard, fish farm, sheep farm. This site is fantastic!
  • Random Left Sims – Some really cute furniture and objects.
  • Rat Queen, Inc. – Some lovely furniture, objects, build mode stuff, and houses.
  • Secret Society of Woobsha – Pirate and Victorian-themed stuff, plus literal tons of useful objects and hacks.
  • Shiny Things – Lovely objects, heads, skins, walls, floors, and more.
  • Simcredible Designs – Beautiful furniture sets for all rooms including patios and even a party set.
  • Sim Freaks – Huge collection of Sims 1 objects, skins, heads, tools, build mode stuff, and more.
  • Sims Addiction – Maternity skins and different body size skins, plus a huge collection of objects, build mode stuff, furniture, sets, heads, and very nice regular skins.
  • Sim Slice – Home to some really cool hacked objects including express child adoption, custom NPCs, houses, so much stuff here. Go check it out!
  • Siren Shadow Sims – Gothic and spooky downloads for The Sims 1.
  • Some Sim Things – Banking-enabled computer, other useful hacked objects, plus furniture, decor, and more. Highly recommend checking out the hacks here.
  • Space Cadet Sims – A truly active Sims 1 site, this was updated LAST MONTH! Includes vehicles, shop and community items, themed sets (junkyard, hospital, beach, and more). This is an incredible site, especially if you like to build your own custom lots.
  • Spiralbound Sims – Skins, objects, and some very nice custom lots.
  • Stone Age Sims – Cool stone age-themed stuff, plus some modern items too.
  • The Sims Emporium – Beautiful furniture, decor, fire places, build mode stuff. It’s all lovely. Nice, modern website.
  • Vivacious – Contemporary, steampunk, and other themed Sims 1 stuff. Heads and skins are incredibly well-done.
  • Water Sim – Lovely themed sets and some very nice skins. Website is a bit hard to navigate.

This list is a work in progress, like my Sims 2 custom content list, and I will try to update it a couple times a year – adding new sites and removing defunct ones. So make sure to bookmark if you’re a regular Sims 1 player. Thanks for stopping by!