The Sims 4 Self-Care Specialist Aspiration Guide (Spa Day)

Sims 4 Self-Care Specialist Aspiration

The Sims 4 Self-Care Specialist aspiration was added with the recent Spa Day Game Pack refresh. It’s all about making money from wellness activities like massage, yoga, meditation, and manicures. 

This Sim wants to make it big with monetizing wellness activities like offering manicures or tending the massage table at the Spa.

The bonus trait for this aspiration is “Spa Membership.” According to the trait description:

Sims with this trait have come into possession of a spa membership. Nobody is really sure where it came from, how to cancel it, or who keeps paying for it each month. But one thing is for certain, all fees at Spas are waived! Nice!

Best Traits for Self-Care Specialist

The best traits for the self-care specialist aspiration are:

  • Outgoing

Outgoing is a good choice since your Sim needs to make money offering services to other Sims. They’ll be socializing a lot, which makes it easy to keep them happy. And they’ll get positive moodlets from interacting with clients. 

After Outgoing, there really aren’t any other traits that specifically help with this aspiration. Choose the ones you like best for your Sim. I made my Sim materialistic – since this aspiration is all about making money – and cheerful.

Self-Care Specialist Aspiration Goals

The aspiration goals for self-care specialist are:

  • Hustle
  • Gain Self-Care Notoriety (10 times)
  • Become a Spa Regular (20 times)
  • Maintain a Regular Customer

Let’s take a look at how we can achieve these goals in the game. 


Let’s make that money! Make 5,000 Simoleons from wellness-related activities. 

This one is gonna take a while. Earning 5k won’t be easy, but here are some tips for getting there faster:

  • Start teaching yoga classes at the Spa once you reach wellness level 2. This is probably the most lucrative activity, since you get $110 per student.
  • Massages are also a good option at $140 each + tips. (But sometimes Sims won’t tip at all.) As your wellness skill improves, you’ll unlock even more expensive massages. 
  • Avoid hand/foot massages and manicures if you want to earn money faster. They only pay $40 each + random tips.
  • The higher your Sim’s wellness skill, the better services they can provide (which means bigger tips).
Sims 4 Teach Yoga Class
Sims can earn a lot of money teaching Yoga if they get multiple students.

It’s a bit annoying that you can’t keep up with how much money you’ve earned so far in wellness activities. It doesn’t track it for you anywhere that you can see. You’ll just have to keep hustling until you fulfill the goal. 

Gain Self-Care Notoriety

Make yourself known! Promote your services on massage chairs, massage tables, yoga mats, or meditation stools!

This one is pretty easy, but it will take time. First, get your Sim to wellness level 2 by practicing yoga or meditating. Go to the Spa so you can use their equipment for free and work on the next step of the aspiration at the same time.

Next, promote a class or service on any of the items above. Click on a yoga instructor mat, meditation stool, massage chair or table, and choose “Promote Service on Simstagram.” Then immediately start tending the chair or start the class.

Sims 4 Promote Class on Simstagram
Promote your class or service on Simstagram to complete this step.

If you’re at the Spa, clients will start coming over to you almost immediately for service. You can promote your services once a day. Repeat until you reach 10 promotions to complete this step – which will take 10 days if you do it every day.

Tip: If you need clients, click on any Sim nearby and choose “Invite to Join Class” or “Offer Massage.” Or click on the massage table and select “Offer Massage” while you’re actively tending it to find a client.

Become a Spa Regular

Take over a Spa! Host classes or tend a massage table or massage chair at a Spa venue. 

This is another easy-to-complete but time time-consuming step. All you need to do is go to the Spa and teach classes or give services. If you’re smart, you’ll be working on this step at the same time as the other two above. 

Sims 4 Hand Massage
A Sim gives hand massages at the Spa.

This step will update when you host a class or tend massage tables/chairs at the Spa. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. 

I had a lot of trouble with this step. For some reason, it was not updating when my Sim held classes or tended massage tables/chairs at The Spa. Then, all of a sudden it started updating out of nowhere.

My Sim taught about 20 classes before the counter started giving her credit. And even then, it was only giving credit for teaching yoga – not massages. My only advice is to keep teaching yoga while working on your $5k and hopefully it will start working for you.

It looks like this has been reported as a bug on the EA Help forum. You can check there for updates. 

UPDATE: Simvasion has created a mod to fix some of the bugs with the Self-Care Specialist aspiration. It’s called Wellness Aspiration Fixes, and it should fix the issue with the massages not counting towards this goal.

Maintain a Regular Customer

Have a regular client and give them 10 wellness paid services such as manicures or yoga classes. It’s about fostering long-lasting customers!

I’ve found the easiest way to complete this step is to become friends with one of your customers. After giving a massage, manicure, or teaching a class, approach one of your clients and start up a conversation. 

Sims 4 Giving Massage
Nancy Landgraab comes over regularly for private massages.

Work on the relationship as much as you can. Call them and chat. Speak to them when you see them in the Spa, etc. Then, you can easily call them up and invite them over for private services. Do this 10 times and you’re there!

Tip: If you give your new “friend” a massage at home, make sure you start tending the table first. If you just give them a massage for free, it won’t count towards your service goal.

Again, I wish there was some kind of visible counter for this. The counter only shows 0/1 for the regular customer. So you’ll have to track it yourself or just keep going until it completes. 

Self-Care Expertise Trait

Once you’ve successfully completed the aspiration, your Sim gets a reward trait called “Self-Care Expertise.”

Your Sim has developed an expertise for all things wellness! Clients will now cough up way more money for her services!

The prices for your Sim’s services literally go up three times the normal price. You’ll get $330 per student for teaching yoga classes, up to $460 for a massage, $160 for a manicure or pedicure, and $160 for hand and foot massages. 

Sims 4 Self-Care Expertise Trait
Earn up to 3x more money for services with the self-care expertise trait.

Your Sim can now make all the money they could ever want with their wellness skills. Congratulations! It might be time to open up your own Spa business!

Thoughts on the Self-Care Specialist Aspiration

I really liked the idea of this aspiration, but there are some bugs that need to be worked out. The third step not updating – and then randomly updating all of a sudden – was very frustrating. 

I also don’t like how there’s no visible counter for the first and last step to track your progress. If you walked away from your game for a while and came back, you’d have no idea where you were unless you wrote it down.

The goals are challenging and fun, but that means nothing if they aren’t working properly. In my opinion, Zen Guru was the best aspiration from the Spa Day refresh. It was fun to play, gave your Sim freedom, and there were no bugs. 

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