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Here’s an index of all the Sims 2 downloads on my blog. If there’s not an active link, that means it’s not done yet but I’m working on it. Check back for updates.

You can also CLICK HERE to browse the “downloads” category tag.

Custom Neighborhoods and Subhoods:

  • Fairplay – No CC – My custom CC-free neighborhood is a genderbent Pleasantview. 
  • Perfect Pleasantview – All subhoods attached to Pleasantview with all townies/NPCs given their correct Maxis names. 

Miscellaneous Lots:

Pleasantview Lots:

Strangetown Lots:

Maxis Lot Makeovers:

The Sims 2 Tools:

Miscellaneous Downloads:

Custom/Original Sims:

Old Lot Downloads:

Download at your own risk. May be hideously ugly and/or hug-bugged.

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  1. Hey Cindy! I wanted to ask if you maybe know how my gay sim got pregnant and got twins with another gay sim. When they did woohoo I saw “try for baby” instead. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any mods for this, is it maybe something ACR did?

  2. Hello, I love your content and I know you haven’t played it in awhile so you may not have it, but do you have a download for Edgewood? It is one of my favourite custom neighbourhood you have made no. I know you only have Fairplay for download on your website and the terrain for Edgewood, but I would love it. If you could give me the neighbourhood file if you still have it I’m fine if you don’t have it, or you don’t want to send it but it would be in the world if you could. Thanks

  3. Hi Cindy,

    I only found you a couple of months ago. Been playing the Sims2 on and off for years now.

    Just wanted to tell you that you are wonderful and i enjoy watching all your videos. You are very entertaining and full of Sims knowledge. Thank you for all that you did and do!

  4. Thank you! Cindy – for all of the tips and mod suggestions – you are a God Send when it comes to The Sims 2. I’ve been a fan for about a year now, and finally, I’ve decided to join your blog (couldn’t resist) which is a big step for me because I don’t like taking part in social media of any kind. Not that I am anti-social – in fact- I am a very social individual coming from a large family, having married into one, and have a love for friendly people.

    I am going to go off on a tangent here (towards EA), – with the hope that you might share a few things (with the wonderful Sim community) that have YET to be mentioned in any of the many comments that I have been reading for years. As there have been endless complaints towards the Sims 4 Devs – I find myself in total agreement with all of the complaints. And yet, the most obvious (at least to me) is never mentioned. So please bare with me here:

    I know this is a Sims 2 blog and that my complaints are for The Sims 4, – I just think it best to make known my thoughts on this subject where I consider this to be the best blog (of all) and to have you consider what I want to share with the community.

    I look at games like Minecraft, – and 7 Days To Die – only to realize that these are games that have HUGE worlds. HUGE OPEN MAPS – with Developers that offer regular updates – FOR FREE! And with options! to keep the present alpha or move on to the next level. EA doesn’t even do that much. When an update is put out there (like with Progression? what ever it is called) it is automatically added whether you wanted it or not.

    There is only one thing that EA is good at; holding their hand out for more money, – because they know too well that there are people out there who (without thinking) will continue to throw their money at them with the hope that maybe this time – “this will help to make the game be more of what I want”.

    The excuse that EA used for “Loading Screens” in the Sims 4 is a slap in the face – when considering how other Devs for other games are doing that very thing – with HUGE MAPS mind you – and their updates and added content — IS FREE!

    I am so disgust with EA. I have bought every pack from Sims 1 thru to Sims 3 (2 sets in fact – one for me and one for my kids) up to Sims 4 to the Island pack (can’t remember the name) with the mermaids (another story with another tangent – but I digress). Yeah, it was with that pack that I walked away. I had had enough.

    At this point – I will never return to The Sims 4 – not with a Sims 5 – with OPEN WORLD (Lessor -but not in my opinion – Devs can do it leaving EA with no excuse) with The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 combined – music from those series on separate radio stations included along with all of the Lore the community knows and loves.

    As an apology to the community – it should be offered FOR FREE! To all who have bought the Sims 4 and feel RIPPED OFF!

    My name is Beth. I hope that you, Cindy, will share my thoughts with the rest of the Sims community – and they realize that other Dev teams for other games that have HUGE MAPS with OPEN WORLDS and many towns (EA can’t even handle one? town?) and they do all updates for FREE!

    Shame on you EA! Can’t do an open world – my *ss. And no cars? Really? Electronic Arts needs a new team of developers. Why are people still throwing their money at them?

    Thank you for baring with me here Cindy (and anyone else reading this) – and I hope I’ve given you some new perspective for comparing what other Dev teams offer (FOR FREE, mind you) and what EA has been offering. A middle finger would be more accepting at this point in my opinion. At least it could be considered an honest approach.


  5. Hey Cindy!

    Late the party I know but they say better late than never!

    I have been watching your Eaglewood videos on YouTube and wondered if you had the link or name of the person who made the Mayors house?


    • Hi! I used two different houses for the mayor, so not sure which one you want. At first, I was using houses made by Plasticbox on ModtheSims, but then I switched to the Bespoke Houses by Honeywell (also on Mod the Sims). Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Cindy!

    Happy new year! I was wondering if the career calculator is a thing you can actually download, as I can’t seem to find one? Or do you simply just make up what is the best job based on their interest?

