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Sims 2 Strip Mall Community Lot Download

I created this Strip Mall for Strangetown, but it would work for any desert neighborhood. It’s decorated with cacti. But if you wanted it for a non-desert town, you could just remove the landscaping.

It includes a pet store, restaurant, clothing store, and grocery store. Some CC required (linked below). More images at the bottom of the post. 

Features & Amenities

The pet store (Claws ‘N’ Paws), restaurant (Fork ‘N’ Spoon), clothing store (Bella’s Boutique), and grocery store (Corner Grocery) all come fully equipped to function as NPC-run shops. Includes parking, public bathrooms, and vending machines. 

You could have a Sim purchase this lot, but it would take a lot of employees to run. I created the strip mall for players who don’t want to run the businesses themselves and just want a place for playable Sims to shop. 

This lot will spawn NPCs, so it’s probably not ideal for an integrated neighborhood. But if you’re just playing a normal ‘hood and need a quick shopping stop for your Sims, it works great. 


I have the Ultimate Collection and I used items from (probably) all the expansion and stuff packs. You will AT LEAST need Pets, Open for Business, Nightlife, Apartment Life, and Mansion & Garden Stuff for this lot to function properly.

For the best experience you’ll need the UC or ALL expansion and stuff packs. 

You’ll also need the following custom content: 

The following mod is optional but recommneded:

  • Ceiling Light Fix (So lights appear as they do in the screenshots and not hanging below the ceiling.)

I built the lot in a clean AnyGame environment and it has never been played. I have play-tested a clone of the lot and found no issues. But watch out for Sims with low hygiene – they may try to bathe in the dog bath. 


I highly recommend you install this lot with Clean Installer and UNCHECK all the custom content – installing ONLY the lot. Then download the CC you need from the list above separately. If you don’t, the game will install the CC with long, indecipherable alpha-numeric names in your downloads folder. 

Click the button below to download. If you have trouble with the download, there’s an alternate link below. 


Alternate Download Link – Mediafire

To install, unzip the package to your desktop. Then right-click on the package file and choose “Open With > “Sims2Pack Clean Installer.” If you don’t have or choose not to use the clean pack installer, you can simply double-click on the package file and wait for the Sims 2 installer to appear.

8 thoughts on “Desert Sands Strip Mall | Sims 2 Community Lot”

  1. Hi Cindy, I can’t seem to download the Simlish Parking Lot Signs, it says the blog has been removed. Do you maybe have another download link?

  2. Hello Cindy I love your rules, but you have not thought about creating a thematic neighborhood like medieval and incorporating your rules thanks

  3. Hi Cindy, it’s a me again.. sorry to bother you, but the “Vintage Food Ads” is no more downloadable from the link and the “Basic Shelves” on Mega you uploaded includes only a picture in a folder. -Attila

    • Hi Atilla! Sorry about that. I have updated the links to the shelves and Vintage Food Ads. You can now download both sets from my MediaFire account. Let me know if you have any issues. And thanks for letting me know!

      • Thank you .. it’s not so tragic, by all the things you do at once (that’s a lot) something like this can always happen. So.. you don’t have to apologize. 🙂

      • Hello Cindy I love your rules, but you have not thought about creating a thematic neighborhood like medieval and incorporating your rules thanks


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