The Sims 4 Gameplay Rules ~ Pleasant Sims Style

Sims 4 Gameplay Rules Pleasant Sims
Pleasant Sims Gameplay Rules for Sims 4

I have tried for many years to make The Sims 4 work for my specific gameplay style. Although it’s not perfect (and I require a lot of mods), I have finally created a system that I find enjoyable when I need a break from The Sims 2.

These are the rules and guidelines I use while I play. They are a constant work in progress, and I will add/remove/update as things change. The next update will include more in-depth rules for careers/university, so check back soon!

LAST UPDATE: 11/12/2020 (Added Careers and University rules.)

I also use a variety of mods to help me achieve this play style. You can see my recommended mods list here

Table of Contents

Expansions & Stuff Packs

Although I own all of the expansion, game, and stuff packs (except Journey to Disney), I only play with the following enabled:


  • Get Together
  • Get to Work
  • Cats & Dogs
  • City Living
  • Discover University
  • Seasons

Game Packs:

  • Dine Out
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Parenthood
  • Spa Day

I play with ALL the stuff packs.

I do not play with occults (besides aliens) in my personal game, and I resent anything that gets in the way of my generational neighborhood- and family-based gameplay. I like some of the stuff in Eco Living, but I hate the NAPs. Until someone makes a mod to completely disable them, I will play without it.

I also dislike the Get Famous celebrity system. Until (or if) there are mods that allow the level of customization for celebs that I had in The Sims 3, I will play without it.

General (Wants-Based) Play Style

I play using a wants-based (or I guess in The Sims 4 we could call it whims-based) style. This means I don’t force my Sims to do things like work on their careers, build skills, or pursue relationships. They must “want” to do these things by getting a whim for them or doing them autonomously. 

I let my Sims fail, and many will not rise to the top of their careers or achieve their lifetime aspiration – just like in the real world. I only direct my Sims to do things that they have a whim for or to take care of their basic needs and keep them alive. Otherwise, whatever happens in their lives is totally up to them. 


In game options, I make the following changes to aging:

  • Auto-Age (Played Sims) – YES
  • Auto-Age (Unplayed Sims) – YES
  • Sim Lifespan – Normal

I play with a long age span where 28 Sim days = 1 year of real life. I use MCCC to set the age span duration for each life stage as follows:

  • Baby: 56 days (0 – 2 years)
  • Toddler: 84 days (2 – 5 years)
  • Child: 224 days (5 – 13 years)
  • Teen: 196 days (13 – 20 years)
  • YA: 420 days (20 – 35 years)
  • Adult: 700 days (35 – 60 years)
  • Elder: 420 days (60 – 75 years)


I choose aspirations based on traits (see table below). Here are the rules I use as a guideline:

  • If a Sim has more than one defining trait, I roll randomly to determine the aspiration.
  • If a Sim has a trait that corresponds with multiple aspirations, I roll randomly to determine the aspiration.
  • If a Sim has NO defining traits, I roll randomly from all available aspirations.
  • If a Sim has two defining traits for the same aspiration, they always get that aspiration. For example, a Sim with both Creative and Perfectionist traits will always become a Painter Extraordinaire. I don’t roll for other creative aspirations because this is the best match.
Traits Aspiration
Dog Lover, Cat Lover Animal Affection
Active Body Builder
Creative, Perfectionist Painter Extraordinaire
Creative, Music Lover Musical Genius
Creative, Bookworm Bestselling Author
  Master Actor/Actress
Maker Master Maker
Mean, Evil, Kleptomaniac Public Enemy, Chief of Mischief
Family-Oriented Successful Lineage, Big Happy Family, Super Parent
Foodie, Glutton Master Chef
  Master Mixologist
Materialistic Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron
Genius, Bookworm Renaissance Sim
Genius Nerd Brain
Genius, Geek Computer Whiz
  Archaeology Scholar
Genius, Ambitious Academic
Non-Committal Serial Romantic
Romantic Soulmate
Child of the Islands, Child of the Ocean Beach Life
Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian Freelance Botanist
Loves the Outdoors The Curator
Loves the Outdoors Outdoor Enthusiast
Loves the Outdoors Angling Ace
Loves the Outdoors Jungle Explorer
Goofball Joke Star
Outgoing Party Animal
Outgoing Friend of the World
Insider Leader of the Pack
  World Famous Celebrity

Child Aspirations

All children in my game get the Grow Up Aspiration (get the mod here). This aspiration works similarly to the Grow Up Lifetime Want from The Sims 2. It determines if they grow up well or not.


