Pleasantview Community Lot Project: Retirement Home

The Sims 2 Pleasantview Retirement Home Community Lot Download
Pleasantview Retirement Home

Do you need a place to keep those pesky elder townies who grow old with your playable Sims? Well, now you can give them the life they deserve in the Pleasantview Retirement Home!

This is part two in the Pleasantview Community Lot Project, where I’m creating needed lots for the neighborhood. All the lots in this series are created to match the architecture and building materials of the existing lots in Pleasantview.

I realize the Retirement Home isn’t technically a community lot, but I’m still grouping it here because it’s a supplemental lot that you can play or not. I don’t actually play the lot during my main story line. Instead, I just stash the elder townies here and treat it as more of a community lot.

Pleasantview Retirement Home Top Floor Detail
Pleasantview Retirement Home Top Floor


This lot was created in Any Game Starter using NO CUSTOM CONTENT. However, I did use elements from many of the stuff packs and expansion packs. This lot will work with base game only, although some decorative items might be missing.

In addition, there is some recommended CC that you can download to get the most out of this lot (see below).

Pleasantview Retirement Home Bottom Floor Detail
Pleasantview Retirement Home Bottom Floor

As always, thanks to my wonderful Patrons for testing this lot for me!

Features & Amenities

I move all the Pleasantview townies in to this lot after they age up to elders so they have somewhere to live out their final days. This prevents them from remaining elders forever, roaming the streets of my ‘hood for generations. Every time one of my playable Sims dies of old age, I have one of the elders in the Retirement Home die of old age. This is my own form of Sims 2 “story progression,” if you will.

You can see more about how I play the Retirement Home in this Townie Stories Livestream.

This assisted living home comes with everything your elders need. Amenities include:

  • Exercise room with bike, treadmill, and weight bench
  • Game room with pool table, dartboard, piano, TV, and stereo
  • Fully equipped kitchen with shiny time stove (If suggested mod is used, a cafeteria worker will staff the kitchen and cook for your elders.)
  • Balcony on upper floor with telescope for watching the night skies
  • Eight furnished bedrooms to accommodate up to eight residents
  • Landscaped front yard with flowers, trees, shrubs, and large open area to use as you wish

NOTE: I use the front yard as a cemetery to bury deceased townies, but this is open to interpretation.

Retirement Home Bedroom
Retirement Home Bedroom

If you follow my tutorial for Beautifying Your Sims 2 Neighborhood, your Sims will have beautiful mountain views from the many windows in the home.

Retirement Home Game Room
Retirement Home Game Room


You do not need any custom content to use this lot. But I would recommend the following three mods for the best experience:

  • Rug Texture Fix – Fixes the wonky texture when rugs are placed off grid. This lot has two rugs that are placed diagonally and the textures will be screwed up if you don’t get this fix.
  • Shiny Time Anywhere Patch – Necessary for the cafeteria worker to show up and work on a residential lot.
  • Exercise Bike Fix – Prevents Sims from dying on the exercise bike from not stopping and taking care of their needs.

If you don’t download the exercise bike fix, I would recommend removing the exercise bike completely from the lot and replacing it with another weight bench. Unless you want your Sims to die while using it…

Retirement Home Kitchen
Retirement Home Kitchen

Download the Pleasantview Retirement Home

Click the button below to download the Pleasantview Retirement Home. This is a fully functional, tested lot with no custom content. If you like it, leave a comment below and let me know!

And don’t forget to check out the other lots in the Pleasantview Community Lot Project.

Alternate Download Link: Dropbox

7 thoughts on “Pleasantview Community Lot Project: Retirement Home”

  1. I love this new retirement home. The old one was great too, but I love this one a lot better. It matches Pleasantview more. You have came far in build mode, Cindy!

    -Caleb (PlaySims)

  2. I really like it though I do not understand why you didn’t put walls around the elevators. I’d feel quite uncomfortable when the metal showed like this. Did you just forget it or did you do this on purpose? 🙂


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