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Sims 4 Fixed Lore Get Famous

The Sims 4 Get Famous saw the return of some iconic Sims families…sort of. Dirk Dreamer, Dustin Broke, and Holly Alto are back, but they were lone townies and the rest of their families were missing. I fixed this and gave them the place they deserve in our games.

The world that came with Get Famous is one of the worst in The Sims 4 in my opinion. It had the least number of lots for an expansion pack world with only 11. There were only two uninhabited residential lots with homes and one empty residential lot. This didn’t give me a lot to work with, but I tried my best!

Since the families who already live in Del Sol Valley were new editions to the game, I left them as they were, instead focusing on the Dreamer, Broke, and Alto families.


  • The Alto Family did not have jobs in the GTW + GF save. This has been fixed as of 09/29/20. If you’ve already been playing and don’t want to start again, you can use the career cheat to give them the jobs they were supposed to have. Enable testing cheats, make sure you have the correct Sim selected, and then use the following:
    • careers.add_career business (to add the business career to Nick Alto)
    • careers.promote business (Do this seven times until you get a pop up asking to select a path, then choose management.)
    • careers.add_career actor (to add the actor career to Vita Alto)

This Save File includes all Changes from Base Game Save plus the following:

Broke Family

The Broke Family moved to Del Sol Valley to support Dustin’s dreams of becoming famous after he scored a prestigious job as a Senior Manager. But will Brandi regret uprooting her family when things get tough? And can the whole family survive in a tiny, one-bedroom home?

  • I gave Dustin a makeover to look more like his original Sims 2 self
    • Changed hair and hair color to lighter blonde
    • Changed eye color to dark blue
    • Gave him plastic surgery. His face was a mess and he didn’t look like Dustin at all.
    • Changed his clothes
    • Made him a little less fat
  • Changed Dustin’s traits to hot-headed, lazy, slob (instead of hot-headed, lazy, geek)
  • Created Brandi Broke, Dustin’s mom, as an adult
    • Family Sim – Successful Lineage Aspiration
    • Traits – Family Oriented, Slob, Good
    • Skills – Cooking (8), Handiness (2)
  • Created Beau Broke, Dustin’s brother, as a teen
    • Creativity Sim – Musical Genius Aspiration
    • Traits – Music Lover, Outgoing
  • Created Unborn Baby Broke (Bobby) as a Child
    • Social Butterfly Aspiration
    • Trait – Self-Assured
  • Moved the Broke Family into the Inner Circle lot
    • Added enough beds for everyone, but this house needs some work to accommodate all four family members. Have fun!
  • Gave the family some relationships:
    • Made Dustin and Dirk Dreamer friends
    • Made Brandi acquaintances with Darren Dreamer

Dreamer Family

Darren Dreamer made a small fortune from his paintings and now he’s retired to Del Sol Valley. With a recent promotion and increasing fame, will his son Dirk adapt to the change of pace in their new home? And will he reconnect with his old friend Dustin Broke who lives nearby?

  • Gave Dirk a makeover to look more like his original Sims 2 self
    • Changed his hair color to black and darkened skin tone
    • Changed eye color to dark blue
    • Gave plastic surgery because he looked nothing like Dirk, and changed clothing
  • Changed Dirk’s Traits to Bookworm, Genius, Ambitious (from Bookworm, Clumsy, Genius)
  • Created Darren Dreamer, Dirk’s father, as an elder
    • Creativity Sim – Painter Extraordinaire
    • Traits – Creative, Goofball, Loner
    • Skills – Painting (7)
  • Moved to lot Vacuous Green
    • Used house from gallery – Contempo by Ruthless_KK
  • Gave the family some relationships:
    • Made Dirk and Dustin Broke friends
    • Made Darren acquaintances with Brandi Broke

Alto Family

The Alto Family took their fortune from Sunset Valley and moved to Del Sol Valley. Will Vita get her wish of becoming rich and famous…by any means necessary? And will Holly break away from her parents to live her own life at last?

  • Gave Holly Alto a makeover to look more like her Sims 3 self
    • Lightened skin, changed eye color to green, hair color to light brown
    • Gave her a little plastic surgery and changed her outfits
  • Created Vita Alto, Holly’s Mother
    • Popularity Sim – World-Famous Celebrity Aspiration
    • Traits – Evil, Outgoing, Snob
    • Skills – Charisma (5), Writing (2)
    • Career – Actor
  • Created Nick Alto, Holly’s Father
    • Fortune Sim – Mansion Baron
    • Traits – Family Oriented, Ambitious, Mean
    • Skills – Handiness (2), Athletic (4)
    • Career – Business Vice President
  • Moved into lot Chateau Park in the Pinnacles
    • Created second bedroom for Holly downstairs
  • Gave the Family some relationships:
    • Vita and Nick are enemies with Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab
    • Vita is friends with Bella and Mortimer Goth


Here are ALL my current, updated Sims 4 Save Files for your convenience, so you don’t have to go through previous posts to find them. Choose the one that includes only the expansion packs you currently have installed. I’ve included an alternate download link to Mediafire if you have any issues downloading from Mega. 

How to Install Save Files

  1. Download the save file you need from the links above.
  2. Unzip and place the file in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves folder. 
  3. If it says you already have a file with the same name, change the slot number to something else.
  4. Open the game and choose “Load Game.”
  5. The save will show up as Sims 4 Fixed (EXP), depending on which one you downloaded.
  6. Load the save and have fun!

10 thoughts on “I Fixed The Sims 4 GET FAMOUS Stories ~ Save File Download”

  1. I wont show up when I put it into a save file (It wont let me un zip it like it says).
    Is there something with the download link?

    • Hi Mary! Sorry, I had to make 4 save files for this and I guess I forgot to re-assign their jobs in the last one. I’ve fixed it and re-uploaded the save. If you’ve already been playing and don’t want to start again, you can use the career cheat to give them jobs. Nick should be in Level 7 (management) of business. I put Vita in level 1 of acting. I put the cheat instructions in the post. Thanks for letting me know!


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