The Sims 2 Random Legacy Challenge Rules

Sims 2 random legacy challenge

These are my Random Legacy Challenge rules for The Sims 2. In this challenge, everything is random – from your Sim’s appearance to their career and life path. The objective is to make it through 10 generations in a single family.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not really much fun to play a single family for several generations in The Sims 2 because no one else in the neighborhood ages! Well, that’s all changed thanks to the new story progression mod by Lazy Duchess. 

Recommended Mods

I recommend using the following mods for this challenge:

And don’t forget to check out my Sims 2 recommended mods list for many more mods to improve your gameplay! 

Creating a Founder

The first step is creating your founder Sim, but remember to keep everything random – except life stage. Your founder should start life as an adult. 

Name & Gender

When you open CAS, the gender of your founder is the gender of whatever random Sim populates.

Choose a name for your founder by using a random name generator. I like Namey because it generates a first name and surname (and you can choose common or rare names). Remember, you must take the first name generated. No rerolls! 


Now randomize appearance. This isn’t as easy in The Sims 2 as it is in the later games, because we don’t have a randomizer for each separate category. You have a few different options depending on how much effort you want to put in.

  • Option #1 – Press the randomize Sim button in CAS once, which randomizes all aspects of your Sim’s appearance (including clothing). Stick with whatever you get. 
  • Option #2 – Randomize each individual appearance category by counting how many options you have in your game and rolling a number on to choose. For example, if you have 20 different skin tones, roll a number between 1 – 20 to decide. Do the same for:
    • Fitness/Fatness
    • Head
    • Hair Color
    • Hair Style
    • Full Face
    • Brow
    • Eyes
    • Eye Color
    • Nose
    • Mouth
    • Chin
    • Eyebrows
    • Facial Hair
    • Clothing for all Categories
  • Option #3 – Randomize each individual appearance category as outlined above, but choose your Sim’s clothing instead of randomizing it. 

No matter which option you choose, you must accept whatever you get without making any changes. Remember, part of the challenge is working with the random rolls you get. Challenge yourself to make it work. If you roll a very ugly Sim, you can make this a challenge to breed them until they make pretty offspring. 


To get your founder’s random personality follow these steps:

  1. Roll a number between 1 – 6 to choose an aspiration. (Roll 1 – 5 if you don’t have Nightlife.)
  2. Roll a number between 1 – 12 to choose a zodiac sign.
  3. Roll a number between 1 – 34 to choose your Sim’s first turn-on.
  4. Roll a number between 1 – 33 to choose your Sim’s second turn-on.
  5. Roll a number between 1- 32 to choose your Sim’s third turn-on. 

Don’t worry about personality points right now. You’ll randomize these in-game using the Sim Blender. Just use the default given by the zodiac sign you roll. 

Moving In

  1. Count the number of premade neighborhoods you have in your game. If you have the Ultimate Collection or all expansion packs, you should have six. Roll a number between 1 – 6 to choose the ‘hood you’ll be playing your legacy in. If you’re already playing the neighborhood you rolled and you don’t want to play a legacy family there, no worries! You can make a copy of that neighborhood just for your legacy. 
  2. Place an empty 5×6 lot (the largest lot size available) anywhere in the neighborhood.
  3. Move your Sim onto the lot, which costs $18,500. They will have $1,500 remaining – which is all they can live on until they earn more. Buy a bed, Sim Blender, and anything else you can afford.

In-Game Randomization

After moving your founder in, use the Sim Blender to randomize their personality points and one true hobby. Click on the Sim Blender and choose:

  1. More > Personality > Randomize. This will randomize your Sim’s personality points. 
  2. More > Personality > Sync Genetic Personality. Don’t skip this step! It will make your Sim’s new random personality genetic.
  3. Traits > Sim Name > Hobbies > The One Hobby > Randomize. This will randomize your Sim’s One True Hobby. 

Interests do not need to be randomized, as they are already 

Earning Money

Now that your Sim is on their own, they’ll need money. Your Sim may take a regular job or begin an alternative means of earning a living. Roll a number between 1 – 37 to choose. Reroll if you get a career from an expansion pack you don’t have. 

  1. Adventurer
  2. Architecture
  3. Artist
  4. Athletic
  5. Business
  6. Criminal
  7. Culinary
  8. Dance
  9. Education
  10. Entertainment
  11. Gamer
  12. Intelligence
  13. Journalism
  14. Law
  15. Law Enforcement
  16. Medicine
  17. Military
  18. Music
  19. Natural Scientist
  20. Oceanography
  21. Paranormal
  22. Politics
  23. Science
  24. Show Business
  25. Slacker
  26. Self-Employed Painter – Sell paintings you paint with the easel.
  27. Self-Employed Sculptor – Sell objects you sculpt with the pottery wheel.
  28. Self-Employed Flower Arranger – Sell bouquets you make using the floral workstation.
  29. Self-Employed Seamstress – Sell items you sew with the sewing machine.
  30. Self-Employed Musician – Play for tips. 
  31. Self-Employed Robot Maker – Sell robots made on the robot crafting station.
  32. Self-Employed Toy Maker – Sell toys made with the toybench.
  33. Self-Employed Gardener – Sell produce grown in garden plots and from orchard trees. 
  34. Self-Employed Fisherman – Sell fish caught from a pond.
  35. Self-Employed Baker – Sell homemade baked goods.
  36. Self-Employed Stargazer – Find undiscovered stars. 
  37. Self-Employed Mechanic – Restore and sell junk cars.

