How to Create Unique Sims in The Sims 3 ~ New CAS Generator

Sims 3 CAS Random Face Generator

As I’ve been playing more Sims 3 lately, I’ve wanted a way to create unique Sims similarly to how I create them in The Sims 2. Unfortunately, TS3 makes that more difficult with it’s CAS sliders. There’s no way to “count the clicks” as you can in TS2’s bodyshop.

At least that’s what I thought before I started using CAS through Master Controller. After finding a way to measure the changes made via sliders, I then created a generator in Python similar to the one for Sims 2 created by chemtale.

UPDATE: Apparently I’m an idiot and you can count the clicks if you click on the plumbob and not the bar itself. Thanks for telling me this Caleb! But, I still think my method works well because you have a greater variety of “stops” on the slider and I’ve filtered out the extreme ends.

If all that sounds confusing, don’t worry! It’s super easy. All you need is one mod and my generator embedded in this post. Here’s how to do it.

MasterController + Integration Module

Visit the nraas website and download MasterController + the Integration Module if you don’t have them already. There are a ton of uses for this mod and I recommend it for anyone playing The Sims 3. In this tutorial, we’ll just be using the CAS features.

The Integration module replaces all the CAS interactions in the game with the ones managed by MasterController. In the picture below, you can see the numbers next to each slider name. That’s a feature of the mod that provides a way to “count the clicks” for each slider.

Sims 3 CAS Unique Sims
MasterController gives us a way to measure slider changes in Sims 3.

If you don’t know how to install mods in The Sims 3, see this tutorial. Google is also your friend.

Sims 3 CAS Random Generator

After you’ve installed the mods, start the game and enter CAS. If you’ve installed them correctly, you’ll see numbers next to your slider names as shown in the picture above.

Now, you can roll your features and create your Sim. I usually press the “randomize” button once in CAS to give me a random face template to start with. Then I roll each feature on the generator below, moving the sliders as I go.

To use, press enter next to “Roll Head?” and the generator will begin. Press enter again for each subsequent category. In CAS, move the slider to the appropriate number. The generator begins with the “global” sliders and then moves through the advanced sliders for each category.

Depending on your resolution, it may be difficult to select the exact number you roll on the slider. The larger your resolution, the harder it will be. Mine usually skips by twos and threes. In this case, I just select the closest number I can to what I’ve rolled. One or two numbers off won’t make a huge difference in appearance. You’ll still be in the general area.

UPDATE: Thanks to Guppy for telling me about this! You actually CAN select the exact number you roll. Just shift+click once on the slider and a box will appear, allowing you to enter any number you like. This is a feature of the Integration module, I believe.

This generator is for use with the EA sliders only. No CC sliders were included. Also, I did not include the alien sliders because I assume you don’t want your random townies to look like aliens.

Unique Sims (Now with 50% Less Fug)

There is a possibility that you’ll end up with some weird-looking or even ugly Sims. If you’re like me, that’s a good thing. I don’t like all my Sims to be beautiful. However, I also don’t want a bunch of hideous monsters roaming around my game.

I created the generator so that none of your Sims should end up looking completely grotesque by tempering the extremes. I looked at each individual slider and kept the randomization between the maximum I could tolerate in both directions. Sometimes that’s the max the slider will go and sometimes it falls much shorter than that.

You don’t want to end up with this:

Extreme Slider Catastrophe
Extreme Slider Catastrophe

Don’t worry! My generator will NOT produce this. It’s just to illustrate why I edited the values to omit the most extreme results.

Here’s an example of some random Sims I created using the generator with no custom content:

Sims 3 Generator No CC
Sims 3 CAS Generator Results – No CC

And here are some I created with custom content:

Sims 3 Generator with CC
Sims 3 CAS Generator Results – with CC

(If you’re curious, I’m using Sugar Pill Skin by BurntWaffles and Bruno’s Behind These Eyes converted by BurntWaffles.)

After I finish all my rolls, I tweak the faces a little bit if necessary to make the Sim look decent. Not all combinations of rolls will look great. You could still end up with a nose that’s too high on the face, or brows that are too rotated for the rest of the face, etc. I don’t want everyone to be drop-dead gorgeous, but I like things to be symmetrical and look at least vaguely human.

Use the generator as a guide to creating unique Sims more than an exact science. This method works for me and helps me create Sims with feature combinations I wouldn’t typically put together. I hope you get some use out of it, too.

I also made a video tutorial on using the generator if you’re interested in that! You can watch it below.

If you use my method to create Sims, I would love to see them! Come join the Pleasant Sims Discord Server and post your Sims in our Sims 3 Screenshots Channel. And if you enjoyed this post, leave a comment down below and let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “How to Create Unique Sims in The Sims 3 ~ New CAS Generator”

  1. I’ve been binging your channel lately (specifically the Edgewood streams) and being that I am more of a Sims 3 player I wanted to set up my own neighborhood in the Sims 3 similar to Edgewood. This was SUPER helpful in making sure I had some variety in experience so I just wanted to thank you this works great!!!!

  2. Hey, did you know about how you can right click on the face/eyes/mouth/etc. presets to slightly change one into the other so you can get yourself some in betweens that way? Apparently, it was a Sims 2 thing, but Sims 3 can also do it!

  3. Hi Cindy!

    I was just wondering if you have any tips for me. I’m trying to get the master controller mods to work, and my game identifies them, but for some reason there are no numbers beside my sliders. Is there something I have to do? like a key command to make the numbers show up? or maybe I’m not downloading to mods right?

      • Yes I did, I followed the tutorials and I’ve been checking google for help or for any news that the nraas link was no longer working. I have no clue why it isn’t working. I’m thinking it must be something I’m doing, or not doing lol. Thanks for getting to me so fast!

      • Hi Cindy,

        I figured it out! It was working the whole time. I was trying to create a new world and go immediately into CAS to create a household, but I had to move in a family first then leave and create a new household to get it to work. Weird, but I could understand maybe it needed to have the game in motion to begin running.

  4. Hi Cindy! Not sure if you saw my comment on YouTube, but with Nraas MasterController/Integration, you can Shift + click on the slider to enter exact numbers in CAS!


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