Sims 2 Custom Neighborhood: Fairplay – NO Custom Content

Fairplay - Sims 2 Custom Neighborhood - No CC

Do you love the drama of Pleasantview, but want to play something different? My ready-to-play Sims 2 custom neighborhood is for you! This is my personal take on a gender-bent Pleasantview. The relationships between Sims are still there and the family structures are the same (with genders reversed). But the Sims and lots are completely new!

I’ve worked on this ‘hood for MONTHS and I’m so happy with how it turned out. The neighborhood was created in a clean Anygame environment. It’s been thoroughly play-tested by me and Mr. Pleasant and triple-checked with Hood Checker. (But please let me know if you run into any bugs that we didn’t find.)

There are two versions available: Basegame only and Nightlife. The NL version includes 3 additional lots and a few more ‘hood decorations. Both versions include original townies. All townies were created by me and correspond to the original Pleasantview townies (with genders reversed).

If you just want to download the ‘hood immediately, CLICK HERE TO SKIP DIRECTLY TO THE DOWNLOADS. Otherwise, here’s a table of contents because I packed a lot of information into this post:

Table of Contents

Playable Families

There are a total of eight playable families in Fairplay. Below I’ve included Basegame portraits + custom content versions so you can see how they look in my game with custom hair, skin, eyes, and clothing. You can find a CC list at the bottom of this post if you want your Sims to look similar.

All Sims are wearing Basegame outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. They’re ready to play or use your own CC. All genetics are accurate and some families have deceased relatives on the lots (that were necessary to pass down proper genes). All Sims have back-stories, memories, and relationships (based on those in Pleasantview).

The Brooks Family

Single father and widower Brandon is raising his three daughters – Dusty, Belle, and Roberta – alone. His late wife, Sky, passed away in a mysterious pool ladder accident, leaving him with a teen, toddler, and a newborn. Dusty is going steady with Angel Oakley. She’s been acting out since her mother died.

Sims 2 Fairplay Brooks Family
The Brooks Family – Basegame Version
Brooks Family with CC
Brooks Family with Custom Content

The Caliendo Family

Twin brothers Nick and Dick Caliendo are living the bachelor life in Fairplay. Nick is involved romantically with the newly engaged Donna Lorente, although he’s not ready to settle down with anyone in particular. Meanwhile, Dick has his sights set on wealthy elder widow, Morticia Graves.

Sims 2 Fairplay Caliendo Family
The Caliendo Brothers – Basegame Version
The Sims 2 Fairplay Caliendo Family CC
The Caliendo Brothers with Custom Content

The Draper Family

Dara Draper quit her job in business to become an artist. She and her daughter, Didi, lost their husband and father, Darius, to a fire. Dara is in love with her long-time friend, Caspian Graves, but he hasn’t returned her feelings. Didi is going steady with neighborhood bad boy, Lionel Oakley.

Sims 2 Fairplay Draper Family
The Draper Family – Basegame Version
The Sims 2 Fairplay Draper Family CC
The Draper Family with Custom Content

The Graves Family

Matriarch Morticia Graves lives with her adult son, Caspian, and daughter Alexis. Her husband, Beau, was killed by a satellite while stargazing in the backyard. Since then, Morticia has become involved with Nick Caliendo. Caspian is engaged to the ‘hood’s most eligible bachelorette – Donna Lorente.

Sims 2 Fairplay Graves Family
The Graves Family – Basegame Version
The Sims 2 Fairplay Graves Family CC
The Graves Family with Custom Content

The Lorente Family

The Lorente family includes a single female Sim named Donna. She’s a doctor who gets around. Part of the initial love web in Fairplay, she’s engaged to Caspian Graves while simultaneously having affairs with Nick and Dick Caliendo AND her sexy maid, Kaleb Lambert.

Sims 2 Fairplay Donna Lorente
Donna Lorente – Basegame Version
Donna Lorente with CC
Donna Lorente with Custom Content

The Oakley Family

Gary Oakley – the adopted son of Helen and Corey Oakley – is married to Danielle (maiden name Burke). She’s cheating on him with the maid, Kaleb Lambert, but he has no idea. Their twin sons Angel and Lionel are always fighting, and Gary is obsessed with his political career – to the detriment of the family. Danielle is the sister of Jeremy Burke.

Sims 2 Fairplay Oakley Family
The Oakley Family – Basegame Version
Oakley Family with CC
Oakley Family with Custom Content

The Burke Family

Jeremy and Joan (maiden name Plackett) just moved back to Fairplay from Sim City to raise their son Lucas in the suburbs. Jeremy is an ambitious fortune Sim who wants to get a career and support his family, while Joan only cares about being a wife and mother. Jeremy is the brother of Danielle Oakley.

