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Pleasantview Children's Home
Pleasantview Children’s Home

Need a house for your Pleasantview orphanage? Look no further!

This large, three-bedroom home is built in the style of Pleasantview with room for five children and an adult caretaker. There’s room for more children if needed, but I built this lot with the Pleasantview townie children in mind. No CC.

This lot is Part One in my new Building Pleasantview series. If you love the premades in Sims 2 as much as I do, you’ll know there’s a lack of community lots and functional, affordable family housing in the base game neighborhoods. I plan to build the lots I feel a small town like Pleasantview would need.

Lot Placement

I built this lot in the style of the Pleasantview value homes on Main Street and Woodland Drive, with similar building materials and architecture. It was meant for the empty space across the street from the Community Center and just next to 225 Main Street as shown below.

Orphanage Placement in Pleasantview
Orphanage Placement in Pleasantview

However, feel free to place it anywhere you like in your own neighborhood. This is only a suggestion and to illustrate where I placed the home in my Pleasantview.

Features & Amenities

The Orphanage features everything you need to house the Pleasantview townie children and keep them happy until they move to a forever home. When you begin the game the following townie children are homeless:

The home has enough beds for 3 girls and 2 boys. However, you can add more beds if you need them. And there’s plenty of room downstairs for a nursery if you need one.

This is a residential lot meant to house an adult caretaker in addition to the children. All rooms are fully furnished and ready to play immediately. Features and Amenities of the lot include:

  • Two large upstairs bedrooms – one for boys and one for girls
  • Two large upstairs bathrooms – one for boys and one for girls
  • Upstairs playroom equipped with toys and a chess table
  • Downstairs bedroom with double bed for a caretaker
  • Office space for administrative work (can be made into a nursery if needed)
  • Large living room with TV, toy box, and game console
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Full bathroom downstairs for caretaker
  • Half bathroom downstairs for children and guests
  • Dining room with extra storage
  • Driveway for parking a car (requires Nightlife expansion)
  • Swing sets in the fenced backyard
  • Outdoor covered patio with easel
  • Landscaped front and back yard including trees and flowerbeds

Purchase price: $55, 016

Sims 2 Pleasantview Orphanage House - Inside Top Floor - Children's Bedrooms and Play Room
Top Floor


I used no custom content in this lot. It was built in a completely clean environment using Any Game Starter.

The outside and inner building materials are all base game only. However, you’ll need the Nightlife expansion for the driveway to show up.

Decorations inside the house come from all the stuff and expansion packs. For everything to look as it does in the pictures, you’ll need the Ultimate Collection OR all stuff and expansion packs. If you don’t have the UC or all stuff/expansions, you can still use the lot, but it may be lacking in decorations.

Left Side Driveway - Sims 2 Orphanage House - Sims 2
Outside Driveway


Although you don’t need any CC or mods to use this lot, I do recommend the following:

  • Off-grid Rug Texture Fix from MTS – This fixes the issue where rug textures are screwed up when placed off grid. I have placed the kitchen rug off-grid in the house, so if you don’t have this mod it will look bad (see picture below). If you don’t want to use the mod, just move or delete the rug in the kitchen.

For gameplay, I move in a townie to “run” the orphanage and serve as a caretaker. In my Pleasantview, Christy Stratton is currently serving as Director of Children’s Services. She was chosen in a poll by my subscribers, but feel free to use anyone you want. You will NEED at least one adult in the home.

I also recommend locking the door to the office and downstairs bedroom so the children can’t enter. I like to keep this area private for the caretaker only, and children shouldn’t be allowed in the office anyway.

If you want to know more about how I play my Orphanage, you can view my gameplay rules here.

The Sims 2 Orphanage House for Pleasantview - Bottom Floor Inside
Bottom Floor

More Images

Here are more images of the lot, taken from various angles including inside the house. You can clearly see the screwed up kitchen rug texture without the mod to fix it. Click the images to view larger versions.

Download Pleasantview Orphanage House

UPDATE 08/07/2020 – I’ve updated this lot and fixed the roof so the walls are no longer missing in neighborhood view.

