The Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheet

Remember your Sims! Keep track of them in a spreadsheet.

Do you need an easy way to track all your Sims and households in The Sims 2?

This is my personal Sims 2 tracking spreadsheet spreadsheet. You can easily edit it to suit your own game or whatever relevant information you want to track.

I’ve created two versions – Standard and Extended. The standard version tracks all the basic information and the extended one is a little more in-depth.

I’ve found that spreadsheets are a necessity to my gameplay – especially because I play rotationally and often have a large number of households and families in a single neighborhood. I use a separate one for each ‘hood to keep up with all my Sims.

Standard Tracking Spreadsheet

The standard spreadsheet is exactly as demonstrated in my 100 Subscriber Video. It’s the one I use in conjunction with Flash Note and this blog.

Sims 2 Standard Spreadsheet

The standard spreadsheet includes tracking for:

  • Household
  • Name
  • Role
  • Age
  • Zodiac sign
  • Aspiration
  • LTW
  • Career and level
  • Job
  • Hobby
  • Bank account
  • Romantic partner.


Extended Tracking Spreadsheet

The second one is an extended version. It includes more tracking options so you can keep up with everything about your Sims.

Sims 2 Extended Spreadsheet

It contains everything on the standard version plus:

  • College degree
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Skin tone
  • Favorite color
  • Turn-ons and turn-offs
  • Interests


Both versions of the Sims 2 tracking spreadsheet include tabs for your Cemetery to track dead Sims and a Notes tab for random notes and brainstorming.

16 thoughts on “The Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheet”

  1. In the spreadsheet, what if you play a household, and they move to another household in the middle of the rotation?

    • Hi Theo! That’s up to you how you want to handle it. Personally, I only let my Sims get married or move in/out at the end of their rounds to keep everything in sync.

  2. I tried to download the spreadsheet. It shows an excel file extension on dropbox, but after I download it it’s showing a .7z file extension and I’m unable to open it. Any idea what’s causing that???

  3. Hi Cindy,
    What happens if your sims rolls a want to have a baby? Do you do it on the first day of the rotation or wait until the next rotation if they roll it on the 2,3, or 4th day?

    • I try whenever they roll the want. Babies aren’t always born on the same round they try. It’s up to them!

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