Sims 2 Fairplay Burke Family
The Burke Family – Basegame Version
The Sims 2 Fairplay Burke Family CC
The Burke Family with Custom Content

The (Original) Oakley Family

The Oakley’s tried to have a child of their own, but were unsuccessful. They adopted Gary when he was a toddler and raised him as their own. Now that he’s grown up and out on his own, will they open their home and heart to another child in need? And will Helen stay faithful to Corey after all these years?

Sims 2 Fairplay Oakley Family 2
The Oakley Family – Basegame Version
The Sims 2 Fairplay Oakley Family 2 CC
The Oakley Family with Custom Content

Townies & NPCs

Fairplay includes 30 original townies for your playables to interact with. They’re all wearing Basegame outfits, hairstyles, and makeup. Below are portraits of each one as they are in the basegame download + a custom content version so you can see how they look with CC.

The first column contains the basegame appearances and the second column is with my CC. Click the images to make them larger.

Townies Group 1
Townies Group 1 CC
Townies Group 2
Townies Group 2 CC
Townies Group 3
Townies Group 3 CC
Townies Group 4
Townies Group 4 CC
Townies Group 5
Townies Group 5 CC

The Basegame version comes with three NPCs already generated. These include the mail carrier, school bus driver, and maid. Take note that the maid, Kaleb Lambert, is involved romantically with several of the female Sims in Fairplay.

The Nightlife version includes the three Basegame NPCs plus two bartenders. Your game will generate any additional NPCs you need.

Neighborhood Lots

The neighborhood was built on the Pleasantview sc4 terrain that comes with the game – which is a mirrored version of actual Pleasantview. I thought that was fitting.

There are 17 Residential Lots in Fairplay – eight are inhabited and nine are empty. Two of them are apartments. You’ll have to set the zoning if you have Apartment Life. Otherwise, they’re currently zoned as single-family residential. Basegame version includes five community lots and NL version adds three more.

All residential lots have plenty of room to add driveways or garages if you have Night Life. Also, all the lots are fenced (because I like fenced yards). Many lots have tombstones or urns of deceased relatives. If you have Night Life, you can send these to the cemetery (lot included in NL version of ‘hood).

UPDATE: All Lots are now available as individual downloads. Click on the address to download the ones you want. All lots were saved BEFORE Sims were moved in or visited. They are clean and have never been played. Preview pictures may show tombstones, but they are not included with the lots. Apartments need to be zoned as apartment lots – instructions included.

Inhabited Residential Lots

108 Old Town Hwy
108 Old Town Hwy

108 Old Town Hwy – Inhabited by the Brooks Family. This is a heavily edited version of the Lot Bin home “Ranch Retreat.” It has three bedrooms and a single bathroom, and includes cheap furnishings, a fenced yard, and a swing. Tombstone of Sky Brooks is in the back yard.


102 Maple Lane
102 Maple Lane

102 Maple Lane – Inhabited by the Caliendo Brothers. Part of the “townhouse district”. A heavily edited version of the Lot Bin “European Townhouse.” Includes two bedrooms, two baths, office, fenced yard, patio, and hot tub. Tombstones of Naldo and Florisel Caliendo in the back yard.


100 Maple Lane
100 Maple Lane

100 Maple Lane – Inhabited by Donna Lorente. Also part of the “townhouse district” and a heavily edited version of the Lot Bin “European Townhouse.” Includes one bedroom, one bath, large kitchen, fenced yard, and upstairs patio with hot tub. No tombstones on this lot.


113 Main Street
113 Main Street

113 Main Street – Inhabited by the Burke Family. An edited version of the Lot Bin House “Just Right.” Situated between the townhouses and middle class homes. Includes two bedrooms, one bath, fenced back yard, and cheap to moderate furnishings. Perfect for a small, growing family. No tombstones.


111 Main Street
111 Main Street

111 Main Street – Inhabited by the OG Oakley Family. Edited version of the Lot Bin house “Bonny Bungalow.” Includes fenced yard with swing, two bedrooms, two and a half baths, large kitchen and family room. Second bedroom is furnished for a little boy. No tombstones.


109 Main Street
109 Main Street

109 Main Street – Inhabited by the Draper Family. Edited version of the Lot Bin house “Cape Cod Classic.” Includes two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, Dara’s art studio (could also be a third bedroom), fenced yard, back patio with grill. Darius Draper’s tombstone under the willow tree.


