How to Find a Unicorn in Sims 3

Sims 3 How to Find a Unicorn

The Unicorn is a magical creature introduced in The Sims 3: Pets. It can be difficult to find, as it only spawns at certain times of night. And there’s only a small chance a single unicorn will spawn each day. 

In this guide, I’ll show you how to find a unicorn the vanilla way, how to spawn one anywhere with a mod, and how to increase your chances of finding one. 

Where to Look

Every night at 8:00 PM, there’s a 33 percent chance that a unicorn will spawn in the world. They typically spawn near fishing spots, but they can appear anywhere. 

To find one, zoom out so you can see the entire world map (or as much as possible). Look for a beam of light coming down from the sky, and then a cloud of light floating in the air. This indicates a Unicorn has spawned there.

Sims 3 Unicorn Spawning
When a unicorn spawns, a beam of light can be seen from the world map.

If you don’t see this anywhere on the map, a Unicorn did not spawn that night. If you do see one, get your Sim there as fast as possible because unicorns disappear at 5:00 AM. 

It might take a few minutes after 8:00 PM for the spawn to happen. If you don’t see the light right away, let the game play for a few seconds and look around again. After the initial beam of light, a cloud hovers above the unicorn at all times.

Sims 3 Unicorn Cloud
Look for a shimmering cloud in the sky to find a unicorn in the world.
Tip: The Nraas Tagger mod can also help you locate a Unicorn. Install it and enable Sim tags from City Hall. Look near fishing spots at the appropriate time and you may see a unicorn’s tag there before the beam of light appears. Unicorns are named a random first name with the last name of “horse.”

Instantly Spawn a Unicorn

If you’re tired of waiting for a Unicorn to spawn on its own, cheat one into existence with the Nraas Debug Enabler. Just install the mod, click on your Sim’s mailbox and select:

NRaas > Debug Enabler > Options: Colonial Mailbox > Spawn Unicorn

Sims 3 Spawn Unicorn Debug
Choose “Spawn Unicorn” from the Debug Enabler.

This method is usable at any time of day or night. The unicorn spawns on your home lot somewhere. You will know where by the beam of light shining down from the sky. It might take a couple seconds to spawn, so have patience.

If the “Spawn Unicorn” option is not showing up in the menu, this is because there’s already a unicorn in your world somewhere. If you can’t find it, try selecting “Despawn” and opening the menu back up. That worked for me! 

Tip: If you’re trying to befriend a unicorn, use the mod to spawn one at 6:00 AM. This will give you almost 24 hours before it disappears again at 5:00 AM the next morning.

Increase Chances of Spawning

If the Debug Enabler method feels too cheaty, there’s another mod you can use to increase chances of a unicorn spawning. It has three flavors – less unicorns, more unicorns, or even more unicorns.

More unicorns increases the chance of spawning to 66%. Even more unicorns increases the chance to 99% (this basically guarantees a spawn).

Sims 3 More Unicorns
The more unicorns mod increases spawning and gives your Sim more time with the creatures.

The mod also increases the number of hours the unicorn stays in the world before disappearing. Spawning time is moved back to 3:00 PM instead of 8:00 PM in the vanilla game. If you use this mod, make sure to look on the map earlier!

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