Sims 2 Custom Content Sites List (Maxis Match)

These are the best Sims 2 Custom Content Sites & Creators - find Maxis Match CC for clothes, furniture, hairstyles, skins and eyes, build and buy mode, and more.
The Best Sims 2 custom content Sites for hair, clothing, furniture, and more!

These are my most favorite Sims 2 custom content sites and creators. Most of the CC you see in my Let’s Play videos come from these links. I play with a Maxis Match style, so these links are primarily MM. Many are still regularly updated with brand new CC!

Some of these sites were hard to categorize because they offer multiple types of downloads. I placed them in the categories of CC I like the most from each site. Some were so good at different things I had to place them in two categories. But I tried to keep overlap to a minimum. Be sure to check them all out!

General CC Sites

  • Garden of Shadows – A forum site filled with CC of all kinds. Many amazing creators share their stuff here.
  • LeeFish – Offers a variety of custom content and mod downloads, also home of the graphics rules maker. 
  • Mod the Sims – My favorite site for mods and Maxis match custom content.
  • N99 Forums – Another awesome place to find Maxis match custom content.
  • Parsimonious – Lots of beautiful furniture, clothing, walls and floors, terrains, makeup, accessories, pretty much some of everything. Large selection.
  • Sims 2 Default Database – Default replacements for the hideous Maxis stuff. I used this site to replace most of the awful base game clothing.
  • Sims Cave – This site is one of my go-to’s for finding new Sims 2 cc. The forum is updated weekly with all the newly released content scoured from around the web. Both realistic and Maxis match styles are represented. Go to TS2 Updates for the most recent finds and the Updates Archive for older stuff.   

Buy & Build Mode

  • Around The Sims 2 – Sometimes abbreviated as ATS. This site has tons of beautiful objects, lots of clutter, retail and build mode sets, and sets for every room.
  • Buggy’s Retreat – The absolute highest quality furnishings for your Sim homes. Highly recommended!
  • Feenwald (Fairy Forest) – A German site with loads of beautiful furniture and build sets, and some nice Medieval stuff if you’re interested in that.
  • Gingers’s Crazy About Sims – Lots of really nice cars and vehicles, plus some plants and other stuff. 
  • Holy Simoly – Pages upon pages of build sets and furniture. Really great stuff here from this classic site. A few clothing items too.
  • Honeywell’s Downloads – Amazing buy and build mode stuff, including the beautiful Bespoke Build set; walls, objects, mods, neighborhood deco, lots, and more. 
  • iCad’s Tumblr – Lots of different downloads, but my favorites are the build mode items. Doors, windows, and walls – oh my! 
  • Muupi’s Tumblr – Colorful build and buy mode objects – wall hangings, bedding, and more. Plus, makeup defaults (these are the ones I use in my game).
  • Plumbob Keep – The Sims 2 Middle Ages custom content. Also has some stuff that could be incorporated into other types of ‘hoods like Poverty Challenge or even BACC ‘hoods.
  • Poppet’s Tumblr – Lots of gorgeous build and buy mode stuff, plus clothing and hairs. 
  • Retail Sims – Amazing sets for retail shops of all kinds including grocery store, liquor store, cigar shop, ice cream shop, purse shop, Pagan shop, fabric shop, and many more.
  • Sims2Play Archive – One of my favorite sites for awesome furniture sets and objects.
  • Veranka’s TS2 Downloads – Tons of amazing furniture sets for all rooms, build and buy mode objects, and conversions.


  • Antkas Defaults – Beautifully done default replacement clothing. Most of my defaults come from here or Lottie Sims. No updates since 2015, but a large catalog to search through. 
  • Artemida-Sims Tumblr – Lots of great MM clothes, also lovely hairs, defaults, and some objects. 
  • DeeDee-Sims – Gorgeous Maxis match clothing, objects, conversions, and recolors.
  • Fanseelamb’s Tumblr – True Maxis Match hairs and a lot of nice everyday clothing.
  • Frottana’s Tumblr – Beautiful clothing, lots, and even Sims. I adore her clothing though. Check it out.
  • Grunge Finds – A Tumblr filled with grungy, gothic, alternative, apocalyptic or even Halloween things for your sims 2 game.
  • Keoni’s Tumblr – Fantastic Maxis Match hairs, clothing, and defaults. Still regularly updates. 
  • Lemon Lion – Gorgeous custom content and defaults, mostly in an alternative style, but she does have some “normal” stuff worth digging for.
  • Leyasun’s Tumblr – Very colorful clothing, furniture, and other objects.
  • Lottie Sims – Very well-done default replacement clothing. Many of my defaults come from here. She has moved on to The Sims 4, but there’s still lots to download from her previous work. 
  • Maxis Match Repository – Its purpose is to take all Maxis based custom content for The Sims 2, cut the files down to minimal size, and make them blend seamlessly with your game files. Lots of great clothing for all ages and genders.
  • MisoMoso Sims – Some of the best clothing I’ve ever seen for The Sims 2. Lots of stuff for male Sims, which we always need more of. No recent updates, but plenty there to download.
  • Moocha’s Muses – Lovely clothing and conversions from TS4, buy mod objects (love the posters), lots, and more. 
  • Needlecream’s Tumblr – Clothing and objects. Not as much content as some of the other sites, but still worth checking out.
  • Rented Space’s Tumblr – Lots of amazing clothing and hair. Still regularly updates. 
  • Simcat81 – Beautiful default replacements for Maxis clothing.
  • Sims & Stuff – So many amazing clothes for all ages (plus a lot of shiny hairs if you like those).
  • What the Skell – Still regularly updates with cute clothes and other objects. See also the Maxis Match Repository above. 
  • YanderePlumSims – A Tumblr featuring lots of cute clothes plus some very nice hairs, lots, and objects.