101 Willow Drive
101 Willow Drive

101 Willow Drive – Inhabited by the Graves Family. Heavily edited version of the Lot Bin house “Family Farm House.” Includes three bedrooms, three and a half baths, office, expensive furnishings, evidence of Beau Graves’ demise, and small family graveyard populated by his tombstone.


100 Willow Drive
100 Willow Drive

100 Willow Drive – Inhabited by the Oakley Family. Edited version of the Lot Bin house “Craftsman’s Pride.” Includes fenced yard with pool, three bedrooms, three and a half baths, expensive furnishings, large master suite. Jessica and Dean Burke’s tombstones in side yard.


Empty Residential Lots

106 Old Town Hwy
106 Old Town Hwy

106 Old Town Hwy – Edited version of the Lot Bin house “Ranch Retreat.” Purchase Price $14,359. Includes fenced front yard, two bedrooms, one bath, cheap kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lights in all rooms. Plenty of room on the lot to expand with room on either side for a driveway.


White Stripe Boarding House
White Stripe Boarding House

White Stripe Boarding House – Fairplay’s Flophouse built by me. Includes 4 small rooms that rent for $87 – $89 each, shared kitchen, bathrooms, and living room with bookshelf, TV, and computer. Rooms are large enough for a full-size bed, dresser, and a crib if your Sim is in a really bad way.


101 Maple Lane
101 Maple Lane

101 Maple Lane – Edited version of the Lot Bin house “European Townhouse.” Purchase Price $17,488. Includes small fenced front yard, one large bedroom, one bath, cheap kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Plenty of room to expand with room for a driveway on either side.


112 Main Street
112 Main Street

112 Main Street – Built from scratch by me. Purchase price $26,316. Two-story house includes fenced front and side yard, two bedrooms, two and a half baths, large kitchen and family room. Cheap to moderately priced fixtures. Room for a driveway or garage on the left side.


110 Main Street
110 Main Street

110 Main Street – Edited version of the Lot Bin house “Tiny Tudor.” Purchase price $29,377. Includes fenced back and side yard, two bedrooms, two and a half baths, bonus room that could be a small third bedroom, large family room, cheap to mostly moderately priced fixtures.


108 Main Street
108 Main Street

108 Main Street – Built from scratch by me. Purchase price $41,689. Includes fenced yard, large wrap-around covered porch, three large bedrooms, three full bathrooms, moderately priced fixtures. Room for a driveway or garage on the left. Perfect for a large family.


106 Main Street
106 Main Street

106 Main Street – Built from scratch by me. Purchase price $43,700. Includes fenced yard, two bedrooms and two baths upstairs, huge master suite with bathroom downstairs. Moderately priced fixtures with plenty of room for a driveway or garage on the left.


Main Street Manor
Main Street Manor

Main Street Manor – Affordable apartment housing built from scratch by me. Four units that rent for around $899. All units include one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, and open living/dining room area. Bottom units are slightly larger and more expensive than top units.


140 Seaside Lane
140 Seaside Lane

140 Seaside Lane – The largest and most expensive mansion in the ‘hood. Purchase price $134,360. Built from scratch by me. Includes ocean view, fully fenced lot, large front and back porches, four bedrooms, four baths, large kitchen, dining room, family room, and foyer. Expensive fixtures.


Basegame Community Lots

Freshco Grocery
Freshco Grocery

Freshco Grocery – Small neighborhood grocery store built from scratch by me. Includes open market area, public bathrooms, office with phone and computer, sandy area with swing and barbecue grill in the back. Works as an owned community lot if you have OFB.


Be Chic Boutique
Be Chic Boutique

Be Chic Boutique – A small clothing store built from scratch by me. Includes two floors with fitting rooms, public bathrooms, office with computer and phone, and employee break room with a table, microwave and refrigerator. Works as an owned community lot if you have OFB.


Fairplay Fun N Games
Fairplay Fun ‘N’ Games

Fairplay Fun ‘N’ Gamesย – Arcade and game store built by me. Includes game sales, office and bathroom on bottom floor. Top floor has console gaming room, computer gaming room, pinball machines, and chess tables. Picnic area in back. Great hangout place for teens.


Fairplay Rec Center
Fairplay Rec Center

Fairplay Rec Center – Recreation center built by me. Includes indoor swimming pool, changing rooms and showers/bath rooms, small gym upstairs, refreshment area with coffee maker, refrigerator and microwave, reception area with computer and phone, swing and picnic area.


