Plum Hill Wedding Chapel ~ Sims 3 Download

Sims 3 Wedding Chapel
Sims 3 Wedding Chapel – Plum Hill Abbey

Need a nice place for your Sims to get married in The Sims 3? Welcome to Plum Hill Wedding Chapel!

This historic building was once an abbey, but has since been converted to a beautiful wedding venue. It’s based loosely one of my favorite lots from TS2 – Apple Grove Wedding Chapel. Although I created this lot for my Sims 3 Pleasantview, it works in most any world.

Recommended expansions include Generations for the wedding arch and Ambitions for the streetlights and fencing. If you don’t have these expansions, you can still use the lot, but these items will be missing or replaced with something else.

I’ve also created a second version that requires the Romanza Ceremony + Reception Store set.

Lot Features

The Plum Hill wedding chapel includes the following features:

  • Reception hall with buffet table and bar.
  • Men’s and women’s dressing rooms and restrooms in the basement (access from outside).
  • Parking on the side. This is a historic building so it doesn’t have a huge parking lot.
  • Seating for up to 16 guests + the bride and groom.
Plum Hill Abbey Top Down
Top-down view (Non-Store Version)

Placement Tips

The chapel fits perfectly on a 30×20 lot. The shorter side should face the road. Tip: with testingcheats enabled, enter B/B mode. Ctrl + Shift Click the front of the lot and choose “Set to Front of Lot.” This will ensure your Sims arrive to the front of the chapel instead of the side.

Built in the style of Barney’s Salon and Tattoo from Ambitions, it looks best placed next to this lot. Although, you’re welcome to remodel it or place it anywhere you like in your own game!

I recommend setting the lot type to “No Visitors Allowed.” This prevents random Sims from crashing your weddings. Only the Sims you’ve invited will attend.

Plum Hill Abbey Basement
Basement level includes men’s and women’s dressing rooms/restrooms.

Download Non-Store Version

The No-Store, No-CC version still requires the Generations and Ambitions expansion packs or some items may be missing. No Store Items or custom content were used in this version. (More pictures of each version below.)


Alternate Download Links: Mediafire

Download Store Set Version

This version uses the Romanza Ceremony + Reception Store Set. You must already own the set for this version to work. Also requires Ambitions and Generations expansion packs or some items may be missing. (More pics of each version below.)


Alternate Download Links: Mediafire

Photo Gallery

Here are more pics of both the non-store and store versions. Click the images to make them larger. The changing rooms and exterior of the buildings are the same in both versions. Only the furnishings in the chapel and reception hall are different in the store set version.

7 thoughts on “Plum Hill Wedding Chapel ~ Sims 3 Download”

  1. How I need to do for celebrate weddings there, I set “No Visitor Allowed” and when I click for celebrate party outside the lot, I don’t have option for celebrate the wedding in this lot. Can you help me, please?

  2. Beautiful and thanks for the tips on exact placement and also for linking the Sims 2 inspiration lot. Iā€™m playing both games at once so this will fit perfectly for each.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I placed it in my Pleasantview and I’m absolutely in love with it. It was pretty cool watching you play with it and then having it on my computer lol


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