Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheets for Basegame Neighborhoods

Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheets

Since I shared my Veronaville tracking spreadsheet in my recent video on setting up neighborhoods, I’ve had a request to share my spreadsheets for all the Sims 2 basegame ‘hoods. So here they are!

This is the method I use to track my households as a rotational player. It makes planning and keeping up with sometimes dozens of individual Sims much easier for me. The spreadsheets include all the information that I personally track, but they are quite easy to edit if you want to add or remove columns. 


Each spreadsheet is populated with the information available at the start of the game for both playable families and Family Bin families for that ‘hood, including:

  • Household Name
  • First and Last Names
  • Role in the Family
  • Age (Child, Adult, Elder, etc.)
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Aspiration
  • Career, Level, and Job
  • Hidden Aspiration Tokens 
  • Gender Preference (if it is anything other than straight)

There are also unpopulated columns for things that are unknown or that you may want to change, depending on your play style. These include:

  • Secondary Aspiration
  • Lifetime Want
  • Hobby and Sub-Hobby
  • Bank Account
  • Generation
  • Partner
  • Notes

You may want to remove some of these, for example if you don’t use secondary aspirations or play using my sub-hobby system. You may also want to add columns if you track things like high school grades, college degrees, turn-ons and turn-offs, or whatever. 

Color Coding

The spreadsheets are also color-coded. All unmarried Sims have a color assigned, based on age. Feel free to remove or change this if you like. This is just the way I like to track because it makes it easier to pair up Sims in different age groups at a glance. 

It’s pretty easy to figure out, but here’s a legend anyway:

  • Baby/Toddler: Blue
  • Child: Orange
  • Teen: Red
  • Adult: Green
  • Elder: Purple


How to Use

The spreadsheets are available via Google Sheets. In order to use them, you need to copy the sheets to your own Google Drive. You can also download the copy and open it with Excel or Open Office if you prefer. 

To make a copy, click “File” in the taskbar at the top right of the screen. Then choose “Make a Copy” from the drop down box. Then you’ll be able to name the document and save it to your own drive. 

Copy Google Sheets

Spreadsheet Links

Following are the links to all three spreadsheets. I also included a completely blank spreadsheet (with just the headings) if you want to use it for custom neighborhoods. 

I hope these help you with tracking your Sims! If you like them, leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheets for Basegame Neighborhoods”

  1. I really appreciate this and the video! I’m using this as a guide for tracking my rotational Test of Time challenge for The Sims 3. The rotational version of the challenge is pretty complicated to get in order, but it’s been worth it 😸

  2. Hi Cindy! I “accidentally” asked you for permission to use the spreadhseet. I already copied and used for my Pleasant View gameplay. Sorry for some kind of spam or anything like that <3

    PS: I love you Youtube channel and your Twitch channel, hugs from Brazil <3

  3. This seriously has made me so very happy, people have told me for years that making excel files to keep track of my sims is crazy so it is so wonderfully validating to see someone else make them, and in such a similar way haha.
    Anyway, thank you!!!


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