If you roll a regular career, use the Sim Blender or any other method you like to give your founder Sim their job. But this is only for your founder. Future generations must get a job from the newspaper or computer, the old-fashioned way. 

Self-Employed Sims may open a home business to sell their goods when they are financially able, or they may sell them through the catalog. 

Play Your Legacy

Now it’s time to play! Your primary objective in every generation is to produce the heir to the next generation (by whatever means necessary). You can use any method you like for choosing an heir – first born, oldest male or female child, etc. I randomize the heir for extra randomness. 

General Rules

  • Your family must stay on the same lot for the entire challenge.
  • Each generation’s heir will take over the family home, and any spares (brothers and sisters of the heir) must be moved out on their own upon aging up to adults.
  • Spares get $20,000 to move into a starter lot, which you may furnish for them if you like. But you cannot play them. After moving them in, immediately return to the legacy lot. Story Progression will take over for the remainder of their lives.

If you use the No20khandout mod: Use the familyfunds cheat to give your spares $20k when they move out. The money does not come from the legacy family, and any money spares take with them should be returned to the legacy family using familyfunds. 

Career Rules

  • If your Sim rolls a self-employed career and cannot afford the equipment needed (such as a musical instrument or workbench), you may dig for treasure on the lot to earn enough for the equipment ONLY. After that, you may only earn money from the career. 
  • Your Sim may not change careers after becoming an adult.
  • When your Sim marries, their partner may keep the job they had upon moving in. If they were unemployed, roll from the career list above to choose a career for them.
  • Once your heir ages to an adult, roll from the list to choose a career for them. You can also roll careers for any spares before you move them out, but it’s not required.
  • You may roll again for a career if any of your heirs roll the same career as a previous heir.
  • After your founder Sim, all other Sims must get a job from the newspaper or computer. No cheating! 
  • Teens may get a job if you like, but you must choose randomly. Roll a number between 1 – 25 to choose from the career list above. You may roll again for an adult job once they become adults, or you can choose to keep them in the same career track.

Family Rules

  • Your founder and heirs may marry anyone they choose – townies, playables, or NPCs. Once married, they must move the partner onto the legacy lot. You may also move in a single romantic partner without getting married if you choose. No roommates or friends may move in!
  • Your founder or heir may remain single and raise the next generation’s heir alone if you choose. But this will make things harder without the extra income. 
  • Alien abduction babies are fine and can count as an heir.
  • Adoptions are fine and you can use adopted children as heirs if you like.
  • Spares who did not go to college have 24 hours after aging to adults before you must move them out. Use this time to cement any romantic relationship you have in mind and find them a job (optional). 

Money Rules

  • When your founder and/or heirs get married, the spouse must move onto the legacy lot with them. You may keep any money they bring in.
  • If your Sims are given gifts by other Sims, you may keep them or store them in the household inventory. You cannot sell them for simoleons. 
  • The career you roll is the only way your Sims can earn money. They may not sell paintings, garden, dig for treasure, etc. to earn money unless they roll that as their career.

Pet Rules

  • Your Sims may have pets if they can afford them. 
  • Pets may have jobs if you like. Roll a number between 1 – 3 to choose:
    1. Security
    2. Service
    3. Show Biz

Randomization Rules

  • When babies age up to toddlers, randomize their one true hobby with the Sim Blender. Hobbies are generated based on personality, so this is more random. If you use my sub-hobby system, roll to choose a random sub-hobby.
  • When children age up to teens, randomize their aspiration, turn-ons, and turn-offs. Leave their personality and interests as they are, since the personality is genetic and interests will already be randomized. 
  • When your Sims age up, do not change their clothing and hair. It is randomized for you upon age up. Whatever your Sim is wearing is what they must wear for this entire life stage. The only exception is if they roll a want to buy new clothes. Then, you may buy them one new article of clothing of your choice. Make it count!

University Rules

  • You may send spares to college on the last day of their teen lifespan and allow story progression to move them through. I roll randomly to decide which spares go to college. 
  • Your heir may also attend college, but you must play them the entire time until they graduate, then move them back to the legacy lot. 
  • To choose a major for your heir, roll a number between 1 – 11 and select from the following list:
    1. Art
    2. Biology
    3. Drama
    4. Economics
    5. History
    6. Literature
    7. Mathematics
    8. Philosophy
    9. Physics
    10. Politcal Science
    11. Psychology

It doesn’t matter if your Sim’s major does not match the job you rolled for them. This is the Random Legacy, so that’s part of the challenge!