Hair, Skin & Eyes

I have experimented with a lot of default hairs over the course of my Youtube Career (as I’m sure you’ve seen if you watch my gameplay videos). But I always come back to true Maxis Match. My favorite place to find hair is Mod the Sims. Here are my favorite Maxis Match hair creators:

The following sites are not as Maxis Match as the ones above, although if you stick with a single style, they look pretty good in-game.

  • Dread Pirate’s Tumblr – Beautiful hair and eyes, plus various skin blends, Sims you can download and more.
  • Keoni’s Tumblr – Fantastic Maxis Match hairs, clothing, and defaults. Her default hairs match the ones from Mikexx2 and the Jellybeanery. (She’s so good, I had to put her in two categories.) 
  • Lilith’s Tumblr – Stunning hairs, makeup, skins, and more to make your Simmies beautiful.
  • Mikexx2’s Tumblr – The same hair system used by Dreadpirate and the Jellybeanery using Remi’s Textures and Pooklet’s Natural Colors. Other downloads available here too including colorful wall decor, makeup, and conversions.
  • Pooklet’s Tumblr – So many amazing things here, but my favorites are the face templates, eyes, and skins.
  • Poppet’s Tumblr – Another Tumblr that requires placement in two different categories. Beautiful MM hairs that all match each other plus eyebrows. 
  • Peppermint & Ginger – Beautiful default replacement and custom hairs, eyebrows, eyes, and some cute clothes.


  • Cyjon’s Sims 2 Mods – Lots of amazing Sims 2 mods, including a lot of fixes for annoying things in the game. I have dozens of these mods in my game. Very well organized, too.
  • Hexagonal Bipyramid – Creator of the Sims 2 Traits Project (review coming to my channel soon) and many other awesome mods. 
  • MidgeTheTree – This creator is so awesome at creating new and useful mods for The Sims 2. Lot of fixes and things that just make the game better to play. She also has some skins and other things available. I find her LiveJournal to be better organized.
  • More Awesome Than You (MATY) – This site can be a little intimidating, but there’s no denying the wealth of awesome and useful mods you can find there. 
  • Pick’N’Mix Mods – Several really great mods including some of my most loved mods – the thought bubble controller and the salary bonus scheme.
  • Simbology – Home of Two Jeff’s Mods (including Sim Blender and ACR), plus a lot of archived older mods from Simwardrobe and other defunct sites. 
  • Simlogical – Fantastic and creative mods for your game including a prison and school system, auto drapes, teleportation mods, money, aging, fixes, and much more. Highly recommended. 
  • Simnopke – Lots of awesome newer mods that enhance gameplay and a few CC items too (including custom sliders for CAS). 

Neighborhood Deco

  • Criquette Was Here – The best Tumblr around for unique Neighborhood Deco including things like trees, fences, hedges, boats and piers, embankments, walkways, buildings, and more!
  • The Great Cheesecake Persona – Get skylines, place-able cliffs, and fields, barns, and more to make your neighborhoods look amazing. Great rural-themed stuff.


I also pin The Sims 2 custom content on my Pinterest page as I download it. I’m working on going back and pinning all the awesome finds you see in my videos. Follow me there to see all my recent CC finds with some older stuff sprinkled in when I have time.

The Ultimate List of The Sims 2 Custom Content Sites. The best places to find clothing, hairstyles, furniture, decor, outfits, and more. Mostly Maxis Match CC, but some alpha included too.

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    • Thank you! And I agree, that’s a great site! Someday I’m gonna update this list because there are a lot more I need to add!

