The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit Review – Worth the Price?

Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit (2)

A new kit for The Sims 4 was just released – The Industrial Loft Kit. But is it really worth the $4.99 price tag?

In the past, I’ve found some of the kits (like Country Kitchen) to be worth the price. Others (like Bust the Dust), I would absolutely NOT recommend buying. In this post, I’ll dig into the Industrial Loft Kit and tell you what I think!

What’s Included?

Inspired by the converted warehouses of Brooklyn, the items in this kit are supposed to give your builds a trendy, contemporary, urban feel. This is something that we lack in The Sims 4 in my opinion.

Yeah, there are some base-game items that allow you to have soft of an industrial look, but I always want more of this style. It’s one of my favorites.

When I’m trying to re-build Don’s condo from Pleasantview, I could use more CC like this! But how much “stuff” is actually in this kit? Here’s everything it includes:

Buy Mode

  • I Took a Welding Class Once Double Bed – very nice four-poster bed with decorative storage
  • Johnny Zest’s Sweet Revenge Chair – leather, wood, and metal arm chair
  • Back it Up Barstool – cute industrial-looking bar stool
  • Johnny Zest’s Sweet Revenge Sofa – three-tile sofa with leather cushions and a throw blanket
  • Casual Eats Table – high dining table that goes with the bar stools
  • Organized Entrepreneur Hallway Table – decorative hallway or console table; would look nice as a TV stand
  • Nightstand Noir – small nightstand with mesh sides that matches the rest of the set
  • Smalls & Talls Split Level Coffee Table – really cute split-level coffee table
  • Uptown Floof Pampas Grass – large decorative plant in a vase
  • City Roots Plant Stand by Greenie-Go-Round – unique decorative shelf covered in plants (probably my favorite piece)
  • Prickle Your Fancy Succulent Terrarium – exactly what it sounds like, another nice decoration
  • Subtle Expressions Wall Vignettes – large, faded, vintage-looking wall decor, several different colors and styles
  • Action-Packed Corner Ventilation Air Duct – decorative ventilation duct piece
  • Action-Packed Straight Ventilation Duct – decorative ventilation duct piece
  • Action-Packed Vented Ventilation Duct – decorative ventilation duct piece
  • Hot August Nights Fan – industrial-looking ceiling fan
  • Super-Fuzzy Fuzz Rug – large, shaggy rug (4×3 tiles)
  • The Art of HVAC – by Ray Rays Recycled – large wall hanging featuring pipes and gears
  • Pipe Dream – large floor to ceiling pipe to place against the wall
  • Slightly-Off-Track Lighting – A multi-story industrial ceiling light for lofts
  • Right-On-Track Lighting – A shorter version of the above ceiling light
  • Back-On-Track Lighting – An even shorter version of the above ceiling lights suitable for a single story
  • Finders Keepers Dresser – large dresser that matches the rest of the set
Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit Items
All the buy-mode items in the Industrial Loft Kit – in-game.

Build Mode

  • Phoenix Ironworks Window – Large, curved industrial window
  • Anti-Social Sliding Double Door – large four-tile double doors that look like barn doors to me? but I guess they could be “loft” doors
  • Phoenix Ironworks Double Door – large three-tile double door made of iron and glass

The kit also comes with a styled living room you can plop down, which looks pretty nice.

In total, the kit includes 26 items. This is the most items we’ve ever received in a kit. Courtyard Oasis came in at 22 items, so it’s a close second.

What’s Good

Personally, I think the objects in this kit are very nicely done. I really like this modern, industrial style, so I might be a bit biased. My favorite pieces from the kit are the plant shelf, hallway table, and terrarium, but I really do like everything.

I think the furniture would look nice in most modern homes, but I probably won’t use the vents or multi-story lights much.

Overall, here are the good things (in my opinion) about this kit:

  • Well-made objects that match each other relatively well
  • Enough furniture for a full bedroom, living room, and dining area
  • More deco is always nice; the wall decals are very cool
  • Quite a bit of stuff for the price, but it is missing some things (see below)

What’s Bad

As always when it comes to The Sims 4 furniture, the wood colors are a bit off. For example, the table and bar stools are meant to go together, but the wood colors don’t match well. Same thing with the other furniture. Some match, some don’t.

Sims 4 Industrial Loft Stuff Wood Colors
Wood colors for bar stools and table don’t quite match.

That being said, you can get it pretty close and it still looks good. I’m just really particular about my wood colors matching, so this can be annoying to me.

The only other complaint I have is that I would have liked some kitchen cabinets, a desk, and desk chair. That would complete the set for me. Now, I’m afraid there will be an “Industrial Loft Kitchen Set” and “Industrial Loft Study” kit on the way.

I would have liked it all bundled into one – especially for the price. I also would have liked some new flooring and wall coverings.

Is it Worth it?

In my opinion, it’s hard to put a per-item value on objects like this. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on:

  1. Do you like this style?
  2. Would you use these items regularly?
  3. Do you have the extra money to spend on a set of content?

If you like the industrial style – like I do – and you don’t mind spending the money, this is a nice set of furniture and decor. I could see remodeling some of the apartments in San Myshuno with this set to make them feel more urban. 

If you don’t like the style, obviously you don’t want this set unless you’re willing to pay $4.99 for a couple plants and a wall decal.

There are also a lot of FREE custom content sets out there that can give you a similar look without having to pay a dime. I think for most players, this is definitely not a necessary purchase – and it may only appeal to builders or hard-core completionists.

Are you going to purchase this kit? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you like (or don’t like) about it. Is it worth it to you?

10 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit Review – Worth the Price?”

  1. Really enjoying the blog posts lately!! I like that it’s a way for you to still interact and be a part of the sims community (and share your knowledge!!) but is also a way to take a step back from it since you aren’t putting yourself out there as much as you are when you’re in front of the camera and making videos.

    Basically, I’m just happy to see you still around in some capacity, and that you’re taking care of yourself!

  2. I really quite like this Kit. I wish that we could resize windows since the arched window would look great as a transom window on residential builds. I personally think this pack is really worth the money since it seems to match the style of the other in-game objects we’ve gotten with other packs pretty well. I also really like that the objects are neutral tones, rather than varying color schemes which really only works with the objects from the pack. My only complaint, albeit unpopular, is that I dislike the couches and living chairs that they made. I strongly dislike the leather (it looks like leather) texture and the frame of them with the metal decoration. It looks very uninviting, and I doubt I’ll use them.

    • I agree with you about the neutral tones! I like the couch and chairs, but like everything aesthetic it’s all subjective! This is definitely the only kit so far that I think is worth buying (if you like the style).

  3. I’ve not been on socials so didn’t even know this was a thing!
    I appreciate your review, Cindy, and it seems like the pack would be great for some of my San Myshuno apartments and would complement the Moschino pack objects. Dina has married a wealthy San Myshunan, so I might give their apartment a makeover!

  4. It is actually one of the kits I consider buying, because I am totally into the industrial style! However, I feel like that this pack should have been a) in a update because we have cabinets in this style in the base game; b) should have come with an update for City Living. Those windows are so lovely and I would love to have them in the flats of San MyShuno, but the problem is; we can’t change the windows on most apartments 🙁 I would have loved an Update, where we finally could change the arrangements of the windows.
    If I have some left over money, I might consider buying this though 🙂 thank you so much for this post!

  5. This kit really appealed to me and I figured, “$5, why not?” So, I got it. I used it to finish decorating Dina and Mortimer’s condo. It is the perfect mix of old and modern that suits those two. I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.
    I never got any of the other kits and am happy with this one (so far.)


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