27 thoughts on “The Sims 2 Random Legacy Challenge Rules”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that I’m having a ton of fun with this challenge. I’m currently streaming it and my chat are enjoying coming up with names for my sims.

    Are there any rules regarding servos? I was gonna give mine a job, but it felt a little cheaty.

    • So glad you’re enjoying it! I haven’t really played with Servos in the challenge, but I think it would be okay to give them a job. Roll randomly for it! Lol

  2. Hey Cindy! So i’ve been playing the random legacy and im almost starting generation 3 in college, but i got a problem, due to me rolling veronaville as my town to play in the Monties and Summerdreams died off with only the Capp’s staying, am I allowed to roll to add a new town as a subhood? Thank you in advance Sims 2 queen!

  3. Hey Cindy! Thanks for the rules, this challenge is awesome! One more detail: I’m playing on Mac and I gave SP mod a try, but it resulted in a bunch of errors so I had to turn it off.
    What would you recommend in case of spares’ destinies? Like rotational gameplay maybe or something…

    • Hi! It’s really up to you! I personally don’t really play this challenge because I like to play ALL my Sims. So, if I were going to do it, yes I would play them in rotation and play the whole family over the generations!

  4. Hey Cindy, I have to start over. I misunderstood the rules. My sim has a military career and hobby of film but I started digging for treasure to build her funds. Then I went back in and reread the rules. Digging for treasure doesn’t fit in with this sim’s career, interests or otherwise. Shame, she was a good looking sim too.

  5. I’m loving this challenge so far!
    My sim, Georgianne McQuilkin, is about to become an elder and one of her twins girls will become the heir. I found it funny that Georgianne is a criminal mastermind, while her wife Nina Caliente became Captain Hero.
    What would you do with the bonuses you get from work? I got a 50k bonus and I don’t know if that counts as cheating.

      • I kept it and put two skating rinks in the bacykyard with that money. I’m a bit bunned this mod is not compatible with inteen. Do you know any other mod to make my same gender sims try for baby?

        • You could always impregnate them using Sim Blender “Have baby with” function. They won’t actually “try for baby” in the bed, but you could simulate that.

  6. I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! I’ve been streaming it on my twitch and it’s enjoyable! I did roll Veronaville though but it’s okay. My heir is already a teen!

  7. I’ve been playing this challenge (with a small change in that I am only rolling up to 25 on the career options because I hate playing home businesses in all but a few very rare circumstances) and I have a weird maybe issue or just run of really bad (or good, depending on how much you want girls) luck going on where all the sims born in my played family are boys? I only have the mods you mentioned and a few defaults for skin, eyes, etc but the 6th generation was just born and out of the 9 kids born in game so far, all of them have been boys. Its so weird.

  8. This challenge has been so fun so far! I do have one question that isn’t included in the rules. My founder married in a sim and later I found out they own a bakery lot in Bluewater Village. In that situation should I just play as though they do not own the business. It’s worth a lot so I imagine selling it would take away from the challenge.

    • I would probably just play it! If the spouse owns it, I don’t think it’s cheating. BUT, if you feel it’s too much too soon, you can just ignore it!

  9. My founder just had twins… named Clarence and Carma —spelled just like that… sigh. She and her husband are both romance sims and date all the time. They take turns staying home from work and dating people who walk by and kick the trash can.

    We’ve got a pinball machine, karaoke machine, a ridiculously expensive statue, and a DJ booth. I gave up trying to keep all the gifts in the house. I know I could put them in inventory, but dang it we *earned* those prizes!

    Ok I’ll stop going on about my family. But I’m having a blast!

  10. I just started the challenge in Belladonna Cove, with Sim State, Bluewater and Downtown. It’s been really fun. Like your founder, my sim also ended up being a bisexual Romance sim. Unlike your sim, she has 2/3 bolts with half the town. So I let her woohoo as much as she wanted and she didn’t get married until she got pregnant.

    Quick tip: I just found out the mod only does progression on playables. The townies get old and die, but they don’t reproduce. So take out any “no-regen” mods to keep your town bustling.

    I’m nervous about sending spares to Uni. I don’t want to lose track of them when they graduate. I hope a pop-up comes up when sims leave the uni.

    • Glad you’re playing the challenge! I keep my no regen mods in because I like my population to grow through my townies having children via story progression. But if you have too many die too quickly, you can definitely take out no townie regen for a time! I hate randoms in my game, so I don’t. Haha!
      As for college, I get notified when a Sim finishes a Semester, so if nothing else you should get a notification that they completed their senior year. I haven’t had anyone complete yet!


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