Sims 2 Starter Apartments Download – No CC

Sims 2 Apartments Lot Download

Welcome to Pleasant Valley Apartments! These are the apartments I use to start my own custom neighborhoods in The Sims 2. You can see the building of these apartments on my Building Knutley livestream playback. The building includes four small, one-bedroom starter units for your Sims. No custom content was used. 

Features & Amenities

The apartment includes the following features and amenities:

  • Four 1BR/1BA apartments
    • Kitchen appliances, bathroom and light fixtures in each unit
    • Each unit has an outdoor balcony
  • Community storage room (In Knutley, I use this room for water heaters and utility boxes, but this No CC version just has some random junk stored inside.)
  • Decorative parking lot 

Rent Cost – $928 -$974

I highly recommend using the Halved Apartment Rent mod, which reduces the rent to $464 – $474. I think the apartment rents in the game are WAY too high – especially for such small units. With this mod, they are much more reasonable for your poorer Sims. 


I have the Ultimate Collection and I used items from (probably) all the expansion and stuff packs. You will AT LEAST need Mansion & Garden Stuff for this lot to function properly.

For the best experience you’ll need the UC or ALL expansion and stuff packs. 

The lot was re-built in a clean Any Game Starter environment, and no Custom Content is required or included. 


Although no mods or CC are required, I would still recommend the following:

  • Halved Apartment Rent – Halves the rent due, making the apartments more affordable. 
  • Ceiling Light Fix – So lights appear as they do in the screenshots and not hanging below the ceiling.
  • Decorative Parking Spots – To make cars appear in the parking lot. You will need to place these yourself if you use them. 
  • Parking Lot Supplemental Pack – Includes a nice parking block to make your parking lot look nicer. Again, place them yourself. 
  • Buyable Outdoor Trashcan – The picture shows a trashcan outside the apartment, but when you download the lot it won’t be there since it’s CC. Download and place one outside so trash doesn’t pile up! You can find it in the catalog under Misc. 

And if you want your apartments to look like the ones I created in Knutley, see my post on realistic custom content (includes hot water heaters, utility boxes, light switches, etc.)

Download Lot

Click the button below to download. If you have trouble with the download, there are alternate links below the button. 


Alternate Download Links: Mediafire | SFS

To install, unzip the package to your desktop. Then right-click on the package file and choose “Open With > “Sims2Pack Clean Installer.” If you don’t have or choose not to use the clean pack installer, you can simply double-click on the package file and wait for the Sims 2 installer to appear.

If you need more help, I’ve made a video tutorial on How to Install Lots on Youtube. 

15 thoughts on “Sims 2 Starter Apartments Download – No CC”

  1. These look great! Definitely recommend getting the buyable outdoor trashcan though, because not having one causes a lot of issues with rubbish piling up everywhere. Otherwise, these are a really good size for starter apartments!

  2. Idk if this is just something going on with my game or if it’s the lot itself, but the lot doesn’t have an outdoor trashcan when I put it into my game. Just an FYI

    • It’s not supposed to. I took the picture before I removed that CC. Sorry about that! You can download a CC trashcan and place it yourself if you like!

  3. Thanks Cindy, this is awesome!
    I just noticed that Halved Apartment Rent isn’t included in your list of Recommended Mods – just letting you know in case you want to add it on there 🙂
    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much Cindy! ahh I only have the Super collection, but these builds are great thanks so much for sharing and reigniting my love for the Sims 2 again!

    Hope you’re having a blessed Sunday xx


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