I have my Sims join a career in three instances:

  1. Upon aging up to a Young Adult if they do not go to University.
  2. Upon dropping out of University and moving back home.
  3. They roll the whim to start a new career and are currently unemployed.

Since Sims do not get whims for specific careers, I use their aspirations and traits to decide which career they’ll take. Aspirations are given priority.

  • If Sims have an aspiration or traits that corresponds to more than one career, I roll to decide. If Sims have no aspiration or traits that correspond to a career, I give them a career that matches their University degree. If they have no degree, I roll a random choice from all the available careers.
  • If Sims have aspirations and/or traits that correspond with a regular career AND a freelancer or self-employed career, I roll to decide which one they’ll take. Sims who sell goods as part of their self-employed careers typically own their own businesses when they can afford it.
Career Aspiration Traits
Astronaut   Active, Genius
Athletic Body Builder Active
Business Fabulously Wealthy Materialistic, Ambitious, Outgoing
Civil Designer   Genius, Outgoing
Conservationist   Loves Outdoors
Criminal Public Enemy Evil, Kleptomaniac
Critic   Creative, Foodie
Culinary Master Chef Foodie
Engineer   Genius
Entertainment Joke Star, Master Musician Self-Absorbed, Creative
Fashion   Self-Absorbed, Creative
Film Master Actor/Actress Ambitious
Gardener Freelance Botanist Loves Outdoors
Law   Ambitious, Genius
Law Enforcement (Detective)    
Medicine (Doctor)    
Military   Active
Painter Painter Extraordinaire Art Lover, Creative, Perfectionist
Politics   Ambitious, Outgoing
Science (Scientist)   Genius
Secret Agent    
Social Media   Self-Absorbed
Tech Guru Computer Whiz Genius, Geek
Writer Best-Selling Author Bookworm, Creative


Sims with the following aspirations may become freelancers:

Freelance Career Aspiration Traits
Programmer Computer Whiz Genius, Geek
Artist Painter Extraordinaire Art Lover, Creative
Writer Bestselling Author Bookworm, Creative
Fabricator Master Maker Maker, Freegan, Recycle Disciple
Juice Fizzer Master Maker Maker
Candle Maker Master Maker Maker, Recycle Disciple
Fashion Photographer   Creative


I allow my more enterprising Sims to become self-employed by registering with the Ministry of Labor. Sims with the following aspirations may become self-employed.

Self-Employed Career Aspiration Traits
Painter Painter Extraordinaire Art Lover, Creative
Musician Musical Genius Music Lover
Writer Bestselling Author Bookworm, Creative
Candle Maker Master Maker Maker, Recycle Disciple
Juice Fizzer Master Maker Maker
Fabricator Master Maker Maker, Freegan, Recycle Disciple
Knitter Lord/Lady of the Knits Creative
Programmer Computer Whiz Genius, Geek
Gardener Freelance Botanist Loves Outdoors
Treasurer Hunter The Curator Loves Outdoors
Fisher Angling Ace Loves Outdoors
Herbalist Outdoor Enthusiast Loves Outdoors
Potion Seller Purveyor of Potions  


Clubs are world-based, meaning each world (Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, etc.) has their own version of each club, with only residents of that world as members.

Only playable Sims join clubs. Townies cannot join, and Sims with the loner trait also never join clubs. I set all clubs to open invitation to make adding Sims easier.

Age-Based Clubs

Each of my worlds has three clubs from the start – Kids, Teens, and Singles. All my playable Sims join the appropriate club based on age.

Kids Club

All the children in a world are in a club together. This way, they can start getting to know each other as young as possible. When a child ages up to a teen, they move to the teens club.

Club requirements:

  • Age: Child

Club activities:

  • Do homework
  • Be friendly with Kids Club
  • Play with toys
  • Watch TV
  • Play on playground equipment

Teens Club

All the teens in a world are in a club together. They continue getting to know each other as they grow up.

Club requirements:

  • Age: Teen

Club activities:

  • Be friendly with Teens Club
  • Be funny with Teens Club
  • Do homework
  • Watch TV
  • Listen to music

Singles Club

When a teen ages to a young adult, they join the singles club. This is a club for young adults to spend time together and date. Meeting place is the local nightclub.

