The Sims 2 18-Hour Pregnancy Mod (2 Hours = 1 Real Month)

Sims 2 18-hour pregnancy mod
Have a baby in just 18 hours instead of 3 days!

Do you want a more realistic pregnancy length in The Sims 2? Or are you just tired of waiting 3 days for your little Sim babies to arrive?

Well, now you don’t have to with my 18-hour pregnancy length mod!


I play with a simple aging system where 1 Sim day = 1 real life year. That means every two hours simulates one real life month. With this system, it only makes sense that Sims would be pregnant for 18 total hours – simulating 9 months of pregnancy.

With this mod, your Sims will be pregnant for a total of 18 hours. They’ll get the first baby bump at 6 hours, the second baby bump at 12 hours, and finally give birth at 18 hours.

I’ve play tested the mod in-game and it works perfectly.

How to Install

Unzip the files and place the package file in your Sims 2 downloads folder (found in My Documents). If you need more help installing custom content, please see this tutorial.

Download 18 Hour Pregnancy

Click the button below to download from SimFileshare. Alternate link provided for Dropbox.


Alternate Download Link: Mediafire

Like the idea of a custom pregnancy length but 18 hours isn’t right for your game? You can easily create your own by using this tutorial by Lientebollemei. She also has more tutorials on creating lifespans, season spans, and more so check it out!

23 thoughts on “The Sims 2 18-Hour Pregnancy Mod (2 Hours = 1 Real Month)”

  1. Hi Cindy! I left a coment before but it doesn’t appear. This mod doesn’t work in my game, and I tried with the Nopke’s version but doesn’t work too. I don’t know the reason. This mod could have conflict with other mods, like simblender, Insim? I don’t have another mod about pregnancy. Thank you!

    • Hi Marina! I don’t use Inteen because it conflicts with so many things. I imagine it probably does conflict with this one too, but I don’t know that for sure. Sorry!

  2. Hi! I don’t know if you could ask me, but I don’t know where I can find a answer. I tried with your mod and another that is similar but it doesn’t work in my game. I don’t know if this can cause conflict with another mod. I have RCC mod, InSim and sim blender, but I don’t know if this mod can have conflict with the others.

  3. Is it okay to remove this mod if some sims are pregnant? I have a megahood and the amount of babies and baby wants is insane, so I need to get back to the default pregnancy time. I don’t want to mess up anything. Even though I don’t want to use it anymore, it has worked perfect. Thank you!

  4. Hey, Cindy, i’m 2 years late but i wanted to ask if this mod conflicts with other pregnancy mods like death by childbirth or triplets and quads. Thank you!

  5. Hello Cindy, does this mod work for alien pregnancies ? My sim tried multiple times to search for UFOs but he never get abducted by the aliens, I thought maybe it was because of this mod…

  6. The dropbox location for download is broken (the good old 404 error, after which it says your page cannot be found). I am actually someone whom has the dropbox app and has used it for a while, so I don’t know if you are possibly having some similar issues to what I have had, which are if you haven’t logged into dropbox in a long time and shared the links recently, they are not accessible anymore. You might want to log in and re-share the link.

    I have a tumblr account as well as had some links that were up over at NRAAS that became completely blocked because I had not logged into dropbox for a while (the actual website). You have to go in and check that things are still sharable to everyone, if I remember correctly.

    Thank you for all that you do, BTW with the community and share. It’s much appreciated! I cannot imagine how much work it is!

    • Thanks! Changed alt link to Mediafire. Dropbox links don’t work because my Dropbox is full and for some reason it won’t allow anyone to access when it’s full. I’m moving all my dropbox links to mediafire to avoid this.

  7. Hey Cindy, I love all your content! Just a quick question, do you need any EP’s to install this? Or is it compatible with just the base game?

    • I only have the Ultimate Collection, but I believe this should work with base game. I don’t know of any reason why it wouldn’t, but maybe try it out in a ‘hood you don’t care about first.

    • Thank you so much! I refer everyone who asks to your awesome tutorials on creating different “spans.” They are so helpful!

  8. I don’t suppose there’s a way to choose my own length of pregnancy, is there? I kind of want to make it 9 days, which is 3x vanilla I guess, but it’d be a day representing a month with 3 days per season for the way there’s two full months and one combined month for all the seasons in real life.


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