    Many thanks!

  7. Hi Cindy! How are you able to see the file location of things in game? Like you hover over a hair in CAS and it tells you the exact location on the C: drive…I googled but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

    • It’s a cheat. Use “boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true” I put this in my user startup cheat file, so it is always active. 🙂

    • No. Sorry, but my CC folder has taken years of work – collecting and organizing. It is specific to my game and I don’t make it available for download.

      There are a couple other reasons why I don’t do this. First, many creators do not allow the distribution of their content except through their own websites, and I respect their hard work. Second, there may be mod conflicts and I don’t want to be responsible for anything happening to your game.

      But you can always check my Pinterest Boards where I pin most of my CC if you like what I use!

  8. Hi Cindy,

    Loving your page, videos and sims 2 gameplay rules. I was wondering what happened to your career calculator? I can’t seem to find it anymore.


  9. Cindy, I was watching your video about “how to create a custom lifespan for The Sims 2 and tried so many times but I couldn’t do it…Can you please put your Custom Lifespan up for download on the website? Kisses from Brazil S2

  10. Hi Cindy I was wondering if you could maybe share your custom content folder? Because I know it could be really hard to link everything separately so maybe you could share your whole cc folder.
    Also i really enjoy your videos and i hope you have nice day 🙂

    • No. Sorry, but my CC folder has taken years of work – collecting and organizing. It is specific to my game and I will not make it available for download.

      There are a couple other reasons why I won’t do this. First, many creators do not allow the distribution of their content except through their own websites. Second, there may be mod conflicts and I don’t want to be responsible for anything happening to your game.

  11. Hi Cindy, just passing by to say that I love your channel and the fact that you still play Sims 2, it’s my favorite in the series, thank you for you content!

  12. Hi Cindy I’m really struggling to get your lots to work in my game have you got any advice or any instruction on how to do it I also used clean pack installer like suggested

  13. Do you have a download for your Emerald Bay? I would like to play more of your custom hoods. I’m really enjoy playing Fairplay

  14. Hello. This looks like the right place to ask questions. So glad I found it! I have the sims2 discs, all of them. I have both double deluxe and the Holiday edition which include some of the packs in them. My question is, how do I install both of these editions for the same game? Is there a way to install just the additional items needed and not the whole thing? At the risk of being confusing (happens to me a lot!) Can I install double deluxe, all the rest of the expansions, and in the correct order just extract what is needed off of the Holiday edition? My goal is to have a complete collection. Thank you in advance!

    • You can’t install both Holiday Edition and Double Deluxe. There’s no way to separate out the base game. My advice is to install Double Deluxe (which includes Celebration Stuff and Nightlife). Then install Happy Holiday Stuff (the actual stuff pack) separately, then all the other expansions/stuff packs you need. Hope that helps!

  15. Hey Cindy! I have a problem in my sims 2 game,i downloaded some of your recommended mods and for some reason since i downloaded them,my sims wont do anything in my game on their own,they would just stay on the same spot and do nothing,even if i control them they wont do anything. Im really sad that this happened and i hope you know how i can fix it. Btw i tried deleting my mods but i dont know which ones i downloaded today,i dont want to delete all my mods cause i have a lot and i probably wont find them all again…

  16. Hi Cindy!!

    I hope you´re alright. I really love all the content you upload both on Youtube and your personal website. I was wondering if you have ever thought of uploading the custom neighborhood that you´re currently playing since I love it and it would be really fun to try it too.

    Thanks 😀

    • I can’t really say I support them. But I am okay with people getting Sims 2 by whatever means they have to since EA refuses to make it available legally. I don’t support torrents ever, but I have no problem with people sharing a game on a personal website that is now considered abandonware.

  17. I give you alot of props! but tysm for listing out all your mods that you use and your work it really helped improve my sims 2 experience! p.s your youtube videos are so entertaining a binge worthy!

    • Hi Luca! Right now the only world I have released is Fairplay, my version of a Genderbent Pleasantview. I hope to release another one in the future, but it takes a lot of time! 🙂

  18. Hello there! I’m super excited to download your cc! I agree with you on your one comment about the sims 4. I tried the sims 3 but it didn’t hit right as i’ve always loved TS2. Unfortunately I have been having issues with downloading my cc and was wondering if you had any advice? I send it to my ‘downloads’ folder and sometimes they go into my game, and sometimes they do not. Hair never shows up in game, and neither do houses for lots. The only thing i have in game currently is two texture packs, a pack of eyes, one shirt, one hairstyle (which looks like an updated default hairstyle), and one outfit. nothing else seems to load…

    • Hi Carolyn! Make sure you are unzipping your files before putting them in your downloads folder. You need a file archiving program such as Winrar or 7zip. I recommend 7zip because it’s free and easy to use. Another thing to consider with CC is that many hairs and clothing will require a mesh. If you’re just downloading recolors without the original mesh, the items will not show up in your game.

      As for residential and community lots, they are installed differently than other CC. They will be Sims 2 pack files. You just download them to your desktop, then double-click on them and wait for the game to install them. You will get a pop-up that asks you if you want to install the lot, but it may take a few minutes because the installer is a bit slow.

      For more in-depth instructions, I recommend checking out this tutorial on Mod the Sims:

      I hope that helps!


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