Club requirements:

  • Age: Young Adult
  • Marital Status: Not married

Club activities:

  • Be friendly with Singles Club members
  • Be funny with Singles Club members
  • Be romantic with Singles Club members
  • Dance
  • Drink bar drinks

Once a Sim gets married, they are removed from the Singles Club and are no longer eligible for an age-based club.

Hobby Clubs

I also create hobby clubs so Sims can make friends with other Sims who have similar interests.

All my playable Sims join ONE club (other than the Singles Club) upon aging to a young adult. I use clubs with my hobby system (see below). This means Sims will join the club that corresponds to their individual hobby.  

Death & Funerals

I use the Mortem mod to make death and funerals seem more realistic. With this mod, Sims don’t just disappear when they die. No grim reaper shows up. Instead, a Medical Examiner comes to take the body away.

After a few days, the Medical Examiner Calls back with the results of the examination. Then I call the funeral home, choosing “burial” instead of cremation. And finally, I schedule a memorial service for as soon as possible at the family’s home (add event on the calendar).


After a family has a memorial service for a deceased Sim, I take the tombstone to the local cemetery, where the Sim is laid to rest for good. Family members may go and visit their dead loved ones at any time. I set the lot trait for the cemetery as “haunted.”


The Sims 4 has come a long way when it comes to managing bills and finances. Over the years, some amazing mods have been released that allow a very realistic and fun playing experience. This is how I handle my finances.

Bills & Banking

Every Sim – upon aging up to a young adult – opens a bank account of their own. Sims deposit at least 50 percent of their career income via direct deposit into their bank accounts. I use the SNB mod to manage bank accounts and the SNB Bills mod to manage bills.

Sims who live together and are unrelated deposit 100% into their bank accounts and divide the bill payments accordingly. When Bills are due, each Sim in the house contributes their portion by transferring money from their bank accounts to the household funds.

With the SNB Bills mod, Sims pay a deposit to setup utilities, cable, internet, and phone upon moving into a lot or the first time you play a lot. Poor Sims may forgo signing up for cable and internet if funds are tight, but everyone must have at least water, power, and phone service.


For more of a challenge (and because I find it more realistic) I use this mod to reduce the career salaries in the game by 50%. It also reduces the bonuses for promotions.

I feel like Sims are overpaid big-time in The Sims 4 (and in all the other Sims games too). I always try to reduce their salaries to something a bit more realistic.

Gender Preference

When Sims age up to teens, I randomize their gender preference using the following guideline:

  • 20 percent chance that a Sim will be gay
  • 10 percent chance that a Sim will be bisexual

I go to and roll a number between 1 – 100. If the number is 20 or below, the Sim becomes gay. If the number is 21 or above, I roll again to see if they are bisexual. If the second roll is 10 or below, the Sim is bi. If the second roll is 11 or above, the Sim is straight. I use Wonderful Whims to set their gender preference. 

This is a little higher than the percentage of LGBT people in real life. That’s because I play with a much smaller population in The Sims and I want some gay/lesbian couples in my game. This percentage seems to work for me and I usually end up with at least one gay couple in a generation.

If a Sim rolls as gay in their generation but no other Sims do, I will choose the Sim they are closest to of the same sex and also make them gay. If there is no obvious partner for the Sim among the playables (everyone is taken or they have no close friends, etc.), I allow them to choose the townie they like best. 


I’ve created my own hobby and sub-hobby system based on the one I use for Sims 2 – but tailored for The Sims 4 of course.

When choosing, aspiration is the priority. If a Sim has an aspiration that corresponds to a hobby, this will be their main hobby. Traits are given second priority. If a Sim does not have a corresponding aspiration or trait, I roll randomly to choose their hobby.

Sims spend their extra time working on their hobbies, join hobby clubs, and focus on these activities when they want or need to have fun.

