How to Get the Money Tree in Sims 4 (Make Tons of Money!)

How to Get the Money Tree Sims 4

One of our favorite rewards – the money tree – returns in The Sims 4: Seasons. But now players must plant and grow the tree themselves (unlike in The Sims 2 where the tree itself was a reward).

So, how do you get the money tree in Sims 4? With the Seasons expansion installed, go to the aspiration rewards store and scroll down until you see the “money tree” reward. Purchase the seed for 5,000 satisfaction points, and then plant it.

Sims 4 Money Tree Reward
Purchase the money tree seed for 5,000 satisfaction points.

The money tree takes five days to mature into a fully grown tree, and then the cash is all yours! It produces anywhere from 8,000 to 22,225 Simoleons per harvest, depending on quality (see harvesting section below).

Note: It used to take seven days for a money tree to mature, but the time was shortened to only five days. (I’m not sure which update changed this.) The Sims Wiki and other sources still say seven days, but I can confirm in a mod-free game as of October 2021, it only takes five days to reach harvest.

Cheats to Get a Money Tree

If your Sim doesn’t have enough satisfaction points to purchase the money tree seed, cheat them the points using the following cheat:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift +C at the same time on your keyboard to pull up the cheat console.
  • Type “testingcheats on” without the quotes and press enter.
  • Type “Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points 5000” without the quotes to add the satisfaction points. (Make sure you have the correct Sim selected.)

Now, go back to the rewards store and purchase the money tree seed. Plant and nurture it for five days until harvest time!

How to Grow the Money Tree from Seed

Once you’ve purchased a money tree seed, plant it during any season to start it growing. The only time you can’t plant is when it’s too cold outside. Wait on the weather to warm up, then try again.

Money Tree Seed Sims 4
The money tree seed looks like a coin in the center of some cash.

If your Sim has a high enough gardening skill, have them fertilize the tree with a high-strength fertilizer to increase the quality of the tree as much as possible. 

Tip: Some high-strength fertilizers to use include salmon, tuna, sturgeon, and growfruit. Fish and produce with a value of 50 Simoleons or more have the highest strength and biggest impact on plant quality.

Keep the money tree well watered and tended. It will sprout after 1 – 2 days, and in five days you’ll have a fully mature tree. In my opinion, gardening is super easy in The Sims 4 – so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

If you look closely at the tree when it’s ready to harvest, you will see the little money fruits hiding in the branches. They look just like the seeds you purchase from the aspiration rewards store. 

Money Fruits in a Money Tree Sims 4
Money fruit grows on a money tree.

Harvesting a Money Tree

To harvest a mature tree, just click on it and choose “Sell All” or “Sell Money Fruit.” The tree technically creates five money “fruits” for the first harvest. But these are added to your household in the form of Simoleons, not an actual fruit you can replant. 

Harvest Money Tree Sims 4
The money tree is ready for harvest after five days.

The amount of money you get from a money tree depends on its quality. Here’s a chart to show you how much you’ll get for each harvest:

Quality Simoleons
Normal 8,000
Nice 11,500
Excellent 15,110
Magnificent 18,670
Perfect 22,225

If you start with a normal money tree but increase its quality to nice, your next harvest will increase to $11,500. You can continue increasing quality – and the amount of money you get – throughout the life of the tree.

In a game with no mods, my money tree provided daily harvests – every morning at 6:00 AM – after the tree matured for the first time (five days after planting). Needless to say, my Sim became rich very quickly.

Grafting a Money Tree

If your Sim has a level 5 gardening skill, they can take a cutting from the money tree and graft it onto another tree. This will effectively give you two money trees without having to purchase another seed. 

Sims 4 Money Tree Grafting
A spliced apple/money tree

You can only graft onto mature plants, so make sure to grow some other plants in your garden at the same time you’re growing the money tree. This way, you’ll have something to graft onto when the money tree matures.

Note: When I took a cutting from my money tree, it reduced the amount of fruits it produced to four, which decreased the amount of money per harvest. My normal money tree went from $8,000 per harvest to $6,400. But this only lasted for TWO HARVESTS. Then, it went back to $8,000.

Grafting is a great way to increase profit. I sacrificed $1,600 per harvest (1 money fruit) to take a cutting. I received $4,800 per harvest (3 money fruits) from the spliced tree. And after two harvests, my original tree was back to producing five fruits.

In the end, you get your original tree producing five fruits PLUS a spliced tree producing three fruits. That’s a total of $12,800 per harvest from your original tree + spliced tree! (And even more if you have higher quality than normal.)

Copying a Money Tree with a Spell

I haven’t tried this one myself, but apparently a spellcaster Sim can use the “copypasto” spell on either a money tree or a money tree seed. If successful, it will produce a copy, giving you a second money tree for free. 

Exploiting the Money Tree Glitch

There is currently a glitch in the game that can get you a ton of fast money – or slow money in the form of extra money tree seeds. Simply move a ready-to-be harvested money tree into your family inventory. It will immediately give you a stack of seeds.

Sims 4 Money Tree Glitch
Place a ready-to-harvest money tree in your family inventory for more seeds!

You can sell the fruit for $8,000 each – or plant them to get more money over time. In my game, the glitch gave me a stack of 10 seeds worth $80,000! (When I placed the money tree back in the world, it was no longer in a harvestable state.)

This method feels extremely cheaty to me, but if you really need money fast, it works (as of October 2021).

Note: I experienced another glitch where I saved my game with a money tree ready to be harvested. When I reloaded the game, the money fruit was gone. I could not harvest the tree until the next morning at 6:00 AM.