My Perfect Pleasantview ~ Sims 2 Maximum Maxis Lore

Sims 2 Perfect Pleasantview Maxis Lore

UPDATE JUNE 16, 2024: I’ve made a huge update to my Perfect Pleasantview. In fact, I’ve completely recreated the entire ‘hood to reflect the following changes:

There are two downtownies that still have broken face templates – Rose Miller & Dominic Gray. That doesn’t really bother me, but I may go back and fix them manually in a later update. For now, this is the cleanest version I could create of Pleasantview + Subhoods while also retaining ALL the Maxis townies and NPCs. Enjoy!


I love the Maxis townies.

What can I say? I can’t get enough of their (sometimes hideous) template faces and charming, nostalgic names. 

But it has always bothered me that when you add a subhood to a main neighborhood, the townies from that subhood are renamed randomly. This makes it difficult to look them up or check where they came from. 

So, I attached all the subhoods to Pleasantview and renamed the townies and NPCs using the original names Maxis gave them (found in the game files). If you don’t like to play with townies, this ‘hood is not for you. There are a total of 580 Sims in this ‘hood – including playables, townies, and NPCs.

Now you too can have MAXIMUM MAXIS LORE.

When you Google the name of ANY Sim found in my Perfect Pleasantview, you will find their page on The Sims Wiki to quickly identify them and get any information you need. 


Sims 2 Pleasantview

Here’s what I did with Pleasantview:

  • Used CroconawSims’ clean Pleasantview template with NO Bella Goth with all relationship, memory, DNA fixes, etc. 
  • Maxis stray pets are added with their correct names. 
  • Maxis garden club members are added with their correct names. 
  • Maxis hobby instructors are added with their correct names. 
  • The only Sims in the Family Bin are the Burbs, Oldies, Gieke and Larson (Bluewater Village).

Bluewater Village

Bluewater Village

Here’s what I did with Bluewater Village:

  • All townies and NPCs given their correct Maxis names. 
  • CroconawSims’ Fixed Sim State University that includes multiple important fixes (face templates, genetics, relationships, memories, etc.)
  • Left Geike and Larson families in the Family Bin.



Here’s what I did with Downtown:

  • All downtownies and NPCs given their correct Maxis names. 
  • Fixed memory errors with the deceased Tricou family members. 

Sim State University

003_Sim State University

Here’s what I did with Sim State University:

  • All dormies and professors given their proper Maxis names. 
  • Used CroconawSims’ Fixed Sim State University template that includes multiple important fixes (face templates, genetics, relationships, memories, etc.)
  • Freshman, Phoenix, and Swain families in the Family Bin.

Bon Voyage

004_Twikki Island

Here’s what I did with Bon Voyage:

  • All three vacation ‘hoods are attached to Perfect Pleasantview. 
  • Maxis NPCs, tourists, and locals are added with their correct names. 


I ran hood checker and fixed any issues that I found. This ‘hood is clean as a baby’s bottom and full of pure Maxis glory. 

I am playing it as an Uber Hood, starting with the playable households in Sim State University, then the Pleasantview households, then the Bluewater Village households. I’m moving the University students to the houses Downtown after they graduate and continuing to play them in rotation. 

This strategy ensures that I’ll have more genes in the gene pool to begin. I’m also allowing my Sims to marry anyone they like – townie or not – since I know that everyone in my ‘hood is a Maxis Sim. I don’t know why that makes me feel better, but it does.  


There are TWO versions of the neighborhood – one is a default replacement and one is a stand-alone neighborhood. Read carefully to decide which one is best for you.

  • Default Replacement Version (SFS / Mediafire) – This replaces the Pleasantview currently in your game. The neighborhood story and scripted events are in-tact and working. 
  • Stand-Alone Version (SFS / Mediafire) – This is a renamed version of Pleasantview that can be placed in your game alongside the original. HOWEVER, the neighborhood story and scripted events DO NOT WORK in this version. (If anyone knows how to make them work in a renamed ‘hood please let me know and I’ll update.)

If you want the scripted events and neighborhood story to work, but you don’t want to replace your current Pleasantview, move your current N001 folder to another location on your computer and switch them out depending on which one you want to play. 

The subhoods are already attached to both versions. You don’t need to do anything except put the folder in your neighborhoods folder. See installation instructions below. 

Installation Instructions

To install, unzip the folder and place it in the following directory:

  • UC: Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection > Neighborhoods
  • Disc: Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Neighborhoods

If you’re using the default replacement version, make sure to delete your current N001 folder (or move it somewhere else on your computer) first.

