Doc Alan’s Hangout: Sims 2 Maxis Lot Makeover (No CC)

Doc Alan's Hangout Sims 2 Makeover

Doc Alan’s Hangout is a Maxis Community Lot included with the Sims 2 Apartment Life expansion pack. I love the idea of this lot – a small-town bar and hangout spot with pool table and live music stage. Unfortunately, it was executed very poorly.

With lots of empty space, a terrible roof, bad landscaping, and a lack of useful items on the lot, it desperately needed a makeover. I wanted to use Doc Alan’s in my Pleasantview Let’s Play reboot. So, I made it better while trying to maintain the feel of the original lot.

I ended up creating two versions of this lot – one that includes a restaurant and one that’s a bar only.

Features & Amenities

Doc Alan's Hangout Top View
Doc Alan’s Hangout Top View

Doc Alan’s has been updated from a dive bar to a nice restaurant and live music venue (with full bar and hot tubs). Here’s everything included:

  • Restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining
  • Full bar, pool table, and darts
  • Stage with guitar, bass, drums, and microphone
  • Office with computer, phone, book shelves, and couch
  • Fully equipped restaurant kitchen
  • Break room for employees with microwave and mini-fridge
  • Outdoor patio with tables
  • Outdoor patio with hot tubs
  • Men and women’s bathrooms
  • Attached parking lot with space for six cars

Purchase Price: $130,457

The lot is setup to function as a Sim-owned business, but this is not required. You can simply plop it down in any neighborhood and your Sims can dine and hangout. I included hot tubs for your Romance Sims who need a place to woohoo away from home.

NOTE: I forgot to include the open/close sign and I didn’t want to re-upload an entire lot just for that. So if you want to play the lot as an owned business, you’ll need to add the sign yourself.


I have the Ultimate Collection, so you will most likely need the UC or all expansion and stuff packs for this lot to work properly. You will at least need Open for Business, as I used mainly items from this expansion. I also used the instruments from University and various decorative items from other expansions/stuff packs.

No custom content was used, although there are a few things I recommend to make the most of this lot (see below).


Although not required (and not included), the following mods and CC will make this lot more realistic. I recommend these for all community lots.

At the very least, they’ll spruce up your parking lots.

Gameplay Tips

This lot will generate SIX random NPCs including:

  • 1 chef
  • 2 waiters
  • 1 hostess
  • 2 bartenders

If you don’t want a bunch of randomly generated NPCs in your ‘hood, have one of your playable Sims purchase this lot before visiting it. As an owned lot, your Sim can hire townies or other playables to work in the restaurant instead.

You’ll need at least four employees – a chef, waiter, hostess and bartender – if you want to hire your own. You can get this down to three if you have your Sim-owner perform one of the jobs. Or use your Sim’s family members as employees to keep costs down.

I also recommend locking the doors to the office and break room to allow employees only. If you don’t, the hostess may seat Sims at the employee break table and Sims may enter the office to play video games on the computer.

More Images

Here are more images of my Doc Alan’s Hangout makeover:

Download Doc Alan’s

Click the link below to download the lot for your own game. To install, extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the Sims 2 package file. You can also use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer if you prefer.


Alternate Download Link: Dropbox

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