The Sims 2 Bachelorette Challenge

The Sims 2 Bachelorette Challenge Rules
The Sims 2 Bachelorette Challenge Rules

This the Pleasant Sims version of The Sims 2 Bachelorette Challenge. I’ve read all the other rules for this challenge I could find and combined them into a set that fits my play style. Feel free to use these rules in your own game if you like!

This challenge can also be played as a Bachelor challenge with the genders reversed, but I created these rules with a certain female Sim in mind – Dusty Griffin from our Poverty Challenge.

Challenge Objective: Find a lonely female Sim her true love by choosing from 7 eligible bachelors.

Getting Started

  1. Create your Bachelorette. Either create a brand new Sim in CAS or use a born-in-game Sim. Choose whatever personality, aspiration, and appearance you like.
  2. Choose your 7 Contestants. Create your contestants in CAS or simply use 7 game-generated townies. Give them all different personalities, aspirations, and appearances so your Sim has a variety to choose from.
  3. Move your Bachelorette and contestants into a house. Use money cheats if necessary. Use the Sim Blender to move all your contestants onto the lot if you’re using townies. Move them onto an empty lot and build a house for them, use a house from the lots bin, or place a house you’ve downloaded and move them in.


Here are the rules for The Sims 2 Bachelorette Challenge – Pleasant Sims version.

The Lot

  • Do not place a refrigerator, stove, grill or any other items the Sims can use to cook or eat. Instead, use a buffet table to serve meals. Place a large dining room table with eight chairs so they will all eat together and chat. Clean up the buffet each time after everyone eats.
  • To prevent autonomous woohoo, do not place any items on the lot Sims can use to woohoo (like closets, hot tubs, etc.), use chairs instead of couches, and give all Sims single beds.
  • The Bachelorette gets her own bedroom, but contestants may share depending on how much space you have.
  • All other items and objects are allowed. Make sure to give them plenty of entertainment objects and things that multiple Sims can do together.


  • Use of the ACR mod is allowed and encouraged. These rules were written with ACR in mind. If you do use it, turn off jealousy on the lot before you get started.
  • No Woohoo. See lot rules above.
  • Leave free will ON and do not force any interactions between Sims except the ones required each day.
  • Do not control the contestants except to send them to bed. Otherwise, they’re on their own. Absolutely NO forced socializing allowed.


At 12:00 noon each day beginning on Day 2, pause the game and calculate the scores. Add the daily (top) and lifetime (bottom) relationship scores between the Bachelorette and each contestant. Eliminate the contestant with the lowest score. To eliminate a Sim, just have him “find own place” from the  newspaper and he’ll be sent to the Sim Bin. (Or if you’re really sinister, I guess you could kill him off.)

  • DAY 1: After moving into the house, have the Bachelorette “Check Out” each contestant. Then, just let them mingle however they want for the rest of the day.
  • DAY 2: Before noon, friendly chat with each contestant to break the ice.
  • DAY 3: Before noon, flirt with each contestant once to see how they respond.
  • DAY 4: Before noon, share interests with each contestant to see if they have anything in common.
  • DAY 5: Before noon, tell a dirty joke to each contestant to test their sense of humor.
  • DAY 6: Before noon, slow dance with each contestant to see who’s a better dancer.
  • DAY 7: Before noon, make out with each contestant to see who’s better. Eliminate the final contestant at noon and crown the winner. You can now buy a double bed, allow them to woohoo (because that tension is palpable), and throw the wedding!


  • In the event of a tie, put your Bachelorette in a room with both of the contestants and see who she interacts with first. The other Sim is the loser.
  • If you want to keep playing your Bachelorette and her new love, move them out of the house onto their own lot. The TV studio pays for this house and your Sims can’t stay here!

Watch the Bachelorette Challenge

Want to see this challenge in action? View the Playlist on Youtube to see if how our lucky Bachelorette found love. I played this challenge in a livestream with the help of my awesome subscribers, and it was so much fun!

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  1. I’m so excited to see this challenge in action! You can definitely count on me as a loyal viewer of this upcoming series, Cindy! To be honest, I’d be too lazy to set up all the scenery and the Sims for the challenge but having someone playing it (you!) makes it really easy for me to enjoy the challenge nevertheless. 😉

  2. Hi Cindy 🙂 I was wondering if you could please write rules for a Hunger Games challenge. There’s an awesome one for the Sims 3 and 4 but not 2 🙁

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