Click the link below to download the lot for your own game. To install, extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the Sims 2 package file. You can also use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer if you prefer.

Alternate Download Link: Mediafire

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    • Orphanage

      Each neighborhood I play now gets an Orphanage. See my Pleasantview Orphanage for an example. All playable children without homes live in the orphanage until they’re adopted or age out of the system.


      An adult Sim, couple, or family is selected to serve as live-in caretaker(s) for the children for each ‘hood. In my Pleasantview reboot, I chose the Oldies to run the orphanage. The caretaker(s) are paid a stipend of $1,000 per season. This includes enough money to buy a full fridge worth of groceries and have a little leftover for personal living expenses.

      If repairs need to be made or services need to be hired (such as a Nanny for respite care, gardener for yard work, maid for cleaning, etc.), the caretaker must also pay for these out of the stipend money. At least one member of the caretaker household must remain unemployed to care for the children full-time.

      The stipend will be paid on the morning of each new season/play round. The money will be removed from the neighborhood treasury after being transferred to the caretaker’s family funds.

      New Residents

      When an unmarried female Romance Sim gets pregnant, I roll a number between 1-100. If the number is under 50, the baby is unwanted and will go to the orphanage upon birth. If the number is over 50, she will keep the baby and raise it herself. Married romance Sims always keep their babies and attempt to raise them.

      Any children, babies, or toddlers taken by the social worker will also be placed in the Orphanage and will be made available for adoption to other families in the neighborhood.

      If a caretaker or member of the caretaker family meets a townie child who has no home in the neighborhood, the townie child may be taken into the orphanage and made available for adoption to the neighborhood families.

      Aging Out

      Children who age up to teens are allowed to stay in the Orphanage as long as there is space available. If room is needed for another child or baby, a teen must move out on their own with a $2,000 stipend paid for by the tax payers.

      Once a teen ages up to an adult without being adopted, they “age out” of the system and must move out on their own. Teens who go to college do not receive an extra stipend, as they will get scholarship money. Teens who do not go to college will receive $2,000 to rent an apartment or a room in the flop house. This is paid for by the neighborhood’s tax money.

      Adoption Process

      When any of the Sims in the neighborhood want to adopt, they will visit the Orphanage. The first teen, child, toddler, or baby they interact with is the one they will adopt. I use the Sim Blender to facilitate the adoption (see my video tutorial on how to adopt townies for more information).

      Same-sex couples who roll the want for a child and Sims who have tried for baby unsuccessfully three times are eligible to adopt.

  1. Thank you so much for uploading this lot, I love it! But the walls are still missing. It’s alright even if it’s weird in neighborhood view I’ll keep using it.

  2. Hey. Love your work. Was just wondering if you could help me to understand how to install 7Z files of lots into my game, downloaded the Sims2clean installer but so confused by it lol. Appreciate your help thanks.

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply! To install zipped files, you need to first install 7zip if you don’t have it already. It’s completely free and you can get it here:
      Next, when you download the file, double click on it to open it. If you’ve never used 7zip to extract files before, you may have to “open with” and look for the program. Once you extract the files from the zipped file, then place them in your downloads folder. There’s a more in-depth tutorial here if you still need help:
      The Clean Installer is optional and you only need it for installing lots or Custom Sims. Installing lots is different from installing custom content. You need to extract the package file and double-click on it. It might take a minute, but the bodyshop installer will appear and install the lot for you. If you want to use the Clean Installer instead of the game installer, you can do that. Either way, this tutorial will help:

  3. This lot will be perfect for the Newson family that’s stuck in my sim bin, also do you plan on making/uploading more houses for Pleasantview I really like this one and how it fits perfectly with the rest of the town.

  4. Thanks to you, now i also want to try it out to giving those Children a loving Home, thank you Cindy. :o) P.S: i really trying to get rid of my bad CC or reinstalling missing CC again, but its harder than i thought. Im using Sims 2 Clean Installer from MooTilda and its a very helpful tool.


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