The Sims 4 Zen Guru Aspiration Guide (Spa Day)

Sims 4 Zen Guru Aspiration

The Sims 4 Zen Guru is a new aspiration added in the Spa Day Game Pack refresh. It guides the Sim through mastering wellness and training others in the art. 

This Sim wants to share their mastery of Wellness with the world, and train a successor to pass on their knowledge.

The bonus trait for this aspiration is “Spa Membership.” According to the trait description:

Sims with this trait have come into possession of a spa membership. Nobody is really sure where it came from, how to cancel it, or who keeps paying for it each month. But one thing is for certain, all fees at Spas are waived! Nice!

Best Traits for Zen Guru

The best traits for the Zen Guru aspiration are:

  • High Maintenance
  • Outgoing

High Maintenance is a good choice because it’s easy to keep your Sim happy by giving them the Spa treatments they crave. Plus, they’ll be in a constant state of catharsis for performing wellness activities. 

Outgoing is an all-purpose trait that works for this aspiration because your Sim will spend lots of time interacting with others. They’ll stay happy with constant socials by comforting and guiding other Sims.

There aren’t any other traits that specifically benefit this aspiration. I gave my Sim the “Active” trait since I thought someone this interested in wellness would likely be active and in shape too. 

Zen Guru Aspiration Goals

The four aspiration goals for Zen Guru include:

  • Comfort Others (20 times)
  • Guide Others (6 times)
  • Share Detox Tea (10 times)
  • Become a Master Wellness Teacher

Let’s take a look at how to accomplish these goals in the game. 

Comfort Others

“Help the world relax a little. Perform 20 amount of Wellness Socials or Comforting Socials on Sims.” Umm…20 amount? That’s what the description says, so don’t blame me! 

Anyway, this one is pretty straight-forward. To perform wellness socials, get your Sim to level 2 of the wellness skill first. It doesn’t take long with a little meditation or yoga.

Sims 4 Meditation Wellness Skill
Meditate or perform yoga to increase wellness skill.

Once you hit level 2 wellness, you can “discuss cognitive focusing methods.” As you increase your skill, you’ll unlock more socials. To find wellness socials, look for the interactions with the little wellness symbol next to them. 

Here are all the wellness socials you can unlock that count toward this goal:

  • Level 2: Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods
  • Level 4: Offer Mental Relaxation Tips
  • Level 6: Suggest Visualization Techniques
  • Level 8: Recommend Self-Esteem Exercise
  • Level 10: Share Detox Secrets

I’m not exactly sure what “Comforting” socials are, so if someone knows please leave a comment and I’ll update the post. I tried all socials in the base game and Spa Day that my Sim had access to, and the only ones that counted were those listed above.

Guide Others

Spread your knowledge of wellness. Offer massages, teach yoga classes, or give guided meditation for 6 hours. 

Get your Sim to level 2 wellness skill to unlock the ability to teach yoga, lead guided meditation, and offer massages to other Sims. 

To teach yoga, click on an instructor yoga mat and choose “Teach Yoga Class.” Then, you’ll have the ability to choose a type of class – brain boosting, energy centering, mind concentrating, or family friendly. 

Sims 4 Spa Day Teach Yoga
Teach yoga or meditation classes for 6 hours to complete this goal.

Go to the Spa to find a yoga instructor mat, or purchase one and place it down in the world somewhere. You can teach classes anywhere. Just remember you need both an instructor mat AND student mats. 

To teach a meditation class, click on any meditation stool and choose “Lead Guided Meditation.” There are no instructor/student meditation stools. They’re all the same. Just make sure you have multiple stools for your students to use.

To offer massages, click on a massage table and choose “Tend Massage Table.” Sims will come get massages from you. If you’re good, you may even get a tip! You can place a massage table anywhere in the world or use the ones at the Spa.

Share Detox Tea

Achieve wellness level 10 to brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea recipe on the Tea Magic Personal Brewer and have other Sims drink it. Share that magic brew!

Once you hit level 10, purchase a Tea Magic Personal Brewer from the small appliance section of the buy mode catalog. Brew the Detox Tea and invite over your best friends and clients (or whoever you can get). 

Sims 4 Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea
This Sim enjoys a cup of Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea.

When I had guests over, they helped themselves to cups of tea. Every cup of tea another Sim drinks counts towards your goal. So, if the same Sim drinks 2 cups, that counts as 2 cups towards the goal.

Tip: It will take several pots of tea to reach your goal of 10 cups served. If you have a fresh pot brewed, Sims usually take a cup soon after being invited in. If you brew another pot with guests there, some of them will take a second cup.

Become a Master Wellness Teacher

The student becomes the master! As a level 10 wellness Sim, lead either a Meditation or Yoga class with another level 10 wellness Sim. 

This one was tricky and took me while to figure out.

To complete “Become a Master Wellness Teacher,” teach a yoga class and invite another Sim with level 10 wellness skill to join the class. This Sim can be a member of your household or another household.

Once the class is over, you’ll get credit for completing the goal. Congratulations! You’re now a Zen Guru! 

Calming Aura Trait

After completing the Zen Guru aspiration, your Sim receives a reward trait called “Calming Aura.”

Your Sim’s mastery over wellness allows them to emanate a soothing glow! Use this newfound ability to calm Sims around them, and to look awesome. 

Click on your Sim and choose “Emanate Calming Aura.” He’ll start to glow with a blue-green-purplish light. 

Sims 4 Calming Aura Trait
This Sim is emanating a calming aura.

While your Sim is emanating the aura, it calms down nearby Sims, making them happy. It also boosts the positive emotions of nearby Sims. 

Your aura lasts for three hours each time you use it. But it needs time to recharge between uses. You can only use it once every 24 hours.

Tip: If you travel, this will cancel the aura. Make sure you make the most out of it before you go somewhere, since you can’t activate it again for another 24 hours.  

Thoughts on The Sims 4 Zen Guru Aspiration

Unlike some of the other aspirations in The Sims 4, I feel this one is well-done and really gives your Sim a life purpose. It took quite a while for my Sim to master wellness – and that was with spending every moment of his life on it.

If a Sim were to start a family or have relationships outside the Spa, it could definitely take their entire adult life to accomplish. This would make a great aspiration for a Sim with a dream of owning their own yoga studio with a passion for teaching others. 

PS. If you’re still on the fence about buying Spa Day, check out my after-the-refresh review to get an in-depth look at everything this pack has to offer.

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  1. I know one of the interactions I did was ‘cheer up’ when one was sad. That counted toward comforting a sim. ‘try to calm down’ counted as well.
    I was trying random stuff to see if it would count.


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