Hobby Sub-Hobby Pack Aspiration Traits
Arts & Crafts Flower Arranging Seasons   Creative
Arts & Crafts Painting Base Game Painter Extraordinaire Creative, Perfectionist
Arts & Crafts Candle Making Eco Lifestyle Master Maker Creative, Maker
Arts & Crafts Knitting Nifty Knitting Lord/Lady of the Knits Creative
Cuisine Mixology Base Game Master Mixologist  
Cuisine Cooking Base Game Master Chef Foodie
Cuisine Gourmet Cooking Base Game Master Chef Foodie
Cuisine Baking Get to Work   Foodie
Cuisine Juice Fizzing Eco Lifestyle   Maker
Film & Lit TV & Movies Base Game    
Film & Lit Reading Base Game   Bookworm
Film & Lit Writing Base Game Bestselling Author  
Fitness Cardio/Jogging Base Game Body Builder Active
Fitness Weightlifting Base Game Body Builder Active
Fitness Boxing Base Game   Active
Fitness Swimming Base Game   Active
Fitness Yoga Spa Day    
Gaming Chess Base Game   Geek
Gaming Video Games Base Game Computer Whiz Geek
Gaming Bowling Bowling Stuff    
Gaming Cards Base Game    
Gaming Pub Games Get Together    
Music Dancing Base Game   Dance Machine
Music DJ Mixing Get Together    
Music Guitar Base Game Musical Genius Creative
Music Piano Base Game Musical Genius Creative
Music Pipe Organ Vampires    
Music Singing City Living    
Music Violin Base Game Musical Genius Creative
Nature Archaeology Jungle Adventure Archaeology Scholar Loves Outdoors
Nature Fishing Base Game Angling Ace Loves Outdoors
Nature Gardening Base Game Freelance Botanist Loves Outdoors
Nature Herbalism Outdoor Retreat Outdoor Enthusiast Loves Outdoors
Nature Collecting Base Game The Curator Loves Outdoors
Science Rocket Science Base Game Nerd Brain  
Science Star Gazing Base Game    
Science Microscopy Base Game    
Tinkering Fabrication Eco Lifestyle Master Maker Maker
Tinkering Repairing Base Game    
Tinkering Woodworking Base Game   Perfectionist, Maker
Tech Programming Base Game    
Tech Robotics University    
Tech Hacking Base Game    


When a child or teen asks for advice or parents get a call from the school, I roll a number between 1 – 100. If the number is 50 or lower, I choose the first option. If the number is 51 or over, I choose the second option. It’s always a gamble how these situations impact my Sims.


Pregnancy lasts 21 days in my game, which is equal to nine real life months using my time system. 

I use Wonderful Whims to manage fertility and menstrual cycles of my Sims. If they have unprotected woohoo (or TFB) and show signs of pregnancy like vomiting, I have them take a pregnancy test.

I also use Woohoo Wellness to define a Sim’s preference for children. Some Sims want children and others don’t. Their reactions to pregnancy are determined by this preference. I allow the mod to auto-assign pregnancy preferences for most Sims. The exceptions are family-oriented Sims (always want a pregnancy) and hates children (never want a pregnancy).


I allow my Sims to get an abortion (through Woohoo Wellness) if they have an unwanted pregnancy and the partner Sim also does not want a child. (Yes, I know it’s the female’s body and her choice, but this is a game so don’t get so offended.) I have the pregnant Sim ask her partner if he wants children. If he does NOT, then they get an abortion. If he DOES or is on the fence, they keep the baby.

Birth Control

I use Wonderful Whims for Birth Control. If a Sim’s auto preference from Woohoo Wellness is to NOT have children, I put that Sim on birth control (female) or buy condoms (male). This decreases the chances of a pregnancy if one Sim wants a child and the other doesn’t, but I leave it up to the individual. Sims who are unsure about having a child do not get birth control.

Fertility Treatments

I allow my Sims to get a fertility treatment if they have tried for baby three times without getting pregnant. Fertility treatments cost $950 and are available through the Wonderful Whims menu on the phone.


I play my families rotationally but not in any specific order and not for any specified length of time. I jump around to whichever family I feel like playing or that I need to play for the story. 

However, each household living in my world is considered a “played” household. Because all of my Sims age at the same time (and have a really long life span), I typically play each family several times before they pass away.

I prioritize families with a baby due or when there are important birthdays I don’t want to miss (similarly to how I play The Sims 3). I use MCCC to pause labor for playable families and then I switch to them when I’m notified for the birth. As for birthdays, I keep up with them manually and try not to miss a Sim aging to child, teen, or young adult so I can choose their traits. 