Magnolia Street Park
Magnolia Street Park

Magnolia Street Park – A natural, wooded park built by me. My park-building skills have improved a lot since I built this. Includes swings, chess tables, picnic area, fishing pond, bathrooms, and open space for recreation. Gravel/dirt parking area on the left. Room for more playground equipment.


Nightlife Community Lots

Pleasant Rest Cemetery
Pleasant Rest Cemetery

Pleasant Rest Cemetery – A small cemetery for your dearly departed Sims built from scratch by me. It includes an outbuilding with bathrooms, parking lot, six different private family plots, and you can always take out the flower gardens if you end up need more room. No tombstones.


Sunset Cafe
Sunset Cafe

Sunset Cafe – A small neighborhood restaurant and bar built by me. Includes parking lot, seating for up to 20 Sims plus two extra seats at the bar, bathrooms, kitchen, office with phone and computer. Designed to function as an owned business if you have OFB.


The Pour House
The Pour House

The Pour House – An adults-only bar and hot tub lounge built by me. Includes parking lot, bar with seating, two outdoor hot tubs, upstairs area with dart boards and extra seating, and room for a pool table downstairs if you have University. Great place for Romance Sims to go on dates.


I didn’t go crazy with the Nightlife lots because I plan to build a separate downtown for the ‘hood with a lot of different bars and restaurants. I just wanted a couple lots where my Sims could dine out and go on dates in the meantime. Plus, I think most small towns have at least one bar and a restaurant or cafe for the locals.

For the cemetery, you can send all the gravestones on the residential lots there by clicking on the graves and choosing “Move Grave.” You’ll get a dialog box that allows you to choose the cemetery. Then go to build mode in the cemetery lot and move the graves where you want them.

The Downloads

There are two versions of the ‘hood – one that’s Basegame only and one with Nightlife stuff.

DISCLAIMER: I created the ‘hood in a clean Anygame, but I do have The Ultimate Collection. This means that the AGS I used required that I have Mansion and Garden Stuff installed. I did not use any items from the stuff pack, so the original version SHOULD work with Basegame only. Unfortunately, I have no way to test it. You might need at least ONE stuff pack or expansion pack (doesn’t matter which one) to use the Basegame Version. If anyone out there has ONLY the Basegame, please let me know if it works for you!

UPDATE: You will need either the Ultimate Collection or Mansion & Garden Stuff to use either versions of the ‘hood. It’s been reported by numerous people that the ‘hood will not work without M&G. Sorry! I have no way to make basegame compatible ‘hoods. You can buy M&G Stuff on Ebay for super cheap.

There is NO CUSTOM CONTENT in either download.

Basegame Only

The Basegame version includes everything listed above except the Nightlife lots. Only Basegame items were used in the creation of this ‘hood, but it still requires M&G Stuff to work (see update above). Click the button below to download the Basegame version:


Alternate download link: Dropbox

Nightlife Version

The Nightlife version of Fairplay includes everything from Basegame with three additional lots. The rec center has been moved across the street from the Park to make room for the restaurant and bar on Main Street. Only Basegame and Nightlife items were used to create this version, but it still requires M&G Stuff to work (see update above). Click the button below to download the Nightlife version:


Alternate Download Link: Dropbox

How to Install

To install, unzip the files and place the entire folder labeled “N767” into your Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Neighborhoods folder. If you have the Ultimate Collection, copy the “N767” folder into your Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection > Neighborhoods folder.

How to Set Apartment Zoning

If you have the Apartment Life expansion, The White Stripe Boarding House and Main Street Manor are meant to be played as apartments. Here are instructions on how to make them work:

  1. Replace the doors to the individual apartment units with the Unique Separator door (the apartment door with a little rug in front of it). Make sure these are facing the correct way with the rug on the outside of the apartment.
  2. Press control + shift + C to open up the cheat console.
  3. Type in “changelotzoning apartmentbase” without the quotes. Press enter.
  4. Save the lot and exit to the neighborhood. It should now show up as an apartment.

You must do this BEFORE you move in any Sims. If you’ve already moved in a Sim and want to change the zoning to apartment, you will need to move the Sim out first. The lot must be empty when you change the zoning.

Missing Graves

In a few cases, people have reported issues with the graves/tombstones not showing up on the lots as they should. If this happens to you, fix it by running Hood Checker on the neighborhood. If you get memories of incorrect neighhorhood or incorrect lots for the tombstones, “remove” them with Hood Checker. That should fix the issue.

Sorry it’s such as hassle – that’s just the nature of sharing ‘hoods with gravestones in The Sims 2, I’m afraid.

