Pleasantview Community Lot Project: Workforce Center

Pleasantview Workforce Center - Sims 2 Community Lot
Pleasantview Workforce Center

This is the first lot in my Pleasantview Community Lot Project for The Sims 2.

As you probably know, Pleasantview is severely lacking in useful community lots. I rarely took my Sims to any of the existing lots, except perhaps the grocery store and clothing store.

This is my attempt to fix that problem.

We’ve been creating community lots for the ‘hood in my Community Lot Project Livestream. I’m creating all lots to match the architecture and building materials of the existing lots in Pleasantview, so everything matches. You can just plop them down in the neighborhood and start using them.

I will make all lots in this project available with limited or no custom content. So as long as you have the base game, there will be a version you can use. If I do include CC, it will be packaged with the lot so you won’t need to download anything additional. These lots are created using Any Game Starter in a base game environment.

Pleasantview Workforce Center - Front View

Pleasantview Workforce Center

The Workforce Center is a place where Sims can go to find a job or apply for welfare benefits.

This is a great place to send Brandi Broke so she can get money from the state without having to get a job while her kids are young. Any unemployed Sims may use this service. And any Sim may use the job-seeking notice board to find a job in their chosen career track.

Pleasantview Workforce Ceneter - Inside - Job Board

The lot includes a children’s play area in case your Sims aren’t able to leave their kids at home, a unisex bathroom, vending machines, a computer, and a job board.

Pleasantview Workforce Center - Sims 2 - Children's Area

The lot’s small office is where Sims go to apply for benefits. The Welfare Table must be downloaded separately – see instructions below.

Pleasantview Workforce Center - Welfare Office

There’s plenty of room for adding your own decorations and custom content. In an attempt to make these lots available to as many people as possible, they include base game items only – with the exception of the CC listed below.

Custom Content Included

The following custom content is included:

You do not need to download these items separately. They will be installed in your game when you install the lot.

Custom Content Not Included

The following mods are recommended for this lot to function as intended. They are not necessary and the lot will work fine without them. However, you will need the Social Welfare mod if you want your Sims to have welfare benefits.

The Social Welfare Mod generates an NPC that stands behind the table and allow your Sim to “apply” for welfare benefits. You will need to place the Social Security Table in the office yourself. It can be found in Misc > Misc in build mode.

Sims 2 Mod - Social Welfare

The lot includes a base game computer for your Sims to use. I recommend downloading Monique’s Hacked Computer if you don’t already have it. This adds more financial functionality to the game, such as bank accounts and loans.

If you want to use Monique’s Computer on this lot, you’ll have to replace the Moneywell Computer with the hacked version.


This lot provides a fully functioning Unemployment Office in The Sims 2. I think it’s much more realistic to have my Sims visit this lot and look for jobs than to just cheat them one. I also really enjoy the added realism of having welfare for my poor Sims.

Although built with Pleasantview in mind, this lot can be used in any neighborhood. Click the button below to download it for your own game.

Alternate Download Link: Dropbox

The Sims 2 Pleasantview Community Lot - Workforce Center - is a welfare office where your Sims can find a job in any career track or receive social services benefits if they are unemployed. Created to match the Pleasantview Architecture.

13 thoughts on “Pleasantview Community Lot Project: Workforce Center”

  1. Hey, when using clean pack installer to install it, it says that it’s going to install the workforce center in Documents/EA Games/Sims 2/Teleport/. I don’t think that’s right…should I change it so it installs into Documents/EA Games/Sims 2/LotCatalog?

  2. Hey this was a wonderful idea for some added realism thought Im having a issue with the mod when i reload my save my sim no longer has his job it’s a teen part-time job in Intelligence any help would be appreciated 🙂 -Tristan M

  3. Hi! So, I recently got back into The Sims 2 and I’m trying to download and install your Pleasantview Workforce Center. I managed to download it all right, but I can’t install it because it has the icon that looks like a piece of paper with the corner folded. Is there a workaround for this?

    • Hi Kendra! Try Right-clickng on the file and choosing “Open With” then Select the Sims 2 Bodyshop Installer from the list of programs. You may have to search for its location. If that doesn’t work, try installing with the Sims 2 Clean Pack Installer using the same method (right-clicking and “open with”).

  4. I have tried to do this but i’m on disk and only have the expansions(No stuff packs)and it comes up that I don’t have the content required for it(The same thing happened when i tried to download Debra. I also assume that the work center will show up in the lot bin and sebra in the sim bin.

    • Hi! Installing Lots is different from installing other types of CC. For lots, double-click on the package file and wait a moment for a pop-up box asking you if you want to install the lot. Hope that helps!


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