Doc Alan’s Hangout Bar Only Version: Maxis Lot Makeover (No CC)

Doc Alan's Hangout - Bar Only Version
Doc Alan’s Hangout – Bar Only Version

After creating my original makeover of Doc Alan’s Hangout that included a full restaurant and bar, I didn’t like how it generated six random NPCs to run the restaurant. This isn’t a problem if you intend to have playable Sims own the lot (or if you don’t care about random Sims).

But I do care and I use a wants-based play style, which means I wait until one of my Sims rolls the want to purchase a community lot instead of forcing someone into ownership. Since I wanted to place this lot in Pleasantview at the beginning of my Let’s Play series, there would be no one to purchase it yet.

So, I made the lot over a second time – this time as a bar only. This is more of an adults-only lot with gambling, pool, darts, live music, and a bar.

Features & Amenities

Doc Alan's Bar Top View
Doc Alan’s Bar Only Version Top View

The same Doc Alan’s you know and love – updated and improved! Here’s everything included:

  • Game room with pool tables and dart boards
  • Gambling table for your risky Sims to lose some money
  • Full bar (only generates a single NPC)
  • Stage with guitar, bass, drums, and microphone
  • Office with computer, phone, book shelves, and couch
  • Break room for employees with microwave and mini-fridge
  • Outdoor patio with tables and grill
  • Outdoor patio with hot tubs
  • Men and women’s bathrooms
  • Vending machines for drinks and snacks
  • Ticket machine for charging a cover to get in
  • Attached parking lot with space for six cars

Purchase Price: $126,593

Just like the original, the lot is setup to function as a Sim-owned business, but this is not required. You can simply plop it down in any neighborhood. I included hot tubs for your Romance Sims who need a place to woohoo away from home. Plus, I remembered the open sign this time.


I have the Ultimate Collection, so you will most likely need the UC or all expansion and stuff packs for this lot to work properly. You will at least need Open for Business, as I used mainly items from this expansion. I also used the instruments from University and various decorative items from other expansions/stuff packs.

No custom content was used, although there are a few things I recommend to make the most of this lot (see below).


Although not required (and not included), the following mods and CC will make this lot more realistic. I recommend these for all community lots.

  • Decorative Parking Spaces – This mod will populate the parking lot with random cars, depending on type of lot and time of day.
  • Parking Lot Supplemental Pack – Includes parking blocks, signs, and speed bumps. I mostly use the parking blocks.
  • Visitor Controller – Allows you to ban Sims by age group, so you can ban teens and children – making this a true adults-only venue.

Gameplay Tips

Unlike the original makeover, this lot only generates a single random NPC (the bartender) if not owned by a playable Sim. This was much better for me, since I needed something in Pleasantview to plop down unowned that didn’t generate a bunch of extra Sims. If you don’t want ANY NPCs generated, remove the bar or have one of your Sims purchase the lot right away.

If you want to play this lot as an owned business, I placed a ticket machine near the entrance so you can earn money by charging a cover to enter. Plus, you can earn from selling drinks at the bar.

I also recommend locking the door to the office and employee break room to everyone but employees. Otherwise, customers may enter these “off limits” areas to use the computer and employee facilities. If the lot is unowned, there’s not much you can do about this.

More Images

Here are more images of my bar-only Doc Alan’s makeover:

Download Doc Alan’s (Bar-Only Version)

Click the link below to download the lot for your own game. To install, extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the Sims 2 package file. You can also use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer if you prefer.


Alternate Download Link: Dropbox

7 thoughts on “Doc Alan’s Hangout Bar Only Version: Maxis Lot Makeover (No CC)”

  1. Hi Cindy!

    I would love to have this bar-only version in my game, but I am unable to download it from either link. Simsfileshare is having internal server issues and Dropbox is displaying an Error (404) can’t find the page response.

    I know you can’t do anything about Simsfileshare. Can you check the Dropbox link though?

  2. I just now downloaded it and I love it, it’s much better! Although, I’m using the Pink Flamingo by ChrisTheNewbie, (It’s a bar matching Pleasantview and it blends in SO WELL, it’s also the bar where Skip proposed to Brandi) I still love this lot and I might use it as a rival to the Pink Flamingo for story purposes…LOL.

    Anyway, I can’t believe I JUST downloaded this lot, I really missed out – haha! Your builds are always great. I miss talking to you. Congrats on 6k subscribers!! Get well soon!

    • Thanks Caleb! I’m glad you like it. It was just so horrible before. Lol. As I was building my new neighborhood, I really got to see how absolutely terrible some of the Maxis lots are. What were they thinking??

  3. It has only one entrance?! How did the fire department and city hall allow that?!

    Jokes apart, thanks a lot for sharing this amazing lot!

    • Well, it technically has two back doors, but your Sims will need to scale the fence to get out if there’s a fire. LOL. Glad you like it!


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