If you’re using the stand-alone version, when you start your game next, you will have a second Pleasantview neighborhood listed after all the Maxis ‘hoods.


I recommend downloading the following mods to use with this neighborhood if you don’t already have them: 

  • Notownieregen – prevents the game from generating random townies. I don’t like randoms and only want to play with Maxis townies, so I keep this mod installed at all times. If you use  my ‘hood you will likely NEVER run out of Maxis townies, so generating more is unnecessary. 
  • No Townie Memory Loss – prevents townies from having their memories wiped when you move them in.
  • Nodormieregen – prevents the game from generating random dormies. Again, there are a LOT of Maxis dormies and it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to generate more. 
  • Nostrayrespawn – prevents the game from generating random strays. 
  • Nounlinkondelete – prevents corruption when a tombstone or urn is accidentally deleted. The game normally shreds character data and corrupts the game when a tombstone disappears. This prevents that from happening. Everyone should have this mod if they play The Sims 2
  • Apartment Residents – uses townies and NPCs as apartment neighbors instead of creating the social group townies. 
  • Anti-Redundancy – prevents the game from creating more than one of each type of NPC. Usually, the game creates three of each – maids, gardeners, etc. With this mod, it will create only a single NPC when needed. When you use my ‘hood, all three of the Maxis NPCs are there to start with. But using this mod the game will not generate new random ones unless you move in all three of the current ones. 
  • CAS History for Non-Playable Sims – All townies and NPCs will now have history in their memories (fist kiss with mystery Sim and all that).
  • Argon’s Archfix to fix the busted face templates for future generations. 

I have tested the neighborhood by playing in Uni for a couple weeks. But please let me know if you run into any issues so I can resolve them. 


And please keep in mind, this is MY Perfect Pleasantview. It may not be to your liking and that’s fine. I made it for myself and thought I would share if anyone else was interested. I will not make any changes to the neighborhood structure – but I do plan to remodel all the Pleasantview and subhood lots in the future. 🙂

55 thoughts on “My Perfect Pleasantview ~ Sims 2 Maximum Maxis Lore”

  1. I see you’ve updated this which is very nice! However, the files for download don’t seem to be updated since 2021? I was trying to download the default version, thanks!

  2. Regarding the neighborhood storytelling bug:
    I’ve noticed that a new “webentry_00000002” was created. In the original version, it was “webentry_00000001”. So, I just renamed all files/images from _00000001_ to _00000002_, as well as the contents of the corresponding XMLs.

  3. Hi! This was very helpful! I’ve been looking around at clean templates and its really confusing. Is this the only post you have on them?

    • Yes, I haven’t really covered them much on the blog since there are so many guides elsewhere. Maybe I will write a guide on them soon!

  4. hi cindy! I I love your videos without them i wouldn’t be able to play sims3 lol. is there a way or a mod that stops households from continuing there sims life with me playing other household like in sims2. i was playing my hills family and when i go back to my zbornak family they had a baby and it was a toddler i missed it.

  5. Hi, Cindy! Thank you for your hard work that you are putting in your content. I absolutely in love with it!
    I have a couple of questions. If you ever create “My Perfect Strangetown/Veronaville” will you attach Downtown and Bluewater Village too?
    It’s written here that you would put university sims to Downtown, but the thing is they can’t afford any of homes in my game(I’m playing by your gameplay rules). What should I do? I could plop down a flophouse in there, but there won’t be enough room for all of them. And I always wanted to ask about your Treasure system. Do you need money to build(put down) new houses, if there’s not enough, or it only applies to new community lots?

    • Hmm..I might attach Downtown but without the townies to solve that problem, or add in my own housing to the main ‘hood. Not sure yet!
      As for the treasury, it only applies to community lots. I will put down residential lots any time I need them as long as Sims can afford to buy them. Hope that helps!

  6. Does anyone know a simple way to make the Townies related to each other? It has worked for a couple through Sim Blender (parent-child) but not for all (sibling, cousin, etc). I would love to have those with the same surnames that reappear Deppiesse, Livingston, Despret, Fancey to name but a few!

  7. I Know how you can get rid of the Townie Bella. Using SimPE, move her from the Townies Family to The “Defaults”, where the game stores every dead sim. Then remove her from the relationships of the premade sims by using SimPE or The Sim Blender (In Game). She Will be gone for good, but you can easily readd her to your household using Sim Blender.

