Sims 2 Pleasantview Cemetery Download

The Sims 2 Pleasantview Cemetery
The Sims 2 Pleasantview Cemetery

Do you need a place to bury your Pleasantview Sims?

The Pleasantview Cemetery has sections for all the main families in Pleasantview – the Goths, Lotharios, Pleasants, Burbs, Brokes, and Dreamers. Plus, there’s extra room at the back for overflow or random Sims.

The small bushes are grave markers, but they can easily be moved around or taken out. This is a very customizable lot. Each family section currently has 16 plots and the two areas in the back have 10 plots each. This is a total of 116 plots, but the markers can be rearranged to accommodate dozens more if you like.

Of course, you could use this cemetery for any ‘hood you want, but I made it with Pleasantview in mind.

NOTE: No custom content was used in the creation of this lot, but I do have The Ultimate Collection. You might not be able to use it if you don’t have all expansions or the UC. If you have any issues installing it, please leave a comment below and let me know.


For a full tour of the property, see my Pleasantview Cemetery speed build video on Youtube.

17 thoughts on “Sims 2 Pleasantview Cemetery Download”

    • I’m sorry Chris! Are you playing on a Mac? I have the Ultimate Collection on PC, so maybe that’s why?

      I will try to remake this lot using Any Game Starter because it doesn’t take me long to build. I’ll reupload and see if that helps. Give me a day or two. 🙂

      • Does this need an expansion pack?? I only got the The Sims 2 regular, and do you have the TS2 expansion pack or ultimate collection??

        • Hi Debbie. I have the Ultimate Collection. I think you should be able to install it since I only used base game items, but I’m not 100% sure. You can try!

      • Hi Cindy! I have recently discovered your blog and love your style of gameplay! I wanted to add this cemetery, as well as the Pleasantview Orphanage to my game, but since I’m running Super Collection on my Mac, the downloads are incompatible. Do you have versions that will work with just base game, or SC? Thank you!

        • Thank you Justin! I’m so sorry. because I have the Ultimate Collection, I am only able to create lots that are compatible with Mansion & Garden stuff. 🙁

    • Hi Kevin. You don’t put these in a folder. You double-click the package file and wait for the dialog box to appear. Then click “Yes” and it will install in your game. 🙂

      • Hi! I just downloaded it and it’s just a package file? It opens with notepad. Do I put it in my downloads folder?

        • Hi Erin! Yes, it’s just a package file but it should not open with notepad. It should open with Body Shop. To install lots in Sims 2, you just double-click and the body shop installer should do the rest.

          If you’ve never installed a custom lot before, you may need to associate the file with body shop by right clicking and choosing “open with” then selecting the body shop installer.

          If you continue to have problems, you can always install with the sims2pack clean installer here:

          Hope that helps!

  1. How does it install? I can’t open the file, it tells me that the specified path does not exist.

  2. Hi Cindy! I wanted to view your family trees and clicked the link in one of your videos, but it brought me to this link instead! Is the family tree link gone?

    • Sorry! I no longer keep up with the family trees and bios on the website as it became too much to deal with.

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