Changed Names

If you install the game and the Sims’ names have all been changed to weird of foreign names, this is because your game is not installed in US English. This most often happens if you have the disc version of the game – as installing some expansion packs or stuff packs can change the language without your knowledge. This is also an issue with the Ultimate Collection in different languages/countries.

Even if you think your game is in US English, it may still be changed in the registry. Here is a tutorial on how to fix the problem from Mod the Sims.

And if you need to change any names manually, see my tutorial on how to change your Sim’s names.

Recommended Mods

You can play this neighborhood with no mods whatsoever if that’s what you like. However, there are a few I recommend to make your playing experience better:

  • Antiredundancy – prevents excessive NPCs from generating. The game will create a single NPC of each type instead of three at a time.
  • Notownieregen – If you just want to play with my townies and not have a bunch of randos showing up, get this mod to prevent new townies from spawning. To download, select your most recent expansion and look through the list for “notownieregen.”
  • Default Face Templates – Since your game will generate new NPCs as you require them, I recommend some nice default replacement face templates so they don’t look like hideous monsters. There are a lot of different sets out there. Right now, I’m fond of these but I’ve also used Mina’s in the past.
  • Welcome Wagon Disabled – The welcome wagon will show up on some lots. If that bothers you – since these Sims have been living in this ‘hood for a while and didn’t just move in – get this mod to stop it. You can take the mod out after you play each family for a day if you like. That way, the welcome wagon will show up for new move-ins, just not the starting families.
  • Default Replacement Trees – This ‘hood has a lot of trees close to the lots. I grew up in a wooded area and that’s how I like my neighborhoods. The Maxis trees render very poorly. I’d recommend getting some default replacements such as these or these.

And of course, I always advise checking out my Sims 2 Recommended Mods List for all the best, tried-and-true mods that make the game a lot more fun! These aren’t necessary, but I couldn’t play without them anymore.

CC List (From Pics Above)

If you like the way my Sims look in the custom content pictures above, here’s where you can find most of the CC I used:

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where I got an individual hairstyle or single piece of clothing. I’ve been collecting CC from a variety of sources for a long time. Hopefully this list will give you a place to start if you want to make your Sims look like mine. And f you’re afraid of using default replacements, don’t be. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Default Replacements.

That’s it, folks! Thank you for downloading my neighborhood, and I hope you have fun with it. Custom University, Downtown, and Business District are on the agenda next, so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss anything. (Just enter your email address in the sidebar and you’ll be notified every time I make a new post.) ——————–>>>>

Also, if you play Fairplay, I would love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

56 thoughts on “Sims 2 Custom Neighborhood: Fairplay – NO Custom Content”

  1. Hi Cindy! Hope you’re enjoying your break from doing videos and bathing yourself in self-care!

    I decided to quickly ask if you know what would be up with my game… I’ve been playing Fairplay a lot these past two months or so and recently I noticed that all the sims’ want slots are blank.

    Well, I did some googling and got a wide amount of possible causes, from a passing glitch to corruption.. I’m still new to HoodChecker so I’m not entirely sure if it is corruption or something else, but I’m kind of worried since I’m so obsessed with this hood!

    I did notice that going to a community lot with my sims and returning home fixed it and their wants reroll normally, but it’s a bit questionable if it actually fixed it or if it’s just hidden now.

    Any ideas on what I should do about this?

  2. Hi Cindy and other posters – does anyone have a video tutorial or a step by step on how to download on a Mac? There is no way for me to even “unzip” the file, as when I click on it it automatically tried to open the program. Best and thank you!

  3. Dear Cindy,
    I’m so excited to play this neighborhood!
    I would love to know if you are still working on University, Downtown, and Business District for fairplay ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lots of love,

  4. Hello,

    I have a question regarding the download of this neighborhood and would be grateful if anyone had an answer. I followed the steps above and when I load the game the neighbourhood doesn’t show up.

    At first I thought it might be because I don’t have the Ultimate Collection or all expansion/stuff packs (though I do have M&G stuff), but when I paid more attention I realized all of the files when I unzip the neighbourhood have 0KB size and that definetely seems wrong to me. Tried re-unziping and re-downloading just in case but the result is always the same.

    I don’t have much experience with downloading custom hoods (or any custom content) so I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my computer or if I did something wrong while downloading or if it’s simply because I do not have the Ultimate Collection. Does anyone know what the issue might be?

  5. Hi Cindy,

    First can I just say that I LOVE the idea of this hood and want to play it so badly! I spent quite a few hours downloading it and getting it set up and ready with a university and so on, ready for me to dive in.