  8. Hi Cindy!
    How were you able to attach the freetime subhood with the hobby instructors but not the family bin families? Same question for Bon Voyage – like how did you include the townies but not the “Traveller” “Cooke” “Picaso” families? .
    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation 🙂

  9. Hi, Cindy!
    I LOVE that you did this, but do you know if it’s compatible with The Sims 2: Super Collection for MacBook? I did everything you said to do and it doesn’t seem to work unless I did something wrong ;/

  10. Cindy, this is AMAZING! I am so excited to try this out! Thank you for putting so much time into this and posting it for us!

  11. I was so eager to try this but unfortunately since I have the super collection, not the ultimate collection, it doesn’t show up. And I don’t know how to detach the subhoods my game doesn’t recognize to make it show up.
    That being said it is lovely of you to share this with everyone. Thank you.

  12. I’m playing this hood (thank you!) and Bella did show as apartment resident but once someone took her apartment I used fixed bad apartment residencies and it said one token removed from dead sim Bella Goth. Sure enough at the Goths they have memories of her death and she’s grey on family tree. Cassandra even wants to resurrect her.

  13. This looks great and I’d love to play it. Will it work without the Ultimate Collection? (I have all EPs but no SPs.)

  14. Hey Cindy! I love the idea! Now, about having the stand-alone or default version, I have a question. Is it safe if I rename my current pleasantview (from N001 to N123 for example) and keep its default version instead of swapping them? I thought about this a while ago, because I miss play pleasantview scripted events, but I don’t want to get rid of my ‘original’.
    Sorry for any mistake here, I’m not a native English speaker (good reader, good listener, but not good at writing and speaking lol)

  15. can i just use the sub-hoods? because i already use the meetme2theriver’s clean Pleasantview template and i dont wanna to start again my pleasantview but i do want to use your fixed sub-hoods and uni

    • Sorry, this is Pleasantview with subhoods attached, so it can’t be used as a subhood itself. I did not correct individual subhoods and I don’t know of a way to do that without adding them to a neighborhood first.

  16. Thank you so, so much for making this, Cindy! The world of Pleasantview finally feels complete, correct, and genetically diverse! I can’t imagine the time this must have taken, and I’m very excited to play it.

  17. I’ve been looking forward to this since your first announcement, I can’t wait to play this. The amount of time and dedication it must have taken. Thank you very much for sharing it.

  18. I’m using the default replacement version, installed as directed, but I am not getting any scripted events, even after I remove my hacks? I must be doing something wrong.

    • Sometimes this happens when installing clean template neighborhoods into an existing neighborhood. There are two ways you can try to fix it. First, try deleting the NeighborhoodManager file from Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Neighborhoods. It’s perfectly safe and the game will generate a new one. If the scripted events still don’t work after that, you can rename your current Sims 2 Folder (in your Documents) – just add _original or something to the end of it if you want to keep it. If you don’t care about keeping it, you can just delete it. Start the game and get it to generate a new Sims 2 folder, and then put the neighborhood back in there. Copy all your mods and CC to the new folder if you like. That should get the scripted events working. Good luck!

      • Hi, I’m also having this problem with the default neighbourhood. I’ve tried to fix it using the methods above but the scripted events still aren’t happening. Is there another fix I could try?

        • Generating a new Sims 2 folder usually works. Just rename your current Sims 2 folder in my documents (like add _OLD to the end of it or something). Then start the game to generate a new one. Delete the N001 neighborhood and place mine in the neighborhoods folder instead. Make sure you downloaded the correct version. The folder must be named N001 or the scripted events won’t work.

  19. Thanks for making this! For Bella I tend to move her into another household, give her the “I am dead” token and then have her move out so she is in the sim bin. She won’t be an apartment resident or show up for walkbyes and when Alex gets older you can move her somewhere else and kill her off so she’s officially out of the bin.

  20. Hi Cindy! This comment will not be about this AMAZING post but, i just wanted to ask. Can you share your CC folder? I really like the CC’s that you are using but i can’t find them in tumblr pages 😭😢 That’d be awesome.

    • No. Sorry, but my CC folder has taken years of work – collecting and organizing. It is specific to my game and I will not make it available for download.

      There are a couple other reasons why I won’t do this. First, many creators do not allow the distribution of their content except through their own websites. Second, there may be mod conflicts and I don’t want to be responsible for anything happening to your game.

  21. OMG, did you just made your clean template of the subhoods or am I crazy?????? this is perfect!!!!!!! I love the townies so much and I’m sufering with the lack of then in the meet me hoods. would be safe to resurect anyone in downtown or bluewater village? *coughing in tricou family language*

  22. Nifty! How did you rename all the townies? Just go one by one in SimPE and match up portraits? I’m making a Pleasantview + Strangetown hood with Strangetown added as a shopping district but I didn’t realize it would scramble the townie names. :\


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