Sims 4 Alien Pregnancy Guide: Have an Alien Baby!

Sims 4 Alien Pregnancy Guide

In my previous guide I wrote about how to get abducted by aliens in The Sims 4. But what about when your Sim comes home pregnant with an alien baby?

In this guide, we’ll cover all aspects of alien pregnancy in The Sims 4 – from how to get pregnant to how to deal with your new arrival.

How to Get Pregnant with An Alien Baby

To get pregnant, your Sim has to get abducted. Since I have an in-depth guide on getting abducted already, I won’t go into too much detail here. But for the sake of completeness, here are the basics:

  • Go outside at night between the hours of 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM for a chance to get abducted.
  • Increase chances by joining the scientist career and using the satellite dish to contact aliens.
  • When your Sim reaches level 7 logic, they can use “Search for Truth” on the observatory to increase chances even more.
Tip: In The Sims 4, only male Sims can get pregnant with alien babies. Female Sims can only become pregnant if you use a mod – like MC Command Center.

Male Sims have a 25 percent chance of returning pregnant from an abduction. You’ll know your Sim is pregnant if he has the “Weird Tummy Ache” moodlet when the space ship drops him back at home.

Sims 4 Weird Tummy Ache
A male Sim is pregnant when he has the “weird tummy ache” moodlet.

This moodlet is present immediately, along with the regular abduction moodlet.

When your Sim is abducted by aliens, if he gets pregnant, he is “pollinated” by the Senior Pollination Technician #3. This NPC is a female alien who abducts male Sims and impregnates them with alien DNA.

Have an Alien Baby with Cheats

You can also cheat your Sim pregnant with an alien baby if you have MC Command Center (a highly recommended mod for this game). Click on your Sim and choose:

MC Command Center > MC Pregnancy > Start Alien Pregnancy

Enter the number of babies to generate (maximum of three), or leave it random. Senior Pollination Technician #3 is the second parent, just as if your Sim was abducted.

Sims 4 Cheat Alien Pregnancy MC Command Center
Cheat your Sim an alien pregnancy with MC Command Center.

The pregnancy begins right away. This is a good way to quickly have an alien pregnancy if you’re making a save file or just need one for story purposes (or if you just don’t want to wait on an abduction).

Alien Pregnancy Trimesters

Male Sims “give birth” 72 hours after abduction. They have three “trimesters” just like in female pregnancies. However, different moodlets mark the trimesters.

The “Weird Tummy Ache” moodlet lasts 24 hours after your Sim returns. This is the first “trimester” of pregnancy. Your Sim has a small baby bump, and he’ll occasionally touch his belly while a green light emanates from it and an eerie sound plays.

Sims 4 Male Alien Pregnancy First Phase
My Sim realizes he’s pregnant by aliens when taking out the trash.

After 24 hours, the “Weird Weight Gain” moodlet replaces weird tummy ache. This lasts for another 24 hours. During this second “trimester” of pregnancy, your Sim’s baby bump grows even bigger.

After another 24 hours (48 hours total), the “Abnormal Changes to Body” moodlet replaces weird weight gain. This marks the third “trimester.” Your Sim gets his third baby bump and will look like he’s nine months pregnant.

After another 24 hours (72 hours total), the “Imminent Close Encounter” moodlet replaces abnormal changes to body. This means he’s in active “labor” and he’s ready to push out that alien spawn! A notice also appears that your Sim is in labor.

Sims 4 Imminent Close Encounter
Male Sims give birth to alien babies 72 hours after abduction if they return pregnant.

Giving Birth to an Alien Baby

Once your Sim goes into labor, he has two choices – have the baby at home or at the hospital. You also have the option of joining your Sim at the hospital or sending him alone.

Home Birth

To have the baby at home (where no one asks any questions), purchase a bassinet, click on it, and choose “Have Baby.”

Sims 4 Male Giving Birth to Alien Baby
Purchase a bassinet to have the baby at home.

Your Sim will walk over to the bassinet (so make sure he can get to it). He’ll hold his tummy and make some labor noises for a few seconds. Then, you’ll be prompted to name the child (or children if you have twins).

Next, your Sim will spin around and the alien baby will appear in his arms. Congratulations!

Hospital Birth

To have the baby at the hospital, click on your Sim and choose “Have Baby at Hospital.” You’ll have the choice of joining him or sending him alone.

If you send him alone, he’ll walk off the lot. A few minutes later, a prompt will appear asking you to name the baby. Your Sim will return to the lot and the baby will appear in an alien bassinet inside the house.

Alien baby sleeps in the special alien bassinet.
Alien baby sleeps in the special alien bassinet.

If you join him, you’ll transport to the Hospital lot. A prompt allows you to choose any friends or family you want to accompany your Sim at this time.

After a few seconds of arriving at the hospital, your Sim will change into a hospital gown and go to the labor and delivery room. A doctor will arrive to deliver the baby.

Tip: If your Sim is not changing into his gown automatically, click on the receptionist and choose “Check in at Front Desk.”

Your doctor knows what she’s doing…sort of. But no matter what, you’re taking home an alien baby!

Sims 4 Alien Birth
Male Sim delivers alien baby at the hospital.

Next, a prompt appears asking you to name the baby (or babies if you have twins).

Once “delivered,” the baby appears in the bassinet in the delivery room. Your Sim will cuddle the baby, and if you have Parenthood, he’ll learn the parenting skill from this interaction.

The baby will disappear from the hospital, but she’ll be there when you get back home. You’ll also get a cute alien birth certificate to hang on the wall as certification that you do indeed have an alien offspring.

Sims 4 Alien Birth Certificate
Show all your friends this top-secret, classified document by hanging it on the wall.

Sending an Alien Baby Back to the Homeworld

If you don’t want to keep the alien baby after it’s born, you have another option. Send it back to the homeworld (Sixam) where its alien family will raise it instead.

Simply click on the baby and choose “Send to Homeworld.”

A prompt will ask if you’re sure you want to send the baby back to the home planet. If you do, you will never see the baby again, so make sure you really want to do this. There’s no way to get the baby back once it’s gone.

Sims 4 Send Alien Baby Back to Homeworld
Choose carefully. If you send the baby back to the homeworld, you won’t see it again.

If you choose “Send Back,” a beam of light appears and beams the baby away, leaving you with an empty bassinet.

You can still change your mind and choose “Keep” if you want to raise the baby.

Alien Genetics

When a Sim is abducted, the baby he gives birth to will be 100% alien – not a hybrid.

The baby will have an alien skin tone and full alien powers when it grows up. Although, it does share its DNA with its human father – you just can’t see that in the appearance.

If this baby grows up and has a baby with a normal Sim, it will always be a hybrid. Only two aliens or two hybrids can produce a full alien child. And when two hybrids reproduce, there’s only a 33 percent chance of getting a full alien.

Caring for Your Alien Baby

The game treats alien babies exactly the same as Sim babies. They need feeding, changing, and socialization.

One major difference, however, is the sound of their cry. Alien babies have a metallic-sounding cry that I personally find incredibly annoying! It can really grate on your nerves, so take good care of your little one to avoid it.

And even though your Sim is male, if he gives birth to an abduction baby, he can breast feed it! (Not sure where that milk’s coming from.)

There’s no difference between bottle feeding and breast feeding as far as the game is concerned, so choose the one you like best.

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  1. hi, my male sim was a spellcaster, the babies were born through abduction but they have human birth certificates. I’m assuming this is because he was a spellcaster so the babies are not alien. I thought it was impossible to get human babies, but I guess if the father is another occult it is possible. i guess that means the babies are spellcasters?


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