Seasons & Holidays

My seasons last seven days each, and my Sims celebrate the following five holidays:

  • Spring Equinox
    • An Easter-like holiday in celebration of Spring.
    • Decoration theme is Spring.
    • Celebrated on Thursday in Spring.
    • Traditions include egg hunt, flower bunny, gardening, and give flowers.
  • Summer Solstice
    • A celebration of summer.
    • Decoration theme is None.
    • Celebrated on Thursday of Summer.
    • Traditions include bar-b-que, drinking, fire, fireworks, and party spirit.
  • Autumn Equinox
    • A Halloween-like holiday and celebration of Fall.
    • Decoration theme is Spooky.
    • Celebrated on Thursday of Autumn.
    • Traditions include mischief spirit, remembrance, spooky spirit, trick or treat, and wear costumes.
  • Harvest Fest
    • A Thanksgiving-like holiday
    • Decoration theme is Harvestfest.
    • Celebrated on Sunday of Fall.
    • Traditions include baking, drinking, grand meal, sports TV, thankful spirit.
  • Winter Solstice
    • A Christmas-like holiday in celebration of winter.
    • Decoration theme is Winterfest.
    • Celebrated on Thursday of Winter.
    • Traditions include attend holiday ceremony, father winter, festive spirit, invite guests, and open presents.

Sims always get the day off work and school for holidays.


My Sims inherit one trait from their mother, one trait from their father, and one random trait of their own. I roll a number between 1 – 3 to choose the trait for each life stage.

  • Child – Inherits Trait from Father
  • Teen – Inherits Trait from Mother
  • Young Adult – Random Trait

If the trait I roll for (from the parents) is not available at the Sim’s age, I re-roll until I get one that does.


When a teen Sim ages to a young adult, I decide if they’ll go to University. Sims with the following aspirations ALWAYS go to college:

  • Fortune
  • Knowledge

For all other aspirations, Sims have a 50/50 chance of going to University. I roll a number between 1 -100. If the number is 50 or lower, the Sim goes to University. If the number is 51 or above, they don’t.

Sims who go to University upon aging up move to Britechester and live in the dorms. They must take out student loans if their family cannot afford tuition after exhausting any scholarships.

Sims who do not go to University upon aging up, get a regular career or start working on their non-traditional occupation (see Careers section) immediately.

I use the degree required for promotion mod, so it’s sometimes necessary for Sims to get a University degree if they want to advance in their career. If a Sim with no degree rolls the want to get a promotion in a career that requires a degree, they may enroll in University. These Sims will attend part-time and live at home while they keep working. This can be very difficult, especially if a Sim has a family – which I find to be very realistic.


When it’s time for a YA Sim to go to University upon age up, I check the ages of all teen Sims in the world. Any teens who will age up within 16 days are aged up early and must apply for University and scholarships immediately. I keep note of how many days they had remaining before I age them up.

Once all the young adults have been accepted to a University, I have them enroll in their degree programs (see below for choosing a degree) and move into the dorms. All Sims who attend the same University live in the same dorms.

If I end up with Sims in both universities, I switch back and forth between them, playing one day at a time in each household until graduation. If all Sims are in the same University, I play the household the entire time until graduation.


If the Sim has an aspiration or trait that corresponds to a certain career path (see Careers section above), they enroll in the degree program that works best for that career.

If the Sim does not have an aspiration or trait that aligns them with a specific career, I roll a number between 1 – 13 to choose a random degree:

  1. Art History
  2. Biology
  3. Communications
  4. Computer Science
  5. Culinary Arts
  6. Drama
  7. Economics
  8. Fine Art
  9. History
  10. Language & Literature
  11. Physics
  12. Psychology
  13. Villainy

Sims may choose a distinguished degree if they were accepted for one.

Term Length

I use the shorter University degrees mod (8 credit version) so my Sims only need eight classes to graduate. This takes two weeks if the Sims pass every semester.

Whims-Based Gameplay

My Sims can fail out of University if they don’t study and do their work. I play whims-based, which means my Sims only do coursework if they roll a whim or do it autonomously. Because of the limitations of whims, there are some exceptions.

When Sims roll a want to study or do homework, I have them choose the class that starts the soonest. There are no whims for presentations or term papers, so I make my Sims work on these whenever they have free time. Free time is any time that they aren’t taking care of needs or doing other University work that they’ve rolled whims for.

If a Sim fails out of University while living in the dorm, they must move back in with their parents and start working. They may only enroll in University again if they roll the whim to get a promotion in a degree-requiring job. Then, they must live at home and attend part-time. They only get one chance at dorm-life.

If a Sim who was working and attending University part-time fails out, they may enroll again if they roll the whim to get a promotion again.

