The Sims 2 Pleasantview Church & Cemetery | Lot Download

Sims 2 Pleasantview Church Cemetery
First Pleasantview Church and Cemetery

I built this church and cemetery for use in The Sims 2 Pleasantview. It was created in a similar style as the other community lots and is currently setup to host weddings, receptions, parties, funerals, or whatever gatherings you like.

You could also remodel for a more religious type of church with pews, a pulpit, religious symbols, etc. Right now, it’s more like a wedding chapel with an attached cemetery. 


Pleasantview Church Neighborhood View
Pleasantview Church Neighborhood View

Built on a medium-sized 3×3 lot, I like to place it behind Brandi’s trailer in Pleasantview. But of course, you can place it anywhere you like. It also fits nicely behind the shops on Main Street or along the highway on the edge of town. 

I like to place it with room to expand. If I ever need a larger cemetery, I’ll use the lot adjuster to make the lot larger in the back. Then I’ll make the cemetery larger and add more to the grounds/gardens. 

Features & Amenities

Pleasantview Church Main Hall
Pleasantview Church Main Hall

The main hall has enough seating for 16 guests, but you could easily add more if you wanted a larger wedding. The reception hall can seat 12 people at a time – including bar seats. Here’s everything that’s included with the church:

  • Wedding arch and seating for 16 guests
  • Piano (have a creative Sim play for the ceremony)
  • Entry way with extra seating if needed
  • Men’s and Women’s bathrooms
  • Reception hall includes bar, wedding cake, champagne, and seating for 12
  • Parking lot with five parking spots
  • Cemetery with ample space for burials


The lot was created in a clean Any Game Starter environment. 

No CC was used, but I do have The Ultimate Collection. It’s possible you may need the UC or at least Mansion and Garden Stuff to use this lot. I can’t be sure because I have no way to test it. You’ll also need Celebration Stuff (if you don’t have UC), as the wedding arch, seating, and much of the decor comes from this pack. 

Recommended Mods

This lot is ready to play and requires no mods at all. However, I do have a few recommendations to get the most out of your gameplay:

  • Decorative Parking Spaces Mod β€“ Place the decorative parking spaces over the parking spots already on the lot. 
  • Park in the Car Park Mod β€“ Allows your Sim to actually park in the parking lot instead of on the street. I recommend both of these mods for all lots with parking lots.
  • Community Lot Parties – Allows you to throw parties (like weddings and funerals) at community lots.
  • Wedding Mat – Allows you to have bridesmaids in your wedding. 
  • Working Pulpit – Originally from Retail Sims and reuploaded to my SFS. Sims can “preach” from the pulpit and other Sims will gather around to listen to the “sermon.”
  • Decorative Gravestones – If you don’t want your cemetery to look empty before you fill it up with real graves. You can also get these defaults to match. 

More Images

Here are some more pics from various angles:

Download Lot

UPDATE 08/05/2020: The lot was originally zoned as Residential. I have updated it to a Community Lot. If you downloaded prior to 08/05 and don’t want to re-download, use the cheat “changelotzoning community.” Save and exit to neighborhood.

Click the link below to download the lot for your own game. To install, extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the Sims 2 package file. You can also use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer if you prefer (recommended).


Alternate Download Link: Mediafire

I hope you enjoy the lot and may your Sims have many happy weddings there!

15 thoughts on “The Sims 2 Pleasantview Church & Cemetery | Lot Download”

  1. Hi Cindy I tried installing the church using your video to install lots and when I downloaded the file it wasn’t a pack 2 file and I cannot use the clean installer to download it. Could somebody help me understand where I went wrong?

  2. Hey πŸ™‚
    I tried to move gravestones from my family to the cemetry (communitylot). When I visit the with a Sim lot I see them on the line between street and the sidewalk, but when I want to relocate the gravestones in buymode I can’t see them.
    How can I fix this?

