The Sims 2 Strangetown Orphanage Download

The Sims 2 Strangetown Orphanage - Residential Lot Download - Children's Home
Strangetown Orphanage

Do you need a place for your poor orphaned townie children to live? The Strangetown Orphanage is just the place!

This lot is the first installment of the Strangetown Community Lot Project. It isn’t technically a community lot, but it’s needed in the neighborhood for my gameplay rules and it provides a public service, so I’m including it here. It’s classified as a residential lot in-game and can be played as such.

I created this lot to match Strangetown with similar building materials as the ones used in other community lots in the neighborhood. However, it would work well in any ‘hood with a desert terrain.

I also built this lot with the Strangetown townie children in mind. There are five townie children in a vanilla install of Strangetown:

  • Kana Thomason
  • Vicki Hourvitz
  • Camryn McGaw
  • Amin Couderc
  • Samuel Riley

Of  course, you can use this lot however you like.

If you’re interested in how I play my orphanages, you can read my Orphanage Gameplay Rules here.  You can see a full video tour of this lot in my Strangetown Orphanage Livestream.

Strangetown Orphanage Play Area
Outdoor Play Area

Features & Amenities

The lot can be purchased for $109,860. It’s expensive, but it has everything you need for your orphaned Sim children to live a safe, happy life. The lot houses up to five children and two toddlers or babies, plus a full-time caretaker. I like to use a townie with the Knowledge Aspiration to run my Orphanage because they don’t roll wants to get married very often.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Three girls’ bedrooms & two boys’ bedrooms
  • Nursery with two cribs and all the toddler supplies
  • Separate playroom for children
  • Boys & Girls bathrooms and shower rooms
  • Kitchen with cafeteria worker (optional)
  • Dining room with tables and high chairs
  • Apartment with private bath for a caretaker
  • Office for administrative tasks and meeting with prospective parents
  • Outdoor playground with swings, monkey bars, and slide
  • Fully fenced and landscaped yard

I recommend locking the door of your caretaker’s apartment so the children don’t go inside.

Strangetown Orphanage Second Floor
Top Floor


This lot was built with NO custom content in a completely clean environment in Any Game Starter.

I tried to keep it as base game friendly as possible, but I do have the Ultimate Collection. If you don’t have the UC or all expansions and stuff packs, the lot will still work but you may have some missing items.

Strangetown Orphanage Bottom Floor
Bottom Floor


The lot is equipped with a Shiny Tyme Stove, but the cafeteria worker will not spawn on a residential lot without a mod. If you want a cafeteria worker to cook for your little ones, you’ll need to download the Shiny Tyme NPC Everywhere Patch from Simlogical.

No other CC is needed or recommended. The lot is furnished with everything you need to start playing an orphanage, but there’s plenty of room to use your own Custom Content, more hobby items, or whatever you might want.

Download Strangetown Orphanage

Click the button below to download the Strangetown Orphanage. Simply extract and double-click on the Sims 2 package file to install in your game.

Alternate Download Link: Dropbox

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