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Sims 2 Pleasantview Career Services
Pleasantview Career Services

When my Sims find themselves unemployed and unable to find the job they want via the newspaper or computer, I send them to the local Career Services Center. I place one of these lots in all the neighborhoods I play seriously.

And yes, it IS possible to just cheat them a career, but where’s the fun in that?

I built a Workforce Center for Pleasantview ages ago, but my building skills were pretty sub-par then. This is my attempt to rebuild those old lots and update Pleasantview the way I want it. Going forward, my “building Pleasantview” lots will require CC, since I don’t want to put out something I’m not proud of. (I’ll try to keep it minimal.)

Features & Amenities

Pleasantview Career Services Top Down

This lot includes plenty of computers for job-seekers to use and a job-seeking noticeboard that allows Sims to take a job in any field they want. Complete with vending machines, public bathrooms, and parking lot, it has everything your Sims need to find a new career. 

There’s even a small kids area with toy box in the waiting room if your Sims need to bring the little ones with them. 

Purchase Price: $47,003


You can place this lot anywhere you like (and in any neighborhood you like), but I created it for this spot in Pleasantview:

Pleasantview Career Services Placement

It fits nicely behind the grocery/game store at the Corner of Woodland Drive and the unnamed road. As part of my building Pleasantview series, I plan to fill in this entire block with matching, updated businesses – creating a more modern “downtown” for the neighborhood. 


Pleasantview Career Services Side View

You will need the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection or if you use the disc version, ALL expansions and stuff packs. You’ll also need the following custom content for the lot to look like it does in the pictures:

I built the lot in a clean AnyGame environment and it has never been played. I have play-tested a clone of the lot and found no issues. But as always, please let me know if you find anything. 


I highly recommend you install this lot with Clean Installer and UNCHECK all the custom content – installing ONLY the lot. Download the CC you need from the list above separately. If you don’t, the game will install the CC with long, indecipherable alpha-numeric names in your downloads folder. 

Click the button below to download. If you have trouble with the download, there’s an alternate link below. 


Alternate Download Link: Mediafire

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  1. Hey Cindy,
    I tried to download this the way you even showed how to download lots in your video. But it doesn’t work. Nothing happens with Clean Installer either. Like nothing is happening the way it looks on your video. I need help please.


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