    I followed the Pleasantview play order, playing as though I was doing the scripted events and did 1 day successfully in the first few households.

    But… as soon as I got to the Drapers and tried to fulfil Didi’s want to get a career (which I would normally do for Dirk as well) the game crashed. I reloaded, tried again, crash. I reloaded a backup of the neighbourhood from before I had played any of the other families, went straight to the Drapers and tried again, crash. I tried different methods – through the computer the normal way, through Monique’s computer, through the Sim Blender, everything I could think of, but it crashed every time.

    I ran the hood through the Hood Checker again, although I had already done it to get the graves back. I even tried taking out the default replacements of the clothing and hair she had, in case they had somehow become borked and that was the problem, but to no avail. I still got a crash when ever I tried to give her a job.

    Obviously I could leave Didi unemployed, but I fear this may continue to happen throughout her lifetime if she ever she tries to get a job as it seems to be a glitch just with her, and as a fortune Sim she’s not going to be satisfied being unemployed. ๐Ÿ™

    I can’t see another comment flagging this as a problem for them, so it could be just me, but I think unfortunately this neighbourhood/household is unplayable for me.

    If anyone else is having this problem please do let me know because I’m really sad that I can’t play this neighbourhood as you (probably) intended. For now, I’ve deleted the neighbourhood and will quietly mourn my wasted Sunday! LOL!

    • Just thought I’d reply to myself and say I *think* I worked out what the problem was – I didn’t go far enough when changing the default replacements of Didi’s hair and clothes as I simply replaced them all with similar meshes. I have since had a crash when trying to get a job for another Sim when she was wearing the same top as Didi, but it worked when I bought her a new top and changed her clothing. I think it’s the *mesh* itself that is borked so I’ve now removed it completely (even though I’m not a fan of the Maxis jean jacket).
      I am going to spend tonight downloading this neighbourhood and getting it set up again – fingers crossed it works this time because I’m really keen to play in Fairplay!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I want to say that I love Fairplay so much! Only issue I have are missing graves- I have run hood checker and still they are not there.. Should I do something in SimPE to fix that?

  7. Hey Cindy! I love the concept of this hood and the incredible detail in it. I love the way you created the Caliendo Family. (I think I’m biased because my last name is Caliendo and I have a twin brother) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to play!

  8. Hi Cindy. I downloaded Fairplay last night. I had no idea that you had made yet another custom hood (thank you, I love to have more hoods to play) because I can’t catch your streams (different time zones) and only recently I realized that you have another channel on youtube too so… here I am, lol!
    I like the hood very much (and the gender swap idea, you just can’t get away from Pleasantview, can you? lol!) but when I started playing with Donna… it was not her! All the playable sims have different names (I don’t know about the townies yet but I think I saw Chris Sutton walk by Donna’s house, so maybe the townies are OK?) and it caught me by surprise. I gave Donna her real name with the Sim Manipulator (I can’t remember how the game called her) and then Nick Caliendo walked outside her house but his name was “Asia Simpson” (???). I looked in Donna’s relationship panel and it’s a complete… chaos! Dick Caliendo is… “Shannon Clark”, Caspian Graves is called “Lucy Jordan” and Dara Draper is “Toby Huerta”. So, the names decided to… gender swap on their own? I laughed when I saw in Donna’s memories how she “fell in love with Shannon” and then she “fell in love with Lucy”!!! The only one who has his correct name is Caleb, the maid, so maybe NPCs are fine too??
    Now, I saw other comments that said they had the same thing happen and you replied to them that this happens because their game is in another language. This is not my case, though. I play the Ultimate Collection and it’s definitely in English. I have downloaded dozens of custom hoods and I never had this problem, the names were always what they were supposed to be. Last week I downloaded Sunset Valley for the Sims 2 (the creator has done an amazing work with the world, it’s not just a hood it’s a real Sims 3 world and the houses and the other buildings are exactly the same as they are in the Sims 3!) and the sims (residents, NPCs and townies) have their correct names.
    Also, one of my favourite hoods in Sims 2 is Riverside (the hood that was supposed to be in the Sims 2 base game instead of Pleasantview but Maxis changed their plans!) that I have downloaded from MTS about 2 years ago. Again, the names were correct and I didn’t have to change a thing about them. So, I have no idea what happened here. I can work with that, it’s just a little more work that’s all… Along with changing clothes and hairstyles, I’ll have to change the sims’ names too. The townies are going to be a pain, though! The “resident” sims are easier because from neighbourhood view the names on the houses are correct, so I’ll use their bios you have given us and change their names. I think I’ll summon all the townies in a house with the Sim Blender and go by their photos above…
    At the end of the day… I’ll live, lol!!!
    For once more, thank you for the amazing content you give us! I subscribed to Pleasant Streams too and I love watching your streams, even though I can’t be there when you go live.
    Keep up the good work, Cindy, but don’t forget to take some time to rest and enjoy your family (2 dogs AND a cat??? I love it, lol!!).

