How to Adopt a Pet in The Sims 1: Unleashed

Sims 1 How to Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet in The Sims 1: Unleashed is easy. Simply travel to the pet store and pick out the pet you want. Well, I guess it’s not quite as easy as the later games because you do have to leave your house. Unfortunately, adopting over the phone isn’t an option.

You can adopt the traditional pets – cats and dogs – or choose object-based pets including birds, fish, turtles, and iguanas.

It’s also possible to adopt strays in The Sims 1, but I’ve written an in-depth guide on that topic previously. In this post, I’ll cover how to adopt pets via the pet store.

Going to Pet Paradise

In The Sims 1: Unleashed, pet adoption begins with a trip to Pet Paradise – the pet shop located in McArthur Square.

To get there, have your Sim click on a telephone and choose Call Cab > Explore Old Town. After your Sim makes the call, you’ll have another chance to confirm your choice.

Once the shuttle arrives, you’ll be prompted again to make sure you want to go. Say yes and your Sim boards the shuttle that looks like a trolley-bus.

Sims 1 Take Shuttle to Pet Paradise
Take the Old Town Shuttle to Pet Paradise.

The shuttle drives off the lot with your Sim on board, and then you’re taken to the map to choose your destination. Choose “Pet Paradise” at 70 Elm Street. It’s located just before the second bridge across the river to Old Town.

Sims 1 Map - Pet Paradise
Pet Paradise is located at 70 Elm Street.
Tip: Display the type of community lot you want to visit by clicking the buttons at the top of the map screen. Clicking on the “pet paw” highlights the pet shop with a blinking arrow.

After a brief loading screen, your Sim departs the shuttle on the Pet Paradise community lot. It’s a large lot with several buildings.

How to Adopt Object-Based (Small) Pets

The first building your Sim encounters at Pet Paradise after getting off the shuttle houses the fish, turtles, and iguanas.

To adopt a turtle, fish, or iguana, enter the building at the front of the lot and click on an aquarium or terrarium. Choose “Buy” to purchase an animal.

Sims 1 Buy Small Pets
Click on an aquarium or terrarium to buy fish, turtles, or iguanas.

If you select “Browse For..” the game will display a fact about the animal to help you make up your mind. After you select “Buy,” your Sim goes to the register to check out. Your new pet is now in your Sim’s inventory.

He’ll be fine there until you’re ready to go home!

The building on the far left of the lot houses the birds. You can choose between adopting budgies or lovebirds. Just click on a cage in the shop and choose “Buy,” then select the one you want.

Just as with the other small pets, choosing “Browse” displays a fact about the animal.

Sims 1 Adopt a Bird
Sims can adopt budgies and lovebirds as pets.
Tip: You can feed and talk to the parrot or cockatoo found in the pet shop, but you can’t purchase them. Only budgies and lovebirds can be purchased as pets. But interacting with them gives your Sim a little fun.

Birds will also go into your Sim’s inventory after purchase. Put them in a cage when you get home.

How to Adopt Cats & Dogs

The small brick building in the center of the lot houses the dog and cat adoption center. Inside, you’ll see two display pens – one holding a dog and one holding a cat.

Click on either one and choose “Play with…” or “Adopt.”

Sims 1 Adopt a Dog
Click on the dog or cat to adopt one.

The price for adopting a cat or dog is $399. The price is shown in the menu before you adopt. Make sure your Sim has enough money to purchase pet supplies too. (You’ll need at least $60 for a food bowl and food.)

If you choose “Play with…” your Sim plays with the pet in the pen for a minute, but doesn’t actually get them out.

If you choose “Adopt a Dog or Cat,” the game prompts you to choose your Sim’s gender and then appearance. You have several different breeds to choose from – including a pink poodle!

Sims 1 Pet Adoption Screen
Choose the appearance of your new pet before adopting.

Next, your Sim goes to the register to check out. Once he pays, the game prompts you to name your new pet.

After entering a name, your pet is added to your family and he appears next to your Sim, eager to meet his new owner. You can start bonding with him right away!

Tip: If you want to browse around or shop before you go home, don’t worry about your new dog or cat. He’s self-sufficient at Pet Paradise and can easily take care of himself. There’s plenty of kibble, toys, and beds around.

Before You Leave

You don’t have to buy any pet supplies at Pet Paradise. But if you have the money, you can buy pet treats, toys, and collars. Once you get home, buy the rest of your supplies from the buy mode catalog.

There’s a pet trainer available at Pet Paradise, too. You may want to talk to him before you leave. He can train your pet to do tricks (for a fee). He’ll also give you free advice on obedience, housebreaking, tricks, breeding, and hunting (for cats).

Sims Unleashed Pet Trainer
A pet trainer trains a dog at Pet Paradise.

If you choose to pay for training, it can take a while. This would be a good time to shop and take care of your Sim’s needs. If he gets hungry, there’s an outdoor pastry stand near the trolley stop.

Taking Your Pet Home

Once you’re done shopping and training, it’s time to take your new family member home. Click on the phone booth and choose Call Cab > Go Home. When the shuttle comes, your pet will automatically follow you.

Once you arrive back home, purchase a food bowl and fill it up as soon as possible. If you adopted a cat, you’ll also need a litter box and scratching post. I recommend starting housebreaking right away as well.

Sims 1 Small Pet Terrarium
A Sim plays with his iguana outside the terrarium.

If you purchased a small pet, purchase a cage or terrarium from the buy mode catalog. Each type of pet has its own special habitat. Then, click on it and choose “Add Pet.” Your Sim will add the pet from his inventory.

Now you can click on the cage or terrarium and choose “Play With” or “Feed” to care for your pet.

So, that’s all there is to adopting a pet in The Sims 1: Unleashed. It’s a fun process that I still enjoy playing to this day. Guides on caring for, training, and breeding pets coming soon!

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