Sims 2 Pet Store & Animal Shelter // Building Pleasantview

Sims 2 Pleasantview Pet Store Animal Shelter

Need a pet store in Pleasantview that matches the neighborhood, can be run as a home-business, includes an apartment for a caretaker, and also serves as an animal shelter to house the neighborhood’s stray pets? Well, look no further.

The Pleasantview Animal Welfare Site – PAWS – is here! (Credit to Max for the name.)

This lot is Part Two in my new Building Pleasantview series. If you love the premades in Sims 2 as much as I do, you’ll know there’s a lack of community lots and functional, affordable family housing in the base game neighborhoods. I plan to build the lots I feel a small town like Pleasantview would need.

Lot Placement

I built this lot in the style of the Pleasantview Community Lots on Main Street. It’s meant to be placed in the empty space at the intersection of the nameless street below Main – just a bit further down from the trailers (as shown below).

PAWS Placement
I thought an animal shelter should be placed closer to the edge of town. But this is only a suggestion and you can place it anywhere you like, of course.

Features & Amenities

The Animal Shelter and Pet Store features everything you need to care for Pleasantview’s stray animals plus a townie or playable can live here, raise a family, and run a home business.

The medium-sized 4 x 3 lot is residential, although it could be made commercial if you don’t want it to be playable. The apartment, pet store, and kennels are fully furnished and ready to play immediately after installation.

Features & amenities include:

  • Parking lot with space for 8 cars
  • UPSTAIRS (Caretaker Apartment):
    • 2 large bedrooms
    • Fully equipped eat-in kitchen
    • Full bath with tub and shower
    • Office with computer
    • Large living space
  • DOWNSTAIRS (Store & Shelter):
    • Aquarium room
    • Shop stocked with pet supplies
    • Public bathrooms
    • Cat colony
    • Dog kennels with outside access
    • One large kennel with dog house for breeding
    • Bathing room for dogs

Purchase Price: $95,062

Top Floor - Caretaker Apt
Top Floor – Caretaker Apartment


I used no custom content in this lot. It was built in a completely clean environment using Any Game Starter.

However, I do own the Ultimate Collection and items from ALL expansion and stuff packs were most likely used. You can still download and use the lot even if you don’t have the UC or all expansions, but some items may be missing. REQUIRES the Pets Expansion if that wasn’t clear.

Bottom Floor - Pet Store
Bottom Floor – Pet Store


Although you don’t need any CC to use this lot, I do recommend the following:

  • Decorative Parking Spaces Mod – Place the decorative parking spaces over the parking spots already on the lot. You can see an example of this in my Pleasantview video here (go to the very end of the video to see a preview of the lot). Random cars will be parked in the lot in live mode.
  • Park in the Car Park Mod – Allows your Sim to actually park in the parking lot instead of on the street. I recommend both of these mods for all lots with parking lots.
  • The Corner Column – Replace the columns in front of the building with these if you want. They look better and actually support the corner of the roof tile with no gap in between.
  • Baby Pet Creator Mod – A statue that you can place on your lot that allows the creation of baby pets (puppies and kittens). Great for Sims with the “get a puppy or kitten” want if you don’t currently have any in stock.
  • Sim Blender – Use to teleport stray animals and Sims who want to adopt to the lot.
Pet Store Parking Lot
Parking Lot

How to Use the Lot

You can use this lot however you want (obviously). But this is what I designed it for and what I recommend:

  1. Place lot down in your neighborhood.
  2. Move in a townie or playable character who likes animals. You can check in Sim PE for interest points or do it manually in game.
  3. Use a mod – such as Sim Blender – to teleport up to 7 stray animals from the neighborhood to live with your Sim. Even if you use mods to allow more than 8 Sims on a lot, I wouldn’t advise it.
  4. Use the move objects cheat to place cats in the cat colony and dogs in the kennels. Lock doors to the kennels and cat colony to disallow pets from leaving their rooms.
  5. Go to the phone or computer and start a home business. Set EVERYTHING in the shop area for sale – even the decorations can be sold.
  6. Hire at least one employee to help care for the animals. I usually hire a teen townie with an interest in animals.
  7. Start earning money for your new animal shelter! I use the money generated from the sale of pet supplies to feed the animals and provide a salary for the caretaker.

Now, when the Sims in town want to adopt a pet, they can come to PAWS! You can even set an adoption fee if you want or make adoption free.

To have a Sim adopt, load the PAWS lot first and then teleport or invite the adopting Sim over. Once there, I allow my Sim to adopt the first pet they interact with (my way of letting them choose). If they want a specific type – such as a dog/puppy – I wait until they interact with a dog, etc.

Dog Kennels
Dog Kennels

More Images

Here are some more images of the lot taken at various angles. Click the pictures to make them larger.

Download PAWS Pet Store & Animal Shelter

Click the link below to download the lot for your own game. To install, extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the Sims 2 package file. You can also use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer if you prefer.

Alternate Download Link: Drop Box

4 thoughts on “Sims 2 Pet Store & Animal Shelter // Building Pleasantview”

  1. Hey Cindy, I’ve been looking all over for an answer to this, so I’m so sorry if it’s already been answered somewhere and I can’t tell. How do you tell stray animals apart from sims or other npcs in sim blender’s teleport menu? Thank you so much!

    • I can tell by the name and household. They will be under a townie household name and have first names like Grimalkin, Noodle, Kim, Moonshine, Brandy, Dakota, etc. You can see a list of many of the pet names on the Sims Wiki here:
      Also, if you accidentally teleport over a Sim, don’t worry, you can just delete them with move objects on. You can also look in Sim PE to see the names of the strays in your ‘hood. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I just downloaded this lot and followed your instructions for setting it up as I love the idea of having a place for the strays to live and somewhere for my sims to be able to adopt them, so thank you for making it! One thing I’m a little confused on though is how to get my playables to actually adopt one of the pets, ideally in a way that will fulfil their want to “obtain a pet”, etc. If I use the sim blender to teleport the sim over and let them interact with and “choose” what pet they want, what do I do next to allow them to adopt that pet?

    • I have the caretaker who lives on the lot “Sell Pet” to the Sim. You’ll need to be playing the Animal Shelter lot.
      “If another human adult Sim that doesn’t normally live with you is on the lot, you can click the potential owner, then select “Sales…,” followed by the name of your pet you want to sell.”
      Hope that helps!


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