Sims 2 Asylum Lot Download ~ Use with Asylum Challenge

Sims 2 Asylum Challenge Lot

I built this lot for my recent Sims 2 asylum challenge (streamed on Twitch), and had several requests to make it available for download. So here you go!

This lot is meant to be used with my asylum challenge rules, but could be used for any other rules or challenges you like. 

Features & Amenities

The asylum is a run-down dump. It’s creepy, old, overgrown, and unkempt. It could easily be made nicer if you want a more upscale asylum. I prefer mine grungy. 

Here’s everything included in the lot:

  • Parking lot for visitors
  • Space for ambulance or van parking
  • Fenced “garden” area in the back
  • Five patient rooms with single beds
  • Activity room for patients with TV, radio, easel
  • Stove, fridge, and two counters for food prep
  • Seating for six – four chairs and a loveseat
  • Single bathroom with tub, toilet, sink

Purchase Price: $45,446

Not much to it, but it has everything required for the challenge. Ready to move in your eight Sims and start playing immediately!

Sims 2 Asylum Challenge Side
Asylum Lot Side view


No CC. I took out all the custom content I used in my Twitch Stream. It’s ready for you to remodel with your own CC, or just use it as-is!

I have the Ultimate Collection, so you will most likely need the UC or all expansion and stuff packs for this lot to work properly. I only used items from the base game. 

Sims 2 Asylum Top Floor
Top Floor Activity Room


Although not required (and not included), the following mods and CC will make this lot more realistic. I recommend these for all community lots.

Sims 2 Asylum Bottom Floor
Bottom Floor Patient Rooms


Click the link below to download the lot for your own game. To install, extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the Sims 2 package file. You can also use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer if you prefer.


Alt Download Link: Mediafire

If you download the lot, leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

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