  9. Hey Cindy, I have a few questions about the freckles.
    Will it work with any skin?
    Is it like make-up? Do I have to manually put it on?
    Or does it automatically follow that rule depending on the Sims skin+hair?
    If not, do you put freckles on them manually, or do you have any .package to do it for you?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi! The freckles I use are considered full face makeup and they will work with any skin. You have to put them on manually. Just take the Sim to the mirror, choose “Change Appearance,” go to full face makeup and choose the freckles you want. They are also layerable, so you can choose more than one set to layer them. I hope that helps!

  10. Hey i noticed some inconsistencies around the hood if they interest u. I noticed one of the Caliento brothers is missing a biography, im not sure if this was on purpouse but i noticed it.
    In Danielle Oakley’s bio, it also says “she has felt an overwhelming guilt since her father died without going on mars” as per the story goes. Since the bio going from Daniel Pleasant to Danielle Oakley still says it was the (father) was the astronaut, The bio implies that it is Male version of Diane Pleasant who was the astronaut, not the Female Jeff Pleasant who was the astronaut originally in sims 1 and 2. I’m not sure if you wanted it intended that it was always the male who was the astronaut grandparent, or if this was a small oversight but i thought id point it out.

    Hope i helped a bit!

  11. This is awesome! I did have some issues with the Sim names however this was fixed fairly quickly with the last name copier and I’m so excited to play! Are you planning on releasing a downtown, university or shopping district? Or even a vacation destination? I would love to see what you would create if so. Thank you so much for this, I was starting to get a little bored with the original neighborhoods and I already know I’m gonna love Fairplay

    • Hi Willow! I hope you enjoy playing the ‘hood! I’m having a lot of fun with it. Yes, I do plan to release subhoods too. Right now, I’m working on a University and I hope to release it in the near future.

  12. Heya, a good thing to include in this post is that the neighborhood will always have grave issues since it has a hood #4 id, it must be your 4th hood to be unproblematic and most of use play more than 3 hoods

    however to fix it easily, all that is required is to load the hood for the first time then have hood checker fix it to where the graves will spawn in to where it is actually placed.
    Again, simple fix is to have hoodchecker run after loading the hood for the first time, the all good to go! hope this helps others!

  13. I’ve been playing through this for a little bit, doing makeovers and such, and its a lot of fun!
    I did end up changing Didi’s, Gary’s and Liolel’s names to Deedee, Gary-Stu (I decided to go the whole way with the Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu thing) and Lucifer. It’s been so much fun to play though and I’m looking forward to getting into it properly.
    I’m going to have so much fun with Donna, instead of fathering babies she’s going to having them!!
    The Burbs too! Joan is already pregnant with her next baby while Jerome is getting ready to start his job in business. I’m planning on taking pictures next round so I’ll post them on discord!
    Amazing work!

  14. Now that the bugs are worked out and I have gotten a chance to play a bit, I just adore the houses! The neighborhood looks more like a cohesive neighborhood instead of EAโ€™s mis-mash of different house types. I am having fun giving the characters my cc transformations and decorating the houses to add their individual tastes. I like that you made them fit each family, yet used generic furniture, so I donโ€™t feel bad adding things from different packs or even cc. It is such a challenge only using the base game! Redecorating and โ€˜dressingโ€™ the Sims are actually my favorite way to play the Sims I am realizing. Thank you for this!

    • Thanks Mary! I’m so glad you like it! And yes, it was quite a challenge using only base game stuff – but I wanted it to be easy for people to add in their own CC and make the ‘hood and Sims their own. I really love that part of the game too, so I understand exactly what you mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love it! Downloaded the NL version. (I have ultimate collection) I was able to download, install and change those two lots to apartments no problems at all. But all the graves are missing!!! Yikes! Other than that I am loving it.

    • I’m so glad it’s working!
      As for the graves going missing…I’m not sure why this would be happening. I will research and see if I can find an answer.

    • Ok, so the graves are there when I installed the ‘hood on my laptop. Also, just had someone in the Discord with the same problem fix it by running ‘hood checker. Try to run Hood Checker and see if that fixes it!

