The Sims 2 Toddler CC: Best Sites for Clothes & Hair

Best Sims 2 Toddler CC

In The Sims 2, toddlers are often neglected when it come to custom content – or at least there seems to be a lot less CC out there than for teen and adult Sims. But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Here are my top picks for the best toddler CC resources (all Maxis Match of course).

Please note that there is A LOT of good Toddler CC out there and I couldn’t possibly list every single piece in this single post. I tried to focus on sites that are high quality, easy to navigate, and don’t require too much digging to find the actual content.

Get your downloads folder ready!

Fake Peeps on MTS

Fake Peeps Sims 2 Toddler CC

You can’t think of toddler CC in The Sims 2 without thinking of Fake Peeps – a prolific creator on Mod the Sims who created some of the absolute best CC clothing for children, toddlers, and babies that I’ve ever seen. I have nearly everything she’s ever made in my game.

At the time of this writing, she has 58 downloads for babies and toddlers – with many of them including multiple outfits and varieties. Best of all, they’re in a beautiful Maxis-Match style. I highly recommend Fake Peeps as the number one resource for toddler clothing.

Click here to view her selection of toddler clothes on Mod the Sims.

Purplepaws Strawberry Patch Collection

Sims 2 Toddler CC - Outerwear
Sims 2 Toddler CC - Outerwear 2

I adore Purplepaws’ Strawberry Patch collection of toddler clothes. She also makes some nice children’s clothing in the same collection if you’re in the market for that. While they may look a little less Maxis Match than the others on this site, I find that they blend in very well with my MM game.

I especially love the outerwear (pictured above) and the pajamas. She even made some cute little undies.

Her website was shutdown long ago, but she uploaded all of her outfits to Mod the Sims…12 years ago. Wow. While these might be older creations, they are well-made. Click here to view the Strawberry Patch Collection and add these adorable clothes to your toddler’s wardrobe.

Alien pod’s Tumblr

The Sims 2 to 4 Toddler Conversion
The Sims 2 Toddler PJ CC
The Sims 2 Toddler CC Alienpod

Looking for some cute default replacements and Sims 2 to 4 conversions? Look no further than Alien pod’s Tumblr downloads.

At the time of this writing, the first page of her downloads tag features numerous toddler CC clothes including everyday, outerwear, pajamas, and more. Many of them are conversions from The Sims 4. Keep scrolling through her downloads to find more.

Some of the clothes are defaults and some are not. If you like a default replacement but would rather use it as a non-default, just follow the links in each post to the custom versions and download those instead. Alien pod is very good about linking to the originals.

GrayDragonfly on TSR

Toddler CC Unisex Sims 2
The Sims 2 Unisex Toddler CC
Sims 2 Toddler CC Unisex

I know you may hate TSR because of the aggressive ads, but there’s really a lot of great TS2 content on the site if you can look past it (or if you don’t mind paying $4 a month for a VIP membership – which is what I do).

One of my favorite creators on TSR for Maxis Match toddler clothes is GrayDragonfly. She’s created a variety of unisex toddler CC outfits for both everyday and outerwear. I especially love the little overalls and sweaters. Click here to view her creations.

Fanseelamb on Tumblr & MTS

The Sims 2 Toddler CC - Hair

If you’re a fan of Maxis Match CC, you’re probably familiar with Fanseelamb. But did you know that most of their beautiful MM hairs are also made for toddlers? Fanseelamb is one of the only creators I’ve ever found that makes TRUE Maxis Match hairs – and they are very well done.

I have all of the Fanseelamb hairs in my game and my toddlers use them all the time – as well as my children, teens, and adults.

Check out the hair downloads on Tumblr. In addition, Fanseelamb has also created some really cute toddler clothing for male toddlers. You can find them on MTS. There are only a few outfits, but they are well worth adding to your game.

Layana’s Toddler Hair Conversions

Almost all the hair in Sims 2 has been converted for toddlers by Layana on Mod The Sims – including many of the hat hairs. I use a lot of these in my game because they’re truly Maxis Match and add variety to the available toddler hairs.

Click here to view Layana’s creations. Here first few downloads (by date) include a bunch of different hairs from the base game and expansion styles are added later. They’re all worth downloading if you feel like you don’t have enough hair for your little ones and you like Maxis Match CC.

The Sims 2 Default Database

Sims 2 Default Database

This list would not be complete without mentioning The Sims 2 Default Database. Look here for default replacement clothing for your toddlers. But wait! It’s even a useful site if you don’t use defaults.

How, you ask? Well, when you click on an outfit, you’ll see a lot of different choices for defaults. Click on one to go to the website where it’s hosted. Then look around at the website to see if there are other things there worth downloading.

Or better yet, look for links to the original CC before it was made into a default – most sites will list this. I’ve found a ton of new blogs, tumblrs, and CC creators using this method.

Pleasant Sims on Pinterest

Pleasant Sims on Pinterest

I have Pinterest boards for Maxis Match Female Toddler CC and Male Toddler CC in everyday, formal, sleepwear, and outerwear – plus hairs and tons of other Sims 2-related stuff. This is where I pin all of my favorite CC that I find on my CC shopping trips.

I’m always adding more pins to my boards as I find new things. Follow all my boards to keep up with what I pin!

If I find more sites or creators that I feel are a good fit for this list, I will update it in the future. Like I said earlier, I only want to add high-quality sites or creator profiles with plentiful resources that are easy to find without too much digging.

Do you have any favorite sites or creators for The Sims 2 toddler CC? Leave a comment below and let us know!

The Best Sites and Creators for The Sims 2 Toddler CC (Custom Content) Including Clothes & Hair

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