How to Get Abducted by Aliens in The Sims 3

Sims 3 Alien Abduction

Aliens and alien abduction were introduced in The Sims 3: Seasons expansion pack. Finally, we could have our Sims abducted and impregnated by extraterrestrials again!

But, in my opinion, it’s not as easy as getting abducted in The Sims 2. In TS3, you have to try a little harder to get the mother-ship to whisk your Sim away to space.

Abduction Criteria & Chances

There are certain criteria that must be met before your Sim can be abducted. The following list assumes you have no abduction-related mods installed:

  • Your Sim has to be on the same lot as the UFO.
  • It must be between the hours of 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM.

The chances of abduction depend on several conditions. You can increase the chances by gazing through a telescope or having space rocks in your Sim’s inventory.

  • Base chance of abduction is 2% for all Sims outside during the abduction hours.
  • An additional 13% chance is added if a Sim stargazes through a telescope.
  • An additional 38% chance is added for each space rock a Sim has in their inventory – up to a maximum of 75%.

The most chance you can give your Sim of abduction is 75% – which is a pretty high chance!

How to Get Abducted in Sims 3 (No Cheats)

Sims 3 Alien Abduction Closeup
Get abducted with or without cheats – your choice!

If you want to get your Sim abducted without using any cheats, the best way is to have them find space rocks. Get at least two space rocks in their inventory, then have them go outside at midnight. This almost always works.

If you’re still having trouble, make your Sim stargaze through the telescope with the space rocks in his inventory.

The hardest part is finding the space rocks. I recommend using the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward if you have the 40,000 lifetime happiness points. It marks the exact location of collectibles on your map so you don’t have to search blindly for rocks.

Even with Collection Helper, it can still take a while to find space rocks specifically. If you really need an abduction to happen for story purposes, you may want to consider using cheats.

How to Get Abducted in Sims 3 (With Cheats)

When I was making my Alien Pregnancy Compared video for Youtube, I needed to force an abduction as quickly as possible. Here’s how I did it with cheats:

1.) I cheated my Sim the 40,000 lifetime happiness points to purchase the Collection Helper reward.

Press Ctrl + Shift + C. Type “testingcheatsenabled true” from the MAIN MENU. Load your game. Go to the Lifetime Rewards tab, hold down Ctrl and click in the blank space to the right of the treasure chest. You may have to click around to find the exact spot. Once you find it, keep clicking until you get to 40,000 points.
Sims 3 Lifetime Happiness Points Cheat
Each click raises points by 500. Keep clicking to reach 40,000.

2.) Once I had the Collection Helper, I set it to find rocks and gems. You can find the collection helper in your Sim’s inventory after purchasing it. It looks like a butterfly. Click on it and choose the type of collectible you want help with.

Sims 3 Collection Helper Rocks and Gems
Select “Rocks and Gems” to help find space rocks.

3.) I then had my Sim travel to all the rocks I could see on the map and collect them. It took a little while, but I eventually found two space rocks. Note: If you’ve just started a new game it may take a day or so for the rocks to spawn. If you don’t see anything on your map, keep checking back.

4.) And finally, I had my Sim go outside at midnight with the space rocks in his inventory. He was immediately abducted.

After I did it this way, I found out there was an even easier, cheatier way to get abducted. But it requires the use of a mod.

How to Get Abducted in Sims 3 (With a Mod)

This is the easiest method of alien abduction in The Sims 3. It simply requires that you download and install a mod, and then click on your Sim’s mailbox to trigger abduction during the correct hours.

1.) Download the NRaas DebugEnabler mod. If you don’t know how to install mods in The Sims 3, see this tutorial.

2.) Wait until midnight, then pause the game.

3.) Make sure you have the Sim you want to be abducted selected. Then, click on the mailbox and choose:

Nraas > Debug Enabler > Options: Colonial Mailbox > DEBUG: Trigger Alien Abduction

Sims 3 Trigger Alien Abduction
Use Debug Enabler to Trigger an Alien Abduction.
Tip: The Trigger abduction option will only be available between the hours of 8:00 PM and 3:00 AM. Also, your Sim MUST BE AWAKE. If they are asleep, it will not work.

4.) Your Sim will immediately go outside to “investigate mysterious anomaly.” Sparkly lights will appear in the sky somewhere on the lot. You can NOT stop this from happening. Once set in motion, your Sim is getting abducted.

Sims 3 investigate mysterious anomaly
Mysterious lights appear in the sky.

5.) The mother-ship arrives and takes your Sim to space. He will return in about 30 Sim minutes.

After the alien drops your Sim off at home, he will have the “Abducted” moodlet. He’ll also get a negative thought bubble about the alien, and he may cry, get angry, or hold his stomach and feel nauseous.

The moodlet lasts for 10 hours, and both male and female Sims receive it.

Alien Pregnancy After Abduction

Although both male and female Sims can be abducted in The Sims 3, only male Sims can return pregnant without the use of mods. In the vanilla game, there is a 33% chance a young adult, adult, or elder male will return from an abduction pregnant.

After the abducted moodlet wears off, if your male Sim is pregnant, they will receive an “Unexpected Weight Gain” moodlet. This is how you know they’re carrying alien spawn. Once this moodlet expires, your Sim will give birth.

Sims 3 Unexpected Weight Gain Moodlet
A pregnant male Sim gets the Unexpected Weight Gain moodlet.

The game does not consider male Sims to be truly pregnant. Instead, they are simply vessels or hosts in which the alien baby grows. They do not receive maternity leave or change into maternity clothes. However, their stomach will grow and they’ll gain weight.

Alien babies born through abduction are considered full aliens and will have alien powers when they grow up.

Sims 3 Alien Abduction Mods

In the market for some alien abduction mods to spice things up? Here’s what I recommend:

  • Nraas Debug Enabler – For instantly triggering abductions.
  • More/Less Alien Abductions – Changes the chances of alien abduction, from 0% to 100%. There are several different flavors available, so read carefully to make sure you get the one you want.
  • Abductor – Gives females a chance of being impregnated by aliens when abducted.
  • Nraas Retuner – Gives you complete control over setting the abduction percentages. You can set base chance, telescope bonus, and space rock bonus to anything you want. This is a more advanced mod and requires some tinkering. See the Members’ Retuner Settings page and search for “alien” to find instructions.