The Sims 3 Pleasantview ~ Updated and Improved Populated World!

Sims 3 Pleasantview Updated

My friend and fellow Simmer Caleb and I created the original Pleasantview world for Sims 3 earlier this year. As I’ve been playing the world, I could clearly see there was room for improvement (mostly on my part). All of Caleb’s lovely lots are still here intact, but I’ve updated the map with some much-needed fixes – including tons of EMPTY LOTS. 

One of the biggest problems people have reported with the world is not being able to place additional lots. I have fixed that and much more!


REQUIRES: The Sims 3 Base Game & Late Night Expansion

RECOMMENDED: Pets and Ambitions Expansions

  • You MUST have Late Night for the bridge to work. Your Sims can’t access the Military Base without it.
  • You need Pets for the fences to show up in the world. If you don’t have Pets, the world will still work fine, but you won’t have the white fences as shown in the screenshots.
  • You need Ambitions for the street lights to show up in the world. If you don’t have Ambitions, the world will still work fine, but you won’t have the street lights as shown in the screenshots.

NOTE: The new, updated version is NOT an identical Pleasantview. It includes lots where there were none, plus additional world decorations that did not exist in the Sims 2. If you’re obsessed with everything being EXACTLY the same, you may not want this version. But if you want to play a cohesive, attractive, and functional version of The Sims 3 Pleasantview that takes full advantage of all the TS3 features, I highly recommend the updated world!

Changes Made to the Map

To see the original screenshots and a longer explanation of the features, please see the original world post. The following are the changes that I’ve made in this update:

  • Fixed issues with floating trees and terrain
  • Fixed routing issues and minor cosmetic issues on lots, moved all fences at least one tile from the road
  • Rebuilt Military Park – fixed elevation issue, added picnic tables and autosoil for basegame plants
  • Added twice as many spawners
  • Moved spawners away from roads for easier lot placement (should fix unroutable terrain issue)
  • Added street lights, and more sidewalks and decorations
  • Streetlights on lots all updated to match
  • Added Effects (rainbow, birds, ocean waves)
  • Extended Lakeside Drive to the Ocean
  • Added MORE empty lots for you to fill with expansion pack lots or whatever you want:
    • 64×64 lot – Can be used for Festival Grounds (Seasons)
    • Six 30×20 Community lots – Can be used for Ambitions Lots (Consignment Store, Junkyard, Salon, Fire Department, Community Garden) and Dog Park (Pets)
    • 30×40 Beach lot on the Ocean – Can be Residential or Commercial
    • 35×30 Lot at 45 Lakeside Drive – Can be used for Mick’s Master Karaoke (Showtime)
    • 30×30 Lot at 35 Lakeside Drive – Can be used for Performance Park (Showtime)
    • 30×30 Lot at 55 Lakeside Drive – Can be used for Port-A-Porty Mini Warehouse (Showtime)
    • 30×40 lot at 85 Main Street – Can be used for Horse Ranch (Pets)
    • 40×40 lot at 75 Main Street – Can be used for Equestrian Center (Pets)
    • New empty residential lots of various sizes throughout the map

Changes Made to Save File

I made the following changes/fixes to the populated save file:

  • Fixed Nina and Dina’s Bios
  • Fixed Daniel and Mary-Sue’s wardrobes
  • Made Michael Bachelor and Bella Goth show as siblings in the family tree
  • The remains of Skip Broke are in the community cemetery.
  • The Burb Family live at 225 Main Street and their home is UNFURNISHED.
  • The Oldie Family live at 95 Woodland Drive and their home is UNFURNISHED.

I decided to leave the Burb and Oldie homes unfurnished so you can do whatever you like with the families. They were Bin Families in The Sims 2 and people play them in different ways. If you don’t like their location, move them out right away and they should get their money back. Or, leave them be and furnish the houses for them however you like.

A Note on Relationships & Careers

Although I tried my best to make things EXACTLY as they are in The Sims 2 (careers, relationships, etc.), The Sims 3 has other plans. I have never pressed the play button on this save file, but still the game has assigned some unemployed Sims to various jobs and also assigned some random relationships.

It was impossible for me to overcome this. No matter how many times I changed them, the game would just change them back on me as soon as I moved to another household.

All the Sims who had careers in TS2 Pleasantview do have the correct careers in this version. And all relationships are maintained. The only difference is some unemployed Sims now have auto-assigned jobs and some Sims have additional relationships. If you don’t like this, you can easily make changes using Master Controller.


Click on the download button below to download the Updated Pleasantview for Sims 3. The download includes both the empty world and the save file for the populated world. See the video below if you don’t know how to install.


Alternate Download Link: Mediafire

I am leaving the old versions up and they can still be downloaded from the old post. However, I highly recommend you download the updated version for the fixes listed above.

How to Install Tutorial

I have received a lot of comments and emails from people having trouble installing the save file, so I made a short video tutorial to show you how.

If this doesn’t work for you, there’s something else going on. You can come ask for help in our Discord Server, but I cannot troubleshoot for you in comments or email.

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10 thoughts on “The Sims 3 Pleasantview ~ Updated and Improved Populated World!”

    • You can leave the original installed if you want, but this is technically a separate world so it will have to be installed separately. 🙂

  1. Hey Cindy! Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on this world and more specifically on this blog in general! Your work doesn’t go unnoticed!! 😀

  2. Great job,you have made a senior simmer very happy.Got my favourite Calliente sisters back in Pleasantville,really good likeness of sims and town…..many thanks Cindy

  3. Hi Cindy, I try your want based playstyle with the sims 2 and I absolutely love it. I really like the idea of my sims decide their own life, playing like this make me truly feel like I’m playing a life simulation game with unique pixel people and not playing with doll. The story just write itself and I’m having so much fun. But I’m not having as much fun with this playstyle with the sims 3, there are not enough wishes to completely play on want-based and the sims doesn’t feel as alive as the sims in the sims 2. How do you recommend I aproach the sims 3 so I can enjoy it more and how do you determine a sims hobby in the sims 3? Thank you so much love your video.

    • Honestly, the Sims 3 is never as fun to me as The Sims 2. Wants-based doesn’t work as well, but I just make the best of it. I ignore wants that don’t fit the Sim and just lock in the ones that do. I don’t have a hobby system for The Sims 3 at this time, but I am working on something.


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