Sims 4 UFO Fruit – Here’s How to Get One!

Sims 4 UFO Fruit Intergalactic Growth Pod

The UFO Fruit (also known as the Unidentified Fruit Object) is a rare plant in The Sims 4 that’s required to When planted, it grows an Intergalactic Growth Pod. 

How do you get the UFO Fruit in The Sims 4The best way is to explore space in a rocket or check at the City Living festivals, where you can sometimes find it growing. As a last resort, you can get one from the gallery or use cheats. 

The UFO is necessary to complete the in-game gardening skill challenge, but it’s also just a cool looking fruit to have in your garden. In this guide, I’ll cover all the ways you can get one for yourself. 

Explore Space

The best way to get the UFO fruit is to build a rocket and explore space. Any Sim can purchase a rocket ship build kit for $5,000, and it takes another $1,000 to build it – not cheap! It also takes quite a bit of time to complete. 

Sims 4 Rocket Ship Explore Space
Use a rocket ship to explore space and hope for the right mission.

Once your Sim has built a rocket, click on it and choose “Explore Space.” When your rocket gets to space, you’ll encounter a variety of missions (text-based adventures that pop up while you’re exploring).

The UFO fruit comes from successfully completing the “Trials of the Green Man” mission or the “Accidental Bootlegger” mission. Here’s what you need to do for success:

Trials of the Green Man

  1. Forage in Swamp
  2. Take the Weapon
  3. Receive UFO Fruit and Cowplant Berry

Accidental Bootlegger

  1. Hide the Cargo
  2. Receive UFO Fruit. 

The hard part is actually getting the opportunity to do these scenarios. You may have to travel to space numerous times before you get it. My Sim managed to get a fruit after about two days of going to space as often as she could. 

Tip: Although it is definitely an alien plant, the Unidentified Fruit Object is a base game plant, which is why you won’t find it growing on the alien world of Sixam.

Check the Festivals (City Living)

The UFO Fruit is known to spawn at the Romance and Spice Festivals in San Myshuno. 

If you’re on the hunt for this fruit, go to both festivals and check the planters there. You might get lucky. The plant is in season in fall (if you have Seasons), so you’re best bet is visiting the festivals in fall.

Go Dumpster Diving (Eco Lifestyle)

Thank you to my reader, PurpleThistles, for this information! Apparently, you can find UFO fruit by dumpster diving if you have the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. 

So roll up your Sim’s pixelated sleeves, and jump into a dirty dumpster. This might be the easiest way to get one if you don’t have a rocket and you can’t find one at a festival. (Let me know in the comments if you find one, too!)

Check the Gallery

There are some rooms on the gallery that include the UFO plant already growing on the lot. Just search for “intergalactic growth pod.” You’ll see several outdoor rooms available that include the plant. 

Choose one and save it to your library. Go back to your lot and open build/buy mode. Click on “Styled Room” just like you would to place any premade room. Now, click on the little folder that says “Saved Rooms.”

Sims 4 UFO Fruit Gallery Room
Go to the “Saved Rooms” folder to find your rooms from the gallery.

You’ll see the room you saved from the gallery here. Place it down on your lot, and now the plant is yours! Delete the “room” part once you take the plant out. 

Buy Debug Cheat

If you don’t mind cheating, you can get the plant using the buy debug cheat.

  1. Hold Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console.
  2. Enter “testingcheats on” (without the quotes). Press enter.
  3. Open the cheat console again. Type in “bb.showhiddenobjects” (without the quote). 
  4. Enter build/buy mode and search for UFO. Purchase the UFO fruit for $600.
Sims 4 UFO Fruit Buy Debug
Cheat and buy the UFO Fruit in buy debug mode.

Now, plant it and watch it grow. The plant’s growing season is Fall and it grows quite slowly compared to other plants. So have patience!

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  1. Is there anything that you do with the fruit of the plant after you harvest it? Or is just the growing of it all you can do?

  2. I am a sucker for extreme challenges, I recently made my own for the eco pack where my poor sim had to live off money found dumpster diving, they weren’t even allowed to recycle because it gives you money…anyways she quite regularly found UFO fruit dumpster diving. Worth mentioning!

  3. I am a big fan of your content, but the Sims 4 subject is just not my type… For me, I feel it is too SciFi, too unrealistic… Sims 2 has some things like this, but it has some limits. Sims 4 seems full of unrealistic gameplay.
    I onluly tried Sims 4 once for few hours/days and maybe I have a wrong idea about it….


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