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Aspirations Sims 2 Premade Sims

Since publishing the Sims 2 secondary aspiration calculator, I’ve had a few requests for a list of the secondary aspirations for The Sims 2 premades (specifically Pleasanview).

I know a list like this could be helpful if you use my secondary aspiration system and you don’t want to calculate for every single Sim manually. I think it would also be useful for the serial neighborhood restarters out there (me included). 

So here is the list for all three basegame neighborhoods. I am using SimPE data from a fresh version of the clean templates when calculating aspirations. I don’t know if they’re different in the original ‘hoods, but I wouldn’t think so. 


  • I am including ONLY adult Sims, since I don’t personally give teen Sims secondary aspirations. Their interests may change from teen to adult, and since I use an interest-based calculation, teen aspirations would most likely not be accurate. 
  • If a Sim’s secondary aspiration is the same as their primary, I am listing the next highest calculated aspiration in parentheses. This way, you can do whatever you want with the data. 
  • If there is a tie between two aspirations, I will separate them with a dash like this: Family–Knowledge. You can choose the one you like best or roll a die to pick. 

Also, please note that a Sim’s interests can change over time. Reading magazines changes interests. They can also change through the “share interests” social interaction. And in Freetime, they can change by gaining or losing enthusiasm in certain hobbies. This list is for secondary aspirations at the time the game starts. If you give your Sims secondary aspirations later in life, you may have to recalculate.

Pleasantview Aspirations

Household Sim Primary Secondary
BROKE Brandi Broke Family Romance
BURB John Burb Family Romance
BURB Jennifer Burb Fortune Romance
CALIENTE Nina Caliente Romance Pleasure
CALIENTE Dina Caliente Fortune Pleasure
DREAMER Darren Dreamer Knowledge Knowledge (Pleasure)
GOTH Mortimer Goth Knowledge Family–Knowledge
GOTH Cassandra Goth Family Knowledge
LOTHARIO Don Lothario Romance Romance (Popularity)
OLDIE Coral Oldie Family Romance
OLDIE Herb Oldie Romance Romance (Popularity)
PLEASANT Daniel Pleasant Romance Fortune
PLEASANT Mary-Sue Pleasant Fortune Knowledge

Strangetown Aspirations

Household Sim Primary Secondary
BEAKER Loki Beaker Knowledge Knowledge–Family
BEAKER Circe Beaker Fortune Pleasure
BEAKER Nervous Subject Family Pleasure
CURIOUS Vidcund Curious Knowledge Knowledge (Family)
CURIOUS Pascal Curious Knowledge Knowledge–Romance
CURIOUS Lazlo Curious Knowledge Pleasure
GRUNT Buzz Grunt Popularity Fortune
LONER Ajay Loner Fortune Popularity
SINGLES Lola Curious Fortune Fortune (Romance–Knowledge)
SINGLES Chloe Curious Romance Romance (Family)
SINGLES Kristen Loste Fortune Fortune (Romance–Knowledge)
SINGLES Erin Beaker Popularity Pleasure
SMITH Pollination Tech #9 Smith Family Popularity
SMITH Jenny Smith Family Romance
SPECTER Olive Specter Knowledge Pleasure–Fortune

Veronaville Aspirations

Household Sim Primary Secondary
CAPP Consort Capp Fortune Fortune (Family)
CAPP Regan Capp Fortune Fortune (Romance)
CAPP Cornwall Capp Fortune Fortune–Romance
CAPP Goneril Capp Fortune Fortune (Family)
CAPP Albany Capp Family Fortune
CAPP Kent Capp Knowledge Pleasure
MONTY Patrizio Monty Family Fortune
MONTY Isabella Monty Family Romance
MONTY Antonio Monty Knowledge Knowledge (Fortune)
MONTY Bianca Monty Family Pleasure
SUMMERDREAM Titania Summerdream Family Romance–Pleasure
SUMMERDREAM Oberon Gossamer Knowledge Pleasure–Fortune

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  1. Hey Cindy! Thank you for making this, I’ve just started watching your videos and am already a huge fan! 🙂

    I noticed you accidentally missed Erin Singles, just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Do sims interests change over time? I give my sims their secondary aspiration when they’re 40 (as a midlife crisis) using your calculator, and, for example, in my Pleasantview Cassandra is secondary pleasure and Darren is secondary romance.

    • Yes, they can change over time depending on the activities they do. Reading magazines, for example, changes interests. They can also change through the “share interests” social interactions. And in Freetime, they can be changed by gaining or losing enthusiasm in certain hobbies. This list is for their secondary aspirations at the time the game starts. If you give them later, you may have to recalculate.

  3. Hi Cindy! Hope I don’t come off sounding rude. Would you consider making a video/post covering in-game activities that lead to the corruption of neighborhood and ways to fix them? Lately I’ve been finding out that there are many essential function in the game can cause neighborhood corruption, such as: deleting family from the family bin, putting a lot with family in it back in to the lot bin, deleting tombstones, adding multiple downtown subhoods and/or vacational subhoods, etc..

    I apologize in advance if my comment sound confusing or rude, because English isn’t my first language. 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I will add this to my list of topics. 🙂
      And no, it didn’t sound rude at all!

  4. You are single-handedly keeping this game alive. And providing newly joined players with all the info. I am so glad you are making this content

    • In your game, you can make the secondary aspirations anything you want. The aspirations in this post are calculated by my personal system of choosing secondary aspirations based on interests. This post is for people who play using my system/gameplay rules. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Cindy! I love your posts!
    So, I whant to know ifo you know the aspirations of the other premade sims, like sims of Riverblossom hills, belladonna cove, etc.
    I’m trying give everyone a secondary aspiration because a play with all neighborhoods as sub hoods. is getting exhaustive! hahah

    • I don’t give my teen Sims secondary aspirations. Their interests may change when they become adults. 🙂

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