  1. Hey Cindy, thanks for the helpful posts! I’m probably late to the party, but I just realised now, that when I try to use the affinity sims website, it says they have no sims 2 content. 🙁

    • Hmm. That is strange! I just checked and you’re right. It shows hundreds of items in the lists, but nothing is showing up. I will remove them from the list!

  2. Hello Cindy,
    First of all, thank you for your work.

    I recently came across a very intresting set of downloads: it is all the CC created by Maxis!

    Here’s the link:

    From what I understood (english is not my native language), all those items were once available (I guess not for free) on the official Maxis/EA website. The website shut down so you can’t google those items easily anymore.

    You can find TV, tables, clothes, cars, ect…
    Most of them look amazing, I love them since they were made by Maxis.
    Some looks weird though lol
    I don’t know if you already knew about it, but I thought I could share it with you and everyone that is following you 🙂 .

  3. I am going to go crazy with these sites.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to find the right stuff to take me from the 50s to the present of the Sims 2. I’m playing in a past Pleasantview with ancestors of the Sims and ancestors of mine.

    If you put The Sims 1 in 2000 (the year EA/Maxis released the game), then The Sims 2 is 2025, and The Sims 3 (era) is 25 years prior in 1975 (which matches nicely with the 70s, 80s, and 90s Pack). If Mortimer is younger than 13 in 1975 with a week before his birthday, he was born in 1962. Mortimer’s father, Gunther, was alive when his grandson, Alexander, was born. Alexander has 13 days before he is a teenager in 2025, meaning that he was born in 2012.

    Now, I don’t think Gunther dropped dead the second Alexander was born, so maybe died a few years later in 2015? Who knows. This dating thing is based entirely on TS1 being firmly in 2000 (February to be exact) and is altogether fanonical and not canonical. Gunther had 17 days in his elder stage when he died, and apparently, he died in a fire. This information is all from

    I will have Gunther as a teenager in the early to mid-50s with his family and anyone else. And it works with putting my family in the game because my mom’s dad was born in 1942, meaning he’d be a child when Gunther was a teenager.

    About “era,”: I believe that TS3 is also an alternate past and the exact past of TS4. In the game, there’s a book written by Alexander Goth called, “Where’s Bella?” Yes, it’s a playoff of “Where’s Waldo,” but it’s still a book written by someone who wouldn’t be born for years.

    Essentially, I believe that Alexander went back in time to save his mother from being abducted by aliens but travelled too far back. I think he’s why there are smartphones and modernish computers in TS3 that contradict the old computers and early cellphones in TS2.

    I’m sorry for the essay, but at least I used Grammarly even though Grammarly sucks sometimes.

  4. Thanks for the lists. They are very useful, but I can’t find anything on the custom food you use. 🙂

  5. Heya! I was wondering if you knew any cc creators that make a more sims 2 looking maxis match instead of an alpha cc clayified type of hair. I understand if you don’t know because its extremely hard to find in my opinion >.< Also thank you for the maxis clothes I love these sites!

  6. Oh, my… I recently installed TS2 again, after a bit more than a couple of year and I was looking on Pinterest some stuff to update my Downloads folder hehehe, that’s how I got here.
    I’m really surprised there are still some of us who like and play this game. Even more when I saw your latest post (2 days ago). Thank you so much for this list.

    • Hi Ana! There is still a fairly large and active Sims 2 community, believe it or not! We have over 700 members in the Discord Server right now. I’m happy you’ve found us and glad I could help! 🙂

  7. Very helpful! This list is a great starting point for modding in TS2. Plenty of people recommend newbies this page. Your posts are excellent and an example of how great and collaborative The Sims Community is. (: Thank you, a lot.

  8. Hello Cindy, it’s me Rachel. Look I love that curtains that match the sims bed (when you use in debra’s bed), where can I find please, I try everything to find that stupid curtains and they doesn’t apear. Can yoou please give me the link?

    • Hi Hendrick! Thanks for the suggestion! I was using Spooky Muffin’s Lighting mod, but I found that I didn’t really like it after playing for a while. It’s on my to-do list to find another one, so I’ll check this one out when I get a chance. 🙂

  9. Hi Cindy! I was wondering if you take suggestions of CC/mod makers? If so, midgethetree at tumblr has some really cool (and simply convenient) mods, like some really neat default werewolf skins (+werecats!) correlated with hair color, a mod that removes the water spurting fx from plumbing, plus some conversions and recolors! It’s definitely worth a look! 🙂

    • Hi Swifty! Yes, I absolutely do take suggestions! I’m always looking for new creators.

      I LOVE Midgethetree. I haven’t put her on this list because I mostly see her as a mod creator, but I think you’re right. She probably does need to be added. I will put her under general CC in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. I would love to see a tutorial about how you organize your custom content. I have some and I want more but I know I will throw it all together and it will be a mess.
    Thanks and love your channel.


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