    • I’ve never had this happen personally, but I would try running Hood Checker. That will sometimes fix issues with gravestones. The best way to move graves is to put them in a Sim’s inventory, have the Sim visit the cemetery lot, then click on the ground and choose “place grave here.” Then you can leave, and go to build/buy mode and the grave will be there for you to move around if you want.

  3. Hey Cindy,
    No idea if you can help with this or not – you’re just my go-to for solving sims 2 issues!!
    I’ve just noticed that all of my graves from my rotational play in Pleasantview are missing? I’ve been playing long enough (with clean template) for premades like Mortimer and Brandi (and a safely resurrected Skip!) to die, and all of their graves have vanished? I recall moving pre-deceased like Darleen and Michael to your church lot some time ago as well as the gaggle of Goth ancestors, and certainly have not deleted them.

    I’ve followed a tutorial online to restore SOME of the deceased and respawn their tombstones (using sim blender>teleport>default>sim to fix then using the batbox shift clicking>item>respawn tombstone. For whatever reason I can’t relocate Mortimer and all of his ancestors with exception of Frida and Prudence?
    Some ancestors are now showing as blank portraits in the family tree. It seems very bizarre that it would be a mix of both sims deceased before playing and sims deceased during play?

    Interestingly, if I go to Gothier Green Lawns in downtown, the Tricou graves are all accounted for, likewise with the House of Fallen Trees?

    Any advice would be massively appreciated – I don’t really NEED the graves, I just don’t want the abundance of issues I can expect with broken character files and missing tombstones!

    • Hi! Do you have the ‘No Unlink on Delete’ mod? I would highly recommend you download it if not. Your character files will not be broken if the game deletes tombstones and you don’t have to worry about corruption as long as you have this mod. If you do have it, you’re fine. If you don’t have it, you might be screwed. It worries me that you’re seeing blank portraits in the family trees.

  4. Hello, Cindy! Please tell me, can this and any other your houses be added in shared neighborhoods? With appropriate link to post of course.
    Best wishes. Viktor.

  5. Hi, Cindy. I held a wedding for one of my sims last night, and the guests left immediately after the wedding rather than stay for the rest of the party. (Also couldn’t get the Visitor Controller to keep random townies from walking in.) In the end, only the bride’s brother remained. Everyone else–including parents–left the lot. Might be a mod conflict (I DL-ed and installed the community lot parties mod you linked). I thought I’d ask you if you have any ideas first since you’re still active in the community and many of those who wrote the mods have long since disappeared. (I probably did something wrong, but figured it was worth an ask! The church is gorgeous, btw!)

    • If I remember correctly, you need to setup a Group through the phone (manage groups) and put all the wedding members into the group. Then invite them for an outing at the chapel. I have a lot of issues with community lot parties, so I’ve changed to making my church residential and having the priest invite everyone over for a party.

  6. hi! im trying to intall it but my computer asks me to choose an app to open the file and i have no idea what to do. I have windows 10 and i’m new to cc, please help?

  7. Cindy,
    I downloaded the ‘extras’, but where is the wedding mat and how do you use it? I realized I had the parking downloads, but never have used them because I didn’t know how to. I followed the directions with them and hopefully that will work. Also, I have fake graves in cc, but maybe others would want to download some. Maybe
    add in that as a suggested download. Thanks for this! Love it!

    • Hey Mary! The wedding mat can be found in the Party Section of the catalog for $900. It looks like a red rug with two rings on it. (There’s a semi-invisible recolor.) You just place it down wherever you want your Sims to get married. It’s supposed to take the place of the wedding arch. I usually place it in front of the pulpit. Then click on it and choose “Get Married” when you’re ready. Any female relatives will come up to be bridesmaids automatically.
      And good idea about the decorative gravestones!

    • Hey πŸ™‚
      I downloadet it and tried to open it with the Sims Bodyshop but there was no reaction in the Bodyshop and I cant find it in the game.
      Did I do something wrong?

      • You’ll need to double-click the sims 2 package file that you downloaded and wait a minute for the installer to appear. If you’re having trouble, I recommend using the Sims2pack Clean Installer. You can download it from MTS. Good luck!


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