      • Unfortunately I have same problem and Hood Checker didn’t help. The weirdest part of this I see tombstones in neighbourhood view but not on the lots.

        • Hi Mika! If Hoodchecker doesn’t work, that means there is something wrong with your Sims 2 folder or a file found inside it. The only other solution is to make a copy of any neighborhoods you want to keep, delete your Sims 2 folder from my documents, restart the game and let it generate a new folder. Then put your neighborhoods back in. That should do the trick! If you have any more problems, let me know!

        • Also, if Hood Checker returns memories of incorrect neighborhood or lot for the tombstones, make sure you “remove” those memories to fix it.

  16. I love the idea so I had to download, but I have a neighborhood template, but not lots or Sims. Mine says N767, so I don’t know.

    • So sorry! It looks like when I changed the name of the โ€˜hood from N004 to N767 I didnโ€™t change the name of the lots and Sims. So if you have ever had an N004 in your game, itโ€™s not showing up. I will fix immediately and reupload. This is my first time sharing a ‘hood so I overlooked this.

  17. Also, as I was looking into the files of this ‘hood, it appears it’s original name was “N004.” I was wondering this because when I first installed it, there were no sims or lots because I already have a “N004” in my game, it wasn’t reading the files properly. So, I had to take the “N004” out and it worked. You might want to look into this.

    • Yeah, I’m having the same problem, unfortunately. But with me removing the other hoods doesn’t fix it, the lots and the Sims just stayed gone. They are there as I checked SimPE but I’m just getting an empty neighbourhood.

      • So sorry! It looks like when I changed the name of the ‘hood from N004 to N767 I didn’t change the name of the lots and Sims. So if you have ever had an N004 in your game, it’s not showing up. I will fix immediately and reupload.

    • So sorry! It looks like when I changed the name of the โ€˜hood from N004 to N767 I didnโ€™t change the name of the lots and Sims. So if you have ever had an N004 in your game, itโ€™s not showing up. I will fix immediately and reupload. This is my first time sharing a ‘hood so I overlooked this.

  18. This looks amazing Cindy! I now have something to play while I wait to renew my PS subscription!
    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend and hope you are doing well. Take care of yourself!

  19. Wow, Cindy, I’m just in shock! This is amazing! Good job! I love it so much, can’t wait to try it out – I might make it over a bit with Ultimate Collection – LOL.

    I’m so weird, but I think I have pixel thirst for Nick Caliendo…HAHAHA. Also, thanks for naming the “sexy” maid after me ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      • So sorry! It looks like when I changed the name of the โ€˜hood from N004 to N767 I didnโ€™t change the name of the lots and Sims. So if you have ever had an N004 in your game, itโ€™s not showing up. I will fix immediately and reupload. This is my first time sharing a ‘hood so I overlooked this.

  20. Hey Cindy!

    Thank you so so much for this. It looks fantastic, really excited to play this.

    I wanted to ask though, does it replace any current hood or is it an addition?

  21. Hi Cindy! I have to say this is so much more impressive that I initially anticipated. You basically created a much more exciting and less hideous on the eyes version of Pleasantview! I definitely think this is a must have for those are tired of playing the same families, but want to still feel the same feeling of excitement of starting a fresh save file. You did a fantastic job!

  22. Hello, Cindy!
    I’m really glad you’re doing well and that you’re still here. I missed your activity and I hope things will get even better soon enough.
    I’m so excited to get my hands on this hood! I can tell that you’ve put your heart in creating it. Thank you so much. I’m totally up for some good ol’ Pleasantview-like drama!
    Wishing you the best

  23. Hi Cindy,
    I’m glad to hear you’re slowly getting better. Take your time and get well. Your community will always be there for you no matter what. <3
    I didn't expected you'd actually make something like a hood in the meantime. I'll check it out when I get the time. It'll be a whole new experience seeing unfamiliar Sims, who are still kinda familiar.
    Take care, long-time subscriber Hendrik

  24. Cindy, this is amazing! I can not wait to try it out. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m glad you are still playing Sims. /hugs

  25. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! I haven’t been able to play sims recently due to a job change and general disinterest in the mundane events of the sims in general, and I loooove gender swapped hoods. I’m excited to play!!

    I’m glad to see you’re still doing sims stuff too, I miss you on youtube! Hope things are going well for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I really hope you like it, Swifty! I was feeling bored with the premade ‘hoods and wanted a change, so I had to create something myself. I am having so much fun playing this neighborhood so far.


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