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  1. I’ve recently been struggling to play TS4 in an enjoyable way. I started a Random Legacy Challenge which has already been fun for me.
    Some of this post makes me think I should look into getting Get Together to make clubs because that seems like a good addition.
    I haven’t been using any mods and don’t think I will but the WooHoo Wellness one sounds awesome!
    Love your videos and content. (:

    • I love the Club Feature and it’s the best “new” thing Sims 4 has added to the game IMO. It makes it easy to group up your generations and helps your Sims make friends. Get Together is my favorite expansion for Sims 4, so I would definitely recommend it.

  2. For Eco Living and the NAPs, you can disable NPC voting in the game settings. As long as you don’t let your actives vote, no NAPs will come up. You’ll still get the notifications for the voting times though.

    • Thanks! I need to go back and experiment with this more – and I will after I get University down. When the pack was first released, this didn’t work properly without mods and Sims still acted like idiots even with voting off. I’m hoping they fixed this and maybe with mods and disabling this (plus the footprints), it will be tolerable!

  3. Love these, as always great ideas to make ts more interesting, but I could never have a baby for more than 2-3 days hahaha too annoying!

    • Thank you, Cindy, I love your content so much! Can you please help me with age span settings for cats & dogs? How to make it realistic?

      • Hi! These are my MC Command Center Settings for dogs and cats:

        • Set Age Span Duration > Cat
        o Child = 28.0,30.0
        o Adult = 220.0,224.0
        o Elder = 84.0,90.0

        • Set Age Span Duration > Dog
        o Child = 28.0,30.0
        o Adult = 220.0,224.0
        o Elder = 80.0,84.0

  4. Baby: 56 days… Lmao. I used to age up babies immediately. And I’ve set the duration of toddler life stage to 3 days and to 5 days for children. But even that was too annoying for me, so now I completely disabled spawning of NPC children through MCCC, and my played sims do not have children. If I want them to reproduce, I use “play with genetics” in CAS and make them a teenage daughter/son.

  5. This looks so good! I actually though about givin sims a really long livespan and just leave aging on all the time, as it’s too much of a hussle for me to turn aging off for Townies after the first household of a round. I don’t play much Sims 4 as it doesn’t really run smoothly on my PC but I’m planning to get a new one soon and hope to be playing more then (I mean, I spent a lot of money for packs and stuff ‘=D ) I also like how your are using clubs! Might draw inspiration from that too. Do you also have a spreadsheet for keeping track of your sims? I know you are the queen of spreadsheets! xD

  6. Can I ask what your MCCC settings are for pregnancy and relationships? I keep tweaking but I seem to end up with a lot of random children!!
    BTW I love this breakdown of your rules – I think I said that on YouTube too!

  7. Thank you for sharing this ! I love to see how other simmers play the Sims 4. The clubs idea is brilliant ! I might add it to my save file :).
    If you ever want to, I would love to watch it in videos (how you play multiple families, how you planned each city, show us the clubs and everything ! :D).
    Thanks again for the inspiration !!

  8. Hi Cindy, have you ever tried playing with the Enlist in War Mod? I’m starting a neighborhood playthrough inspired by your Edgewood play style (starting with a few different families/people and populating the world that way) and I’m planning to incorporate it.

  9. I really like these ideas but (dont hate me please) the mathematics is wrong when referring to percentages lgbtq+. You said you roll once, 1-100, 21 is roll again to determine bi or straight. You multiply the probabilities if rolling a second time, so 80% chance of not-gay, multiplies by 10% chance of bi which works out at 8% overall chance of being bi, not 10%. I guess it doesnt really matter, it’s only 2%, but I’m a (just a little bit) maths nerd so it annoyed me a little bit. However love your ideas and am 100% using your idea for clubs x

    • Thanks, but I don’t really use this rule anymore. Will be updating the post when I have time. Now I use Wonderful Whims to set the population’s gay/bi percentage.

  10. This is absolutely incredible! I’m definitely adapting some of this to my own gameplay. May I ask what made you decide to have 7 day seasons? I’ve noticed people who plays long life span tend to do 14 or 28 so that surprised me!

  11. I’m really glad I found this! I’ve seen a lot of your videos about sims 2, and I wanted to try to do something similar in sims 4, I’ve been having a hard time having fun with it… I’ll try playing with your rules, hopefully it’ll help! If not, I’ll probably end up going back to sims 2… I didn’t know how much I missed wants and fears until i saw your videos, I didn’t even notice sims 4 disabled the whims… sims 4 still feels so empty 6 years in 🙁


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